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    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    Same issues with my 2020. It was 90F outside and I set the temp to 68F auto. It set the fan speed to 3. If I manually set the fan speed, it felt cool but not as cold as some days. I looked at my efficiency and it was at 370 Wh/mi which only ever happens when I need defog, so I think the car...
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    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    It's probably regen braking. The car has 24k miles but I never cleaned them.
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    Same experience here. I use a Samsung T5 and it's strangely often that the critical moment doesn't get recorded since it coincides with that gap between the clips. It was my main reason to run an aftermarket one for redundancy/backup. The Tesla cam gaps are huge whereas my aftermarket is roughly...
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    Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilover Ride Height Settings

    I believe the AWD height measurements are the same so check out this post MPP Comfort Coilover reviews? It has initial setting pics and roughly half inch steps below that. Here's another owner at 53/12mm Lowering the Model 3 My car is currently at 64mm/18mm with 265/35/19 tires. The gap from...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    My aero wheel lug nuts worked on my TS5s. I assume the Uberturbines use the same nuts.
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    Groan from Rear After Hold Mode

    Hey guys, I recently noticed that after coming to a stop on an incline or decline, there's a brief groan sound coming from the rear after the car comes stops and hold mode engages. In the same scenario, if I manually depress the brake pedal to hold the car at a stop instead, there isn't a groan...
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    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    Same here with 2021.40.6. So far only seeing the instant close with unplugging.
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    Installed KW V3 coilovers

    Wow I didn't know Evasive did installs. How much do they charge for this?
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    UI_a017 Tire Pressure monitoring fault

    I had a similar issue 5 months ago with some sensors I got from the tire shop. It would give me that error only after driving on the freeway for 20 miles during the morning, and it didn't clear out the pressures on the card. They were fine on the drive back. No issues on street roads. I replaced...
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    Model 3 LR AWD - 2020 / MSM / Black Interior / Modded (Los Angeles)

    Looking to see if there's any interest for my baby! $55K OBO. I can take take off the aftermarket suspension and wheels to lower price, but I would prefer to sell as is to a local! Located in Los Angeles, California. It is currently financed but I can pay it off to make it easier. Specs...
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    Vendor Black Matte Metal Tesla license plate frames

    Any chance of the slim carbon fiber frame without the exposed mounting tabs coming back in stock? :O
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    Where to get trim clip for frunk plastic perimeter?

    Call some service centers to see if they have some in stock that you can buy over the counter. I bought door panel clips and a wheel speed sensor this way.
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    More than cosmetic damage?

    It looks cosmetic, but there is this metal tab running along the entire length that you should check out in case. You can kinda see through the gash in your pictures. https://teslaownersonline.com/attachments/dsc08571-jpg.10207/
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    Did the shell have any resistance coming off after removing the headrest?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I love the height. What spring offsets did you use?
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    FS (SoCal/LA): Michelin A/S3+265/35/19 XL 98Y (Lightly Used)

    Odometer mileage is at 1200 for the tires. One of the tires has a small piece taken off by a tire machine when I swapped out the TPMS.
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    FS (SoCal/LA): Michelin A/S3+265/35/19 XL 98Y (Lightly Used)

    Yeah, they are currently mounted on the car since I wasn't gonna take them off unless someone wanted them. I'll post some pics and mileage reported by odometer soon.
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    FS (SoCal/LA): Michelin A/S3+265/35/19 XL 98Y (Lightly Used)

    East LA/Pasadena/Alhambra/SGV area. They are around 1000 miles now.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Alrighty y'all... don't forget to make sure your ABS wire clears! I went with wider wheels and tires, but neglected to check clearance. It started with TPMS fault warnings, then it finally exploded into disabled ABS, power steering, etc.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Yeah, it's a couple posts down.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Adding this to the list: MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3 Looks like Michelin A/S3+ based on the second pic.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Is your cabin overheat protection turned on? If your car is parked outside in the current LA weather, the AC is probably running a lot.
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    Paint protection film

    This is what mine looked like after a couple thousand miles. The white specks are chips. Most of them were toward the rear.
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    Right side of horn not working - service appointment

    If you selected a service center location, the appointment is at a service center. I've had some luck in the past where I message the SC to ask if they may switch the SC appointment mobile service, though it probably varies by location.
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    FS (SoCal/LA): Michelin A/S3+265/35/19 XL 98Y (Lightly Used)

    Mileage is primarily from city driving and some highway. No track or autox use.
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    FS (SoCal/LA): Michelin A/S3+265/35/19 XL 98Y (Lightly Used)

