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  1. shrike

    Anyone regret having a Powerwall installed?

    None. No regrets at all. Very happy with it.
  2. shrike

    Firmware 8.5

    Actually, Q1 2019 deliveries were impressive (see Tesla Deliveries Up 110% In Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018 | CleanTechnica). Don't believe the FUD.
  3. shrike

    Poor to non working voice recognition on 8.3?

    Have you tried rebooting? When I've had problems with voice recognition, a quick reboot fixes it, but I haven't seen any issues on 8.3.
  4. shrike

    M3 Keyfobs

    I mainly use the key fob for easy access to the frunk/trunk. Avoids having to whip out the phone. I can't say that's worth the $150 but it is convenient. Now that we have a "Pin to Drive" option, maybe we'll get passive entry added as an option?
  5. shrike

    potential phone key fix (or at least partial solution) for android

    It could be a "height" issue. I, too, had failures with my phone in my back pocket. Keeping my phone in my jacket pocket (above waist) it's worked every time. Same with just holding my phone. So, it does seem finicky.
  6. shrike

    Possible Phone Key Solution - Android Oreo Update

    Agree. Upgrading to Oreo "fixed" the connection problems I had with my ZTE Axon 7. It was on 7.1.1 and it worked about 90% of the time. It soft-bricked a couple weeks ago (no idea why), which required a factory reset. ZTE released an Oreo update but it was not available OTA; requiring a separate...
  7. shrike

    Thoughts after 650 mile one-day Tesla drive

    I did a 1000 mile trip, each way, a few weeks ago, and it was one of the better drives I've done. I've driven the route a few dozen times over the years in an ICE, but the drive with EV and autopilot was much more pleasant. I normally do the drive each way over a couple days. With my model 3 and...
  8. shrike

    Accent Headlight

    Mobile service replaced the drivers side light on Mon and did it in less than 30 min. I didn't watch the whole time so not sure if he did any adjustments afterward, but I don't think so. He did force a firmware update to take care of the turn signal fast blink. All-in-all, I was very pleased...
  9. shrike

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    I delete the FSCK*.rec files when I get the X. Plug the USB back in and it works. No need to reformat.
  10. shrike

    Dashcam error

    I've gotten the error a few times. I noticed a few FSCK*.REC files on the USB after it happens. Those are generated when the dashcam has a write error. Delete the files and it'll work again. I keep 2 USB drives on hand. One plugged in with a spare. I swap when the error occurs. Then plug the...
  11. shrike

    V9 dashcam

    I'm surprised Tesla did not include a setup option for a USB drive in the update. One that would format the drive and create the TeslaCam folder without requiring another system.
  12. shrike

    V9 - need two USB drives for MP3 play & Cam

    I used Windows 10 diskpart utility. It's a cmdline tool that comes with windows. It's a bit technical but you can see how it works here. Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive Also, it has to be formatted as FAT32. You can use this free utility to help: Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd
  13. shrike

    V9 - need two USB drives for MP3 play & Cam

    I use 2 partitions on a single USB key, and it works well. Granted, I just got the update this morning and I've only done some light testing, but it does work. I did have to reformat the partition for the dashcam since I had tested the USB key before getting the update. No problem with the music...
  14. shrike

    Software Update 2018.39.x (Version 9)

    I did this. I prepared a 64Gb USB with 2 partitions - one for TeslaCam (16Gb) and the other for music (~44Gb). I tested it before getting the v9 update and the music worked fine. The other partition mounted as well. After getting the v9 (39.7) update this morning, I tested the dashcam. It did...
  15. shrike

    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    I actually like and use the mirror tilts all the time. They're great for making sure I stay between the lines and not getting too close to a curb when reverse parking in spaces.
  16. shrike

    New update last night no more wiper stutter

    I, too, am still seeing the wipers stutter on 32.2. I also had an odd issue where voice commands, like "navigate to" and "call", were not recognized while the wipers were active. Shutting off the wipers, and voice commands resumed working. I did a reboot, and that seemed to "fix" it. Weird.
  17. shrike

    Am I doing something wrong? Cruising at Speed Limit

    While TACC is enabled, I usually just tap the speed limit icon on the display to adjust to the new speed limit, plus the preset offset. It would be more convenient to reset to the new speed limit using the stalk, but tapping the icon is acceptable.
  18. shrike

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    237 Wh/m for 800 miles of mostly city driving.
  19. shrike

    Cheap HUD display option

    Interesting. Do you have a link for the HUD unit?
  20. shrike

    TuneIn Radio and the Model 3

    The only LIVE channel I listen to is Death.fm. I haven't tried any other channel or podcast yet. No problems with it except the few times I've hit an LTE dead spot.
  21. shrike

    Model 3 - Hood Wrap Badge Removal

    I got a full frontal SunTek wrap and the installer removed the front badge. He'll install a new one when he can get it, but was told they are on backorder. Still debating putting the badge back on, since it's a clean look without it.
  22. shrike

    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    Agree. I've been adjusting side mirrors like this for years, and it works well. I, too, was annoyed I couldn't get the left mirror to fully extend but it's close enough that it still works.
  23. shrike

    Rear window tint - anyone done it?

