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    2014 MS, 183k miles, Battery & motor on last leg

    I've had these conversations with Tesla over and over and over. The short of it is they don't care, it's out of warrantee and is my problem. Motor replacement is $7k. And to make this even more frustrating, EVERY time (for the last two years) I take it in it sits for at least one week, and...
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    2014 MS, 183k miles, Battery & motor on last leg

    Battery was replaced under warranty in June 2022 by Tesla. Warranty for the car ended Sept 29, 2022; the new battery was warrantied till the end of my original warranty.....Sept 29 2022.
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    2014 MS, 183k miles, Battery & motor on last leg

    Original Purchase Agreement
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    2014 MS, 183k miles, Battery & motor on last leg

    My 2014 MS (pre autopilot) has 185k miles. The motor is making a whirring noise indicating it’s on its way out. My battery that was replaced last June (while still under warranty) but was told by Tesla service last week that it has a 20% internal voltage difference which is more than expected...
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    Where do I sell a dying MS?

    My 2014 MS (pre autopilot) has 185k miles. The motor is making a whirring noise indicating it’s on its way out. My battery that was replaced last June (while still under warranty) but was told by Tesla service last week that it has a 20% internal voltage difference which is more than expected...
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    Rear-ended, service center recommendation

    My 2014 MS has been in the body shop a couple of times and was always extremely frustrating...until last year when someone drove into my passenger side door. My insurance adjuster recommended "Today's Collision Repair Centers". They are a Tesla Certified shop. Totally different experience...
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    Storage for Tesla

    All you need is an 110v outlet where you can plug in your mobile charger. I would think most any car storage place would have that; or better yet see if there is an 110v outlet you can plug you mobile charger into somewhere at your apartment complex (and have a friend check to make sure it is...
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    Solar Roof/Powerwall Installation Frustration

    I was thinking just this yesterday....Guess I'll have to re-activate my twitter account.
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    Solar Roof/Powerwall Installation Frustration

    I have an ask, but need to add some context first. Two years ago I ordered a Solar Roof and two Powerwalls for my home in Swampscott, MA. The Solar Roof install started the beginning of January (2021) and they finished up in March. They told me they would start the Powerwall install as soon...
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    RWD in Snow

    I've had my MS85 in the Boston area since 2014 before AWD was available and have been just fine. Though I do put on snow tires every winter.
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    Paintless dent repair in the Boston area

    I used Seacoast dent repair on my 2014 MS 5 years ago, I was very happy with his work. At the time he came down to Boston one day a week.
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    Anybody here waiting for Solar Roof?

    I signed a purchase agreement a week ago, they said the install would be between two weeks and six months.
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    Anybody here waiting for Solar Roof?

    I put my deposit down on solar shingles right after the reveal however many years ago and about once a year I call Tesla to ask what's going on and the person on the other end of the phone never knows. Imagine my surprise last week when out of the blue I get a phone call from Tesla letting me...
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    Steering rack difference between RWD & AWD

    On the actual rack. .
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    Steering rack difference between RWD & AWD

    The steering rack just failed on my 2014 MS RWD. 23 months ago it failed and I had it replaced but they replaced it with a Dual Motor LHD steering rack. 14 months ago if failed again, this time replaced it with a RHD steering rack. Last night it failed again. Question is, is there a...
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    2014 MS Steering Rack

    My steering rack just seized up on me. Anyone in Massachusetts have one for sale?
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    Trunk Latch Problem

    This afternoon I went to close by 2014 MS85 w/power lift gate and I had the same issue. It wouldn’t latch. I tried the “hold the lift gate button down” trick sure enough it’s back to working as it should. Thanks for the tip, I love this forum.
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    Any experience with annual service being done by Tesla mobile service in Boston area?

    DON'T DO IT.... My last annual service was with a mobile tech. He could't lift the car so didn't find that both my upper control arms needed to be replaced. While trying to replace a couple of rack bolts he broke one and didn't have the tools to extract it so left it and told me it would be...
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    Destination Chargers at Killington Mountain

    I used them last year during February school vacation. They worked well but I seem to remember they were operating at less than 40 amps though I don't remember exactly the operating current. I was surprised to be the only tesla plugged in. If last year is an indicator of this year you should...
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    Vendor Electrified Garage!! The First 3rd Party Tesla/EV Service Center now in Southern New Hampshire!!!

