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    Vehicle shutting down please pull over safely [edit: 12v battery issue]

    They came back and said it was just the 12v
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    Vehicle shutting down please pull over safely [edit: 12v battery issue]

    I recently got this error and the car jolted while my pregnant wife and two year old son is in the car. Scared the heck out of all of us. I pulled over quickly to double check if I ran over anything. Nothing was in my way. The error was still showing power reduced, vehicle may not restart. I...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Just got mine retrofitted yesterday. But don’t see stop light. Will i get that update soon?
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Anyone in Los Angeles area was able to book service and get it installed during quarantine?
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Just saw video of FSD stopping for stoplight. How do I get retrofitted? Do I just set up appointment for software?
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    Anyone upgrading to a Y?

    This actually doesn’t look too bad except my mileage is double. Would totally trade in my car for model y if I could get 50k. The hard part is the wait for the model y which would continue to depreciate my 3.
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    Anyone upgrading to a Y?

    damn my 3 probably isn’t worth much then.
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    Anyone upgrading to a Y?

    I’m really considering the upgrade. With a toddler it’ll just be easier and roomier for everyone. I got my 3 in May 2018, wondering if I get the Y early will it have free data? Or should I wait and hope for Y price to drop like it did for the 3?
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    Autopilot getting worse

    Mine is also horrible now. Do not trust it as much as I did. I’ve had it since May 2018
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    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    Anyone with the new update tested summon? I haven’t used it much so I’m wondering if it really got better?
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    Squeaking Brakes

    I’m in SoCal too. I will try to get it cleaned to see if it stops the squeaking.
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    Squeaking Brakes

    May 2018. 30k miles. I’m starting to hear a slight squeak when I creep/ move slow and brake slowly or on autopilot in traffic. Could someone tell me how to fix this or if this is a common issue?
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    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    Very true. But this is the only reason why I want summon. I don’t even test it on actual parking lots because it’s just not ready. But in a quiet neighborhood like mine, where it is way more controlled and predictable, i would love to use it. I understand what you are saying tho.
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    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    Haven’t tried this because I’m on mobile but has anyone tried to map their home street to non public and use summon?
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    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Did this help?
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    Free supercharging became enabled; but why?

    Same here. Following fight club and slickdeal rule and avoid asking about it. However, I just dropped off my car at service center to recalibrate my cameras and radars and the guy said they were going to change something on the charger to make it better? I’m afraid it’s going to remove whatever...
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    V10 update: 2019.32.12.1 [Release notes same as previous V10 versions]

    Tested with this new update today and it seemed to have fixed it. Will test again on the way home. But man that’s not cool.
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    V10 update: 2019.32.12.1 [Release notes same as previous V10 versions]

    V10 - Anyone experience autopilot in heavy traffic when someone changes into your lane or cuts you off it doesn’t respond to slow down as quickly as before? I’ve come real close to rear ending people. One incident it got close enough to apply Emergency Braking. Very scary.
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    V10 enhanced autopilot. I use autopilot everyday in LA traffic for over a year now. Before v10 I was very happy with it in traffic condition even when people cut me off, as soon as someone steers into my lane or if it thinks someone is about to my car would slow down. Now with v10. It does...
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    Small bubble on tires

    Can I drive to Vegas this weekend from LA with this? 30k miles. Rotated twice. Any chance I can claim warranty?
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    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    Went to America’s Tire and they charge $40 for spin rebalance and rotation.
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    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    What is the torque check?
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    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    Did they take out the lug caps for you or you did it yourself? If you have the aero wheels
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    Used autopilot today and feel like it doesn’t stay as centered into the lane and adjust itself depending if car on right or left lane is close to it’s sides or not.
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    I like this idea too. But probably won’t happen.
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    Yes, I see those routes but would like to be able to make my own route or a refresh button that makes it render and try another route.
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    Tried smart summon last night. I feel like it’s very cautious which is a good thing while it is learning and improving. However, not knowing how it will act in a certain situation or how it will plan it’s route or simply it might stop while a car is behind gives me major anxiety. For now it’s a...
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Not sure if anyone caught this. Did not check thread. But in the marketing video they showed enhanced summon going in the wrong direction it seems.
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    AC in the the back blowing warm air - need testing

    So with my AC on, tempt at 73, and fan power at 5 the front vent blow out cool air but I noticed the back vents is blowing out warm air. Could someelse test this on their car please? Note I was driving on freeway for about an 45 minutes already before discovering this out. In Southern California.
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    Took delivery 5/19/2018 with EAP, purchased FSD in March 2019, no email.
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    Enhanced Summon latest video

    I have watched all the enhanced summon videos and this version is definitely an improvement. I was worried about previous versions but I can deal with this beta version. It may not be useful in all cases at this time. It will require user to scan the parking lot and think a bit to make best...
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    Still no enhanced summon
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    DIY wrap

    With cars being wrapped. Does it cause any issues with AP?
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    2019.20.4.5 is out with Enhanced Summon

    Man early access is really keeping quiet this time around.
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    Smart Summon 2019.20.0.1

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    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    Still no smart summon or enhanced summon. Elon should really stop tweeting.
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    Should I worry about Tesla going out of business?

    Good time to go all in?
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    Door Handle Updade?

    Typo in title
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    Door Handle Updade?

    Got a S as a rental and realize how convenient the door handles are. How it opens up when you walk up to it. Just a lot more user friendly than the 3. Is there a way to upgrade the door handles on the 3 to function like the S/ X?
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    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Still waiting...
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    This Can't be good... screen issues with 2019.8.4

    Mine did something similar yesterday as well.
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    Possible mold in Trunk Storage Space

    From the videos it seems like water is getting in but I’m not sure if that’s enough to cause that much mold on my charge kit. Weird. Can’t wait til the next week of rain in So Cal to hopefully spot some issues.
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    Blindspot Detection and Autopilot Errors

    I have been getting “Blindspot Detection Limited” for the last few days since the 2019.8.3 update. This is very concerning. Earliest appointment I could schedule from the app is April 24. Should I call into service instead?
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    Possible mold in Trunk Storage Space

    Also, the lid for the trunk storage area does not show any signs of getting wet. I am not sure how moisture or water could get in.
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    Possible mold in Trunk Storage Space

    Could be possible but I’m pretty sure trunk has been closed all times. Car should notify you if trunk is open. I will spray down the car and test to see.
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    Possible mold in Trunk Storage Space

    I don’t normally use the hidden storage space in my trunk ever. This morning I opened up to randomly take a look inside and found that my charger case was all dirty and looks like it was covered with mold. Water is definitely getting in somehow. Very concerning because my Sons stroller and...
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    2019.8.3 Navigate on Autopilot Review

    Thank you for the review! Hope they push the update to the rest of us soon!
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    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    Wait it opens automatically??? Without pressing anything