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    Service Center Charge Concern

    Sorry you've had this experience, very normal with Tesla sadly. I'd suggest driving down there and biting the bullet. Awful situation but they will likely NOT make it right if the battery rots. Have you tried contacting other Tesla numbers? I heard something off hand about the roadside being...
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    V2 or V3?

    150kw is v2. 120kw is earlier v2 or v1 (I'm not 100% sure on this), but there are very few v1s out there 72kw are urban superchargers that do not split the charge, more info: Tesla unveils new 'urban' Supercharger with a slower dedicated charge rate - Electrek "Though the capacity of current...
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    V2 or V3?

    If you're near v3 will have a thinner cable. Tesla nav will say "Up to 250kw" if it is v3 when you click on the location. You can also go to supercharge.info and click on one and see if power is 250kw.
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    How does the car connect for data?

    The Tesla is similar to a phone where it will use LTE (ATT) or wifi if you connect to an open network. Updates are only done over Wifi unless it's a critical update, even if you have premium connectivity. Navigation comes standard over LTE that Tesla pays for. But if you want detailed maps...
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    Is the insane lack of email responses/customer service I am experiencing common?

    The customer service is a joke and it's a joke how it is continued to be handled. Elon said many moons that it was his top priority, obviously not. Companies of all sizes handle are able to remedy these scaling issues within a reasonable amount of time. I personally have not done it but I've...
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    X free charging , will it return.

    No problem, you'll love the X! Fyi the wall connector is rated to be outside so you'll have no problem with it. I currently have mine outside and highly suggest it over a slower charge: Wall Connector
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    X free charging , will it return.

    It is worth pennies when you compare it to the Model X price. Unless you're doing 300+ miles a day everyday forever then it's simply something to just not care about. I've had my Tesla for 1.5 years and I've only supercharged 54 times for ~$200.
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    With so many quality issues after delivery - how many people are actually happy with their car?

    Tesla is selling thousands of cars, the silent majority love their cars. You only see a very, very small percentage of people with outstanding problems. If at delivery you find things you can refuse the car or get the problems fixed.
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    Tesla Model Y delivered.

    Welcome!! My tips: always pay attention to the road, even when on AP and to only charge to 80% unless you need 100% for a road trip.
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    How to take safe delivery with cv-19

    It is totally up to you and what you think is safe. Personally I think the Lysol will ruin the new car smell, and I'm not sure if Tesla would appreciate it sitting in their lot for a long period of time. *If* I was going to pick up a car during this time I would drive it home, not touch my...
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    Camera Fogging Up

    The front camera fogging is not normal, get that fixed. I'd suggest grabbing a few pictures from the outside to show service. For the rear my 3 has a bit of limited view (from the top similar to yours) but it's not as covered as yours.
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    Emergency Road Service Charging

    Welcome! You will not run out of charge if you follow directions and charge when told to. If you do happen to run out you'd have to get towed to the nearest charger. I'd suggest using abetterrouteplanner.com to figure your route out.
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    Model 3 Delivery Position Transfer

    There is no Model 3 delivery positions. If there were some sort of back log any reservation or order is non-transferable.
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    Premium Connectivity...?

    Try a different card or make a service appointment through the app. They should be able to fix it remotely or text you details.
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    Are your side and rear view mirrors too dark at night?

    I wish it were more dim, and that it could be enabled on demand. I know I could get a tint to "fix" this, but I prefer sunglasses.
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    I really hate the wiper controls

    I do have to agree that the windshield wiper has a lot to be desired. Though I mainly only notice when it comes to speed and not so much the fog. My rear defroster usually gets rid of fog within 2-3 minutes and during that time I can use my side mirrors. Also after 8 months I still have not got...
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    Heated mirrors?

    The mirrors heat up with the defroster button (rightmost one). My driver side mirror defroster was not working a few releases ago, but works fine now.
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    Financing Application Error

    Do you have a credit freeze active?
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    Rental Reimbursement for Car Pickup

    I received a one way car rental (190 miles) in March 2019. It was a whole mess to get reimbursed properly though.
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    apologies if this has been asked/answered already

    For $200 you might as well do it right and install a $500 J1172 instead and use the official adapter only (for your car). Using 3rd party adapters or cheaper options with high amounts of energy is something I'd personally not recommend.
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    apologies if this has been asked/answered already

    Tesla to J1772 is $95 from Tesla: SAE J1772 Charging Adapter
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    High pitched whine in Reverse?

    Do you have a video of it? Could it be the break pads?
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    Advice for Autopilot and hand fatigue

    Not saying this as condescending: If you ever have some down time you should check out the manual. It is very readable surprisingly and contains a ton of random tricks like tapping the speed sign on the screen while on AP will change your AP speed to the speed limit.
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    Advice for Autopilot and hand fatigue

    The wheel responds to resistance not pressure. Next time try to apply a small amount of force (be careful not to overseer) in either direction of the wheel (like you're turning, but only slight) to quiet the warning.
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    Long Road Trips. My Experience and Why Tesla's are Currently Unfit.

