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    Tesla screwed us

    I'm still waiting for another price drop before i get a Model Y. Maybe after march =P
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    J1772 to Tesla Adapter + J1772 CapturePro Unplug Lock

    replied, sorry i have notifications turned off so i didn't see
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    2018 Tesla Model S Next Gen Seats with Headrest Adjustment Black Textile - Excellent Condition

    you'll have to ask other people on the forum, but from my understanding is you need a different harness adapter to make it work. i think someone here sells the adapter
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    J1772 to Tesla Adapter + J1772 CapturePro Unplug Lock

    $75 shipped Sold my vehicle, I have an extra J1772 to Tesla Adapter. Also included is a Tesla J1772 lock. If you use this, people can't unplug you at public charging stations. Free Shipping included. Pick it up from me in La Verne, CA for a $8 discount
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    2018 Tesla Model S Next Gen Seats with Headrest Adjustment Black Textile - Excellent Condition

    i got them off a wrecked car, i installed them myself, it was pretty easy
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    2018 Tesla Model S Next Gen Seats with Headrest Adjustment Black Textile - Excellent Condition

    I replaced my front & rear seats with the ultra white seats - These are coming out of my 2018 car with the adjustable headrests. Includes everything needed to swap your car out to the newer seats. If you are trying to install these on your older vehicle, i've been told all you need a different...
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    2018 Tesla Model S 75D - 32,800 Miles - Clean Title

    thanks, yeah. i just got it wrapped a year ago too, so i'm still really liking the color. Trying to buy a house and i've been told to trim down my vehicles or they wont approve my loan :(
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    2018 Tesla Model S 75D - 32,800 Miles - Clean Title

    PRICE: $54950 2018 Tesla Model S 75D for sale Mileage: 32,800 - 238 miles at 100% Still has the bumper to bumper 4 year 50k miles warranty, along with the 8 years unlimited mile battery & drive unit Clean Title - No Accidents - VIN: 5YJSA1E25JF280748 Options & Customs list: Autopilot 2.5 Ultra...
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    CHAdeMO Adapter for Sale (SoCal)

    i'll take it, also in OC
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    Looking to takeover lease Model 3, SoFL

    https://www.swapalease.com/lease/Tesla/Model-3/search.aspx?zip=91750 check out this site, seems theres plenty to fit your needs. EDIT: they all have pretty big down payments though, careful with that. shows between $350-500 but they all require like a 4000-10000 down.
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    Looking to takeover lease Model 3, SoFL

    curious to know how much people are paying for a model 3 lease, i remember them not being very favorable vs buying
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    WTB Refreshed Model S 21in Arachnids

    you mean the one that is $4500 option you have to add?
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    Titan 7 T-S5 Forged Split 5-Spoke Wheels and Tires - Model S Fitment - Staggered

    whats the weight on each wheel and what wheel width are you using
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    2020 Tesla Model X Cracked/Bent Front Left 22” Wheel

    downsize to a 21" is probably your best bet
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    FS: Model Y 21" Uberturbines with tires 4k miles

    AND it comes with TPMS sensor? thats a steal! people need to stop taking it out of the wheel when they sell it, dismounting the tire and remounting with new tpms cost like half of the cost of new tpms sensor
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    21” model s grey turbine wheels for sale

    came here to warn that too. dont put these on an X
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    Tesla Part Out! SOCAL

    what car are these even for..? every item sounds very vague sounds like it can be used to describe any vehicle.
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    How would you evaluate a for sale tesla here?

    tesla will not give you the history
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    Q: How much should I offset 4x Wheel sale for 1 curbed rim?

    the cost plus a little more in my opinion, because going to the hassle of finding someone to do it and take it there is time spent = money
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    Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    these would look nice on a model 3, wheels are already off too so you can put the correct wheel.
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    WTB- MS P100D/100D

    i'm looking to buy one too. group buy?
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    Impression of the Porsche Taycan

    But elon himself tweeted last year that he's open to the idea of other manufacturers taking them up on the idea, so we know with 100% absolute certainty that elon wants it, but no one has taken him up on the offer (a manufacturer), so i think the route now is to bypass the manufacturers and...
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    Impression of the Porsche Taycan

    l think this will rapidly change in the following few years in the influx of new vehicles with CCS coming to market as we speak. once the cars are there the chargers will follow as well. Tesla is just one company, theres going to be tens of new companies popping up. ranging from mom&pop charging...
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    Impression of the Porsche Taycan

    https://www.tesmanian.com/blogs/tesmanian-blog/teslas-plans-to-open-a-supercharger-network-for-all-evs-are-becoming-clearer Probably before FSD Level 5, since thats more of a pipe dream than opening up superchargers to generate revenue would be.
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    Impression of the Porsche Taycan

    news today says elon is opening superchargers to anyone, just need to download adapter and tesla app. i'll buy an Etron and just primarily use tesla superchargers
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    Impression of the Porsche Taycan

    i'm a tesla devotee, I'm on my THIRD model S, and my god i want the taycan so bad. i dont think there will be a 4th, as long as i can find a used taycan thats reasonable. i may actually use my tesla stock gains for it because im not confident anymore tesla only gone downhill from here.
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    Greetings. Yeah, my first post is about uncorking. Sorry!

