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    Tesla Re-painted. Need some advice

    I have owned a couple of Tesla’s that needed to be repainted while I owned them because I can’t tolerate even a small scratch. I have a great body shop that I use. In every case the panels painted by the body shop look much better than the factory painted panels. It will come down to how good...
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    What Advantage Does the Wall Connector Give?

    Which receptical do you intend to use? The standard 14-50 needs to be protected by a 50 amp breaker. You can pull wire for a 60 amp and installation 14-50 and a 50 amp receptacle for now and then swap out them out with a WC and 60 amp breaker if you want.
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    Charging Stops at 6am

    Most of the 3rd party apps handle the scheduled departure better than the Tesla app.
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    Scary af driving

    No chance of lvl 5 in the next 5 months. None. Lvl 5 is “An automated driving system (ADS) on the vehicle can do all the driving in all circumstances. The human occupants are just passengers and need never be involved in driving." Lvl 5 cars have no need for pedals or steering wheels. How well...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Out of curiosity, why did you use the service center? I had the mobile service do it in my garage in Brookhaven/Chamblee on Friday morning while I drank coffee in the house and tried not to bug him too much. I might have failed in that regard though. ;-) The advantage of mobile in the future is...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Update. I submittted an upgrade request today 6/26 and cancelled via text. I asked how they are prioritizing and got the following reply. Hello Xxxxxxx, we are ordering the parts as the request for the upgrade is coming in and not by the purchase date. The parts are then send to us with your...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I have a 9/18 build and have been requesting the upgrade for months with no success. You getting it by mid-July is very unlikely.
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    Model 3 Range decreased again...

    I had the exact same thing happen. An overnight step change clearly visible in Teslafi data. Has persisted for a year now so I think it is permanent. I don't think there is much that can be done.
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    22 months after purchase, Notified of HW3 upgrade

    I'm not so sure about that. I have requested it 3 or 4 times for my 9/18 build. Two of those times were during other service. Most recently during a replacement of an HVAC blower in February. In every case I have been told they are rolling them out and "don't call us, we'll call you." I think...
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    Will Tesla be able to deliver FSD with HW3.0 and current Model 3 sensor suite, ever?

    The rail unions are very strong and have opposed automation fearing reduced crew size.
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    Some general confusion / frustration with reduced regenerative braking

    Outdoor temp is irrelevant. Only battery temp matters. If the car is cold all night the battery will warm much slower than air temp. Here in Atlanta cooler nights have meant I have reduced regen when I pull out of my garage even when air temp has been in the 80’s.
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    Quiet Package?

    Just a PSA. I wear them in both ears all the time. I also didn’t complain when I got a ticket for it.
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    New owner —Worried

    I totally agree.
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    New owner —Worried

    The difference in ICE cars is due to acceleration, not speed. 55mph will always use less gas than 75mph. I believe Newton’s Law would mean that the regeneration would not factor in since the recovered energy is always less than the expended energy but I’m not smart enough to numbers to it.
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    New owner —Worried

    How is this unlike ICE cars?
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    Beware of the supercharger handles

    That thing is creepy.
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    284 mile range after 15.5k miles - what’s going on?

    I regularly charge to 80%. I experienced the same issue as you. I’ve left the car set to 90% for past few weeks. Estimated range at 90% has slowly but consistently increased over the last month. It might be slow because we are hardly driving it or perhaps it is just a slow process to balance the...
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    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    I agree. While many people worry about the new issues of battery optimization, the propensity of a heavy car on performance tires to get a flat spot remains the same as it ever was.
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    Model 3 Supercharge Throttling? To buy or not to buy.

    Do Trader Joe's have big parking lots in CA? Here in ATL they are typically just one of many stores in a strip mall. The one freestanding store near me has a lot for about 25 cars.
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    What charging options do I have?

    The a Wall Connector does not require any upgrades that a 14-50 would not require and comes with some added convenience and features.
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    Got in accident and at-fault insurance company denies claim

    Multiple cameras, including rear, are saved. Pushing the camera icon within about 60 minutes permanently saves the footage. You can also change the car settings to save footage when the horn is honked.
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    Worth Filing Police Report?

    Even deep scratches/gouges can be fixed perfectly by a good body shop. I’ve had it done to my 3 and it is now the best looking panel on the car due to the repaint that far exceeds the Tesla quality.
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    Ceramic coating

    Sorry for the delay. The Collision Company in Alpharetta. Professional product. Gtechnique (sp?)
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    Colour coding for Mobile Connector?

