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  1. marcebahn

    2018 Tesla Model X 100D For Sale (feeler) in Southern California $82K

    Would you care to share the selling price?
  2. marcebahn

    2016 Model X90D in Virginia

    Do you mind sharing what the selling price was for the Model X?
  3. marcebahn

    2017 (June) Model X from Tesla - worth it?

    I agree
  4. marcebahn

    For Sale: 2014 Tesla Model S P85D - mint condition - 34k miles

    Thanks for the feedback and information.
  5. marcebahn

    F/S 2015 P85D Model S Loaded

    Great data ...... I agree with you and with technology advances things depreciate.
  6. marcebahn

    F/S 2015 P85D Model S Loaded

    Did you get the Extended warranty?
  7. marcebahn

    2012/3 Model S P90 89k mi asking $36,900

    Are you the original owner?
  8. marcebahn

    2012/3 Model S P90 89k mi asking $36,900

    Is there a warranty on the vehicle? Why are you selling?
  9. marcebahn

    2016 model X white on white for sale, 19,700 miles

    Maybe the sales sheet showing everything at the time of purchase?
  10. marcebahn

    2014 MS 85 w/Autopilot

    I think that you are right on.....
  11. marcebahn

    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    Congratulations on this trade in .... sounds like Tesla gave you $29k.
  12. marcebahn

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D Silver w/ AP - 51k Miles - Rebuilt Title - $1 Starting Bid

    Why not have Tesla do the re Inspection to clear up any concerns? Would this address the issues you are identifying?
  13. marcebahn

    2016 Model X 90D

    How did you find that deal?
  14. marcebahn

    2013 Tesla P85 for sale

    Can you reveal what price it sold for?
  15. marcebahn

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D - Founders Edition - Ludicrous / AWD / 7 Seat

    What did you end up selling this for?
  16. marcebahn

    2014/15 Tesla Model S - P85D, Autopilot, White, heavily optioned

    Tesla used car inventory shows P85D's under $60k. Not sure where you are at but you may want to keep it.
  17. marcebahn

    2012 P85 w CPO Warranty for Sale

    Is this still for sale?
  18. marcebahn

    WTB - 21" Grey Turbine Spare Rim, tire, or similar

    I would like to have a spare tire for the Model S in case of a flat in a remote area. What do you all suggest? Thanks
  19. marcebahn

    2017 Model X90D for Sale

    Is this sold?
  20. marcebahn

    2017 Tesla Model X - for sale

    This seems like a good offer
  21. marcebahn

    Pgh - 2013 tesla model s 60.

    What does the battery charge to at 90/100%? Does the vehicle have park assist, and folding mirrors? Thanks
  22. marcebahn

    Supercharger - Altamonte Springs, FL

    I charged there on Sunday but many non tesla vehicles parked in the spots. Is there any enforcement of this?
  23. marcebahn

    P85Ds in the mid to late $50s. 2014 P85D for $54,504 and 2015 for $58,000

    I tried going to the tesla website and find this vehicle but was not successful. Maybe it was sold.....
  24. marcebahn

    Supercharger - Altamonte Springs, FL

    How do you verify permitting?
  25. marcebahn

    Selling My Signature Model S - 20K miles (VIN ending in S00035)

    Did Elon sign your visor?
  26. marcebahn

    Model S 21" Silver Turbines Wheels

    So what is the price for them?
  27. marcebahn


    Greta points here ..... I agree totally.
  28. marcebahn

    2012 S 85 for sale $40g-loaded

    Are you the original owner? Why are you selling?
  29. marcebahn

    2015 P85D for sale CA Pearl white, fully loaded

    Looks like a good deal and you get the warranty. Congrats.
  30. marcebahn

    2014 P85Dl

    So where is the price now on this Bump?
  31. marcebahn

    Model S 90D 2016 Titanium - AP1 - Gray Interior - FULLY LOADED - 38000 Miles

  32. marcebahn

    Model S 21" Silver Turbines Wheels

    What price are you at ... does it come with TPMS, lugs?
  33. marcebahn

    2016 Model X 90D Titanium for S and cash

    I think that you should trade and save on the taxes.
  34. marcebahn

    VOSSEN CVT 22" Wheels Gun Metal

    What price are you looking for?
  35. marcebahn

    For Sale: 2013 Model S85 with 55K miles looking for a new home

    I did not see the price listed above?
  36. marcebahn


    I agree ...l best of luck
  37. marcebahn

    Price cut Tesla Model S 60, 54k miles Mint

  38. marcebahn

    Tesla Model X 90D 2017 (Re Posting) AP-2 ( 9000 miles)

    Have you been listening to Dave Ramsey?
  39. marcebahn

    Tesla Model X 90D 2017 (Re Posting) AP-2 ( 9000 miles)

    Why all the car sales?
  40. marcebahn

    2013 Model S 60 10312 - Best offer takes it in 10 days

    I believe that you should take the 36k.....
  41. marcebahn

    Procedure regarding purchasing tesla on this forum

    Yes ... and get a bill of sale. Title is important.
  42. marcebahn

    What's it worth? 13 S85 - might be for sale.

    Due to no AP, I think that 40-42 will be the final value. Did you go to car max and get a value?
  43. marcebahn

    Silver 2015 Model S P85D, fully loaded, 13600 miles, for $69,000

    May I ask why you are selling this vehicle?
  44. marcebahn

    2018 Tesla Model 3 for sale in Portland, OR

    Are model 3's appreciating?
  45. marcebahn

    Selling my 2012 Red Signature Series Model S P85 (low mileage)

    May I ask what the sales price was for this nice vehicle?
  46. marcebahn

    Check out CPOs today!

    Thanks for the information.
  47. marcebahn

    FS Dec 2014 P85D 17,6xx Miles, Northern CA Sierra Foothills

    What price did you get for the tradein?
  48. marcebahn

    2010 Non-Sport Roadster 2.5 Model For Sale

    I think that you still Love the car and it is totally understandable!! Just keep it if you have the title and enjoy the vehicle. It maybe a collectors item. Many are waiting for the enormous number of EV's coming in the next few years from competitors, and Tesla.