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    iPhone 15 pro “always on” as Tesla key advantage vs regular iPhone 15??

    While it definitely is a minor “first world problem,” I get annoyed by iPhone 13 frequently not connecting with my Tesla unless I take it out of my pocket and wake up the screen. I believe the same thing was true of my earlier iPhones, none of which were “always on” models. Q: Will the the more...
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    Feeling scammed on FSD retrofit. Am I in the wrong?

    You have been here for 11 years, posted quite a few times and disn’t know MCU1 cars have gotten the shaft re FSD? That seems hard to believe.😀
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    What’s the point if I have to tug the wheel every 10 seconds?

    No kidding. Many older Teslas with FSD have no interior camera. Any time Musk tweets, one is wise to wait and see. And it may take years of waiting.
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    Who referenced LIDAR in the FSD class action?

    If that was an admission by Tesla as it seems, Elon will probably fire his entire legal team.🤣
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    Tesla lack of communication re windshield repair

    I had a windshield replaced at Safelite two weeks ago. FYI they work on tons of Tesla windshields but somehow the tech damaged the humidity sensor. Living in Phoenix that particular part is about as non-essential as it could be, but of course I want it fixed by them. Two weeks later and Tesla’s...
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    Supercharger - Mesa, AZ

    Maybe you inadvertently pointed out what could have been a major issue Elon had with the Supercharger team. Poor infrastructure planning to convert in the near future to v4? (Of course every time I see our freeways torn up to widen I have the same concern about bad past planning. For example...
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    Thoughts on Superchargers After a 2300 mile trip

    I wouldn’t think of taking my 12/2016 S 75 on a long trip even if mostly on Interstate highways. It supposedly still has about 220 of the original 249 mile range but as most of us know those range figures are way too optimistic. I realize the OP’s 2016 90 should have more range than my car...
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    Did Tesla really lay off their entire Supercharger staff

    You remember just a few years ago when Elon said cars with FSD would make people rich adding them to Teslas’s robotaxi fleet within 12 months? Funny stuff, huh? His latest robotaxi fetish will surely be as successful.😀 This guy is obviously very bright and knows how to make money but he can be...
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    Fully paid FSD at purchase - feeling cheated, and left out

    Looks like a comedian joined us just to post bait and it worked! Well done.😝
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    Why does FSD keep changing lanes all the time?

    If you never watch the BS YouTube fanboy videos and ignore the BS dropping of the term Beta, your concerns will disapppear. This software is still eons from being reliable. We are test drivers. BTW for those of us who are married, many of our wives are smart enough to realize how stupid we are...
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    FSD Price refund

    It’s impossible to list all of the misinformation/outright lies by Elon, Inc. Remember those million robotaxis that were going to be available by the end of some recent year (2019 or 2020 or 2021😀) Those were all SX3Y and meant our cars could be giant moneymakers. Fast forward and these days...
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    FSD Price refund

    Thanks for a good laugh!! When Tesla slashed car prices up to $20k a year ago there were surely tons of people thinking like you.
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    Tesla FSD is finally Real for $99/month

    Not sure if you have used v12 much yet. I have it on two cars and would describe it as promising, but also having a new set of limitations to learn. Lots of reports of wheels curbed and I too have had some close calls. Still too hesitant on unprotected turns. I miss using the scroll wheel on...
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    Are FSD visualization pre-rendered/pre-made?

    A neighborhood four-lane street plus shared center turn lane had recently received an asphalt maintenance coating and lanes hadn’t been repainted yet. The car on FSD estimated the lines — including the shared center turn lane - and seemed to be in the right place. An example where FSD was better...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Two cars on FSD and my experiences are similar to yours. I do think that the new approach of v12 shows some real promise to improve far beyond v11 and earlier releases. I understand greed and keeping in Elon’s good graces leads to ridiculous YouTube videos but if one reads this website I think...
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    Regret purchasing FSD after the Ver 12 "upgrade" being crammed down my throat

