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    Cannot for the life of me decide an exterior/interior combination

    I don't know about the current white, but my white was also multi-coat. At the time when my car was delivered (2018), there were quite a few issues with white model 3's bumper color not matching the body color. Mine was fine though.
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    Cannot for the life of me decide an exterior/interior combination

    My M3 is white on white. I bought it before white exterior was the free color so I paid for both. White and red were actually the most expansive colors at the time. It looks really sharp and you could tell it apart from all the other whites out there. I would say about 5% of the white M3...
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    Do we get paper registration on car pickup in CA?

    I haven't bought a car since they came out with paper plate. Do they still tape a temporary registration paper on your windshield or the paper plate replaces that entirely?
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    AT&T is probably one of them as Tesla cars use it for internet connection.
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    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    If you live in gated community, the auto open gate is awesome. You can also remotely open up or close your garage door using your app if your car is near the garage. The newer smart WiFi connected garage door could do this already, but the Tesla homelink just change the dumb garage door into...
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    Supercharger - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Foothill Blvd. (LIVE 22 Sep 2021, 8 V3 stalls)

    Well this location is doing the job well for taking off the load from VG supercharger. Just about every time I checked, VG has more open spots than this location. Currently it is showing 10 open at VG and 6 here.
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    Large amounts of vampire drain after driving med-long distances?

    Does your car receive WiFi signal at home? If it does not, maybe every time you took a long drive out to area with good LTE signal, it will try to download new software. Maybe it doesn't get to finish when you get home and kept on trying using a weak LTE signal and kept the car awake.
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    Wait wait wait. No garage door opener?

    I see your point, but I have to disagree. Because we ordered our Model X right after the test drive without any research into EV or Tesla at all. I did do research after the fact, Tesla is just so amazing to drive you really don't care about how much you spent!
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    Rear Tires Wear Faster

    I have Model X and Model 3. Both are AWD. The Model X tires wear pretty much evenly as you can't even rotation the tires because front and rear are different sizes. For the Model 3, if you don't rotate the tires, the back wears out about 3x faster than the front. I don't know why either...
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    Wait wait wait. No garage door opener?

    Actually I think it is normal for someone with 1 post to do this. If they have many posts, they would have known this already. It is the people who just bought one and then found out would have posted it. Whenever I told people who do not own a new Tesla that new Tesla does not come with...
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    Safety Score

    I found it funny that they are scoring your driving so they could drive for you! If they are doing the driving, why do they care if you break hard or turn sharp when you are driving? Unless... maybe they will only let the people who score low to get onto beta. They want the dangerous...
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    Could a M3 make it up my driveway

    I back my Model 3 up my driveway. I don't know if that actually make a difference, but I feel like the back has more clearance. And also I don't have to pull out he charging cord too far away from the garage to charge the car.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My update took like 4 hours I think. When I asked beforehand how long it would take, the answer was depends if the software update takes or not. If the update takes, then it would be same day. She said the hardware change is easy, it was the software update that could fail they would have to...
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    Recommendation for 2022 EVs other than Tesla?

    The one with like 100 miles range? 100 miles range in the summer is like 60 miles in the winter if winter is cold. I had a Mini Cooper Turbo (ICE) back in 2011. While the car was amazing to drive and looks really cool, it was one of the most troublesome cars I have ever owned. My friend...
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    Recommendation for 2022 EVs other than Tesla?

    The new Ioniq 5 looks good, but I don't think it is "better" than a Model 3. I like the "footrest" on the Ioniq 5 LOL.
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    New CAV Decal Color after September 30, 2021?

    Yeah I think it is probably easier for them to change the statement on the website than to change the schedule of the new decal.
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    Does Tesla perform courtesy inspection?

    My service center's default must be (0) then... here is my invoice:
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    Remove Tow Hitch?

    Ah must be performance Model Y I see.
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    Remove Tow Hitch?

    Why do you want to remove it? Just put the cover on and you can't even tell it is there unless you look really close.
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    My NBC on the monthly bill (that you have to pay monthly) is only calculated based on net consumption. I don't think I get charged NBC on the energy pushed to the grid. I get charge on the total annual accumulative for the energy pushed, but since I am at -$1700 to -$2000 at the end of the...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    You quoted the wrong person though... :p
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Yeah I know about that. Already cried about it for a few years already. :( BTW, just noticed that many people on this thread live in Rancho Cucamonga including me. What's the odd? Heh.
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Why did you lose TOU-D-A? I still have my TOU-D-A and my NBC are based off consumption. Pretty much all my super off peak charging get hit with the NBC. Since Prime rate is cheap also in the morning, you may want to swift your charging to start after sunrise if you can unless you need the...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    They don't really show you how they calculate the year end credit. I did read it was $0.03/kWh, but I am can't figure out why I got $107 back last year. The year end statement shows 09/16/19 to 09/16/20 TOU-D-A -$107.00 · Your year-to-date energy charges: -$1,755.50 · Your year-to-date kWh...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Yup. Anything benefiting the solar homeowners has got to go. 🤣
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    When I did mine, it was already on NEM 2. But I "under sized" my system because I know that I will be selling high and charging low. When the solar company calculated the size of my system based on my usage, they said I will need a 15.6kw system. I did my own calculation based on TOU-D-A...
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    White vs Cream vs Black interior

