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    What will I lose out on if I buy an early 2021 MSP?

    Early refresh Model S cars will be missing the tilting center screen and the MCU will only have 8gb of RAM vs. 16gb which means they are not able to run Steam. I *think* the matrix headlights were introduced later on also. Compared to 2023/2024 models, they would have the FSD v3 computer vs...
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    New P100DL+ owner

    I would definitely recommend going for the MCU2 upgrade. It's a much better experience than the MCU1. It also opens the door to the latest FSD beta software (12.3.x at the time of this post with 12.4 starting to roll out) assuming the previous owner upgraded the cameras (like you noted they...
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    204 miles charged and then stops. After charging is complete, battery reads total miles, but during charging, system stops going further than 204, als

    I think OP is saying when charging, it stops at 204 but after unplugging it jumps to 258 (maybe?) What is the charge limit set to on the car?
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    First Tesla purchase turning sour.

    You said almost full. How full is almost full? Was it 75%, 80%, 90%? That can better determine battery degradation. For example, if it was 140 @ 80%, that puts is at ~180 miles @ 100% which would be around 10% degradation. In any event, good luck with the car.
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    Please help: frunk flew open on highway, bent hood, and smashed windshield. Tesla refusing to repair

    I meant to say to contact the NHTSA :). I was sick with the flu when I wrote my original reply and wasn't thinking clearly although I guess a Tesla could be considered an aircraft given how much of a rocket it is LOL.
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    Please help: frunk flew open on highway, bent hood, and smashed windshield. Tesla refusing to repair

    Not sure if this applies but you may want to contact the NTSB. I would imagine the latch mechanism on the S and X are pretty similar. My car was part of the recall but they checked it at the SC and found the latch to be mounted properly...
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    Help for Buying First Fixer Upper Model S

    Intermittent headlights is most likely caused by a loose/corroded/missing ground bolt. This was a known issue on earlier Model S cars. Rich Benoit (Rich Rebuilds) showed and discussed it in one of his videos. As for no interior heat, this one could be more involved to resolve as it involves the...
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    Help for Buying First Fixer Upper Model S

    To elaborate a little further. The panoramic sunroof was available as an option until sometime in Q4 2018 when it was removed from online configuration utility. There are a few cars (like mine) that were built in early 2019 and have the sunroof (off-menu option before it was completely phased...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I had to think about this one for a second but LOL. Also, with the latest update, I find the wipers worse than ever. They activate now whenever I start my car (even if it's a bright blue sunny sky). Almost useless in the rain, I often have to go to the preset interval options or repeatedly...
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    NHTSA Investigates Failing MCUs

    Sometime in March of 2018. Anything built before that would have come with MCU 1.
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    My First Breakdown

    Reviving this thread to note something interesting that I was wondering about but have now confirmed. I had wondered if the reman pack I received would bring with it any improved charging speeds because the part number said it was for a Raven Model S and my car is a pre-Raven. Well, I finally...
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    I can't decide!! Used S vs new Y

    I own both an S and a Y. They are very different cars. The Y is much easier to get in/out of especially for older people or those with limited mobility. I also like the packaging of the Y in terms of storage capacity. What I don't like (and it's subjective) is the single center screen dash. I...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    The automatic wipers are controlled by the camera/vision system. In recent software updates, it has gotten really wonky (at least for me). Pretty much every time I am driving, the wipers will activate at least once EXCEPT for when it's actually a downpour outside :) in which case they decide to...
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    2018 Model S "oil in coolant"

    The coolant loop is a sealed system. If they did not put oil in the coolant (no way to verify that), and if there is a low coolant alert (and oil in the coolant), it means there is a leak in the system somewhere - possibly in the drive unit where coolant and oil are close together. There is no...
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    057 Technology

    I'll go first - alien abduction to work on Starman's Roadster?
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    Dynamic / Auto speed-limit adjust (Auto-Pilot)

    While I know that this conversation is specifically talking about standard Autopilot (non-EAP, non-FSD), I will say that FSD beta does a good job at adjusting the speed up and down. A more recent update introduced additional automated speed adjustments as well. The notifications shown on screen...
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    Used 2018 model s 100d

    Are you sure this isn't a 2019? Warranty end dates don't add up for a 2018. Anyway, 60k miles for 38k sounds like a pretty good deal.
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    Orders shop.tesla.com cancelled 3 times with no explanations.

