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  1. PGeer

    Battery Fuse Replacement 2016 Model S 90D

    Had mine replaced last month (2016 Sig X p90). Had to drop the pack. Total cost $550 at Seattle SC.
  2. PGeer

    Have the new CONTICROSSCONTACT LX SPORT improved since 2017?

    Just put on Geolanders (2016 20” wheels) as third set of tires. So far, seem as quiet as Continentals. About 7-800 less expensive at Discount Tire. And 50,000 mile warranty. Both sets of Contis lasted about 32,000.)
  3. PGeer

    Locked out of Model X - Both Key Fobs not working

    After posting, I found yet another battery in my drawer (from Amazon). 3.4 volts on meter. Put it in and the car immediately started. I left the car to move my wife's car out of garage to make room, came back to the car and it failed again. This happened once yesterday with one of the batteries...
  4. PGeer

    Locked out of Model X - Both Key Fobs not working

    This is bizarre. Essentially the same thing happened to me yesterday with my 2016 Sig X (yours is a very recent post.) Replaced several batteries with no effect, including one packaged and given to me by Tesla a few months ago. My other key fob stopped working after I dropped it in water, so I...
  5. PGeer

    Heated Steering Wheel?

    Big mistake on Tesla’s part. We’ve had two Leafs with heated steering wheel. It’s the #1 complaint my wife has about her 3, and one of the top 5 things I love about my X. #2 on my wife’s complaints was lack of power lift gate on 3. At least that’s been addressed. They’ve gone to the trouble to...
  6. PGeer

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Here’s my theory. Elon, by teasing a truck for so long, has forced Ford and GM to enter the fray—which is what he wants! The specs on the truck are phenomenal even though the design is so controversial (although even as an old guy, I’m warming to it after a night’s sleep). So the underpinnings...
  7. PGeer

    Condensation on windshield on the inside

    Our temps are much milder here in Seattle area, but occasionally have the same problem with condensation when temps in high 30's. Auto usually has the AC off in these conditions, and I've found that manually turning it back on quickly clears the problem. Don't know if that works when a lot...
  8. PGeer

    Deciphering Headlight Indicator Icons

    This is one of my favorite features. In 1.7 years, it has failed me only once or twice (turning off too late, before oncoming car flashes me.) Also, it's remarkably good at identifying red taillights ahead and turning off high beams. Indeed, some bright lights and reflective signs occasionally...
  9. PGeer

    Two days with Model 3 impressions/review- This is not a mini model S

    Hmmm. Both my wife's Leafs (and our X) have had heated steering wheels. I'm a little surprised/disappointed her new 3 (in a year) won't - even the upgraded version. In the PNW, heated seats and wheel are, IMO, essential. Tesla need to take a second look at the standard features of "lower end"...
  10. PGeer

    Tesla can easily fix problem with heated steering wheel

    I probably should have mentioned in my initial post that we have a Leaf (our second one) and when you preheat the car, the steering wheel also heats up. Come on Tesla...if you're listening....
  11. PGeer

    Tesla can easily fix problem with heated steering wheel

    Okay, so this isn't earth shattering, but now that cold weather is upon us, I'm back to griping about a bad UI decision by Tesla. A question: when it's cold and you decide to turn on your heated seat, what's the chance you'd like the heated steering wheel as well? In my case, it's about 100%...
  12. PGeer

    Seat headrest doesn't stay down

    My wife is short, but likes having the front passenger seat far back (room for "purse" which is really a large basket.) Of course, the original X seats moved the head rests automatically - move the seat back, head rest goes up. A great example of over automation, assuming the only reason for...
  13. PGeer

    Model X Road Trips

    Just completed our second 4800 mile trip from Port Townsend to southern Arizona and up the coast. (19,000 miles on X in 9.5 months) Had to wait for a charge exactly one time (San Diego) and had range anxiety once--heading from Tucson to San Diego against head winds and the Gila Bend SC reported...
  14. PGeer

    Supercharger - Lincoln City, OR

    Just finished coming up entire coast on 101 from San Diego to Port Townsend (except for a detour over to Corning,Grants Pass back to the coast for road closure.) Totally easy. Love the new Aberdeen location. Makes getting to practically anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula easy.
  15. PGeer

    3rd Row - Up or Down?

