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    Model S Theme Tune

    Rush - Red Barchetta Irony.
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    Painted Spoiler

    Carbon fiber isn't for everyone. While I appreciate the utility of carbon fiber body panels for super cars, my personal take is that carbon fiber trim and accessories on a car like the Model S look tacky. So, I turned down the factory spoiler. But I still wanted a spoiler - I just wanted...
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    Premium Sound System missing sub?

    My previous Model S had the standard sound system. My new one has the UHF. I really liked the old one better.
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    Door handle protection

    RPM tesla sells little xpel kits you can put on at home in a few minutes for a reasonable price. I used their kit and I was happy with the results. RPM Tesla
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    Rear Facing Trunk Seat Retrofit

    I have 4 kids. I bought the rear seats for my first Model S (85D). The kids LOVED them - for 6 months. Then they hated them. They argued about who had to sit in the back. We had to bribe and threaten to get someone back there in the end. I sold that car and did not order the rear seats on...
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    2017 P100D new order tire sizes

    I ordered the 19" slipstreams and they are not staggered. They come with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires 245/45 19 Might be a different story for 21" wheels.
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    I can't take the wait! The pain is REAL!

    It is painful! I have been through it twice now. I ordered in 2015 (85D) and then again last month (P100D). I was sure I was going to single-handedly break the Tesla servers because I loaded the "My Tesla" page so many times a day. I worked out my stress and energy by "nesting" and preparing...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I picked up my car last night. I was very concerned about quality because of many of the posts here about problems on delivery. This is my second Model S, and it is as perfect as the first. No problems with scratches, dings, dirt, poorly crafted seats - nothing. The car is flawless and has...
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    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    All sold, thanks!
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    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    3 of 4 now sold. Get the last one before it is too late!
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    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    Keep in mind, this is possibly cheaper than many repair jobs for curb rash. Certainly, it is a more elegant and clean solution if you have a scuffed wheel.
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    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    1 sold, 3 left. C'mon, you know you want the peace of mind of a spare!
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    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    Have you ever worried about a flat leaving you stuck until you can get your tire replaced? Wouldn't it be nice to have a full-size spare that fit your Model S perfectly? I have four of the original Tesla double spoke wheels with center caps for sale. No curb rash! Mount any tire you like...
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    The best 85D ever, 2015 $68K 16,800miles

    Price drop to $66,000! Can you believe it? It is your lucky day.
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    The best 85D ever, 2015 $68K 16,800miles

    The deal fell through! Your prayers have been answered! Yes, this beauty is back on the market. Please form a single file line as you make your offers. The management appreciates your cooperation.
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    The best 85D ever, 2015 $68K 16,800miles

    Offer has been tentatively accepted. Still some details to work out.
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    The best 85D ever, 2015 $68K 16,800miles

    When you backyard looks like this in the winter, you need a "D". Yes this photo was taken near my backyard last winter. PM sent.
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    The best 85D ever, 2015 $68K 16,800miles

    You know, Model S is a pretty great car. Way better than those garbage German cars we used to drive. Remember the leaking steering racks, the broken fuel pumps, turbo failure, the leaky air suspension, the vanos grenade? Remember that feeling in your stomach when you got a call from the...
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    Test Driving in Salt Lake City

    I have an 85D in Orem available for test drive too. I will send a PM.
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    Upset with lack of communication

    I apologize if I offended you. For what it is worth, I am not wealthy. Far from it. I am just a believer in saving up and I have a phobia of debt. I will try to keep those opinions to myself from now on!
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    Upset with lack of communication

    Let me also chime in with two points that may be controversial: 1. I don't see any problem with paying the invoice before delivery. I'm not sure Tesla cares too much or is hurt too much by your withholding payment. A customer's decision to not pay for the car until delivery is unlikely to...
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    Tesla P85 Wrapped in Matte Gray

    That looks amazing! Beautiful work.
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    Utah Tesla Owners

    85D, the car I was hoping to test drive. It took a little faith to purchase one without every driving it, but the gamble paid off.
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    Utah Tesla Owners

    Never mind on the request for a test drive. I just bought one instead. Great so far.
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    basic 70d anyone?

    I have an 85D with no options besides the kid's seats in the back. I love it. There are plenty of options in this well appointed car without all the extra cash. I came from a top-of-the-line BMW M car and I am delighted to say I don't miss a thing about that car. My "base" Model S is light...
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    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    Happy to report all is well. I am a paranoid idiot - worried over nothing as usual. Took delivery of a beautiful car in beautiful new condition. Not a scratch. I asked for no detailing and have had a good time working on it myself. Taking detailing off the service center's plate apparently...
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    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    Thanks, Anthony. The car hit the ground there Tuesday afternoon about 3pm. When I talked with them yesterday, they would not give me a day or a time for pickup. They said 'maybe Friday, maybe next week - we will contact you'. - - - Updated - - - Good call. Thanks. I just contacted them...
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    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    This is a new car. Finished production last week. It better be ready to be sold!
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    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    Good ideas. I will see if I can get out of work early enough tomorrow to make that happen. It is an hour drive for me, so a little tough to swing. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my Model S. The wait is as bad as everyone said it would be. My car was recently delivered to my service center. I hoped that would mean that it would soon be available to pick up. After 24 hours of radio silence from the service center, I hounded them until I...
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    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    Was anyone else ever able to duplicate that 3.86 0-60 time for the 85D? Seems amazing. Maybe slightly too amazing.
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    Utah Tesla Owners

    Hello Utah Tesla Owners, I am glad to have found this forum. It has answered many of my questions about driving a Tesla and raised a few others. I am a few weeks away from placing my order for a Model S. I have struggled to decide between ordering a P85D and and 85D. As you probably know...

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