    Threads like this one are discouraging. As one who has two cars with purchased FSD including a very early one (12/2016), I would never argue that owners shouldn’t be frustrated with the software's seven and a half years progress. However, for the first time in years I am encouraged by the...
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    HOV lane bug still in V12

    Yes, it’s probably needed for self-driving, but I would guess there is about a zero percent chance of it ever happening. Just the cost alone of standardizing would be enormous and state legislatures are never anxious to cede anything to the federal government. In the meantime, the clips that my...
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    Rohan Patel “invited to leave” Tesla

    I kind of feel bad for trying to pump him for more FSD info on X. He did his best to give those of us with “classic” Teslas info about our inclusion in v12. While we will never know why he is leaving, Musk likes a quiet room for all things Tesla and it will now be quieter.
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    Why am I seeing ads from other auto makers that encourage no monitoring of vehicle while driving?

    Irrational bias or common sense? I would use their system just as I use Tesla’s — with full attention. I never said I wouldn’t use it, just wouldn’t trust it. Comparing my lack of trust in Mercedes system to drunken drivers is irrational. One risk I don’t need to assume in order to drive a...
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    Why am I seeing ads from other auto makers that encourage no monitoring of vehicle while driving?

    I wouldn’t risk my life by trusting Mercedes’ level 3 system yet. And when I encountered an empty Waymo briefly stopped outside the entrance of my Chandler, AZ grocery store a couple weeks ago, I gave it a wide berth when walking around it😀
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    HOV lane bug still in V12

    Yes, thanks for the reminder. Perhaps we will need this thread when end-to-end NN of city streets is extended everywhere - unless the video clip training is very localized. You can see from this short thread the very different rules for carpool lanes depending on location. For example, if a...
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    HOV lane bug still in V12

    HOV lanes have lots of different rules in various states and CA and AZ are vastly different. I suspect Tesla’s focus has always been on CA, which when I lived there had strictly defined carpool entry and exit points. Arizona of course only has a defined entry and exit at the two points the...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    We have it current on both cars now that our MCU2/HW3 12/2016 S was just updated to v12. But my wife agrees with yours and based on posts here I think lots of wives are too smart to turn over control of their two-ton vehicles to half-baked software. We men can’t resist any new technology, no...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I seem to recall a year or so ago that one or two MCU1 owners claimed somewhere that they had received FSD Beta — and it worked ok. That would truly make them unicorns of the rarest type but I wonder if those couple cars have continued to be updated or if it was some kind of mistake in their...
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    Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

    Hmm, Robotaxi Driver might be a good part-time gig. And based on the speed of completing FSD, it would probably be a many years long gig.🤓
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    Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

    Based on some of Elon’s past, rock-solid predictions like the one in early 2017 that there would be a fully autonomous FSD trip CA to NY by Dec 2017, I would guess he will predict Robotaxis will flood the country in no more than two years. Funny guy that Elon.🤥🤥 As for the shape of the...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Nope, Sept 2023 was not the start of the first FSD transfer offer. We did our transfer deal in July 2023. Perhaps Sept 30 was the last day of the offer?
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    And of course there was the prediction in early 2017 that a totally autonomous drive from CA to NY would happen in December 2017. When ranking Elon’s whoppers that was probably the all-time lie…so far, but give him time. His August Robotaxi intro will surely include some totally outrageous claims.
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    MCU1 cars perhaps getting a higher priority than Cybertruck? That's kind of funny, but wouldn’t be so funny if I still had MCU1 on my 12/2016 S.
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    What is the oldest Tesla to get FSD Free Trial?