    For local driving I leave them up, putting the rear hatch cover on the lower setting. This lets me place a cargo holder in the depression, which is perfect for holding grocery bags. For trips, I put the seats down, level out the floor and use it for our two folding bikes. Love having the options.
  16. PGeer

    Model X Energy Consumption

    My 15,000 mile average is now 365 in a P90D with 20". It was 340 in October before we had our cold snap. As I recall, that's about what rated miles are (340-ish).
  17. PGeer

    Charge port door needs replacing - contact Tesla service

    I got it, it persisted, and they replaced the door.
  18. PGeer

    New Key FOB Summon Not Working

    Once you get it working, how do you stop car once it starts moving. Not clear from instructions on update. If backing, do you press the trunk button a second time to stop?
  19. PGeer

    How are your black leather seats holding up?

    Black seats holding up well since March and 13,500 miles. I've used Lexol leather treatment twice. Seats starting to soften a little. So far no scratches or creases.
  20. PGeer

    Model X Holiday Show Easter Egg Video

    I've successfully run this at several friends houses over the holidays and must say, one of the coolest things the company has done. The typical comment has been "honey, I want one of those." :) Thanks Elon! And Happy New Year to all of you EV drivers out there.
  21. PGeer

    Windshield Wiper Settings

    Seattle area driver here as well (e.g. lots of experience with rain.) Have had all the same problems, but it's no worse than my BMW X5. Almost identical behavior. I use the single push of the button on the end of the stalk quite a bit in light rain. Seems to work more reliably when raining harder.
  22. PGeer

    Problem with early production Model X

    March build (Sig169). Been to SC three times. One more coming up. Every one has been for a minor problem for which a better part/solution had been developed. Fog light assembly, charge port door, front door latch. The rest of the glitches fixed by software. Your's sounds like a true lemon (which...
  23. PGeer

    Anyone switch from X to S?

    Just talked to a friend today who has 300 miles on his S. He's getting on in years and finds himself having trouble getting in and out. After riding in my X, he's made the difficult choice to take the financial loss and trade in for an X. I hope Tesla cuts him a fair deal.
  24. PGeer

    Acceleration Shudder

    I have 12,000 miles now. The shudder started around 6,000 and was a dampened vibration on acceleration. The last 1000 miles it sounds much more metallic, like the rat a tat tat of antilock brakes. SC center said I had the proper axles and every looks okay. I'm waiting for 12,500 and am going to...
  25. PGeer

    Supercharger - Aberdeen, WA

    They seem to keep pushing the date of completion back. If electrical hookups done and concrete poured, what's the delay I wonder? Any current pics? We just got back from a 101 trip and had to go by Centralia to get home to Port Townsend. Really looking forward to this one being on line (and then...
  26. PGeer

    M.X seat heater ...

    I wish the heated steering wheel worked the same way, its setting persisting. I use it every cool day, and have to go all the way into the Cold Weather page to access it, and then it's off next time.
  27. PGeer

    Left blinker indicator won’t turn on after software update to 8.0.x

    Just had my foglight/turnsignal pods replaced with an updated version. This is a known problem for earlier Xs.
  28. PGeer

    Investing in Tesla as an act of hope and empowerment

    Is government support for a transition to green energy dead? Will Trump’s government end subsidies to green solutions while maintaining subsidies to big oil? Are you among those who believe that this is an existential issue? Democracy’s power is based on one person one vote. Whereas capitalism...
  29. PGeer

    FYI: Rapid Turn Signal blinking

    Is this the whole lower module? (turn signal AND lower running light?) I just discovered my entire right module was out, acting as if the whole harness had come loose.
  30. PGeer

    trunk opens half way

    Yup - this action sets the opening height to anything you want.
  31. PGeer

    Autopilot does not adjust speed to speedlimit

    Yes - as designed. You have to manually depress the lever to slow down when speed limit drops. Although, if you're following cars that are adjusting, you'll of course maintain their speed.
  32. PGeer

    Rain sensor

    I agree with the erratic behavior. And it's EXACTLY the same problem I had with my BMW X5. I think it's the current state of technology, not Tesla.
  33. PGeer

    Hard time deciding between Model S and Model X

    For me it comes down to the windshield on the X. I had an S loaner the other day and felt soooo claustrophobic (I'm 6 1). The sense of openness, the additional height, ease of entry, passenger space made it an absolute no brainer for me.
  34. PGeer

    Favorite and Least Favorite Feature

    Favorite: the windshield. I was in an S the other day and it felt soooo confining. Least favorite: frunk latching. Wonder if it could be designed to open back to front, which would allow electric opening
  35. PGeer

    AP1 owners take heart

    I love AP1, but only use auto steer about 5% of the time, unless on a long trip, which isn't all that often. Mostly, I just love being in and driving my SigX. I'm happy giving AP2 (3, 4?) time to mature, because I'm not yet sure how I even feel about true full autonomy, at least until a lot of...
  36. PGeer

    v8.0 Renders one-pedal driving extinct....

