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  1. dalec

    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    If I can make a suggestion. We're accepting the premise of a flawed argument if we simply appose a tax on EV's because they don't pay fuel excise. A better way to perhaps approach this is accept the argument that roads get paid for by taxes, and if some new approach is required because an...
  2. dalec

    Tesla St Leonards to close

    My thoughts on the substantive issues in this thread. 1. We know from the email they are opening another service centre in Sydney. For those who question the need, I understand some places don't have one yet, so why should Sydney have 2? Because Sydney has more money, people and sales. They are...
  3. dalec

    Will we see a "Tesla killer"?

    I've had a number of discussions since I told friends I was buying a Tesla about the viability of the company. For some reason that seems to be a big deal for people. I wrote the following to save me from repeating myself each time it comes up. Will we see a Tesla killer? — Dale Cohen
  4. dalec

    Vendor XPEL PPF (paint protection film)

    I’ve used these guys. Can recommend. Drove it straight from Alexandria to get PPF with them. Also got the ceramic coating. The car is easy to wash and the paint looks pristine with no swirls. It has also stopped stone chips as advertised. A couple of very minor nicks in the film but no damage to...
  5. dalec

    How does one justify it...

    One other thing to consider if you’re on the beaches, I opted to go for paint protection film. My old car looked like it had the measles from all the stone chips I got. Spending this much on a car, I wanted to protect it. Australian Detailing Services at Mona Vale are who you want to see. They...
  6. dalec

    How does one justify it...

    I live in the same part of Sydney. I made this decision with similar questions about 3 months ago. I could be accused of post rationalisation but I was buying something, question was what. Price: It’s expensive. The question is what is your alternative? All electric cars are expensive. So if...
  7. dalec

    ?Drop off of rate of charge at Supercharger St Leonards

    I got 117kw at Majura on 23rd June. Battery was at 34%. New S100D
  8. dalec

    Supercharger - Berry, NSW

    I stopped here the other day. It’s a great spot. One thing worth noting is the restaurant is operated separately to the cellar door. After a bit of back and forth I learned the restaurant opposed the Supercharger installation which apparently delayed it. While I wouldn’t hold it against the...
  9. dalec

    Supercharger - Majura Park, ACT (Canberra)

    Stopped in yesterday. The first two bays are now equipped with CCS2 for Model 3.
  10. dalec

    Jaguar i-Pace

    It’s a great car. No doubt. Before the recent price drop from Tesla I was seriously considering it. I would rate handling and suspension better than the Model S but only just. Interior is more refined but something you’d notice more if your expectations are set by European premium cars...
  11. dalec

    White Interior on the Model 3 in Oz

    I hear you about getting the option you want but I think you missed the point @Stevie_C was making. It's not about the production line, it's about everything after that. As he said, there's a bunch of things that the customer doesn't appreciate. White seats doubles the spare parts inventory...
  12. dalec

    St Leonards sales now shut on Saturday

    FYI, I went to the St Leonards showroom in Sydney yesterday. My main reason to visit was to test out supercharging on my new Model S. I'm taking a road trip and wanted to be sure it all worked flawlessly (it did). But I was also going to buy a CCS charge adapter while I was there. The store info...
  13. dalec

    Type 2 charge cable recommendation?

    Hi guys, the car has arrived. I want to be able to charge at Chargefox chargers, so I believe I need a Type 2 cable. Has anyone got recommendations for what I should buy? Is there any gotchas? Power ratings to consider? Expected cost? Reliable suppliers? I’m basically looking for your...
  14. dalec

    PSA: Check your bill if you are/were on AGL $1/day

    Ouch! I’m in Sydney. I pay $0.46KWh peak (2-8pm) Less than half that for shoulder and about half that again for off peak. I didn’t bother with controlled load because there wasn’t enough difference to off peak but last time I looked it was about $0.08-0.10KWh. Bloody hell, you guys are being...
  15. dalec

    PSA: Check your bill if you are/were on AGL $1/day

    Controlled load for $0.20/kWh?!? Holy moly that’s expensive. What are your off peak rates down there? That’s what I pay for shoulder rate.
  16. dalec

    PSA: Check your bill if you are/were on AGL $1/day

    has anyone signed up for this recently? I spoke with AGL when I switched over and they were *very* evasive. Didn't say it had been stopped but said they were unable to offer it "at the moment".
  17. dalec

    How much do highway chargers influence your EV purchase poll.

    It didn't influence *whether* I would buy an EV but it did influence *which* EV I chose. I'd say it was a 20% factor. I don't drive long distances often, but when I do, simple fact is Telsa is the only viable choice. So if I picked another brand, at least in the short term I'd have to hire a...
  18. dalec

    Autopilot versus Adaptive Cruise?

    Doh! I went looking for a different thread... Thanks.
  19. dalec

    Autopilot versus Adaptive Cruise?

    >> Seems like new owners are better of financially purchasing after taking delivery as per Fantomsss findings<< Can you elaborate? What findings are you referring to? Do you have a link?
  20. dalec

    Ambient lighting in the Model S

    Hi all, I am still waiting for my new Model S to arrive and I have a question about ambient lighting I haven't been able to resolve through Google. I'm hoping some existing owners can help to set my expectations correctly. My understanding is that the new cars come with ambient lighting. But...
  21. dalec

    New plates make it feel like it’s mine.

    Is that 5D or SD? I'm assuming "Short Range = "S" and "Long Range" = L? My car is in transit, but I didn't get the battery size as an option to buy, just short and long range.
  22. dalec

    HPWC wiring question: switch between off-peak and retail power?

    I don't believe so. I enquired about it specifically recently and while they didn't say that they no longer had it, they weren't signing new customers up to it. I had a sparky in last week and they pretty much said the old customers are getting to keep it (for now) but it is no longer offered...
  23. dalec

    Autopilot versus Adaptive Cruise?

    Hi guys, thanks for being super helpful with my questions. I have another one. My current vehicle has adaptive cruise control (ACC). I set the speed, and then it maintains up to that speed, at a safe and consistent distance from the vehicle in front. It's a useful feature and although I don't...
  24. dalec

    Changes to Servicing

    Thanks for this @paulp, I wasn't planning on using any kind of "dealer" other than Tesla themselves, but it's the bit about Tesla "experience" that I'm really interested in. From what I understand about traditional dealerships, it's very much a checkbox exercise of going through a list of things...
  25. dalec

    Changes to Servicing

    Hi Niall, when you say "dealers" do you mean Tesla?
  26. dalec

    Changes to Servicing

    Hi everyone, I'm a little confused, forgive me I'm a n00b. I placed an order a week ago for a long range Model S. My car hasn't been built yet. When I was at the showroom, they walked me through a service plan, which was basically buying 4 years of servicing upfront. Now I see they are saying...
  27. dalec

    AU Pricing

    Thanks @100KWH, I heard that too, and I will be interested to see what the price changes to after tonight.
  28. dalec

    AU Pricing

    Thanks @paulp I can understand that view. I like both interiors. In the end I guess my money voted in favour of your opinion :-)
  29. dalec

    AU Pricing

    @360C and @100KWH I absolutely feel for you guys. I completely understand your position, especially with respect to finance. My comments aren't going to make you feel better. I just put a deposit down for a new long range Model S so my "gain" is your pain. I cross-shopped the Jaguar I-Pace. I...

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