    We have cream on the MX and ultra white on the M3. It's a toss up for me, but both look way better than black IMO.
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Your calculation would be good if the On Peak and Off Peak are located in the same period. But, for example, the On Peak for the TOU-D-B-SDP would be 2pm to 8pm, while the other plans would be 4pm to 9pm. On the surface, it seems like it is only 1 hour difference, but it is not. I looked...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    No I don't have batteries. 1153 kWh is quite low for me actually. We have 2 Tesla and my commute is 135 miles round trip. That July bill does not include any of my normal commute as I only started going back to the office 2 weeks ago... I think my normal summer usage is about 2000 kWh. I...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Well the NBC would be the same no matter which plan I switch to unless I could go to NEM 1.0! $28 was the highest I have to pay in the last 2 years. I think my normal bill is $13 to $18 a month. I think you will be fine or maybe a little better off if your July bill represent your typical...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Yeah I will be crying if they take away my TOU-D-A. This is my July bill. It is the lowest credit I got a for a long time because I just started going back to the office since March 2020 and it is hot everyday so AC is on full 24/7. Delivery charges - Cost to deliver your electricity Basic...
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    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    You need to be very careful to switch out of the grandfather rate. You maybe saving like $15 to $20 a month on basic charges, but it is possible that you could go into the negative at the end of the year. Currently you are selling kwh back at a much higher rate with the grandfathered plan...
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    Under what driving habit and condition is FSD subscription worth it to you?

    For me, the ONLY value of FSD is that I don't have to keep my hand on the steering wheel when doing AP on the freeway. The month that they release FSD without hand on wheel, I may subscribe for 1 month just to see how it feels. I seriously doubt that I will pay $1200 a year (My car has EAP)...
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    Sunshade works but only to certain degree. We have 4 Model 3 between our coworkers. 3 of us decided to test how good sunshades work. We got in all around the same time and park in the same area under the SoCal sun. Coworker1 (me): no tint on roof, no sunshade Coworker2: tint on roof, no...
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    Someone lit my car cover on fire and my Tesla Model 3 burnt to the ground.

    Get a prorated refund from DMV: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-education-and-safety/educational-materials/fast-facts/refund-of-vehicle-license-fee-vlf-on-total-loss-vehicles-ffvr-4/
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    Tint Pricing Southern California

    All my cars for the last 15 years were tinted by the same guy using a film called Solar Gard. Tinting the entire car costed about 200 to 400 depending on the size of the car and time (15 years ago was cheaper). When we got the Model X, I read that 3M Cyrstalline was the best so I went for...
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    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    Whenever I left one supercharger for another, I wait until the on board nav says I will have 12% to 15% left when I get there. And when I actually get there (driving 80+), I usually ended up at 12% or higher. So the on board calculation is pretty generous even if you drive 80mph. If you...
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    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    70 is the speed limit most of the way I think. So most people will be driving 80. I think I was driving about 82 to 85 on average just following the speed of the general traffic.
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    California's Business and Professions Code Chapter 14-5 § 13651 needs updating/re-wording

    The gas station nearest to my house has free air/water station for everyone. After using it a few times with my Tesla, I felt really bad so I ended up buying this from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JC8MB1T/ Used it about once every 2 to 3 months for my two Tesla for the last 3...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Between me and my coworkers, we have 4 LR AWD Model 3 all bought within a month of each others in 2018 Aug/Sept. I charged mine to 90%. Others charged to 80% or 70%. After about 3 years, we all have almost exactly the same battery degradation. Currently full charge is about 90% of the...
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    With the eminent arrival of FSD Subscription... HW 3 upgrade?

    Our service center did mention it when we did the MCU 1 to 2 upgrade on our MX. The service rep said we get HW3 as part of the upgrade and it was in the invoice. The current version of FSD is really just EAP + traffic light/stop sign auto stop. I even get a separate notice on the app...
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    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Well our MX had the MCU 2 upgrade so at that time, they upgraded to HW3 for free so we don't have to pay the extra $1500. But for $99 to get traffic lights and stop signs...heh. When FSD city driving is fully available and I read good reviews on here (I am thinking 2 years from now minimum)...
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    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    1. I like the Santa Clarita supercharger. Lots of restaurants and grocery store has clean restroom and a good pastry shop. It is too soon to charge on the way up, but good on the way back for a last charge before heading home. Can do some grocery shopping to take home too. 2. You can check...
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    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    ABRP is pretty accurate counting in the elevation changes. Tesla's navigation is also pretty accurate with the elevation changes. If anything, Tesla's estimate is conservative. For like a 100 miles distance, if Tesla estimate you will get there at 10%, it is usually 12 to 13% when you...
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    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    You need to change your arrival % to like 10%. I can't believe the default they set for you is like 1%? Or did you accidentally changed it yourself to that? In Settings, it is called "Charger Arrival SoC" for the superchargers and "Destination Arrival SoC" for San Jose. You may have to...
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    Insurance - Assigning a dollar value to Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging

    I don't think anyone disagrees on that, but the problem with free supercharging is "how much is the value?". Just on this thread, someone said it could be as much as $25K. Another said it is $2K-3K. For me, I only supercharge on trips. I don't think I have used over $500 in the last 4...
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    CA will not be able to handle increased demand

    It is really not much of an issue for home charging. Most people either charge overnight or in the morning before heading to work. Unless you work night shift, you don't really have to charge between 4pm to 9pm. This affect more to the people who has no home charging and only supercharge...
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    Same here. The no front plate parking tickets from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are really not that bad, but they add up! I think they were like $25 to $50. The no parking tickets on sweeping days on some cities are much higher.
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    My nephew got pulled over by a police because he has his front license plate on the dash. He got ticketed because of that. This was at Irvine. He also heard that license plate on the dash counts, but I guess maybe only if you are parked. He probably won't even get pulled over if he...

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