    Sorry this happened to you. I'd suggest carrying a shovel in the trunk.
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    Check My Reasoning: Big Highway = Easier Driving

    What is your reasoning? The number of lanes of a highway? That's personal preference the Model 3 will perform the same either route.
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    Environmental Impact of Battery/Car Production

    There's really good information from (many) years ago: The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me) Though I personally would not recommend arguing over this, but that's me.
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    Can we teach the car correct pronunciations for contacts?

    I have no experience so no definite tips since it's probably the voice to text not acting reliable. I would suggest changing the persons name to something like "Coleton {last name}" to see if it will auto correct based on last name. Else just change their name to "Colton" in the phone for more...
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    Do you guys actually precondition your car for one hour every morning for cold weather?

    I have a longer than normal commute so I'll usually charge from 90->95% when I wake up if it's cold outside (45 mins before leaving) and pre-heat the cabin for 10 minutes before. I think they only suggest the hour long pre-heat so that full regen is added but you usually get that back within...
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    Picking up my SR+ on Monday, What charge level should I expect it to be at?

    No you should not, but you should have plenty of charge to get to the nearest supercharger.
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    Key FOB

    Check the production date of your car by looking on the sticker inside the driver side door. Also you can check if you have adaptive suspension damping option. “ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION DAMPING: Choose from STANDARD or SPORT to adjust the feel of the suspension system. STANDARD provides a softer...
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    Key FOB

    You're probably auto locking the car instead of using the fob meaning the fob is not paired. Follow this guide (model x is very similar) to pair your fob: Model 3 Key Fob "How do I pair my Key Fob?"
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    Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

    What is the problem we're looking at? The grey?
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    Stop the beep

    Controls > Locks > Walk-Away DoorLock
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    Rear fender scrape - how bad is this going to be

    Do all the sensors and AP still work? If so it's just a paint job. Otherwise they'll have to replace it.
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    How do you unlock the car without open your phone when walk up to your car?

    Make sure the Tesla app has background access & battery optimization is off: Pixel 2XL phone as a phone key issues : TeslaModel3 and while googling this guide looked interesting and looks applicable to oneplus: How to turn off background restriction on the OnePlus devices | Android - FAQ
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    Calabasas supercharger

    People have been discussing it here: Supercharger - Calabasas CA (NOT BUILT, Tesla crates arrived Jan 2018 and removed May 2019) Sounds like something political, or not able to get a reasonable lease/agreement on land.
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    Bloomberg tracker has been retired

    Looks like they're moving to customer service surveys, got this email today: Can't wait to be apart of the Model Y rollout!
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    Speed limit problem

    Are you able to move the speed manually to the desired speed limit? There's a setting under "Autopilot" and it's probably set to -5 (not sure if this is possible, check it).
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    Supercharger Speed

    It depends on your state of charge. You will only be getting the 120kw if your battery is below 40% (or more). As far as I know the 145kw has not gone out to all super chargers yet.
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    Where are VIN numbers now?

    I have a 190k VIN that was manufactured in January and delivered late last month.
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    Model 3 insurance in Michigan?

    I'm 22 and ended up with $197 with Progressive for a MR Model 3 clean driving record. I also did get an insane rate similar to yours from State Farm with 7 cars on my parents plan of 25+ years. I do not think you have any other option unless you forgo some coverage which you shouldn't do. I...
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    Northern Lake Superior Superchargers

    Every known planned supercharger site can be found here: supercharge.info There's one for Terrace Bay, ON Mid-Canada Superchargers And one for Nipigon, ON Mid-Canada Superchargers There's probably lots more information in that thread linked above.
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    What is the per kW cost at SuperChargers in the NYC metro area?

    From the Tesla supercharging support page Supercharging $ 0.26 per minute above 60 kW $ 0.13 per minute at or below 60 kW $ 0.28 per kWh
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    Requesting Tesla to approve a Destination Charger, or at least the signage

    How did you contact them? I thought they removed that program from the website 6+ months ago. If the hotel is willing to cover the entire costs they can just buy destination chargers from the website and have them installed themselves.
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    Supercharger access prior to account activation?

    I've never seen a supercharger deny someone. If the car truly has unlimited supercharging for the duration of the vehicles life then you should have no problem. You do not need to authenticate with the app because supercharging is between you and your car. I'd suggest finding a Level 2 charger...
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    Tesla brings back free supercharging...

    I really think Tesla should bring back unlimited supercharging for S/X permanently and give it to all owners of them. I think it would be a great feature for the S/X compared to the 3. Instead create limits on superchargers to prevent congestion such as creating a queue for supercharging and...
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    Signature HPWC - Southeast MI - $500

    I have a Signature HPWC in box unopened, $500. I prefer local pickup but will also accept a prepaid label with Paypal fees paid ~$515.24 from a verified Paypal.
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    Tesla Solar not compatible with built up roofing?

    Your friend probably had the roof installed before Tesla officially bought Solarcity and/or had their policy changed. It could be due to safety, installation methods, or any other sort of reason. The sales advisors are trying to actively sell these systems and would not lead you astray. It is...
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    Broken Window Twice Within Two Weeks

    You can order this from Tesla and get it installed, assuming you have a Model S/X: Model S Enhanced Anti-theft Otherwise there's really nothing else you can do besides get a license plate and have police deal with it. e. You can also try to buy just decal stickers that say the car is equipped...

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