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    Tire Pressure Alert

    You can recalibrate the TPMS readings via the service menu.
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    New Red/Black Katzkin Leather Interior with red door panels

    I have the black katzkin leathers in my car. Had all the seats replaced with their really soft leather. No changes to the door inserts or the center console cover. Wow, it is nice. And I concur. The seats are much more comfortable than the stock seats. i was told the bottom of the leather...
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    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    I heard the humanely sourced vegan mink oil is milked from the mammary glands of the female mink, then the oil is centerfuged to separate the oil from the mink oil. Is that true?
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    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    Best conditioner for vegan leather is to replace it with real soft comfortable and durable real leather. Did that in my 2020 M3P. Best money I’ve ever spent.
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    Hansshow v3 Power Trunk can't manually close

    They are in mainland china. I suspect not a whole lot of restrictions or closure due to Christmas celebrations in that communist country.
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    So in the PNW (Seattle area) the temperature is often below 55 and raining. Typically from November to April you’ll experience temps below 55 and often times raining. Are you suggesting that “summer tires” can only be used in our area when the temperature is above 55 degrees?? That would...
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    I don’t think suspension components get “shifted” in a collision, they get bent. Michelin web site says the Pilot Sport 4s are ok down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, although snow is probably a no go.
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    Cheap compression rod bushing mod

    These things are shredded. looks like turning or filling in the voids won’t fix a broken part.
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    Cheap compression rod bushing mod

    Did you ever get removed? Bet you were turning the wrong way due to lying on your back or working over head.
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    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    I have the exact same harbor freight hydraulic press. in my shed now. But i’m trying to figure out how i can use it on other projects around the house.
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    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    I just installed the compression rod inserts and the LCA spherical bearings. Did not like the price most machine shops quoted to press in/out the LCA bearings, so i bought a hydraulic press at harbor freight. MPPs instructions are quite specific and i did not trust a machine shop to do the...
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    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    Are you not worried about pothole induced damage to your tires/wheels running them with such low air pressure? I have a 2020 M3P with 20” wheels and would never consider running below 40 psi. Shudder to imagine 34 psi.
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    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    Curious how much lower ur car is sitting than stock. My 2020 M3P is maybe 1/2 lower than stock in the rear, sitting at about negative one rear camber. No need for camber adjuster in rear at this point.
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    electronic exhaust?

    I too appreciate the sound of a good, high revving V8. One of the things i miss in EVs. yes, it can be annoying to hear crappy little Hondas with huge tin can resonators. But a well tuned, powerful V8 or even BMW straight six is music to my ears.
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    Mounted wrong size wheels - they’re now permanently stuck to the car. Disaster [resolved]

    Go to your local chemistry supply store and get some liquid nitrogen. Pour on the wheel. Hit with hammer. it will shatter the wheel. I’d deflate the tire first though.
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    Question for those that have swapped out their FUCA, any increase in NVH?

    Have UPP Coilovers and sway bars on my 2020 Model 3 Performance. height is probably about 3/4” lower than stock. Ate through my tires on the inside tread within 15K miles. My front tire camber is a bit off, about -1.5 degrees. Debating purchasing some MPP front upper control arms to allow...
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    FS: Redwood Motorsport FUCA | Control Arms

    How much to ship to Seattle? Zip code 98498. $1000 bucks for both front and rear?
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    FS: Redwood Motorsport FUCA | Control Arms

    Have a 2020 model 3 P with UPP coil overs and sway bar. Interested. Any wiggle room on price? Any issues other than cosmetic?
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    anyone put a 275/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on rear 8.5” wheels of a Performance model?

    So what thickness spacer are you using and how does it look? I know how to remove, replace extended shanks so I’m not concerned about that process. Just curious how much difference appearance wise a space provides.
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    Anyone running 255s all around on M3P?

    You have an M3P and only getting a range of 180 miles? What is your wh/mile? I get about 270-290 miles out of my M3P.
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    Effect of wider tires on range

    Ouch, lots of work to get those tires on there. Never mind. Rolled/pulled is not a small amount of modification.
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    Effect of wider tires on range

    Nice look tires/wheels. I have a M3P also. Just replaced my michelin PS4s at 16,000 miles. Thought about going with another tire/wheel set up but did not want to deal with increased road noise, etc. Have coil overs, sway bars, etc. Not super low. Front wheel camber is sitting at about...
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    Should I get a Model 3 Performance? Charging concerns.

