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    Ordered M3 SR+, am I done?

    Check out the accessories. Nut caps. Wall chargers. These things go in and out of stock, and if you decide you want some of them, they may be out of stock when your car finally arrives.
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    Pre-cool remotely?

    No, it has always turned on the compressor if you turn on Climate from the app. What's more likely is that you fired up the app, and it did not connect to the car. Sometimes it takes a while to do that if the car is asleep. If the app is not connected to the car and you hit the climate button...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I think @scubastevo80 is right, but I'd add that you also have to be careful not to touch the brake. If you need to stop hard and tap the break even for a moment, that will take it out of autopilot. You don't want to forget that it's no longer steering for you.
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    Charged $800 for A/C Compressor harness after 6mo? [SC states water damage]

    Probably, but the short sellers have no problem making all sorts of responses.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I'm making it a habit to manually accelerate as soon as the coast is clear after a car crosses in front of me. I'm hoping this registers in the system as a manual intervention and I hope it helps feed information into the model. Also, it does not take it out of autopilot... As soon as they let...
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    Yet another bug fix update

    I just got it, too. 2021.4.18.11. The most advanced outdated software I've ever had. I think they're simply not working on any regular releases after 2021.4; the next release is the FSD beta, but they won't push that until they're ready. So, instead, all the bug fixes that would have made...
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    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    It's an old standard with tires. The lower the pressure, some more the tire compresses at the bottom. The act of squishing the bottom of the tire as it rolls takes up energy and increases the resistance of the tire to rolling. Tires at higher pressure don't compress at the bottom, so they can...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    You're right, I don't know how I missed that. I stand corrected. So it seems that gives a reading on azimuth, but not elevation. That's why it can't tell if it's seeing a car in front of you or an overhead bridge.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Show me a data sheet or description of its capabilities anywhere that says that it does.
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    Air intake filter - yes or no?

    I suppose we want a very light filter... and it should be fairly easy to pop that sucker off and blow it out from time to time to make sure it doesn't restrict flow.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I can't recall or find who posted the Andrey Karpathy (Tesla AI engineer) Workshop video, but thanks! I finally had time to watch it. Confirms my earlier suspicions: RADAR is introducing a lot of noise which takes a lot of work to reconcile. It's wasteful of processing power and fails to...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    No, it's not capable of angular position measurement. If you want to insist that it's capable of this, please find a reference stating it can do this. I've looked at multiple data sheets, reviews, and filings for the ARS4 and ARS4-A RADAR sensors from Continental in several languages/countries...
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    Air intake filter - yes or no?

    The Model 3 doesn't come with an air intake filter, but there are after-market options to add one. (Not talking about the internal cabin; talking about an additional filter to go on top of the air intake under the hood in the front.) Is it worth adding one? It wasn't engineered to have one...
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    Crazy Paramus NJ Tesla

    I've also been to the Paramus Tesla for service multiple times, never a problem, always excellent service.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    This is not correct; it cannot determine where an object in front of the sensor is, only how far away it is. Given two objects in front of the sensor, it can estimate the angle between the two objects; that's the angular measurement being referenced. With a very small angle between two objects...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Apparently it was nowhere near the many weeks a lot of people were intimating. An update is out now, >Tesla has started releasing a new software update (2021.4.18.10) that is bringing back emergency lane departure avoidance and smart summon, and it is increasing the Autopilot speed limit from...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I think it's highly situational and a function of those roads. If there's a combination of visual and/or RADAR-reactive things on a given road, the same problems will keep happening. I know there were a couple of spots on a regular route of mine that generated phantom braking on the highway for...
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    Seat belt recall

    For further passers-by: link to the place to run your VIN to check for recalls is in the OP. (First post of this thread.)
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Yes, RADAR can. On the other hand, a computer can respond in milliseconds to a visual cue that the car in front of you is slowing. It can hit the brakes in a fraction of the reaction time that a human could... Which is likely enough to avoid 99% of impacts in such instances. If the car in...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Just hit the voice button and say, "bug report," followed by whatever you want to report. But make it quick, because they don't give you much time. It's worth reporting, because the car will save data and footage from the moments before the report and send them in when you're on Wi-Fi again.
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    Seat belt recall

    The wording was "not properly attached." That implies that hardware is fine. Could be under-torqued (leading to loosening.) Could be over-torqued (leading to weakening.) Could be torqued fine, but failed to include an additive to lock the threads. Or failed to include a lock bolt to prevent...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    If I have fewer sudden lurch slowdowns on the highway, but it still slams on the brakes if I unattentively approach someone too fast at an off-ramp, then yes. I feel safer. And I see no reason it can't give me just as much protection against my own errors as before. I do look forward to it no...
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    Seat belt recall

    So there's a new recall “Tesla, Inc. (Tesla) is recalling certain 2018-2020 Model 3 and 2019-2021 Model Y vehicles. One or both fasteners that secure the front seat shoulder belt to the b-pillar may not be properly attached.”...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    It seems the safety ratings simply have to be re-validated on the new vision-based system, is all. They may need more validation miles in vision-only mode before they hit their metric for raising the top speed again - or maybe they've decided to lower the top speed universally in some...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Am I the only person looking forward to losing the downsides of the RADAR? I'm 99% sure that when the car lurches down to half speed on the highway due to an upcoming overheard traffic sign on an overpass that it's due to RADAR data conflicting with the visual systems (which continue to see...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Who is documenting fatal crashes that are not autopilot crashes? Because that's what's being talked about here. It wouldn't work on heavy fog with the RADAR, either. It can't drive on RADAR alone. It can only autopilot where it can do so on vision... RADAR use merely an assist for certain...
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    Odd [orange] pigment inside the glass roof?

