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    Went low with coilovers

    They are getting a lot of questions regarding that, so my guess is a most likely. You are welcomed to message them on Instagram, they are pretty responsive.
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    Refreshed “2021” Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Excellent! Welcome to the family!
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    Went low with coilovers

    I have the same coilovers for over 2k miles. On their softest rebound settings they are near stock in terms of ride quality, I will play with the rebound more next month when I hit the track. No noise or issues so far, front spring rate is 10k, not sure about the rears. Got them installed by the...
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    FS: Gen 3 wall connector

    Sorry, just sold!
  5. Limit X

    FS: Gen 3 wall connector

    $500 in LA Area Call: 626.672.0488 mention tesla wall connector. or Contact me here.
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    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products!

    Love that charging cable style ;)
  7. Limit X

    Under trim coming loose

    I have seen this happen on other model 3 as well, not sure the cause of it, but for this to happen on a 21 year is concerning...
  8. Limit X

    When will you upgrade?

    I have free supercharging on mine, so i'll keep until the car falls apart.
  9. Limit X

    Will it buff out?

    My dad told me that a little elbow grease goes a long way.
  10. Limit X

    Eibach end links noise?

    Just lowered car on coilovers and adding sways soon.
  11. Limit X

    FS: Model 3 Stock suspension $400

    Pulled from a Model 3 Performance stealth 2018 with 32k miles on it, located in LA area.
  12. Limit X


    I did, but then again I got wider wheels/tires
  13. Limit X

    Rear Rattle After Coilovers

    I actually just got the same coilovers installed less than a week ago. The front spring rates are 10k, not sure about the rear, but should be the same. The ride quality at its most comfort dampening setting is a little bumpier than stock when on bad roads, on decent roads you wont notice a...
  14. Limit X

    Rear Rattle After Coilovers

    I think he's on Riaction coilovers.
  15. Limit X

    Rear Rattle After Coilovers

    Just curious, who was the installer and was it alligned after?
  16. Limit X

    Eibach end links noise?

    Looking to get Eibach end links with their sways and I spoke to a sales person, and he said that because tesla's are so quiet the end links will make noise when driving. Anyone have these installed that can comment on this topic?
  17. Limit X

    Eibach Sway Bar Kit Model 3 - $260 for bars $360 with rear end links.

    When you had the endlinks installed did they make noise when daily driving? Also are they still available?
  18. Limit X

    Brainstorming of race seat build for Model 3

    Did you use some kind of seat harness emulator to get around the error codes?
  19. Limit X

    Bleeding brakes

    Hello, novice question here: when bleeding the brakes do I leave the emergency brakes on or off? Thank you in advance!
  20. Limit X

    Model 3 getting shot at

    NSFW, Scary situation, warning some bad language used. Things Got Ugly Real Quick: Dude Pulled Out The Hammer & Let Off Some Rounds At A Random Car During An Illegal Street Race In Houston!
  21. Limit X

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    well thats the thing, tirerack.com actually allows you to select performance stealth, but when I do the wheels are stated as not being able to fit...
  22. Limit X

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Will Enkei TS-V wheels fit on 2018 Performance stealth? According to tirerack it will not, but it will fit on a 2018 LR awd, but I thought that these two cars were the same in terms of wheel size and tires. Any know if these will work?
  23. Limit X

    Stiff steering?

    Might be just me but I think the steering on the Model Y is stiffer than model 3.
  24. Limit X

    Things I dislike in the Model Y vs Model 3

    Sadly I was 1 day short of having free premium connectivity in my model 3 and they wont give it to me, even though they made complications in the delivery due to me getting a loan outside of tesla. The model 3 has free super charging because it was a performance model purchase during the...
  25. Limit X

    Things I dislike in the Model Y vs Model 3

    I have a 2018 model 3 and my gf just got a 2020 model y. I am not sure if the 2020 model 3 has some or all the let downs that I am about to mention. First is the model y does not come with auto dimming side mirrors, this is a huge let down because most modern cars run bright LED lights and being...
  26. Limit X

    Missing wheel graphics in App- any known fixes?

