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    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    Another unexpected feature I think with this release. The charge port I think now unlocks on it's own with bluetooth. Previously I always had to unlock the car by opening a door to get the charge port to open with a click of the charge cable button. Tonight I just went out the the garage with my...
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    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    For me the best part of this release is the location based auto folding and unfolding side mirrors. No more need to manually push buttons on the screen every time I pull into and out of my garage. Now the mirrors go with the garage door, tried it and it works great. This kind of thing is what...
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    Autopilot Trial, disappeared the next day :(

    Has anyone gotten any resolution to this? I started an executive care incident on Monday and the only response has been that it is firmware related and I have to wait for that to be fixed and pushed to me then the trial to be pushed again. I'm about to do a lot of driving and don't want to wait...
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    Model 3 camping mode?

    Ok, good to know. But back to the OPs question, this should be a good workaround for sleeping in it and the 3 does it just like the S always did.
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    Model 3 camping mode?

    I thought you just put it in neutral instead of park and manually set the parking brake. Then you can set the climate control, stereo, interior lights, etc as long as you want to without it timing off or having to stay in the front seat. Isn't that camping mode?
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    First day with Model 3 experience

    On #6, navigate to one destination at a time only right now. Unless the car needs superchargers along the way in which case they get inserted. Nice thing about Tesla, the software is constantly (but so far very slowly) improving. The feature will probably come someday in an over the air update.
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    Received Model 3 Today - SO many problems

    On #1, 2 snd 3, sell the ICE, no one will want to ever drive it anyway and the battery will be dead when you try to move it to give your guest the spot. On #7, go ahead and park at a gas station stall in one of your Teslas if there is no one waiting. Even if you sell your gasoline yard tools...
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    Dropping $973.36 for a new charge port tomorrow.

    Agree completely. Also have a 2015 S70D and nothing but minor glitches when new. Almost 60K now and didn't get the ESA mostly due to this history. In an attempt to stay away from the expensive service center, it's about time for me to start figuring out the best processes and products and start...
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    Phone as Key Issues

    Quick update. Picked up from service yesterday. They upgraded to 2018.4.9. Cards work B pillar again. Both phones have worked as keys 100% since. Happy...
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    Charging strategy for battery longevity

    Completely agree with the previous response from mblakele. Ideally keep the mean charge around 50%, but more important just to stay away from the extremes for your usual charging. The only thing I would add is, as presumed by the OP, it is very easy to forget to plug in occassionally. Even if...
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    Phantom touch on the Model 3

    In my case I don't think the volume changing on its own is phantom touch screen issues, could be software glitches. Have never had protective film over the screen. Here's my post when it happened a few weeks back. Has never happened again. Lights stay on after exit and music keeps playing
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    Phone as Key Issues

    S70D owner, M3 picked up late Dec. Started out with 2 card keys and 1 phone working as a key, later got the 2nd phone working. Actually both phones working maybe half the time on average, card key or unlock button on app as backup. Last few weeks, wifes phone stopped working as a key. Then both...
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    Model 3 - Firmware 2018.4.8 9b31a91

    Me too. 2017.50.12 still. No update since early Jan. Beginning to wonder if I need to call and ask for it to be pushed to me.
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    Chill Mode is like Range Mode when conserving energy! Or is it?

    Sure, as long as you don't touch those brakes, which we'd all do a lot more with no regeneration.. Regen is there for efficiency, to recapture range when decelerating is necessary. Can't always coast.
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    Lights stay on after exit and music keeps playing

    Was wondering when I'd read about someone else with this issue. I had the radio part of what you describe happen a few times last week one day while parked in the garage. In my case the radio not only turned itself on but the volume was ALL THE WAY UP! Turned it down, closed the door, radio...
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    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    I have a service center appointment next Friday for other issues. I know they'll put on whatever is latest (at least 2018.4.6), so I'll just not install any update if I get it in the meantime.
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    Is $9k worth 310 miles v 220?

