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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    Correct. There is a video by DragTimes, i believe, that mentions a 2.9 time.

    Solar panels and clay tile roofs

    Sorry, here is their ProSolar Florida website ProSolar Florida - Residential and Commercial Solar Energy Systems

    Solar panels and clay tile roofs

    . Sure. I used ProSolar. Their number is (888) 462-5005. They were great to work with and they really cared about their work.

    MyQ vs. Homelink garage door confusion

    Homelink will give your car the ability to talk with garage door/ gate openers like a fob. MyQ means your Liftmaster/Chamberlin opener is internet capable with either built-in hardware or add-on hardware. Newer models have wi-fi built-in, older models need to add hardware to connect to the...

    Any way to encourage powerwall firmware update?

    A while ago i had an issue where my gateway was out of sync (known bug) with my mobile app. I called Tesla Energy support and the agent pushed an updated firmware to my gateway to correct the issue.

    12 Volt Battery Tesla Owners Beware

    Here is my post from a week ago... I never got a warning... I went out to my car one morning and it was totally dead. I never got a warning on my screen mentioning a low battery condition. I figured I could hook up my portable battery jumper and drive to the service center for a replacement...

    12V Battery Failure Experience

    I went out to my car one morning and it was totally dead. I never got a warning on my screen mentioning a low battery condition. I figured I could hook up my portable battery jumper and drive to the service center for a replacement battery. I couldnt even get the tow hook cover off. It...

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    KlokkProjects, I wanted to say thank you for creating a TESLA app for the Gear S3 Tizen-based, watches. I purchased your app a few days ago and so far it seems to be working well on my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier model. The font size of your app is a bit small for my eyes, however the icons you...

    Solar panels and clay tile roofs

    I'm in Florida and I had 26 panels installed on my clay barrel roof tiles. Tesla themselves said they wouldnt do it but they referred me to a local installer that was Tesla certified. I had them installed as well as two PowerWall2 batteries installed

    Using a tire inflator with the cigarette adapter

    Keep in mind.... The power socket is suitable for accessories requiring up to 12A continuous draw (16A peak).

    Anyone get the new Tesla Gateway?

    My understanding is that the Gateway2 is not designed for the U.S. It is designed for 3-phase electric or 240v single phase which neither of these are standard U.S. homes. This is again only from what I have read. I do prefer the looks of the Gateway2.... I actually had been thinking of...

    Connection issues

    anytime my radio stations didn't want to load I would perform a soft reboot (holding down the two steering wheel buttons).

    Connection issues

    It's been a bit since I've had connecting issues (there was a time it was happening to lots of owners), but when the app won't connect I log out of the mobile app and log back in. Hopefully it works for you.

    Scheduled charging not working right after latest update

    I can confirm that this is happening. It started when the Scheduled Departure was introduced, however I am not using that feature either. I have a HPWC and I usually plug in when i got home but stop the charging. The car will stop from the app but it will start charging again 60 seconds...

    Drive In, Not back into SC

    The SuperChargers on the Florida Turnpike at the Fort Drum Service Plaza are head in parking due to them being installed on a one way street. Here is a picture showing some i found somewhere else, also on a one-way street.

    Storm Watch in Florida?

    We got them during the last hurricane that almost hit us, as well as some really bad storms that had tornado warnings. This time happened to be at night time so it was pulling straight from the grid.

    Tastes V2 with Note10+

    I have a Note10+, but i have the Tesla wireless charger. My phone is in a Spigen slim case and it fits, and charges, just fine.

    Is Venting for model 3 only?

    My friend has a Model S 100D with sunroof. Her option vents the sunroof instead of the windows.

    Found USB-C Cables that fit Model 3

    Take a look at this video showing one with pass-thru capabilities and is being used in a Model 3. Hopes this helps.

    Steering shuddering in a brand new car. Anyone else experience this?

    From page 84 in the owner's manual. Hopefully this helps. Lane Assist warns you of undesired lane departures by vibrating the steering wheel slightly if a front wheel passes over a lane marking and the associated turn signal is off. This warning is active only when driving between...

    Pick it up Saturday

    Congratulations! And Welcome My friend just picked up her Model S from there 2 weeks ago. I was able to get my HPWC from there. Yes, you will learn a lot from here. Share some pics when you get it!

    Poll on the date your Powerwalls were installed.

    Solar panels in June 2018, 2x PowerWall2 in October 2018

    What kind of phone do you use?

    Samsung Note9 and it is working well. So did my Note8...

    Electrify America charging stations

    A few days ago I was at the Tallahassee SuperChargers (I-10) and saw there are ElectrifyAmerica chargers as well. I was wondering if it would be worth it to carry an adapter to use those in emergency occasions like if the Teslas are not working, or full. I have a Model 3 so not sure if i can...

    First Service for Fit and Finish

    The radiator was $150, labor was $240. I didnt see a cost for the replacement coolant. I was fine with the cost since I've read horror stories of owners spending thousands on repairs.

    First Service for Fit and Finish

    I just had my first service experience this past Thursday. I got in my car in the early morning and there was an alert on my display stating that my coolant was low but OK to drive and to schedule an appointment. I opened the app and made an appointment for the first available which was...

    Vendor 3D Mats For Model 3- Exclusive Savings for Members

    Thank you! I received my shipping notice this morning. Thanks for the quick processing.