    Mine seems lighter too, especially approaching a light from 20-30mph. And yes, I had understood it would be tweaked to be a little stronger.
  37. PGeer

    Nav 8.0 - UI not made for driving

    I'm somewhat in the middle with the new UI, liking some things (e.g. improved favorites access in radio) and disliking others (controls on right side of screen where I can't brace my hand.) However, I'm 100% in agreement that Tesla needs a more professional approach to UI design. As a physician...
  38. PGeer

    Cleaning that huge windshield...best practice?

    I open the front doors and stand on the sill. Works great to reach the whole, although I'm 6'1".
  39. PGeer

    Tow mode for Car wash?

    I use a particular carwash at a detailing place in Port Townsend. Great results. I use neutral and have had no problems EXCEPT the one time I released the seatbelt. I haven't tested it again, but this is what seems to put it in park. No damage, but an anxious few seconds getting it back into...
  40. PGeer

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    9000 miles in all types of terrain, mostly in pacific northwest. Half of it freeway miles. 2-5 miles over speed limit. Spring and Summer (no winter yet obviously) P90D. 20" lifetime wh/m 346
  41. PGeer

    X Subzero Details vs S

    I got it for the heated steering wheel mostly. I LOVE it when the outside temps are in the 50s or lower.
  42. PGeer

    Model X Roadtrip Woes

    We've taken two road trips so far. Olympic Peninsula-Phoenix-San Diego-home, and a loop around Washington State. On both (which included mountains and some head winds) we averaged <350 wh/mile. Routed through superchargers 100%, charged enough to give it a 20% buffer, and never had less than...
  43. PGeer

    UI for Opening Doors from Center Console

    Make the buttons bigger. Location ok IMO. I remember and liked the older UI, primarily because of bigger buttons, although I prefer the current animation. I've gotten in the habit of using the button to open my door (yes - the height of laziness) and often have to try a second time.
  44. PGeer

    Wrong radio station

    Since the last update, I've noticed that when the car turns on, the radio switches to the same unwanted XM station, rather than the FM station I routinely listen to, forcing me to change it every time I get in the car. Anyone else see anything similar? Not sure if it's specific to systems with...
  45. PGeer

    Seat Control Wishlist

    I was told that fastening the seatbelt in third row is supposed to prevent second row from going all the way back. Didn't work on my X when I tried it. Agree with all above, the movement logic of second row is most annoying remaining problem with the car. Also - my wife is 5ft, but loves to...
  46. PGeer

    Footrest for Model X

    Anyone else having problems with carpeting to the side of the dead pedal location pulling out of the trim? I can't keep it tucked in for more than an hour of driving?
  47. PGeer

    90D Motor whine?

    Picked up my P90D in March. There has always been a faint whine around 50mph. Hasn't gotten worse or better. I believe it is a harmonic, and perhaps contrary to general opinions, I kind of like it :) It reminds me I'm driving electric, with motors that have just two moving parts.
  48. PGeer

    Model X - doors...in real conditions/family life?

    We live in a small town. I've gotten over my shyness (almost, anyway) about people looking at the car and have enjoyed the conversations that have resulted. It has been gratifying that everyone seems to come from a place of delight rather than resentment (despite the Tesla-hating crowd in the...
  49. PGeer

    Second row seat movement logic

    My service manager said the same thing, (he thought it required seat belt buckled). I just went out and tested. Neither my weight (210) nor the seat belt prevented knee crushing. The best technique appears to be holding the button, although even that doesn't work if it gets too far back, the...
  50. PGeer

    Model X: How do you deal with the small things?

    I've noticed the vibration on acceleration. One poster thought it might be the traction control coming on, creating a sensation somewhat akin but less obvious than the vibration with non-skid brakes.