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  1. EASpot

    Raceland Coilovers

    Awesome review. Thanks for that. Any noise after some miles with it?
  2. EASpot

    3M adhesive won't stick. Gap in my rear diffuser install

    Totally agree with this. We use the same thing (Dynaflex Ultra by DAP) and they are great. Some kits that we've installed are more than 3yrs old and still looks good. Thanks for sharing.
  3. EASpot

    Alpine Intros Audio System For Tesla

    Wow! Looks amazing! can you post a video too? Just to hear it. ( I know it sounds different ) Just for fun and entertainment. Thanks and good luck.
  4. EASpot

    New Model 3s limited to 125mph?

    If your roads are like ours here in San Diego, 140mph is good to fly over them. lol
  5. EASpot

    Vendor 🔍 Seeking Early Cybertruck Owners/Deliveries for a Special Project! 🔍 AZ/SoCal

    Oh no, Have you seen one in person? Try to look for one, you might change your mind. lol! Update us! Good luck
  6. EASpot

    2022 m3p Water in frunk

    Did you check the rubber around it? It should be aligned with the frunk? Sometimes it gets loose and miss-aligned and could cause pressurized water to come in.
  7. EASpot

    Vendor San Diego Tesla owners/enthusiasts, Euro Auto Spot, dedicated to providing performance installations service and maintenance for your Tesla is here.

    Who We Are Established in 2009 in the vibrant city of San Diego, California. Our journey began with specialization and passion for BMWs. Nestled in the central Miramar area, our commitment to precision and quality has stood the test of time. Nearly a decade into our story, we expanded our...
  8. EASpot

    Vendor 🔍 Seeking Early Cybertruck Owners/Deliveries for a Special Project! 🔍 AZ/SoCal

    We just saw a delivery of the cybertruck foundation series here in San Diego! I hope one of them is yours! congrats again!
  9. EASpot

    Brake pads

    Yes we have, In my opinion it depends on how you drive it. If you want, we can gladly check and measure it for you to see if you really need to replace it.
  10. EASpot

    2017 Model X Fore and Aft link replacement - bushings are torn? Help

    Hey man, It looks good and know it functions well, Thanks again. We now have some on stock so we can help anyone from San Diego having the same issue. Can't wait to see it in your ride.
  11. EASpot

    2017 Model X Fore and Aft link replacement - bushings are torn? Help

    Nice! That's really great! I'm sure they are easy to install as well. Their lowering links, and camber arms are really great too. So far all of our customers are satisfied with it. I will be recommending this. Thank you very much for the tip!
  12. EASpot

    Unplugged Performance mild springs

    Hi, we've had installed the UP mild lowering springs but most of the people went for moderate because of the height. And if you were looking at there brand new luxury kit ( just the shocks ) we also just installed one and it's very comfortable. I would say it's a great combination if you're...
  13. EASpot

    Trunk Rattle fix PSA

    Do you think overtime it will get sticky due to heat?
  14. EASpot

    New Model 3 keeps steering/pulling towards right

    So how did they finally able to catch it? was it severely damaged? was it really hard to miss?
  15. EASpot

    Sway Bars

    Update us on your upgrade!
  16. EASpot

    Rattle mystery-- can you solve it!?

    Thank you for the tip. Will try that one.
  17. EASpot

    Sway Bars

    Nice! Does it still feel top heavy even if its just in swaybars?
  18. EASpot

    San Diego N2ITIVE link install with alignment?

    HI, We have installed these product for a Plaid and a 2022 LR before. They are pretty straight forward install. And yes we are in San Diego. DM me if you have any questions.
  19. EASpot

    Tein EnduraPro swap, springs too? If so, any that do NOT adjust the ride height?