    I got SunTek CIR 30% installed on all windows except the windshield. Installer did the rear window in 1 piece.
  24. shrike

    Deep Blue Metallic Model 3 Photos

    It's SunTek CIR at 30% all around. The rear film is one piece. The ceramic coat is Feynlab Ceramic Plus. The full frontal clear bra is SunTek.
  25. shrike

    Deep Blue Metallic Model 3 Photos

    Also have a video my detailer, Authentic Details, made of my car after finishing clear bra wrap/ceramic coat/window tint.
  26. 2018 Tesla Model 3 - YouTube

    2018 Tesla Model 3 - YouTube

    This 2018 Tesla Model 3 Received a Full Front Paint Protection / Clear Bra to combat the Austin, Texas roads. The paint was perfected with our paint correcti...
  27. shrike

    First Day Reservation holder gift

    I got one last week in Austin. It was in the center console.
  28. shrike

    Paying for your car...

    Making an ACH payment is simple. Just go to your Tesla account, and fill in the bank info. My payment took 2 days to post. Picking up my car on Tue.
  29. shrike

    Holding payment until delivery? Even after inspection?

    Had to pay in full before Tesla would deliver since Tesla is not allowed to sell vehicles in Texas. My delivery appt is on 5/8/18. I'll certainly inspect it, but at that point there's not much choice on acceptance. Anything wrong, and it'll go in the shop.
  30. shrike

    Old eyes & reading glasses

    Get progressive lenses. Keep the top at little or no correction, whatever your distance vision needs, and select the progressive portion to the reading strength you need. It's what I use for driving so I can see the gauges and nav screen. Distance vision is 20/20, but reading needs some help...
  31. shrike

    Build Tracker

    It'd be cool if Tesla offered a build tracker like a Dominos pizza tracker. It might help ease the anxiety after receiving a VIN and waiting for delivery. But, of course, it would probably invite more criticism when your car gets "stuck" somewhere in the process :)
  32. shrike

    VIN Assignment

    Yes. I don't care much for the look of the Aeros. Granted, you can remove them but the 19's look much better.
  33. shrike

    VIN Assignment

    Got a delivery date of May 8 4/13 invite/configure 4/17 VIN 158XX assigned 4/20 ISA 1st notice 4/24 Delivery schedule received Pretty quick turn around from invite to delivery scheduled.
  34. shrike

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    I received my ISA contact via e-mail 3 days after VIN assignment. It was just to confirm purchase options and verify insurance. No delivery date yet.
  35. shrike

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    So close. I've been waiting for the ISA call after getting a VIN on 4/17. Got a call from Tesla, thinking this is it. Only to find out it was the Solar City PowerWall division calling to schedule an inspection of my powerwall2 install. Funny, it was installed 8 months ago, and they pick now to...
  36. shrike

    VIN Assignment

    4/13 Invite/configure 4/17 VIN - 158XX Blue, 19", EAP Non-owner Texas
  37. shrike

    4/13 invites

    Got my invite to configure today too. Texas, online, non-owner. Definitely, lucky 13.
  38. shrike

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    Probably just a coincidence considering they sent out a bunch of invites on 4/6. But, on the off-chance it's true, still waiting for my invite. Online reservation 3/31, @8PM Apr-Jun window.
  39. shrike

    Does Powerwall Alert You When The Grid Goes Down?

    Check out the guide, Monitoring Tesla’s Powerwall2 on PVOutput.org, for setting up PW2 integration services to upload to pvoutput.org. I use a raspberry pi3 to run the pvoutput integration service instead of a Windows host. Here's my info: Dogwood_CP_PW2 5.559kW | Live Output
  40. shrike

    Discrepancy between app and Powerwall API

    It will also run on linux and mac since it's a java app. Just run the "bin/pvoutput.sh" script to start, once it's configured. I've done a dry run, but will configure it once I get some time and donate to pvoutput.org.
  41. shrike

    Discrepancy between app and Powerwall API

    Check out: Monitoring Tesla’s Powerwall2 on PVOutput.org
  42. shrike

    Firmware 1.9.2

    I was upgraded from 1.6.0 to 1.9.2. That lasted for a few days, and was then updated to 1.10.0. I haven't noticed any differences between 1.9.2 and 1.10.0. I live in Austin, TX
  43. shrike

    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    Once my Powerwall 2 was installed and provisioned, it took about an hour or so for access to the APP. I'm not sure if that is atypical, or not. And this was on a Friday. The Powerwall 2 is my 1st Tesla product (waiting for my Model 3), so there were no other products. Not sure if that makes a...