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    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    @James Cole you ask why bother if we have Sentry Mode? Good question. I’ve given up on Sentry Mode myself as it drains the main battery ~1mile/hr and draws way more attention to the M3 with its headlight flashes - plus footage storage is very temperamental and you can’t monitor remotely. I’ve...
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    Any way to enable Sentry Mode without flashing lights?

    I hope Tesla Dev are watching this and many other threads like it and add a USER OPTION for Sentry Mode to TURN OFF headlamps flashing. I get way more false positives and walkers by stopping looking rather bemused and even some rude hand gestures! Or flash after the 3rd or nth positive trigger...
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    Diagnostic Port Index

    Has anyone discovered if the OBD2 connector fitted to the Model 3 offers a permanent power supply? This would then be a clean way of tapping the bus with existing connectors, for example to provide power for dash cams in Parking Mode.
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    Sentry Mode without DashCam turned on?

    If Sentry mode is ON but DashCam OFF (no red icon) then nothing gets saved to USB? This is what I'm observing but seems a bit idiotic... eg you plug USB into console, leave car and switch Sentry mode ON... you'd expect alerts to then be saved to USB but they aren't - not unless you remember to...
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    599 Sentry Mode Events

    I think the idea of Sentry is to have it log events (hopefully not too many false positives) and only visually check these AFTER we notice a dent or scratch on the car... so best to have a large SSD like a 1TB and then simply forget you have it plugged in As with others, I sometimes get silly...
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    UK correspondence address? New UK head?

    Does anyone know the corporate set up of Tesla UK and whether there’s an official UK management headquarter address, if so what is it? I was told they until recently UK was “managed” from Europe but apparently they recently appointed a new UK head to try fix a lot of the UK domestic problems on...
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    Deliverygb Email response time

    No reply from DeliveryGB email today. I separately emailed a direct contact in SC and got the following out-of-office message: “...Please for all questions relating to a new car deliveries please contact [email protected] where a member of the delivery team can assist. ... NB: Due to new...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    thanks, now added.
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    Can you buy FSD (Full Self Driving) after purchase?

    currently Smart Summons sounds like an expensive and sometimes rather embarrassing AND expensive gimmick! (I've just googled the videos of carpark 'fun' that's been well covered in the Telegraph and Daily Mail...)
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    Average waiting time from order to delivery

    in hindsight yes... not that Tesla ever thought or said it would impact on delivery (I asked at the time). Only now are they saying the 19s could maybe be reason why... as these have since been removed as an option for SR+ in configurator.
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    Placing a second order to queue jump the first?

    Strange they don’t offer to do that anyway.
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    Placing a second order to queue jump the first?

    Seems crazy if this is the only way to speed up the ordering process but this was the advice of a Tesla sales rep last Saturday at London Brent Cross! Unfortunately my Model 3 SR+ Blue/Black 19" Sport Tow ordered on 4-May and modified 18-May to include the “available immediately” tow-hitch is...
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    Deliverygb Email response time

    I’ve had no reply back to any emails sent to DeliveryGB over past 2-3 weeks. I’ve just sent an urgent email and will see how quickly they respond on Monday. Perhaps service has improved. I was told on Saturday that Tesla have now appointed a new UK manager (instead of UK being led by team in...
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    I will try again tomorrow but last two emails have gone unanswered. Will report back.
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    Can you buy FSD (Full Self Driving) after purchase?

    When I spoke to SC in August I was advised the price of FSD is now the same whether included when ordered or added after delivery. However they did say they have no say over what Tesla will do next in terms of price changes, conditions etc. So pot luck!? Given FSD has yet to be fully...
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    about 3 weeks ago I spent 2 hours on hold waiting to speak with SC London WD before line went dead. So no point trying to call their SC and I am still waiting for a reply when emailing deliveryGB. So agree with comment above that scammers may start making the most of this lack of verification...
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    Average waiting time from order to delivery

    5 months so far: ordered 4 May, still waiting 6 Oct (SR+ Blue - but with 19" Sports and Tow-hitch)
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    would like to add my details to sheet - what should I do? username: lowcarbon Model 3 | SR+ | Blue | black interior | 19" Sport | tow-hitch | reserved 2-Apr16 ordered 4-May19 modified 18-May19 (tow) | still in gestation: WAITING VIN MATCH + DELIVERY
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    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Great to know worth waiting for tow-hitch (bikes + dinghy option). Do regret adding to order as still waiting for VIN match -- though suspect the 19" Sport makes this a non-standard M3.