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  1. jkliu47

    Sure could've used Enhanced Summon today....

    Walked out of my local Costco to be confronted by this minor emergency. And my Model 3 is sitting in a pool of water. Using Summons I was able to back it out about 15 feet to shallower water and I was able to wade over in ankle deep water and get in. This would've been a great use case...
  2. jkliu47

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It appears I have overreacted to the news based on the mistaken assumption that all those Zoe’s would have put Renault in a better position to benefit FCA - but apparently not quite enough. This is one time I am glad to get all those ‘disagrees’.
  3. jkliu47

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Looks like Tesla may not be able to count on income from the FCA/Tesla EV agreement. Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in advanced talks to merge the automakers Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in advanced talks to merge the automakers
  4. jkliu47

    Road Trip

    I have driven to Santa Fe via Albuquerque several times summer and winter in my last 2 Model S's. Taking 10 to Phoenix then Flagstaff to Albuquerque has been an easy drive with plenty of Superchargers on the way. Bypass downtown Phoenix traffic by taking 101 north then linking back into 17 on...
  5. jkliu47

    Would you Robotaxi your car?

    I think Tesla's lease plan for the Model 3's answers that. Tesla will reclaim those Model 3's at the end of the program for reassignment to the Robotaxi fleet.
  6. jkliu47

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Just returned my 85D, leased early 2016 - original 100% range at 274 miles is now 269 miles after ~29,500 miles driven. 2% degradation. Supercharged ~50% of miles, rest with 14-50 10 kwH at home. Charging range 20-80% except when driving on trips between SC's.
  7. jkliu47

    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    Duh! I missed that check box for extended range... it was in the same position as Ludicrous mode and I missed in the Standard model page. Never mind :oops:
  8. jkliu47

    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    Well then its clear that the cover page is still showing 335 miles range was for the 100D - and that is the mistake. I didn't include the images for the other two variations of the current Model S. The standard Model S has 310 miles range, and the Performance Model S has 315 miles - same as if...
  9. jkliu47

    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    So the 335 miles range is a TYPO then?
  10. jkliu47

    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    Checking on the Tesla website today, the only reference to the Model S range of 335 miles is on the face page. But going further into the configuration pages - the range for the Model Performance with/without Ludicrous mode now has been reduced to 315 miles. The standard range of Model S...
  11. jkliu47

    Did I Make a Mistake?

    No need to worry. The superchargers located at the Town Square are only about 6 miles away from South Vegas Valley. Just drop by, plug in, walk over to one of the restaurants/stores or relax and spend some time reading/surfing the net/watching videos in your air conditioned Tesla. If you...
  12. jkliu47

    From Zero to Model 3 AWD in 20 hours

    Thanks CaBlue, Gavyne. Sorry for the late reply. I was a bit occupied with my new "Little Red Rover" :) SoCalGuy - "Little Red Rover" is red/white with Aero 18"s.
  13. jkliu47

    From Zero to Model 3 AWD in 20 hours

    I am a 2 time Model S owner and a 1st day in-store Model 3 reservation holder. I held back ordering the Model 3 because the current Model S lease runs out in 2019 and was waiting for the AWD version. Then wife decided to replace her BMW (4 series) with the Model 3 (yeah!). Since 2018 is drawing...
  14. jkliu47

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Or if you are partial to a Tesla branded product: Model S/X/3 Tire Repair Kit
  15. jkliu47

    Autonomous Car Progress

    Video segment in the link says it was a bicyclist injured. Subsequent news reports it was a pedestrian - and a fatality unfortunately. Uber is stopping self-driving car tests in all cities after fatal accident
  16. jkliu47

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    Wal-Mart says it’s planning to test Tesla’s new electric trucks
  17. jkliu47

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    I am very familiar with the initial research funded by DOE in the 1970's into production of large area solar photovoltaic arrays. There were several competing technologies, but the primary front runner then - silicon wafers sliced from crystalline ingots, remains the winner today for almost all...
  18. jkliu47

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Found in updated Order Page: Enhanced Autopilot $5000 ($6000 upgrade after delivery) Full Self Driving Capability $3000 ($4000 upgrade after delivery)
  19. jkliu47

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    The 'snake'!
  20. jkliu47

    Firmware 8.0

    FYI to all who are commenting on seat belt positioning issues, I think its related to the new generation seats. Refer to my post: Difference between Multi-Pattern & Next Generation Seats? PS The seatbelt adjuster I got from Amazon worked fine...
  21. jkliu47


    Is Teslafi accepting any new users? I do not see that option at the Homepage. Thanks
  22. jkliu47

    Tesla moments

    Driving on autopilot 'rainbow road' on the way to Rainbow Forest in Petrified Forest Nationsl Park :)
  23. jkliu47

    Loss of connectivity Today

    on road trip to santa fe. google maps not working in car. but the supercharger network still shows. so i can plan my recharges. but have to use waze for local navigation to my destinations.
  24. jkliu47

    Slow supercharging in hot weather?

    Apacheguy : similar experience here in Cabazon (on the way to Santa Fe). Charged this afternoon in 110F temps. Started at 116 kW then quickly dropped to ~60kW within 10 minutes. No one else was sharing my charging, but its still relatively crowded - 50% of stalls were occupied. Fortunately this...
  25. jkliu47

    Slow supercharging in hot weather?

    Yes the nav screen shows a different symbol than the normal symbol signifying a SC location. Its also Red but looks more like a traffic restriction sign somewhat like a No Entry sign (with horizontal slash).
  26. jkliu47

    Slow supercharging in hot weather?