    Until Tesla adds a "This item is a gift for someone else" option to their order form, I'd recommend not trying to order something for a car you don't own or have it shipped to an address not on file.
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    Tesla replaced both my HV and LV batteries

    Ideal range figures are only applicable when driving in Fantasy Land.
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    057 Technology

    I would say any and all questions regarding warranty coverage are moot until we can establish whether a.) the company even exists still, b.) if the company was sold, will the warranty programs carry over to the new company, and c.) if not, what happens to people who purchased the warranty...
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    Will tesla eventually disable my charging?

    Not entirely accurate. About a year ago, Tesla started a second re-certification process (Fast Charging Safety Inspection) to allow salvage cars back on the supercharging network once they pass an inspection. Link to TMC thread here about it...
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    Catastrophic AC failure

    I am assuming you are past the 4yr/50k warranty based on mileage. Unfortunately, if a part is replaced under the factory warranty, the replacement part is covered under the terms of the warranty. So let's say your AC compressor died one day prior to the warranty expiring, it would be replaced...
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    A good update on the last Model Y post!

    The basics first: Is your car in Chill mode? This will temper the throttle response quite a bit. Regen is temporarily not as effective (or disabled completely) when the battery is cold (less than 55 degrees F) or if it is fully/near fully charged. As the battery warms and range depletes, regen...
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    Autosteer missing Model S 6/2018

    Basics first - if you go to the Software tab in the MCU menu, what does it show you for Autopilot functionality? Also when you say you tried to activate with two presses of the stalk are you pulling the stalk towards you? Pressing the stalk up or down will only activate the traffic aware cruise...
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    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    I would assume you could also remove the module if you plan to purchase another Model 3/Y and install the module in the new car if you wanted.
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    Purchased Tesla 2017 Model S 90D, Received 60D

    Upgrade for the FSD Computer from v2.5 to v3.0 is free if you have FSD on the car (which sounds like you do). However, the Infotainment upgrade (upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2 is NOT free. It carries a cost of ~$1500 (~$2000 if you want to keep FM/XM radio). The Infotainment upgrade is well worth it...
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    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    it all depends on what is important to you. First and foremost, the 2019 will have another year or two of battery warranty. The Raven 2019 will also have true one-pedal driving as the new motor design allows regen down to a complete stop. The 2017s (and early 2018s) may or may not have MCU2...
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    2023 MYLR went into Low Regen

    Also, if the battery is cold (< 55 degrees F), regen will be temporarily limited. Probably not an issue for OP which is in Florida.
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    Model S might be…. Better?

    We purchased a Y for my wife (her first EV) back in December. She has never quite been able to figure out how to appropriately control regen braking. You need to treat it more like a dimmer switch vs. a pedal up/down type of thing. That being said, after taking my daughter's friends for a...
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    August 2022 MS - any latest upgrades like new cameras, FSD computer, Steam?

    No. Infotainment Upgrade typically refers to the change from MCU1 to MCU2. The refresh cars (2021+) will have the refreshed interior/rear screen. I believe 2022 and later will have the tilt screen.
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    Post your Tone audio settings

    Based on the screenshot, this looks like a standard (non-premium) audio system. These cars do not have a subwoofer or immersive audio settings. I recently had a loaner 75D without premium audio and while the output wasn't bad by any means, I found it to be somewhat flat. I found that dialing up...
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    Post your Tone audio settings

    I use the typical "V" formation for my EQ settings (similar to what you have). I am by no means an audiophile but as someone who mostly listens to pop/dance/EDM music, it suits my needs well I also set immersive to high.
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    Purchased Tesla 2017 Model S 90D, Received 60D

    Yeah, after reading through this, it's lawyer time - unless the dealer you purchased the car from unwinds the deal and makes you whole which means voiding the sale and either giving you back your original car or equal monetary value (i.e. what they paid you for it). Do not let this go. The...
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    2013 Model S P85 Won't Charge