    Finally.......the folks at Tesla are nice enough but man there expensive. Do you guys have loaners?
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    Reliable Boston Area Shop to install springs?

    Try FasTrack Automotive, Inc. at 147 Summit St Building #10 Peabody MA 01960. They are EV friendly, have a Changing station (for their i3). They do suspension tuning for track cars. I have not used them but had a delightful conversation with the owner a year back. Good luck.
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    Supercharger - Waltham, MA (speculation)

    They all say 'coming soon'. The one in North Conway, NH has said that for almost two years now.
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    Cold Morning Pre-Heat?

    I don't believe you can schedule, preheating your car. But if you turn Smart Preconditioning on and you do leave every day at 8am then the car will learn your habits and have it warmed up for you when you hop in at 8am every morning.
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    Parting out a 70 D 2015

    Center Console Insert?
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    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Also looking for a Center Console Insert if you come across one.
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    Body Shop Recommendations

    When my wife rear-ended someone with my 2014 MS85 I used a shop in Marlblehead, MA (that did great work, though they were not quick. In their defense getting a new hood from Tesla took forever. Also, my tesla was not the first one they worked on. They had repaired a roadster and a couple of...
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    Tesla parts for sale in NE

    I'm contemplating replacing my light interior with the dark interior. Do you have a complete dark interior (headline, pillar covers, etc)? If so what do you want for it?
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    Powering home from Tesla

    Hi Ingineer, Any progress on your inverter?
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    I have had the wisbars for three years now. Around town I don't notice them so much but do on the freeway (live in swampscott, work in Salem, NH). That said mine have been on for the past year and I haven't bothered to take them off though I keep thinking I should due to the noise. Your...
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    Powering home from Tesla

    I'm also interested.
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    Solar roof and battery info

    Has anyone seen any specs on these solar tiles? Specifically their power production? Last July my house burned down just as I was selecting which solar installer I wanted to use. Now that Tesla's Tiles are on the horizon there is really only one choice for me assuming the specs are right. I...
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    FS: Slipstream 19" Wheels + Goodyear Tires - 151 miles MS Takeoff - $1450

    I am interested but need to consider shipping to NH. Can you give me a weight?
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    19" Slipstream wheels

    I sent you a PM on the 12th. I'm interested. what is shipping to 03079 (salem, NH). Or if you can give me their weight I can calculate.
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    19" Slipstream wheels

    Sent you a PM.
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    19" Slipstream Wheels - less than 10 miles of use

    Sent PM Looking for shipping to 03079 (NH)
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    Model X w/tow package (or suitable S) needed to pull float in a parade

    I have a tow hitch on my Model S and can possibly help you out if you can't find something closer and provided it's back from the body shop by then.
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    Melted HPWC handle

    Last Friday at my usual 5:30am I went out to my un-garaged 2014 (sept) MS85 to go to work. When I tried to unplug the HPWC I couldn't get the handle out of the car's charge port. When I pressed the button on the handle I could hear the charge port pin disengage (and re-engage when I let go), I...
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    Driving through Water

    Just curious....What did Tesla say about the cracked battery pack? I thought they warranted against anything except willful misconduct.
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    Model S in the snow ?

    I have a MS85 (non D) which handles just fine in the snow; I would say about the same as my Accord (my last car). I do not have snow tires, just the stock Michelin Pilots. The one exception is the regenerative braking; when it's slick out and you let off the accelerator the back wheel will...
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    Energy Usage in the cold, with ski racks, with a cargo box

    I've had my MS85 for a year and a half now (Oct 2014) and I know that when driving in the cold I get less mileage per charge. I am also confident that I will have reduced range with ski racks and/or a cargo box on top of my MS. Last week I drove from Boston's North Shore to Killington and I...
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    Insurance for Model S in Massachusetts

    I have Norfolk & Dedham through my local insurance agent and pay $1600 for my 2014 MS; $725 more than we pay for my wife's 2007 Volvo S60. And $1275 more than we pay for our 2007 Vespa LX150.....
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    New New England Supercharger Locations

    I was speaking with a valet driver a couple of months ago and he indicated they had plans for a store north of Boston, possibly in the Peabody area. This was not a we shall but more of a we would like to.
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    MIT Tesla/Vehicle Technology Research

    My sole concern would be indemnification against any vehicle damage due to installation/removal of your equipment. I don't have any issue recording audio/visual inside or outside my car; I'm really not interesting enough to worry about anything you may record.