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  1. Lanny

    Supercharger - Bel Air/Belcamp, MD

    One is damaged and set aside. Three are installed.
  2. Lanny

    Supercharger - Bel Air/Belcamp, MD

    12 stalls. No transformer yet.
  3. Lanny

    Supercharger - Ocean View, NJ

    Ocean View update from today: still waiting on a transformer.
  4. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Sadly, not operable.
  5. Lanny

    Supercharger - Cleveland, OH - 4277 W 150th St

    Meter is powered, cabinets are covered, stalls are dark.
  6. Lanny

    Supercharger - Fort Worth, TX - 6800 North Freeway Service Rd W

    Awaiting a transformer. Keep an eye on this pad.
  7. Lanny

    Supercharger - Greenville, TX (Another speculation)

    Stopped by here today. No sign of construction.
  8. Lanny

    Supercharger - Elizabethtown, KY - N Mulberry St

    Tall stalls are here! Home of the Whopper. @corywright @juliusa @Big Earl @Tdreamer @Guacahummus
  9. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Rain ☔️ or tears? 😭 Friday afternoon.
  10. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    ✅ Transformer ✅ Meter ✅ Pavement Striping ___ Commissioning?
  11. Lanny

    Supercharger - New Castle, DE - New Castle Ave

    Meter is not here yet but the transformer is.
  12. Lanny

    Supercharger - Bel Air/Belcamp, MD

    Looks like 16 stalls. Four cabinets.
  13. Lanny

    Supercharger - Cockeysville, MD

    Stalls are up. V3
  14. Lanny

    Supercharger - Lansdale, PA - Fort Foot Rd

    Original Wawa has closed and site of new Wawa is still just a field.
  15. Lanny

    Supercharger - Clarks Summit, PA - Northern Blvd

    Sheetz construction is near completion. No visible sign of Superchargers from the viewpoint of the road.
  16. Lanny

    Supercharger - Clinton, NJ

    Yes, transformer on site.
  17. Lanny

    Supercharger - Edison, NJ - US Hwy 1

    Now with MagicDock.
  18. Lanny

    Supercharger - New Castle, DE - New Castle Ave

    There they are. Standing tall beside the Royal Farms store. Change the pin from Permit to Construction if you please. 🙏 @corywright @tes-s @Big Earl @Tdreamer @Guacahummus
  19. Lanny

    Supercharger - Woolwich Township, NJ

    Transformer in place. Waiting on the meter to be installed.
  20. Lanny

    Supercharger - Bel Air/Belcamp, MD

    Construction has begun! Cabinets on site. @corywright @tes-s @Big Earl @Tdreamer @Guacahummus
  21. Lanny

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - Eastern Ave

    Utilities are marked but no sign of construction.
  22. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    They’re mocking us at this point. 😆
  23. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Meter, you say? Wait no longer! Now we just need Tesla to slap the covers back on and fire this baby up!
  24. Lanny

    Supercharger - Cockeysville, MD

    A lot of progress in the first week of construction.
  25. Lanny

    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - Eastern Ave

    Ticket No. 24148633 with start work date of 03/12/24 called by Havepower.
  26. Lanny

    Supercharger - Frederick, MD - Ballenger Creek Pike

    Fencing is down. Watching for a transformer.
  27. Lanny

    Supercharger - Cockeysville, MD

    Miss Utility ticket for construction issued at Yorktowne Plaza, Cockeysville, MD. Spaces for 16 stalls (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 2A...4D) marked in white paint at coordinates 39.464804, -76.633791.
  28. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Yay! We finally have a transformer.
  29. Lanny

    Supercharger - Frederick, MD - Ballenger Creek Pike

    12 stalls standing! Pavement striped. Needs a transformer. Y'all can mark this one as construction @corywright @tes-s @Big Earl @Tdreamer @Guacahummus
  30. Lanny

    Supercharger - Woodbridge, VA - Richmond Hwy

    Fence is still up. No transformer.
  31. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Waiting for Godot.
  32. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Falling apart. Still no transformer.
  33. Lanny

    Supercharger - Abingdon, VA

    Transformer and meter in place. No power to the meter yet.
  34. Lanny

    Supercharger - Blacksburg, VA

    Transformer in place and meter powered. Still work to be done on the store itself before it can open.
  35. Lanny

    Supercharger - Exton, PA

    Transformer in place. No meter installed yet.
  36. Lanny

    Supercharger - Arbutus, MD (LIVE 20 Dec 2023)

    Progress but no meter yet.
  37. Lanny

    Supercharger - Jessup, MD

    Photo taken on December 8th. Will we see a transformer here before the end of 2023?
  38. Lanny

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - W 3rd Ave

    Stalls still wrapped. Meter is live.
  39. Lanny

    Supercharger - Port Deposit, MD

    Port Deposit, MD Supercharger. Welcome to @supercharge.info! @corywright
  40. Lanny

    Supercharger - New Castle, DE - Airport Road

    New Castle, DE - Airport Road Supercharger has a transformer and a meter.
  41. Lanny

    Supercharger - Monmouth Junction, NJ

    Good that you live in town so that you can keep us posted with photos when the transformer and meter get installed. 😃
  42. Lanny

    Supercharger - Monmouth Junction, NJ

    Monmouth Junction, NJ Supercharger status as of today.
  43. Lanny

    Supercharger - Berkeley Heights, NJ

    Berkeley Heights, NJ Supercharger is still awaiting a transformer.
  44. Lanny

    Supercharger - Allamuchy, NJ

    Transformer is in place but no meter yet at Hackettstown, NJ Supercharger.
  45. Lanny

    Supercharger - Port Deposit, MD

    Perryville, MD Supercharger now has a transformer. No meter as of yet.
  46. Lanny

    Supercharger - Exton, PA

    Exton, PA Supercharger is waiting on a transformer.
  47. Lanny

    Supercharger - Quakertown, PA

    Quakertown, PA Supercharger construction status.
  48. Lanny

    Supercharger - Aberdeen, MD - N Philadelphia Blvd

    Built and ready to go. Meter is live. @corywright @Tdreamer @Big Earl @tes-s