    became standard 2018 on, before 2017 you had to option it with a glass roof, after 2018 it doesn't matter anymore because there was no non-glass roof cars, only option after that is the one that can open
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    Value of 2012 Model S Signature P85 w/out working battery

    core charge is still too expensive, i wouldn't mind if i was given $60k for my core. until then, i'll wait till one day i can get a 100kw battery for $15k
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    HOW TO: Replace Headlights in Refresh (2016+) Model S

    imo this should be stickied because... the chance of someone needing this in the near future is VERY high. dare i say.. 100%
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    Value of 2012 Model S Signature P85 w/out working battery

    i hope when i do need a new battery i can get a 100-140kw replacement battery on my 2018 75D for $15k.
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    WTT Model S 19” Slipstreams for 21” Turbines

    you'd need to put different tires on the 20" slipstreams, its too meaty for the model S
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    Model S Battery Replacement

    we're talking about a different scenario here. 2012 was release year. you had to put a HUGE deposit on an unknown car company to even get a spot in line at that time. (or was it you had to pay the whole amount to preorder?) which is why i made the joke about going to vacation at monte carlo and...
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    Most Reliable Model S Handles? Gen 3 vs Rebuilt

    you can still open the door from the inside...
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    Battery life changing at home

    i've heard of this, the charger forgets what the max limit is and will just keep charging. should be ok as long as you remove before it gets to 320 miles, after that the computer will get confused
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    agreed. this is the only reason i dont have a taycan on the drive way. as soon as someone figures out the charging (lets say for example Shell decides to convert all gas stations to have charging stations as well) my model S is getting the boot. tesla's quality control shenanigans are turning me...
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    that is exactly how tesla should have marketed it, rate for 300 strive for 340. the complaints are warranted
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    Battery life changing at home

    aye, its quite the opposite, fast is worst than slow. with that being said, at slow chargers waste alot more energy than fast chargers due to the car needing to run alot of components for the charge but the charge is only at 15A so it will take awhile for it to complete
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    i was loaned a taycan for the weekend. easily did almost 300 miles in the 200 rated miles. my model S can't get anywhere near the EPA range even brand new and babying the pedal. theres more than meets the eye for the taycan and hopefully will translate to the audi line. over promise under...
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    Model S Battery Replacement

    honestly either way.. the chance of this car being DELIVERED February 8 years ago is uh... 1%? what scenario would cause a brand new hot car to sit for 2 months before delivery.. the owner was vacationing in monte carlo? he forgot he bought a car that he put a huge deposit on?
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    Access E-mail

    terrible way to do any actual productivity other than checking things in a pinch. the browser is not as good as a semi-recent phone or tablet (last 3 years)
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    WTB: Model X silver or blue only

    wrap it. make it your own
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    WTB - Model X - 6 Seater(black), maybe 2016-2018

    prices will be the same or higher than tesla used car site because of a terrible experience trying to buy used from tesla is. everyone here knows you are better off buying from a 3rd party dealer or private sale so you actually know what you are buying. tesla cars are not CPO'd anymore, they are...
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    Looking for something $55k or below, X, S, or Y in PNW

    you should narrow down to what you are looking for in your tesla, otherwise you're going to get bombarded with anything and everything.
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    Partial Swap: Silver 21" Arachnid Wheels

    are your tires wearing out unevenly? my 75d tires front & rear are wearing out evenly, nullifying the need for a square setup
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    2016+ Model S White Interior

    is that price shipped?
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    2016 75D Throwing up lots of errors, won't engage drive

    sounds like a drive unit issue. you still have drive unit warranties for 8 years even in europe right?
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    WTB: 2016.5+ Tesla Model S P100D

    ok i'll bite, why do you need that specific model year
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    For Sale: 2021 MS 19” tempest wheels

    i thiink this is debatable, rims can be interchangeable with wheel in my opinon, but i know some people draw a hard line on rims - wheels. the one that threw me off was definitely "they are brand new, only have 100 miles on them", which is something you say you sell used tires.. which have...