    The coating is an infrared shielding to prevent heat buildup inside when in the sun. It's not normally visible to the eye when dry, but the droplets seem to show it to us. I think it looks super-cool.
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    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    Could this be moisture/condensation?
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    The car's control computer identifies and saves the phone's Bluetooth ID & response for use as a key; this is quite durable. The car's infotainment system pairs with the phone for audio & data sharing; this is a separate thing and occasionally dies on an upgrade. It might come back if you...
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    Got my Model 3 today: some noob questions

    You may be having a problem I experience sometimes. The problem is my ass. The car's sensor is in the door pillar, and if the phone is in my back pocket, my ass is in the way. If I turn as if to moon the car, the door unlocks just fine. If the phone is asleep, mooning the car is not enough...
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    “Clunk” sound on stop

    Did you tap the button on the stalk to out it in park before the car settled to a stop? It sounds like that's what you did. If you're on cruise control and step on the accelerator to "pull up closer" when the car wanted to be stopped, you cause this. The car will snap on the brakes in a panic...
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    Back seat cover for dogs in Model 3?

    I got one along these lines for my previous car. It transferred to my model 3 perfectly. Highly recommended.
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    Heat pump vs Resistive on Model 3

    That's then principle behind a heat pump, it works like a AC system in reverse... But the heat pump is not merely the air conditioner running in reverse. It's a new and distinct component designed to efficiently deliver heat to the cabin... And is engineered to be reliable in that function.
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    Model 3 Staggered Tire Size?

    One last note - if you stagger the front/back sizes then you'll be unable to rotate your tires front-to-back, which helps equalize tread wear and get best life out of the tires. If the tire's tread design is unidirectional (usually V-shaped), then you would also be unable to rotate your tires...
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    Why does the navigation always want to go via the highway?

    Interesting! I often ran Google Maps on my phone and Tesla's routing at the same time and had a 100% match in default routing (fastest route) with one exception: when set to "avoid tolls," the Tesla would erroneously exit the Garden State Parkway even when the destination had no toll for the...
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    Regen Braking - Charge Dependent?

    I wish the car had a bank of resistors that could be used for resistive braking when the battery is cold. The resistors could heat the battery coolant to warm up the battery quicker while applying braking until it's ready for regen.
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    Where's the Center for Puppetry Arts?
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    Tesla haven't recognized a train

    Plenty of Model 3 out there with the 2.5 computer who will not be upgraded because they aren't buying FSD. Still needs to be maintained, and train rendering may be added.
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    no aribags deployed

    If a car with an ICE crumpled like that, it was a huge impact and the bags should probably have gone off. That engine block would be shoved back into the passenger compartment, crushing the driver's legs. But in a car with and empty frunk acting as a crumple zone, that's not so big an impact...
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    Model 3 crash @ +100MPH

    I thought it was Rapid Unintentional Disassembly.
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    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    Can't read all 12 pages, but I want to point out the flaw in the logic here: Charging up to 90% at a Supercharger is an error, here. It takes a LOT less power to take the battery from 30% to 50% than it takes to get it from 60% to 90%. (Also more time.) Whether trying to be time-efficient or...
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    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    Neither attachment works, but I'd love to see the plots.
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    Polestar2 encounter

    I test-drove one with a friend recently. Nice enough car, but I've come to love the simplicity of the interior design on my 3. My first thought in "normal" cars like the Polestar is "why all these unnecessary buttons and knobs?" Drove nice. I didn't find it ugly, I found it typical for the...
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    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    They're actually stating that people's desire for self-driving cars hasn't changed. Most people don't want what they can't understand, and we don't yet have high-quality self-driving active on the road. Why would they want that? Forbes coverage is crap. The most recent study was really focusing...
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    Tesla Saves a Hit and Run Driver

    Here in NJ, it's legal to pass on the right if there are two or more lanes of traffic in that direction, or if a car ahead is making a left turn, as long as you don't use the shoulder to pass. I've never had a truck nudge into my lane for passing. Of course, they're generally not in the left...
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    Tesla Saves a Hit and Run Driver

    That's the old world. In the new, more and more cars have cameras... More and more will get caught. Soon, nobody will be able to get away with this kind of public hazard without being caught on camera and nailed for it.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    The Polestar 2 in the pic was from a test drive a friend arranged. Looks like the friend is more likely to get a non-Tesla because he's turned off by Musk... But he's 100% getting an EV, so that's a good thing. The Polestar drives nice, BTW. Can recommend. The test drive chaperone didn't have...

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