    Hey floating model 3, why spend 250k on the new roadster?!
  27. Limit X


    If you have the money and really want to avoid any swirl marks or micro scratches invest in a power washer, make sure the PSI isn't too high or you'll damage the paint. If you really got money buy a deionizer system to go with it. Simply just spray it down with a soap attachment and then spray...
  28. Limit X

    How is the 3 without the HEPA filter?

    So I was in the middle of the SoCal Woolsey fire and even with the windows up and recirculating air, I could still smell the smoke.
  29. Limit X

    Unlimited Supercharging still not reflected after a year.

    I physically went to a SC and got in touch with the manager who helped me get the FUSC and refund for previous charges.
  30. Limit X

    Anyone else going to trade their Model 3 for Cybertruck?

    After sleeping on the design, the looks have really grown on me, plus add in the range, performance, capabilities and price! Besides the model 3 being smaller and more nimble, the cyber truck seems like it can do everything the 3 can and more. I'd like one in black please!
  31. Limit X

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Named mine Mufflers, I like the irony, and it's named after my black cat in which I found underneath my old car.
  32. Limit X

    How long will cabin pre-heating stay enabled?

    You should test it for us :D
  33. Limit X

    Road Rage

    Going to have to agree here, you did put the brakes on him while already driving slow in the fast lane, generally speaking people don't like that. It personally drives me bonkers that people drive slow in the fast lane, it causes traffic. But that person shouldn't of cut you off and threw...
  34. Limit X

    Used Model 3?

    I would consider that new Model 3's come with better sound insulation now, hardware ver 3.0, and if the used car has any curb rash or swirl marks or chips on the paint?
  35. Limit X

    My 3 was hit by a teenager; what can/should be claimed for this damage?

    Wish I had a land rover when I was 16...
  36. Limit X

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Anyone know if we will need a premium Spotify account to enjoy all the benefits? or will it be included much like how Slacker currently is
  37. Limit X

    Are we supposed to tip mobile service?

    I never do...
  38. Limit X

    Why is there no Extended Service Warranty for Model 3?

    So this includes the battery as well?
  39. Limit X

    Great Games To Play On Your Tesla While Supercharging

    I have a Nintendo switch for this very purpose.
  40. Limit X

    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    I had the same issue until I got the recent update: 2019.16.2 73d3f3c
  41. Limit X

    Mobile Service never showed up, is this typical?

    Of the two times they came over, they both came over early (both called and asked if it was okay before arriving).
  42. Limit X

    No Text to Speak?

    Nope, hopefully in the future.
  43. Limit X


    See that's what I thought too, but when the mobile service came to install my badge they also gave me a spoiler. Of course I didn't question them during the installation :rolleyes:
  44. Limit X


    Is the P3D- suppose to come with the carbon fiber spoiler?
  45. Limit X

    Latest Summons (across a busier lot) Video

    Too bad it was recorded on a potato phone.
  46. Limit X

    Model 3 unlimited Supercharging?

    I personally love my free supercharging, given that I use the supercharger probably for half of my charges, I plan on keeping the car for quite some time. That together with the drive unit rated for over a million miles and the price for supercharging increasing, it should be a good investment.
  47. Limit X


    I just scheduled to have it installed on the app and the mobile service came out in a couple of days.
  48. Limit X

    Sentry Sucks USB Space

    It's smaller, with SATA you will have a wire hanging, plus the enclosure will be flopping around in the car unless your secure it, while the M.2 plugs in like a thumb drive.
  49. Limit X

    Sentry Sucks USB Space

    For example, if you plug in your near full capacity M.2 into your laptop and dragged and dropped all of the contents into the desktop, it would be quicker to transfer. It has a higher sustained write/read speed versus smaller thumb drives. Especially when comparing stubby thumb drives with...
  50. Limit X

    Sentry Sucks USB Space

    My option is five times faster, it is also has a higher read/write cycle. The speed matters if you plan on transfering a lot of video files at a time to your laptop/desktop. If you want even crazier endurance search for m.2 with MLC or SLC nand, but it will be more expensive.

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