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  1. Maryland

    I'm starting to doubt I'll be getting an electric truck.....

    I'm going to wait until midway through 2022 before I entertain moving on from the CT. Even before the announced delay, we all kind of knew we'd have to wait around that long anyway. By that time, we should have a better estimate on how much longer it'll take to hit production. I really don't...
  2. Maryland

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    Hopefully they feel some pressure to get things rolling by 2022 because being one of the last ones to hit the market with an electric truck will hurt their sales compared to if they were first or close to first. Man this sucks. I mean I know Elon is always overly optimistic (or outright lying)...
  3. Maryland

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    I could just as well get a Y or S, but there's a few reasons the CT stands out. Seats 4 comfortably; 5 or 6 in a pinch. 500 mile range: reduces range anxiety. Thrilling 2.9 second 0-60. AWD. Can handle some casual off-roading or bad weather. Air suspension. Looks cool, unique. Should be safe...
  4. Maryland

    what version of cybertruck dual or tri motor will be produced 1st?

    If they want to produce high-revenue models first, then that's probably why the dual and tri-motor models are slated to be first off the line in late 2021 while the single-motor is projected for late 2022. That said, I am curious to know if performance models were produced first for other...
  5. Maryland

    Have ordered - but interior concerns..

    I only accept genuine Corinthian leather endorsed by Ricardo Montalbán himself.
  6. Maryland

    Jumping the line

    Does Tesla prioritize making sure their dealer showrooms have a floor model to show? Just wondering how soon I will get to see the CT in-person after completed vehicles start rolling out of the factory. (don't feel like making a thread for such a basic question so I asked it here)
  7. Maryland

    Cancelled Y Reservation for S Long Range

    The price drop on the S was enticing to me as well. I couldn't seriously consider it before it dropped under 70k. I've still got a MYP on order, but I'm going to delay delivery until after the Cybertruck comes out because I think I might want that instead. Incredible performance and range at...
  8. Maryland

    Add FSD today, remove later?

    If I change my order will I lose my early ‘spot’ in line? RN seems to stay the same
  9. Maryland

    Cybertruck delivery price

    That's how previous model releases worked? Just curious because I wasn't interested in Tesla back then, so I wasn't paying attention. Do you (or anyone else reading) happen to know how many preorders for previous models actually followed through to become real orders? I'm also curious how many...
  10. Maryland

    Cybertruck delivery price

    Preordering doesn't work like a line? First-come, first-served?
  11. Maryland

    Hummer EV

    Here's hoping some of those Cybertruck preorders in front of me opt for this or something else instead :D
  12. Maryland

    Is the Model Y the best choice if you have a dog?

    Somewhat related, I'm actually interested in the Cybertruck for the way the liftgate turns into a ramp. I think it'd be nice for my old dog with her bad joints. Would have to make it grippier back there though.
  13. Maryland

    Came across an antique EV

    Renault Lectric Leopard, circa late 70s / early 80s All about RENAULT 5 :: LECTRIC LEOPARD Pass by this car on my lunch break whenever I go for a walk, but it was always parked in his/her driveway. Finally pulled it out for all to see. Glad to see it still runs. It's licensed too.
  14. Maryland

    From A Ford Raptor to Tri-Motor Cybertruck - Anyone Else?

    The devil in me wants to convince anyone on the fence to not get a Cybertruck just so there's one fewer person ahead of me on the list.
  15. Maryland

    Decoding the Reservation Number

    Tri-motor. No FSD. Ordered October 1, 2020. Corrected position: 738,205. Estimated delivery: September 2023. Well I hope that's not accurate lol.
  16. Maryland

    Decoding the Reservation Number

    Are you from the future? (I know what you mean though)
  17. Maryland

    Decoding the Reservation Number

    I placed my reservation yesterday evening. RN114015545. No FSD, tri-motor. Going to be hard to wait. Mostly because I'm nursing a blown head gasket in my commuter car. Gotta keep topping it off, though it's not as bad now that it's cool out. Then I'll eagerly trade it in when the time comes...
  18. Maryland

    Height of step-in?

    That's exciting to hear. Might be doable... I wish I could see for myself, like, now. lol. I'd like to know so that I can just get the Y if the CT won't work. If I want to get the CT instead of the Y, is there any chance Tesla would give me my $100 deposit back, even as an accessories credit...
  19. Maryland

    Height of step-in?

    I kind of figured out an estimate on my own. Maybe it'll help someone else. Ground clearance is 16", but it can lower 4" with the adjustable air suspension. So the bottom of the vehicle is 12" when fully lowered. I'm estimating around 3 feet from ground to seat after looking at the various...
  20. Maryland

    How Did Evannex Know?

    Do you think the eyes of the White Tower are blind?
  21. Maryland

    Acceleration Boost option for Model Y available?

    Then repeat as necessary
  22. Maryland

    Acceleration Boost option for Model Y available?

    Did they ever release a Ludacris mode for the 3? I know about the one for the old S P85D and P90D. That was like $10k right? That'd be too steep for me.
  23. Maryland

    Performance Boost Available

    I'll probably keep the PUP that I have on order the same, but I can definitely see where someone else in the same position would buy a LR instead and opt for this upgrade for a budget performance upgrade. I hope they offer something similar for the PUP.
  24. Maryland

    Delivery Day - Model Y LR!

    Maybe it's the reflection in the pic, but the window sill on the rear D/S door seems to be disjointed with the sill of the window behind it. Just wondering if that's the case because I have seen it on a lot of Ys
  25. Maryland

    Height of step-in?

