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  1. redmunds

    Are software/feature suggestions possible?

    Teslatap has a section for suggesting and voting on features, but I doubt that Tesla even looks at it. https://teslatap.com/features/
  2. redmunds

    Non random battery drain

    Try mixing up your routine, such as starting Wednesday morning at 80%.
  3. redmunds

    FSD 12 Has a mind of its own...

    I thought I read this somewhere, but can't find it now. Do you have a link to documentation?
  4. redmunds

    FSDb acceleration / deceleration rate... hmm.

    I finally received FSDS ("Supervised", no longer "beta") and was able to try this out. I agree that the acceleration from a stop (or near stop) is harder than how I drive or would expect from FSDS. It's only for a short time at very beginning of acceleration, but I can feel my ab muscles kick...
  5. redmunds

    FSD 12 perspective from a previous skeptic

    That's not an FSD problem. That's a navigation system problem. When you first put in the destination, it sometimes offers alternative routes, but you only have a short time to select one of them. Otherwise, you can add way points, or use an intermediate destination. It would be nice if the nav...
  6. redmunds

    FSDb acceleration / deceleration rate... hmm.

    In my 2020 MSLR+, in Controls > Autopilot there's a "Full Self-Driving (Supervised) Profile" setting. Have you tried setting that to "Chill" to see if it makes a difference?
  7. redmunds

    FSD has a mind of its own

    Not sure if it changed, but I found this in latest manual: To Use Full Self-Driving (Beta) Once Full Self-Driving (Beta) is enabled, activate it the same way you would Autosteer (see Autosteer). Enter a destination. If you do not choose a destination, Model S chooses the most probable driving...
  8. redmunds

    FSD has a mind of its own

    I think that's how Autosteer works, but OP said "with FSD on".
  9. redmunds

    FSD has a mind of its own

    Search in the Manual for "Automatic Navigation". To enable, touch Controls > Navigation > Automatic Navigation .
  10. redmunds

    FSD has a mind of its own

    Did you know that with Nav off, FSD will look at your Calendar (if integrated) to see if there is an upcoming appointment to decide where to go, otherwise, it will go Home? Does that help explain it?
  11. redmunds

    FSDS bugs in recognizing signs, traffic lights, etc.

    That sounds correct to me. I wouldn't want it to be treated as a red light and stop. What would you expect it to do?
  12. redmunds

    Why can't my car prevent cub rash?

    Obviously, Tesla vehicles currently don't have the hardware to sense curbs, but that's an interesting idea for a feature request. Seems like it could work for the front wheels, but not sure if steering could be safely adjusted enough to prevent rear wheels from hitting curb. Might need rear...
  13. redmunds

    2020 Model S Long Range plus - RANGE

    My car and driving habits are roughly similar to yours. I suggest that you leave your car plugged in whenever it's convenient, set charge limit to 60% for normal usage, and then charge it up to 90% before you go on a road trip. It helps main battery for car to be plugged in to reduce the amount...
  14. redmunds

    Trade in 2020 or keep.......

    I, personally, will be holding on to my 2020 MS as long as I can because it still has the stalk controls, so be sure to also consider that in your comparisons.
  15. redmunds

    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    Yes, but to be clear, Tesla will have to assume some responsibility for all SAE levels L3 and above.
  16. redmunds

    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    At the slow incremental pace that the software is being developed, how could Tesla FSD possibly skip L3 and achieve L4? We're the beta testers. We're the ones they release it to. Who else are they going to get to secretly test the software before releasing it to us? I can't see that happening.
  17. redmunds

    2020 v 2021 v 2022 used Model S (non-Plaid)

    The biggest difference for me is the stalk controls. 2020 and earlier still have them, but they were removed in 2021. No stalk controls is a show-stopper for me. I also prefer the vertical screen on 2020 and earlier because it is built into the dash.
  18. redmunds

    Tesla recalls 2 million vehicles to limit use of Autopilot

    That article is behind a paywall, so I couldn't read it. How did we get from "nearly 1,000 crashes" to "8 people" ?
  19. redmunds

    Disable FSD

    You're writing this fictional novel. You tell us. LOL.
  20. redmunds

    I’m feeling dumb. How do you resume cruise after cancelling it?

    In my 2020 MS, I pull stalk control toward me to turn on TACC and push away to cancel. Flick/tap down is to reduce speed and up is to increase speed. Are the MS and M3 really different, or is this just a difference in terminology?
  21. redmunds

    057 Technology

    I notice that 057 Tech has recently been removed from the Vendor page. Maybe as a result of this thread?
  22. redmunds

    Poll: When will FSD V12 be in wide release?

    V12 is just another release number. I'm more concerned about particular levels of functionality and not arbitrary release numbers.
  23. redmunds

    Almost 4 Years in, should any maintenance be done?