    Virtually no one with MCU1 has received any version of FSD Beta even though many of them paid for it in 2016 or 2017. And you think it would be unfair if they got some version before you get the latest v12? I too paid for MCU2 but not because Tesla ever said they wouldn’t deliver FSD Beta to...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Rohan Patel’s career has political hack written all over it. If that sounds derogatory, it’s only because I have experience with many of them and it has generally been less than useful. BS and more BS. When he refers to Tesla testing various configurations, virtually everyone in this lengthy...
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    Vertical screen cars on FSD Beta v12.x

    We don’t know the reason for our cars to be last. Maybe there is no specific reason or it could be there is a hurdle. For example, it seems to me a more logical reason than lack of cabin cameras would be MCU2 vs MCU3. I don’t think any MCU2 cars have received v12 but maybe I am wrong? Also...
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    Vertical screen cars on FSD Beta v12.x

    Ok, I know the 2 1/2 old thread about earliest adopters getting FSD Beta still exists but I thought it might be time to track separately the brand new FSD Beta (v12.x and later) for our ancient cars as there is some belief vertical screen cars will never get it. I realize there are still...
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    FSD v12.x (end to end AI)

    I had my old S pushed to a 2024 build and my 2023 Y got 12.3. I will only care if my old car eventually stops getting updated😀
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    New AutoPilot is horrible after update

    I hope you don’t live in the Phoenix area. If so I will plan to drive less. But thanks for the laugh🤣
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I too was active on this thread when it started eons ago. Like you, I was very frustrated with all of the delays and uncertainty, the upgraded cameras, the MCU 1 frustration etc. etc. And I appreciated that you made a lot of noise that perhaps sped up our eventual access to FSD Beta. But this...
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    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    OK but don’t bet a lot on that theory. The dry wiping has become a source of dark humor here for a long time and I can’t recall anyone ever claiming this behavior was by design. In fact I seem to recall Tesla acknowledged this is an issue that will be fixed within “two weeks Tesla-time.”
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    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    Forgot to mention that within ten minutes of trying out the “fabulous” 12.3 on my Y today my wipers gave a quick swipe of the dry windshield. Sort of a middle finger to us suckers who purchased FSD and even consider that the YouTube prostitutes are being truthful for a change.
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    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    Got 12.3 on my hw4 Y today but hw3 S was updated a week ago to 2024.2.7, so I assume I will have a lengthy wait for the S. So far, I don’t see any great improvement. Lots of jerky moves and still hesitant at stop signs and rights on red. Perhaps after more drives I will be more impressed. But I...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    We promise not to tell the German government whatever “Slavas” did.
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    FSD v12.x (end to end AI)

    Are there any non-CA based YouTube stars with v12? The guy in Michigan that probably posts more YouTube “adventures with Tesla” than almost anyone still doesn’t have it either.
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    FSD v12.x (end to end AI)

    I am seeing lots of posts from people with v12. Yet the non-California YouTube stars who always seem to be first continue to “starve.” I assume no one posting here with v12 lives outside CA?
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    FSD v12.x (end to end AI)

    It would be instructive to see numbers of cars on v12 in CA vs the rest of the country. I suspect that would give an alternative reason for Chuck and other YouTube stars outside CA being left out.
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    Mustang Mach e GT charging at California Tesla supercharger

    The old Elon seemed to care. The new Elon is probably amused. BTW, rumor has it Ford drivers are being told to park across two spaces to make it obvious that the space to the left is useless for a Tesla. Sure am glad I seldom Supercharge. Bring snacks when you Supercharge to watch the inevitable...
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    Arizona Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    New to message boards? Hijacking threads will get you a vacation on some boards. Not sure how mods here handle it, but we’ll find out.
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    FSD v12.x (end to end AI)

    You think you are annoyed. The YouTube stars residing outside CA are in full pout mode as their income streams dry up. Maybe we could start GoFundMe’s for each of them😆
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    What's next for Tesla FSD? Reversing

    Reversing is about the last thing on my list. First is addressing all of the different rules of the road and street signs/markings that vary from the SF Bay Area. I realize there are clips being gathered from everywhere FSD is used but call be skeptical that our cars will understand the...
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    Supercharging for “lifetime of car” transfers under the current FSD & Supercharging transfer to new cars

    I wish you would have started a new thread. The thread was about “lifetime of the car” Supercharging offered until the first month or two of 2017 on all Teslas with Supercharging capability — and whether that feature is cut off by the latest transfer offer. In addition to my question being...
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    Barkeeper's Friend v. WD-40 v. Hydrogen Peroxide

    So what is recommedned for cleaning up our rust buckets?😆