    I have a 70D model S and 100% is around 225 miles now, just 5 more than the model 3 SR. I decided to pull the trigger on the LR model 3 when invited even though I didn't think I had to have the extra range when I ordered, in part to get the full fed tax credit, and in my case, for 2017. After...
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    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    I noticed you started a thread just 5 days before you started this one where you said you updated to 2017.50.13 and had an unexpected charging notice. 2017.50.13 550ee35 "Supercharging Option Not Enabled" You said they put 2018.4.6 on your car now. I'm still on 2017.50.12, no update notices. I...
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    Charging port

    Pressing the flap does open it. Hadn't tried this on the model 3 before because even though this also works on the model S, I thought I heard it may stress the actuator. That may be just in the model S case.
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    Model 3 For A Teenager

    Why not create a separate mytesla account for his car? I'm sure Tesla can separate one of the cars into a different account. Then you have his password but he doesn't have yours. I think you need to do this in any case to avoid the X/S from appearing on the app on his phone. Unless Tesla has a...
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    Charging port

    I've had the same issue, cable button doesn't ever open it. I just open the charge port door from the screen until this gets fixed. Here's a previous post of mine on that issue. Oh boy, there is going to be some learning curve for model 3 owners
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    Model 3 windshield with Toll Pass

    Our new mini Fastrak transponder even works on our model 3 when we just leave it inside the center console storage. Couldn't ever get a transponder to work inside the model S no matter where we put it, even the supposed radiation "hole" in the windshield next to the rear view mirror or in the...
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    For owners of the 3. How many miles do you currently have? (and how many problems?)

    Had my 3 since late Dec. Has about 1500 miles now. Not racking up too many miles yet until the CA carpool stickers arrive and I start driving it daily to work. Took it to service once so far in early Jan. Issues seen so far. - Frunk sunken / not aligned with fenders. Very hard to get...
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    Oh boy, there is going to be some learning curve for model 3 owners

    In addition, I make it a habit to not touch the charge handles of cables even plugged into my car when charging. Just a safety thing thinking about 100KW and more sometimes flowing in there at superchargers. That's a thousand 100 watt light bulbs. Enough to light a city block kind of power. Even...
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    Oh boy, there is going to be some learning curve for model 3 owners

    Can't confirm what the documentation says, that the charge port will only open on model 3 when the car is unlocked. That's because I can't get the charge port to EVER open from the cable plug on my model 3. Locked or unlocked. I know it isn't a problem with the cable because it opens the model S...
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    Model 3 12 volt battery location

    Yes, Tesla was responsive to the security concerns with model s/x frunks. See attached from the roadside assistance guide in the glove box.
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    HEPA/Biodefense in Model 3?

    I couldn't find one. Here's my post: Two days with Model 3 impressions/review- This is not a mini model S
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    Model 3 12 volt battery location

    Easy to get at. Removed some plastic trim after I think it was 7 bolts in the frunk a few days after I brought it home and it's staring at you.
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    Leave Occupants In Car with HVAC On (I can't do it)

    Yes, works for model 3 just like with my model S. Haven't been camping in either car yet unfortunately, wife wants hotel rooms. But I do this every time I get out of the car to go do something when leaving the wife in the passenger seat, keeps away the complaints of stereo and/or HVAC turning off.
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    18" or 19" wheels

    The 18s (vs 19s): 1. Don't cost extra (save $1500+tax now, small extra annual license, insurance). 2. Come with the aero wheel covers which are much more efficient. 3. Likely ride better. As said above, ride is already stiff. 4. Handle great. 19s could be better, don't know. 5. Will probably...
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    Supercharger - Lake Elsinore, CA (LIVE 28 Feb 2018, 20 stalls)

    Not as close together (room to walk between) or as many, but Redondo Beach has some chargers similarly back to back. Supercharger - Redondo Beach
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    VIN Assignment

    Same location as you, also current owner, line waiter. I configured on 12/8, received email that day. You should have also received a phone call also from a delivery specialist, although I had to call them the first time since they were busy. VIN 23xx assigned the same day I made the appt for...
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    Model 3 - Paid Charging

    Supercharged several times on a long trip after picking up the model 3 between Christmas and New Year Day. All dollars displayed on the screen. Also never charged to my credit card. Totally unexpected. There is such thing as a free lunch.
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    FM Antenna?