    I have never been contacted for anything except a recall. You need to be proactive.
  24. redmunds

    What has changed?

    You'll miss that all of the controls from the steering wheel stalk have been removed. This is a show stopper for me, so I would take a look at the Taycan.
  25. redmunds

    Trusted shipping company to ship my Model 3 from California -> Maine

    I recently shipped a vehicle (not an EV) across the country from Florida to California using American Auto Shipping. Besides showing up to pickup car outside of the specified time range, everything went well. For a little more money, they had an option where you could choose if vehicle was to...
  26. redmunds

    Poll for California Drivers - Did You Install Your Front License Plate?

    My MS was delivered in San Diego in Sept. 2020 with front license plate holder already installed. That is fine by me. No need to give anyone a free "pull me over" card.
  27. redmunds

    Almost 4 Years in, should any maintenance be done?

    Every time I take my Tesla in to the service center, they do a free maintenance check. So, I'd take it in for a tire rotation before the warranty expires.
  28. redmunds

    Which paint is the thickest?

    There's "Pearl White Multi-Coat".
  29. redmunds

    My Tesla Model S Plaid

    For longer trips, even when I know how to get there, I use the Nav because it will re-route around traffic, road construction, etc.
  30. redmunds

    Hurricane Hilary

    Weather forecasting always has to report the worst case scenario. Especially for hundred year events. No surprise. The worst weather for hurricanes and tropical storms traveling north is the northeast quadrant. I live near the coast in San Diego, and the storm went 30-40 miles east of us...
  31. redmunds

    Opinion: what I think Tesla should do to "solve" FSD

    That's probably true if the goal is to match human capabilities. But I'd like the car to exceed human capabilities
  32. redmunds

    How to calculate per kWh cost of home charging?

    Look elsewhere on your bill to see if that's true. If so, it will tell you how many days at the old rate and how many days at the new rate.
  33. redmunds

    How to calculate per kWh cost of home charging?

    This may be a mid-cycle rate change.
  34. redmunds

    How much are you willing to pay for FSD V12?

    Why waste time discussing level 4 before level 3 has been achieved?
  35. redmunds

    How to end a trip with FSDb?

    The "End Trip" button ends navigation, not FSD.
  36. redmunds

    New Ring Time!

    I think you're referring to the Mission X, but who knows when that will reach production. https://www.porsche.com/usa/mission-x/
  37. redmunds

    Independent service in san diego

    Post a comment in the app for your scheduled service entry and they will respond.
  38. redmunds

    Parking Tesla Snowbird [any issues garage parking a tesla for 6 months?]

    Maybe get something like these "flatstoppers" to keep tires from getting flat spots: https://evannex.com/products/flatstoppers-for-all-evs-set-of-four
  39. redmunds

    Has anyone with a pre 2021 model S received any FSD 11 updates?

    I received FSD Beta v11.3.4 (2022.45.13) today for my 2020 MS LR+, but I haven't had time to try it out.
  40. redmunds

    Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society'

    AI creates information, but people post it on the internet. Same with FSD videos.
  41. redmunds

    Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society'

    Yes, it's not easy to enforce. But GPT and FSD are both machine learning, so it seems hypocritical for Elon to try to make a distinction between the two.
  42. redmunds

    Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society'

    I love my Tesla and I purchased FSD, so I'm not sure what to think about this: https://www.reuters.com/technology/musk-experts-urge-pause-training-ai-systems-that-can-outperform-gpt-4-2023-03-29/
  43. redmunds

    DIY Tire Rotation Ideas

    The Owner's Manual link I posted was for 2012-2020 Models, which do not come stock with staggered wheels.
  44. redmunds

    DIY Tire Rotation Ideas

    Where did this info come from? The Tesla Owner's Manual for North America recommends rotating tires every 6250 miles for 2020 Model S. Interesting that the recommendation was 6000 miles when I bought my MSLR+ in Sept. of 2020, so not sure what caused them to change it...
  45. redmunds

    How common are 2020 Ravens? (performance or LR)

    I have a Sept. 2020 Model S LR+ Raven. It just has "Dual Motors" on the back. Performance models have the same with an orange bar underneath it.
  46. redmunds

    Best hours to recharge my Tesla in San Diego?

    You need to look at your SDGE bill or account and figure out which plan you are signed up for. Then you can look up the rates for each hour of the day.
  47. redmunds

    PBS Newshour story says EVs cant be driven cross county - while it shows a person charging at a Tesla Supercharger!!

    After discussing environmental concerns of making and using EVs, it would have been nice if they mentioned that making and using ICE vehicles is even worse over the long run. After that, it seemed like mostly well-balanced reporting to me.
  48. redmunds

    ... and the glitch of the day is ...

    Sometimes my driver side mirror doesn't unfold when unlocking car. Mirror always unfolds when I step on brake pedal.