    Vendor 3D Mats For Model 3- Exclusive Savings for Members

    Hi Joe, Thanks for offering us here the discount. I looked at the site but I don't see anything about shipping times. Where are these shipped from and what is delivery time to the east coast (Miami)?

    Firmware 1.32.0

    I'm also at 1.32.0

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    I charge at home and have solar panels so that is my primary charging source. My understanding was that SuperCharging was primarily to be used for long distance traveling, not to be used as primary charging. I don't mind the price increases if that will help rolling out additional...

    Is it time to cancel my power wall?

    "the only communication with Tesla was over a year ago" Have you called them lately for an update? I was in the same situation and when I finally got in touch with them I was told that Tesla would not install solar panels on my house, because of my type of tiles, and I was given the...

    Model 3 LR tire rotation?

    The manual doesn't show (at least I couldn't find) how Tesla recommends tire rotation. Does anyone know? Is it either one of these? I believe the tires are Asymmetrical, not Unidirectional.

    Open door Protection?

    I think you are correct reasoning that it was because it was connected to power. According to the manual it states on Page 123 of Nov 2018: "Whenever Model 3 is plugged in but not actively charging, it draws energy from the wall outlet instead of using energy stored in the Battery. For...

    Best holiday M3 gift

    I agree with the font sizes. I wish they were customizable. Also drives me crazy is when looking at the map and trying to zoom in to read a street name. The names stay small although that seems to be the norm on all driving apps.

    Model 3 in Northern VA

    Welcome back! Yes, it is an exciting time for electric vehicles. Everyone has opened their eyes on how it is time to rethink the way vehicles are designed. European delivery? AWESOME! I almost did that with my BMW and I am planning to do that with the Electric XC40 if we don't get the...

    Model 3 in Northern VA

    HI Cam and welcome to the Tesla Motor Club! Congratulations on getting your Tesla Model 3 and getting in on the $7500 tax credit. It looks like you put your waiting time to good use :). Lots of useful information on this site and knowledgeable members to help with any questions. I used to...

    Tesla Solar not compatible with built up roofing?

    Back in January of 2017 I had put down a deposit for a PowerWall and also checked the box for wanting solar panels. I finally get a call from them around May 2018. The rep takes a look at my house through the web and asks about my roof type. I told him and he tells me that Tesla does not...

    OMG - Wake Times from app are SOOOOHHHOOO SLOW.

    I'm assuming the wake up issue will fix the Summons connecting time. Both of those need to be corrected.

    generation 2 wall charger color identification

    I bought a Silver 24' cable and the P/N 1050067-01-E I did a few searches with that number and the ones i find show Silver. Hope this helps. Sorry for the not-so-clear pic

    Has the webserver lockup bug been fixed finally?

    Also been running 1.29 for a bit now... I haven't had the lockup yet. I was told that the 99% bug was fixed however mine still seems to top out at 99%. I only saw 100% when the 1.29 was originally pushed. Does yours show 100%?

    Diesel owner looking to convert

    Welcome to the Tesla Motor Club! Have you had the chance to sit in a Model S or Model 3? Driving 100 miles daily I would want to feel comfortable. The S is larger with a softer ride, but the 3 is roomy with a sporty ride so depends on the feel you have in mind. Model S is a hatchback...

    Lock and Protect Outdoor Wall Connector

    Another option is to use one of these 60A-240V relays with a Zigbee or Z-Wave device to set on-off times, or to turn on/off remotely. The box is not for external use however it is easy to change the box. Remote Controlled Heavy Duty Switch 60 Amp, 240VAC Relay owners manual...

    Romance mode playlist?

    quick... thumbs down "Careless Whisper" now so it won't play for teenage daughter ;)

    No owner’s manual...

    Same here.... i know it was working around delivery but i'm not sure when it stopped working.

    Model 3 Performance VIN - 8th Digit

    oh ok, thanks!

    Model 3 Performance VIN - 8th Digit

    Can someone explain the difference between.... 1 = Single Motor – Standard and A = Single Motor – Standard 2 = Dual Motor (standard) and B = Dual Motor - Standard Digit 8: Motor/Drive Unit 1 = Single Motor – Standard 3 = Single Motor - Performance 2 = Dual Motor (standard) 4 = Dual...

    HPWC: Silver vs Black

    Agreed! I prefer the look of the matte black over the gloss black and that is the one I was hoping to get. The silver, to me, looks a bit cheapy looking but I think it will look clean.

    HPWC: Silver vs Black

    Correct! I had been contemplating that but I was worried how the warranty would work in that case since I wasn't the original recipient of the gift. I figured to play it safe and get one directly from Tesla.

    HPWC: Silver vs Black

    "notAnExpert, Yesterday at 6:27 PM For a comparison of Silver vs Black in the wild, here's the glossy black I installed outdoors a few weeks ago" Nice job!. It looks clean, at least in this pic. I am going to wall mount mine behind the bushes but within easy reach of the car.

    Powerwall behavior in backup mode.... normal? And grid charging question...

    Just an FYI.... I spoke with tech support and they were able to remotely upgrade my firmware (from 1.26 to 1.28) and now my PowerWalls do show 100%. He told me that is one of the fixes that was addressed with 1.28. I don't know if 1.28 is the gateway or battery version.

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