    Had my model 3 for almost 2 weeks. FM also suddenly stopped working, no sound, for maybe 15 minutes on like the 3rd day. Not sure what fixed it, just kept playing with the UI. Working great ever since. HD FM shows off the GREAT sound quality. Much better than my model S with upgraded sound in my...
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    Free Autopilot until standard cruise control interface completed

    Hit the gear selector up and cruise engages. Adjust the speed on the display. Old fashioned cruise control. As a model S owner with autopilot on that car I have to be careful to remember that this is not traffic aware cruise control. There is no way to adjust the distance to the followed vehicle...
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    Model 3 Seat Material

    Yes. Leather on the front and back seats, door and center armrests, black alcantra on part of the door panels and light alcantra on the entire headliner and sun visors. Ambient lights on all 4 doors and foot wells plus puddle lights. Similar to the PUP on model S except no powered rear trunk...
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    East Coast buyer, but pickup in CA

    I picked up my model 3 at Fremont last Wed 27 Dec to drive it back home to Orange County and I was charged the 7.5% sales tax where I live not the 9.5% sales tax where I picked up the car.
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    Two days with Model 3 impressions/review- This is not a mini model S

    I was curious about this so removed the plastic insert pieces from my model 3 frunk and couldn't find a cabin filter there as in my model S. Unless it is accessible instead from the cabin side, the model 3 has none.
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Thanks for the note on the mirror folding Warbird, learned something new about my S.
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Responding to more recent posts: Teslas don't have the kind of lane change warning many newer cars have with a light in the side mirror and maybe an audible warning when a car is there and the blinker is on. Telsas with autopilot hardware (since fall 2014) have ultrasonic sensors all around...
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    Cannot Pair Phone as Key?

    I have the same problem with my Android Samsung Note 4. Multiple techs called over at delivery, tried updating the app, updating Android OS, rebooting the phone, turning on and off bluetooth, reopening the app, all no go. Bluetooth connects to Tesla fine for media. Wife's newer Samsung paired as...
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    Parking Brake Needs Service

    Exact same thing happened to me 2 days ago Thursday morning. Hasn't happened since. Plan to report it when I take it in for service. Was a little worried about parking on hills after that, careful to turn the wheels to roll into the curb. Feeling better that it's just a software glitch not a...
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    My VIN is 23xx. Panel gaps all look even except as I mentioned the fronk hood to fenders. Yes, the UI speed is fast. I'm sure the processor is upgraded from a 2-3 year old S. Navigation is slightly better I think, still miss the 2nd display on the side of the instrument cluster.
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    I'll know more on the commute efficiency later next week when I go back to work. On the way for me it is mostly free and clear LA freeway (fast!) speeds. On the way home it can be stop and go. The last leg of the trip back from Fremont during rush hour Friday afternoon on the 101 then 405 with a...
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Attempting to answer the questions posed here since yesterday. Great space in the 3 trunk, much better than I expected, but of course not as much as the S. Picture leaving the flimsy parcel shelf that comes with the S trunk in place and there's almost that much room in the 3 trunk. Access is...
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Fix for the stuck auto tilting left side mirror was to just stop and manually adjust it back up after starting forward. It happened multiple times on the drivers side so I just turned the auto tilt off until I have a chance to take it for service for that and the other glitches. Other items of...
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    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Model S70D owner from new early 2015, flew to Fremont to pick up new Model 3, first impressions while taking our time driving back down to Southern California. Model 3 Pros • Efficiency so far appears to be better than my S70D where I average in the 280 to 290's. • Handling with Model S...