    I'd also really like to know this information. Specifically the seat height at its lowest point with the vehicle lowered all of the way.
  26. Maryland

    New upgrade option as of 9/19

    I'm noticing this as well. Kind of annoying because there are reasons I'd like it to be included in the purchase price.
  27. Maryland

    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    I was mildly interested in FSD for the features that EAP offers, but I wasn't crazy about paying for city driving features that I'd never use or need, so it's a no-brainer for me. That summon feature is huge for me as a handicapped driver. It allows me to park anywhere. With my current old car...
  28. Maryland

    Denied Delivery

    That's an easy decline for me. Who wants to pay 55k+ for a car that looks awful. You'd be taking a big leap of faith in the SC fixing an array of issues correctly and in a timely fashion. Save yourself the time and headaches and get one that's better from the get-go.
  29. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    If anyone wants to buy an antique: https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/817835305/overview/ VIN: 000249
  30. Maryland

    3 Reasons Not to get the White Interior

    That looks really annoying. Although, like you mentioned, there are kits for covering that up. A lot of people go with a carbon fiber look 3M vinyl sticker.
  31. Maryland

    Is it known that Tesla will release a winter wheel package?

    The stock wheels for the MY are all somewhere between average to ugly imo. Other models have fine-looking wheels though. I wish Tesla would offer steel wheels. Then I wouldn't feel bad about replacing/upgrading them.
  32. Maryland

    Deciding to Delay Delivery until Battery Day

    And this is only somewhat related, but I'm really hoping for an option for air suspension to come out soon. Sandy Munro demonstrated in his tear-down that Tesla seemed to engineer room for an air suspension system in the Model Y. Here's hoping that will be announced on Battery Day, though I have...
  33. Maryland

    Deciding to Delay Delivery until Battery Day

    I raised a similar question today, asking when the 2021 model year MYs will be available. He said January 2021, though that seemed to conflict with information I had read on here. But like @Quorky said before, I'd be skeptical of anything that a salesperson has to say. Even though these people...
  34. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Did they remove the VIN though? I still see a VIN and a delivery date.
  35. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Frustratingly, it looks like I was re-matched with the same car again. Was notified on Thursday about setting up a delivery date. VIN assigned same day. Found out on Friday that the VIN was March 8. Told them I wasn't interested. Sales rep. said he'd remove the VIN from my account. On...
  36. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Regarding that March 8 MY they tried to sell me, I went and had a look myself since I happened to be in the area. Wasn't horrible looking by my standards, but it wasn't great either. I couldn't really look at the passenger's side or the notorious hatch hinge area because I couldn't fit back...
  37. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    You're on the wrong side of Baltimore I'm afraid. It was coming from Alexandria, VA, I was told. Might still be loaded up on a truck headed here as we speak for all I know. Hell, now that I've declined it, you can probably place an order for a blue/black PUP and I'm sure they'll bring it right...
  38. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I actually might have considered it if they knocked down the price a few thousand, but I didn't think they would be interested anyway.
  39. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Just to follow up with this, I called and found out that I was being matched up with a vehicle that was "born" on March 8. I said I wasn't interested, and the salesperson was understanding of that and said he'd unmatch me from that vehicle. I suppose I'm now at the back of the line. At least I...
  40. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I have not talked to any salespeople, but I'll call them up tomorrow. Come to think of it, there was a new MY exactly like the one I ordered sitting on their lot when I visited a couple weeks ago (I visited on a whim; just wanted to see how bad these QC issues really were). It was awful...
  41. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I mean I hope for my sake I'm not getting an early build lol, that would really disappoint me. Guess I'll check the tail lights and whatever else I can from the outside.
  42. Maryland

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Seems like my VIN is really low for some reason. 5YJYGDEF4LF001760 Am I just reading it wrong? Everyone else's is in the 30k's or 40k's, it seems. Ordered Aug. 15, VIN and delivery date both assigned today. Blue/Black/PUP
  43. Maryland

    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Literally as I was browsing this thread a few minutes ago, I received a text to schedule my delivery for next week. Location: Owings Mills, Maryland Ordered: 8/15 Scheduled delivery: 9/10 Options: Blue/Black/Performance Still no VIN. Hadn't received any communication from Tesla until just now.
  44. Maryland

    What is different mechanically between the MY LR and the PUP powertrains?

    I understand the increased performance in terms of the specifications (faster 0-60; higher top-end speed), and I understand that the PUP comes with different wheels, different brakes, lowered suspension, and a little spoiler (and probably other little things I'm forgetting). However, I couldn't...
  45. Maryland

    Stealth Performance VIN Assignment Waiting Room

    So it's essentially just the added ability to go fast? How much did that cost?
  46. Maryland

    Stealth Performance VIN Assignment Waiting Room

    What is meant by "stealth"? It's related to the performance package?
  47. Maryland

    Tesla service center work conditions

    Yeah, that's not just Tesla. I worked at Jones Junction and it was the same way. Summertime = doors open and fans blowing.
  48. Maryland

    Question about buying a used Tesla with a bad Li-ion battery

    I think I've been talked out of it at this point. It's an enticing gamble, but one I can't afford to lose. I'll just pay a few thousand more and get one that I know to work. Plus my current car is drinking coolant because the head gasket is going (typical for a Subaru), so I probably shouldn't...
  49. Maryland

    Question about buying a used Tesla with a bad Li-ion battery

    I suppose I'll low-ball them on Monday instead of simply saying I'm not interested lol. But yeah, 25k is definitely too low. Fact is they could put this car to auction and receive way more, even as a parts car (which it is not).
  50. Maryland

    Question about buying a used Tesla with a bad Li-ion battery

    I suppose I just needed to be talked out of a bad decision lol. Honestly I'm just going by what the dealer is saying. Didn't occur to me it could be MCU failure. The car does drive, and the doors do unlock. Maybe it is the MCU like you're saying. It does seem weird that sitting for 3+ weeks...

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