    Looking to sell lightly used set of 4 Michelin A/S3+ 265/35/19 98Y XL tires. I bought them new a couple weeks ago for $250 each but decided to go with a narrower tire. At the time of writing this post, there are less than 400 miles on them. Outside sidewalls have been denibbed. I am in the Los...
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I'm definitely considering going down to 245/40/19 tires. Some Michelin tires in that size have section and tread widths that are 0.9" and 1.5" less than that of the 265/35/19 A/S3+.
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    My poke is 7-8mm right now, so sounds like your thinner rotors and tires won't poke as much. Honestly, I'm thinking about selling my setup and getting a smaller wheel or going back to aero wheels with spacers! The ride feels a little softer and grip is definitely better than the MXM4 tires, but...
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    3M Crystalline shade question?

    How's the windshield clarity for the 70% crystalline? I was thinking about getting it for my windshield, but I have 40% on my other windows and noticed it has a green/brownish tinge to it. Any distortion or light reflection issues with the film being at an angle?
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Here you go:
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    High mileage check-in

    2020 LR here. 15k miles in 12 months. Current 100% is 295 mi from 322 advertised, so 8% degradation so far.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Finally got my 19x9.5 +35 wheels! The rear turned out flush, but the front 265/35/19 A/S3+ sidewalls ended up poking out ~7mm. I'm currently on a mild 1 inch drop on MPP coils. -1.1 camber. How much would this tuck in if lowered a bit more?
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I'm thinking it would be similar since my camber isn't that crazy. This guy has the same specs as me and looks like he is at stock height MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Regarding the front poke, this is looking from rear. I lined up the opposite edges of the tire lips in these pics. Looking towards rear: The poke is more pronounced if you look from the front since the fender isn't parallel with the wheel the entire way through. It tapers inboard as it gets...
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I got my 265/35/19 A/S3+ tires mounted and put slapped on the wheels. Rear was perfectly flush, but the front tire lips poke out ~5-8mm. I think if I got a 245/255 tire, it wouldn't poke as much. I'm currently lowered ~1 inch with MPP non-adjustable comforts using their recommended initial...
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I'm currently running the aero wheels. Gonna get the new wheels mounted with Michelin A/S 3+ tires tomorrow!
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I got the same wheels and decided to go 265/35/19. There's some mention about 255/40/19 rubbing - MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3
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    Model 3 Door Sound Proofing

    If you're 100% sure that the rattle is the door card vibrating or rubbing against the metal, get some felt tape and wedge it between. If it's not tight enough and the felt falls out, pull the door card off and stick the felt tape onto the metal. The felt tape can be applied such that it is...
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    Sensitive Auto Headlights?

    A while ago I noticed that the auto headlights are extremely sensitive and turn on as I'm driving during the day. They can remain on for a couple of minutes. I don't have to drive through a tunnel or shade for them to turn on. Tesla troubleshot it by covering the sensor on the windshield to...
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    Interior issue

    The lower/black trim has some white clips on the back that clip into the metal b-pillar. There aren't any clips on the seatbelt adjuster trim that clip directly to the b-pillar.
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    Question on Screen Protectors?

    I tried a matte one and it hides fingerprints decently. It won't hide big oily fingerprints and you do lose some sharpness and contrast. I ended up taking the matte one off after two days since it's impossible to see the display if light hits it just right. Here's an example from someone's...
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    problem with driver window creaking

    You can try rubber conditioners on your seals as others suggested. I used Gummi Pfledge and that also solved some of my window creaks. You can also try tilting the glass inboard to create more tension on the glass. One of my windows creaked and made a thump sound over bad roads. When I lowered...
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    Driver Door Interior Handle Clicking Noise

    I have this clicking noise coming from the door panel around the emergency release. Another owner posted a video of the issue on Reddit, and it's the exact same noise I hear. It seems like a common issue based on the replies. Has anyone else here dealt with this before or know what caused it...
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    Anyone dealt with these paint issues before?

    I picked up my Model 3 this week and noticed some issues with the paint. I scheduled service with Tesla, but I was wondering if anyone here experienced or dealt with these paint defects before.
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    Two Model 3 changes - Beginning of June

    I picked up my Model 3 today. My advisor said it was built on 6/5. It came with USB C and the wireless charger.
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    Anyone getting their VIN information

    Midnight silver metallic, LR AWD, 18" aero wheels, black interior, regular autopilot