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    M3 for sale

    Purchased for business then the rebate must be amortized. Leased vehicle ? maybe no rebate. Purchased and put in service as personal transportation is full rebate. I am not a tax accountant but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night!
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    M3 for sale

    This M3 is on Oahu, Hi, Price is $64,000. That is just slightly above my cost including deliver,tax and registration. I will get the tax rebate. Also under the Aero wheel covers are nice grey spider alloy wheels.
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    M3 for sale

    Also thanks for the suggestion. Didn't want to seem ungrateful.
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    M3 for sale

    There are plenty of pics around. If someone wants the car they can message me. The other pages are just full of entries tearing the price apart with nonsense and arguments.
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    2018 Model 3 Long Range

    This person just wants to sell the car. Do you all really have to post all this crap on their post? Maybe you all want to show us how smart you are!
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    M3 for sale

    M3 fully loaded RED for sale in Hawaii. Just out of the box. $1000 shipping to mainland if needed. I'm staying with my MS but it was a hard choice.
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    Model 3s on a Vehicle Transport in Seattle

    Hawaii received and delivered 4 Model 3s last week. One is for me and I am soo pleased with it. I also own an "S" for three years now. Not giving up the S.
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    Auto Homelink issues?

    Always opens on approach but only closes on departure 1 in 10 times. I'm ready for bug fix.
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    Tips on Auto Registration of new car (Tesla) in Hawaii - Things to do

    Mahalo for the guide on taxes and registration. it helped a lot especially since the state people didn't really know the routine.