    When I was driving up to Reno for the Gigafactory opening this past Thursday I saw on the GPS that Lone Pine SC was showing restricted power. I checked with Tesla Road Service and they confirmed the power restriction was due to weather (excessively hot). So I fully charged up at Inyokern rather...
  27. jkliu47

    Supercharger Congestion Updates - Connect/Gigafactory Weekend

    Driving up from Los Angeles, I charged at the Mojave SC, then was going to skip the Inyo Kern SC to charge at Lone Pine SC. But I noticed a different symbol for the Lone Pine SC on the nav screen. Clicking on it produced a warning message to the effect that charging is severely limited there...
  28. jkliu47

    NTSB issues preliminary report for Florida crash

    NTSB Issues Preliminary Report for Williston, Florida, Highway Crash
  29. jkliu47

    Tesla is dumping Mobileye???

    Mobileye shares plummet as company says partnership with Tesla will not continue
  30. jkliu47

    Need help in locating a post

  31. jkliu47

    Difference between Multi-Pattern & Next Generation Seats?

    In addition to the differences enumerated in prior posts, I need to relate my experience when I traded in my 2013 Model S with first generation leather seats to 2016 Model S with Next Gen leather seats. Besides the reduced rear visibility because of the higher headrests in the current seats...
  32. jkliu47

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Orange tape for me - slightly better visibility :)
  33. jkliu47

    Breed of dog Tesla Owners and Fans have.

    We are on our first road trip with our new 85D, Big Red (autopilot is great!) and Sluggo has found his favorite spot again. With my knee conveniently positioned for him to rest on :).
  34. jkliu47

    Is an augmented reality HUD coming as part 2 of Model 3 reveal?

    A new hire hints that Tesla may be working on a new feature for the Model 3
  35. jkliu47

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    Tesla Model 3 orders now approaching 400K - per Diarmuid O'Connell. Tesla Vice President says Model 3 reservations are ‘approaching 400,000’, real success will be delivery
  36. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    So that's 8 miles per day. As I stated in my prior post on this issue, I am also getting around 7+ mpd. But that's in contrast to my prior 85 RWD (2013, v7.1 (2.9.154) which averaged about 4 mpd. But since they are different cars, I can't point to the software upgrade as the culprit. Another...
  37. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    Yes, that's something I noticed ever since I replaced my 2013 85 with a 2016 85D. The 'vampire drain' has increased from ~4 miles per day to over 7 miles per day. This is with all settings at minimum energy usage and has been consistent from OS 2.11.54 up to 2.16.17 that I received 2 days ago...
  38. jkliu47

    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    I also had a retrofit to folding mirrors on my 2013 85. Since it was a later build (October) I had the wiring harness for the new mirrors, so the labor charged was low. The SC originally quoted me a much higher retrofit cost assuming they had to replace the wiring harness also. Perhaps your SC's...
  39. jkliu47

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    I don't think there is any added hardware for AP 2.0. That blip on the mirror is a shadow/reflection artifact off the chrome from the studio lights.
  40. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    Good thought rxlawdude. That could explain why my Model S stopped with about only 6" clearance even though distance is set to 16". So then the mystery is why did it continue past that point and hit the fridge corner after I accidentally re-initiated summon with my key fob?
  41. jkliu47

    April 30 reveal speculation

    That tweet was referring to Thursday April 30, 2015! Its the Tesla Powerwall.
  42. jkliu47

    Model 3 - Ditch the Glass Panorama for Lift Back or Keep?

    Comparing the rear trunk openings of the Model S and Model 3 its clear that the design/engineering decision was to move the cross member support structure from above and behind the rear passengers heads to behind their back shoulders to allow increased headroom increase rear visibility and...
  43. jkliu47

    Model 3 is beautiful!

    That's in Marina Del Rey, CA on Maxella Avenue near Lincoln Blvd. Notice the Model in front with a camera rig. They are probably filming it for Tesla marketing dept.
  44. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    Haha. You mean 'smaller' fridge and perhaps with nerf doors.
  45. jkliu47

    Am I supposed to receive an e-mail confirmation or?

    Reserved at Burbank, CA yesterday around 1 PM. Still no email, my credit card hasn't been charged nor anything in MyTesla. Called Burbank and was told Tesla HQ is having problems getting some of the reservations processed because they have been slammed with the volume. Called Tesla HQ and yes...
  46. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    garygid - yes that must be it. Since the MS was already parked in final position (ie 6" away from refrigerator), any subsequent Summons command to park would mean the MS is moving forward already under the limit set (16"). So it just moved until it hit the refrigerator and stopped when it sensed...
  47. jkliu47

    Model 3 is beautiful!

    Yes it has different looking door handles than the other M3's (with hockey stick handles). Noticed in one of the videos that they work by pressing on one end with thumb to flip out the handle then pull to open. With the 'hockey stick' handles of the other M3's would they have reversed handles to...
  48. jkliu47

    Firmware 7.1

    Had a problem with Summons over the weekend. 2016 85D with AP, v7.1 (2.12.126) I decided to calibrate Summons to park the 85D in my garage. Setting Bumper clearance to 16", side clearance to Tight, Distance at 20 ft, No to require Continuous Press and On for Homelink and using the key fob to...
  49. jkliu47

    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Was at Tesla Burbank on Monday. There were a lot of Model S's and a few Model X's being prepped for delivery. Took a pic of two 90D X's parked in front of building, before a service tech (I think) came running out telling me not to take pics as those are customer cars (huh????).
  50. jkliu47

    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Count me in. :)