    Hey @wk057, any insight? Assume it needs a new pack. If it needs a new HV pack, there are third-party repair options like Recell, WK057, and Electrified Garage to name a few. Would be significantly cheaper than Tesla.
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    2018 Model S dies at Supercharger.. Stranded (again)

    "Marty, it runs on steam!"
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    Six Error Codes before work

    Had the same thing happen to me recently (about two weeks ago) at a supercharger. When I was finished charging (sat in the car during the session watching videos), I unplugged, got back in the car, pressed the brake pedal and was greeted with: Please wait while system performs checks Followed...
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    Looking for an older Model S - Do I understand the differences? What amenities can I skip?

    If the car was manufactured (build date) prior to March of 2017, it will have unlimited supercharging. All 2016s should have it. For a 2016, you want to look for a later model as that will have the AP2 system. 2016 was a transition year for Tesla when they moved away from the nosecone to the...
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    What happened when a Tesla came to Ekalaka, Montana

    Not gonna lie, I am far more interested in the upcoming pet parade.
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I recently had a loaner 2017 base 75D while my car was getting a battery pack replacement. The driver's side visor mirror cover was completely missing in the loaner. My daughter went to open the passenger side visor mirror and the cover snapped off in her hand when she opened it. It appears to...
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    Got T-Boned

    Sorry to hear about your car but glad that it did its job and you are okay. Be sure to provide your MVPA to the insurance company to show options you purchased.
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    My First Breakdown

    Agreed. To be fair, I don't think the issue was the actual battery cells, I have a feeling it was some internal part in the pack which required the pack to be changed. I had very little degradation on my original pack after 75k miles. That being said, hopefully the replacement pack goes longer...
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    My First Breakdown

    Just updating this post. Got my car back today (18 days in service). HV battery replacement under warranty with a reman pack. Service notes were: Vehicle arrived in a faulted state and unable to be driven into shop. Towed vehicle into shop. Diagnosis determined HV battery requires replacement...
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    Autopilot Autosteer - what is the true benefit if your hands are semi-always on the wheel?

    Yeah, don't do that. LOL probably shouldn't do this either :) I normally just rest my hand on the bottom of the wheel like airborne does and it works fine for suppressing the nag screen. I will say in the newer cars with the cabin camera, that thing is a little too sensitive. If I look at...
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    My First Breakdown

    Edited to add car details: 2019 S100D 75k miles Battery ~3% degradation from new -- So I was taking a road trip today (around a 2.5 hour drive). Started with a full charge (328 miles of range @ 100%). I was about an hour and a half into the drive on the highway doing around 75mph when the...
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    Model S battery replacement

    There is not a lot of info to go on here. Define "acting weird". Were there any errors present on screen? What did you write in your service request to Tesla when you dropped it off? Are you sure the 12V battery is connected? Very unlikely for a non-flood damaged car to be completed dead to...
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    New MS Performance be owner. Have a few questions.

    1. Not equipped/available on the pre-refresh Model S 2. Not equipped/available on the pre-refresh Model S 3. Not equipped/available on the pre-refresh Model S Like you said, very minor in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy your rocket ship (be sure to check out launch mode).
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    What year did Tesla stopped allowing options?

    The sunroof and rear facing (third row) seats were removed as options in late 2018. My Model S is somewhat unique as it an early 2019 build but I have both the sunroof and rear facing seats.
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    What year did Tesla stopped allowing options?

    I'd say it was with the Raven refresh (mid-2019) but options were phased out over time. For example, the sunroof and rear facing seats were removed as available options in 2018. I remember seeing a site/listing of changes offered over the years and that would be a good reference point as to...
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    My car doesn't work anymore, could it be the battery?

    Contact the Electrified Garage (two locations in Florida) or WK057. Either one of those places can diagnose the issue and likely repair it for significantly less than what Tesla would charge. This is not something you will be able to fix on your own.
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    Super Charger only

    This is an important question. Where I live (more rural area), I routinely drive 40-50 miles per day just running local errands (e.g. shopping trips, getting food, kids activities, etc...). My car is always plugged in when I am at home but in theory I could probably go 2-3 days between charges...