    In the US the black is "active" as I it would've the brown in Australia. The white is neutral in US which is typically blue in Australia. This assumes single not 3-phase.
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    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    There was a thread about this a year ago. Model 3 Charging 34/32 Amps I've seen it on my car once. So perhaps not common.
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    Faster A/C charging?

    Given that the new Gen 3 HPWC max out at 48 amps I think we can conclude that the CT will not been able to charge faster than that.
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    standard range full battery regen?

    The pack is not a really full at 100% because it is software limited.
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    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    Sorry, I get sloppy with my terminology. I should be more precise.
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    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    32 amps X 240 volts = 7680 watts.
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    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    It is not very uncommon for people to see 34 amps. There is a lot of rounding going on and the rounding is always up. Assuming you are drawing a hair over 33 amps times the 335 volts you are right at the 7700 watt rating of the MCU.
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    Would you buy a gen1 wall connector?

    I think you are confusing the wall coonector with the mobile connectors. The Gen 1 mobile connectors will charge the 3 at 40 amps. All wall connectors will charge the 3 at 48 amps.
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    Charging over amp limit: 34/32A

    Most likely just normal variance. Also, I'm sure you know, but your circuit is good to 40 amps.
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    Charge to 50% weekdays, 95% Friday & Saturday

    For me, at least, Stats has done a few things. It alerts me when my daughter left the door open by accident. It lets me know my software version relative to the fleet. A few other features are nice as well.
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    Negotiate for repairs

    Body shops will give you a better price in person. They are covering their butts in case there is more damage than is visible.
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    Question about paying for supercharging for recently purchased car

    I agree, but since the person I replied to does not yet have a Tesla I just wanted to clarify.
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    Question about paying for supercharging for recently purchased car

    The app really doesn't have anything to do with paying for the SC. That is handled through the online account.
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    Is Tesla Wallbox worth it?

    Tesla specifically says that the charger that comes with car should not be used in Ibadan weather. “Warning: Do not use the Mobile Connector when either you, the vehicle or the Mobile Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather.”
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    New Wifi Wall Connector 48 amps?

    That is disappointing. I love my Tesla but I really don't like Tesla.
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    Did I really lose 4% of our battery?

    It does not mean that. Separately though, 4% loss at 17k would be normal. The battery degradation slows dramatically after that point.
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    New Wifi Wall Connector 48 amps?

    My particular issue is that I only had space for one circuit in the sub-panel in my garage when I installed my V2 so I ran conduit and pulled #2 wire to a work box for a future HPWC. I made a few loops of wire to leave some to work with and continued the #2 along with a communication wire to...
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    New Wifi Wall Connector 48 amps?

    I don't understand. The v2's can communicate and stay below a maximum combined electrical draw. For instance, I just installed three v2's on a single 100 amp circuit. Each is set to allow a maximum of 80 amps individually with a combined max of 80 amps. Edit, I guess the advantage is the...
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    New Wifi Wall Connector 48 amps?

    The V2 could each be on their own circuit and still load balance. The V3 can not share a circuit. How did the V2 limit you?
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    V3 Wall Charger

    I think this is temporary and they will be able to share a circuit like the v2's eventually.At least I hope so. If not, I need to go buy a v2. The Wall Connector provides the capability to wire 4 Wall Connectors to a single circuit with automatic load management, giving vehicle owners...
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    Using raspberry zero instead of flash drive for sentry mode??? Some feedbacks?

    Also, beeping the horn saves the footage just like pushing the red button.
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    Car wasn't polished before front PPF, what if I add more later?

    You will have to have correction done to eliminate scratches and defects from day to day wear. You will not see a huge difference.
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    Ceramic coating

    $650 here in Atlanta.
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    Yeah ... body repair is pricey .. but this seems excessive

    The $5300 is the "we don't really want to mess with it" surcharge. I do something similar when asked to do work in high-rises. Not really interested in the work but if you REALLY want me I will do it.
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    Pedestrian Noise Maker Retrofit for 2017/2018 Models

    Wires come loose all the time on cars.
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    Those dots!

    I'm in the minority I know, but 2 of my 4 cars are over 300k miles. One, a work truck, by a lot but I'm not sure how much because the odometer and speedometer stopped working about 10 years ago. The other, an '02 Tahoe we use for road trips just clicked over a few months ago. Eventually the...