    Hi, we have installed the Tein EnduraPro Plus. (the adjustable dampening). they're very similar to the non Plus. You can use your stock springs so the height will be the same. But if you were looking to upgrade your springs, there are aftermarket products that wouldn't affect the height with...
  20. EASpot

    N2itive’s Alignment Kit 1 vs. Unplugged Performance

    We have installed both of them, they both function very well. The key is Alignment. Ask Don of N2itive for their specs (i think they have it on-line as well). and with unplugged just ask any of their service adviser for availability. With N2itive It's a little harder to align. and if you don't...
  21. EASpot

    Has anyone done wheel alignment at Tesla?

    Hi, can you message me so I can check availabilty for you? Thanks
  22. EASpot

    Has anyone done wheel alignment at Tesla?

    If you are in San Diego area, maybe I can help with alignment issues with your Teslas.
  23. EASpot

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    I agree, I would start on just adding a subwoofer on my Tesla model 3.
  24. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    Thanks, they look perfect on any Tesla Model 3.
  25. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    Yup, I agree. It's like that here in San Diego.
  26. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    Thank you, we did not pre-install it before delivery. We just try to keep it clean. We will ceramic coat it to protect the paint.
  27. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    Thank you. The initial drive is pretty smooth. We are yet to test it on different roads around here in San Diego.
  28. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

  29. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    They have been around
  30. EASpot

    Went low with coilovers

    From the last post we had, still deciding then asked for suggestions.Here's an update on our Tesla Model 3 coilovers install. After doing some research and a couple of trials, we decided to use Riaction sport coilover kit. I must admit, there are a lot of good products out there like...
  31. EASpot

    Vorsteiner front spoiler installed pics

    Looks good. Very clean.
  32. EASpot

    Coilovers or Springs on our new San Diego cruiz3r Tesla Model 3?

    That's why we're leaning towards coilovers on out model 3. Good luck in your install, keep me posted.
  33. EASpot

    Coilovers or Springs on our new San Diego cruiz3r Tesla Model 3?

    True, very popular. Don't forget KW suspensions as well.
  34. EASpot

    Coilovers or Springs on our new San Diego cruiz3r Tesla Model 3?

    Thanks for the recommendation, we will definitely keep you in our options.
  35. EASpot

    Coilovers or Springs on our new San Diego cruiz3r Tesla Model 3?

    Thanks for the input. We appreciate it. Yeah we had that experience from our previous project. It's just never enough right? We are leaning towards coilovers so we can track it for fun. And now researching what would work for our Tesla Model 3.
  36. EASpot

    Coilovers or Springs on our new San Diego cruiz3r Tesla Model 3?

    We've owned and driven some really fun toys but why this one? This car has a lot to offer, it gives you an experience that is hard to describe. Aside from being known as a luxurious car, this car is efficient and fun to drive. we love the simplistic interior – modern, minimalistic, and...
  37. EASpot

    Only Tesla can do the alignment??

    Had my M3 alignment here in SD. They did a good job. They use Hunter. So to answer your question, yeah it can be done.
  38. EASpot

    Handgun Safe options for Model Y

    Thanks for sharing this. Looks really good . Wonder is they have it for M3.
  39. EASpot

    21" BC Forged HC010 on 2016 P90DL - a photographic journey (thread)

    Looks really clean. Nice
  40. EASpot

    Keyless driving Apple Watch

    Does it need a separate line to work without the phone?
  41. EASpot

    Suggestions for Cleaning Headliner?

    @CaliX thanks for the tip.
  42. EASpot

    Tesla Model Y Bumper Protection

    @maximus96 nice suggestion. I use that a lot in my cars. Multipurpose.
  43. EASpot

    Replacement T emblems

    I agree, plastidip it first so you can play with colors that you would really like.
  44. EASpot

    Best looking floor mats?

    I thinks depends on your lifestyle. Outdoor type or with kids around, mats for sure. But every driving. Carpet still looks good.
  45. EASpot

    Home made 3D printed tray for center console...

    Amazing, thank you much. Will be looking forward to some more future projects.
  46. EASpot

    Home made 3D printed tray for center console...

    Very cool and neat, question do you have something in the bottom for it to be sturdy? Thanks again good job
  47. EASpot

    Satin Black Badges?

    Having it removed looks cleaner.