    Are you saying you don’t have the room or capacity on your panel? If you have the capacity on your panel, can you not just put another circuit breaker in and run the conduit to where you want the plug? I ran my own conduit to where i wanted the plug, installed the plug and and put a 40 amp...
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    Can't turn off auto wipers or high beams? [on autopilot]

    I believe the auto wipers on autopilot are because the AP requires as clear a vision as possible out of the cameras that are above the rear view mirror (IOW looking through the windshield). My car yesterday decided to auto clean my windshield for no real apparent reason, other than the car...
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    Can't move blind spot camera display on Model 3 with FSD Beta

    I too cannot figure out how to do so. It was never on the previous betas. Thought that was a new feature of FSD beta 10.69.2. Maybe not?
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    What u recommend for street driving toe?
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    Thanks for the invite! And the info.
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    Tires need to be replaced at 14,500. 2020 M3P

    And as I said in that thread, being 10mm off on toe is not a function of lowering the front 1/2”. It would have happened regardless of the lowered front suspension. It’s a fault of poor quality control at tesla. And I’ll say it again, check ur alignment on your new car.
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    Re alignment after coilovers. No. No one seems to want to touch the alignment. Not gonna pay Tesla 300 bucks to confirm that the camber was out of whack a bit. The only thing truly adjustable is the toe in/out which does not change drastically with lowering suspension only a bit. I really...
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    Thanks for the compliment. I’m an incessant modder. other than appearance stuff, not much you can do to a Tesla other than modding the suspension. Have white brothers adjustable sway bar links too, but that’s another story. I’ve done a few appearance tweaks, but most of the money has...
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    Did get 38% reimbursement credit from Michelin on the tires. Not bad since really I’d assume my alignment issues and the tire burning session explains some of the rapid wear. Let’s hope i get more miles out of these. I’ll be watching and measuring regularly.
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    Replaced tires at 15k, checked alignment. Wow, it was off!

    Had top glass on my 2020 M3P replaced. Tesla noted the tires needed to be replaced, which i was skeptical. Got home and checked, yes the tires were very worn, mostly on the the inner tread area. Checked my alignment using toe alignment plates and a camber level. Obviously not as...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Curious what it has done to your range? I like the look. Need to replace the tires on my 2020 Model 3 performance. What was the total cost? How is the noise compared to stock tires?
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    anyone put a 275/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on rear 8.5” wheels of a Performance model?

    Need to replace my tires on my 2020 model 3 Performance, which has 8.5” wheels all around. Paying all that money and not getting any improvements in looks or performance is a bit disappointing. Was hoping to fill out the rear wheel well a bit more by putting 275/30-20 tires on the back...
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    Humming Noise Model 3 Performance Michelin Pilot All Season 4

    Could it be that they are all season, which make more noise than a summer tire? OP why did you have to “replace my tires on my 2020 model 3 performance and decided to go with Michelin Pilot All Season 4s”? All season tires are noisy compared to summer performance tires, in my experience...
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    Tires need to be replaced at 14,500. 2020 M3P

    Thanks for the input. I rarely brake using the left pedal and rarely accelerate super hard from a stop. I do have a tendency to go around corners quickly when no one else in the car, or on freeway cloverleafs. When car was new i did go into a parking lot and do a bit of “drifting” if you...
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    Tires need to be replaced at 14,500. 2020 M3P

    i’m inclined to drive it a bit longer until it starts to rain again, and then go to ane empty parking lot and burn the tires bald. Nice thing about track mode. Anyway. How many miles most of you get? any of you change to other 20” tires?
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    Tires need to be replaced at 14,500. 2020 M3P

    2020 Model 3 Performance. Just under 15k miles. Down to 3-4mm left on tires. Both discount tire and tesla says need to be replaced. Is that about normal? Mileage wise? How much did you all pay to have tires replaced? Good news, i guess, is Michelin is putting up 37% of cost to...
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    Water Under Car

    Betting the car was cooling itself or the battery after you had just driven it. That cooling system probably has an evaporator for the battery too.
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    Water Under Car

    Water under car when running AC is normal. You cool warm air and the relative humidity increases as the temp decreases. IOW, the amount of moisture that can be held in the air decreases with the temp. So cars have evaporators to remove the humidity. It drains out of your car, otherwise it...
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    Safety Score "page failed to load" in App

    Lots of terrible drivers in the world. tesla is working to show you where you need to improve.
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    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    If California has a 92db limit than how are Mustangs, Chargers, most sport bikes, Harley Davidsons, etc etc allowed to be sold in California?
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    Walk away lock "Exclude Home" distance

    I still have this issue. Does not lock if exclude home auto lock is turned on when I go to local grocery store. Any work arounds? Anyone got a solution? Thinking of using address for house down the street about 100 yards further from grocery store I frequently almost daily; 1/4 mile...
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    Hansshow Eagle Eye Tail Lights

    Have these. Super nice, super OEM in appearance, until you turn car on. Then the fun begins. Much better lighting, especially upon braking. hopefully it will keep tail haters away.
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    Headlight/Taillight: To tint or not to tint?

    have darkly tinted tail lights for a 2020 or earlier Model 3 if interested in purchase. Not tinted by a film, was applied with some sort of paint. Name a price if interested.
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    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    dude, no one cares about your aftermarket dash cam. They care that the dash cam that came standard with their Tesla does not work as it should.