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  1. araxara

    My experience with 500 miles on my one month old Cyber Truck

    Yes, TACC is working just fine. I also turned on the stop on red/green lights beta and it works fine too. Also, when having a navigation point set, the truck will slow down when approaching a turn. There was a small camera calibration that happened when I first picked it up. Maybe your camera...
  2. araxara

    My experience with 500 miles on my one month old Cyber Truck

    I'm not sure what you are expecting from "cruise control", but there is Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC), which gives you "everything" except auto-steer and lane changing. The is no Navigate on Autopilot.
  3. araxara

    Now my car slows when approaching a green light!

    All my Teslas have FSD, except the Cybertruck which still has the same TACC as you. In any case there is an option in the Autopilot menu called "Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta)". You need to turn that off.
  4. araxara

    Grey line in Visualization

    It’s telling you which direction the car will be traveling. You’ll notice it will follow the road if there is a turn. This reassures you that the car will not go over the lines. The color, as you noticed, changes with FSD. In FSD the line will tell you which direction, for example, the car will...
  5. araxara

    vinfast now on tesla supercharger network... wtf...

    I didn't watch the whole thing, but with Google translations, they mentioned that the station opened in 2023 for all cars to be able to charge. When they switched to English, they mentioned that they were at a Magic Dock Station. So I would think any car with CCS1 could charge there.
  6. araxara

    FSD free trial… I’m convinced

    I'm not sure where these problems you are having are occurring, but if you think you are using FSD on the highway, then you're not: The highway driving is still being handled by the old V11 stack.
  7. araxara

    FSD 12.3.3 Phantom braking

    Per the release notes: FSD (Supervised) v12 upgrades the city-streets driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300k lines of explicit C++ code. Notice it says it upgrades the city-streets driving stack.
  8. araxara

    FSD 12.3.3 Phantom braking

    Although you may have the latest Version 12 FSD software, the software stack for the highway driving is still using the old V11 software stack.
  9. araxara

    Model X door no longer open fully automatically without USS (ultra-sonic sensors)?

    There were never any sensors on the driver or passenger doors. Case in point: If you parked next to a pole that was by your driver's door, the doors would hit the poll (ask me how I know!) They were relying on the falcon door sensors to detect things such as vehicles. Here is an old YouTube...
  10. araxara

    Vision-only Auto Park is finally here

    You need to get, because the auto parking is the "new" version. Today I used it to park by backing in between a car and a parking line. It did the maneuver in 1 smooth motion, temporarily pausing to allow some pedestrians to pass. I had just downloaded today after having 12.3...
  11. araxara

    Can the end user place a Tesla Model Y into "Service mode"

    For questions like this, I would recommend using something like bard.google.com, which says: Yes, Tesla end users can put their cars into service mode. However, it is not recommended to do so unless you are familiar with the car's systems and know what you are doing. Service mode can disable...
  12. araxara

    Model X door no longer open fully automatically without USS (ultra-sonic sensors)?

    Summon currently does not work. I suppose they will use Tesla Vision for door fully opening and for summon.
  13. araxara

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I would recommend doing that. My M3 was just under the 4 year warranty and the battery failed (sulfur smell) without warning. Replaced under warranty. You may want to check to see how much Tesla charges. I remember that it wasn't hard to remove the battery, but not trivial. Usually, though, you...
  14. araxara

    XM Radio cuts out after update

    Yes, same here. Same software. 2023 HW4 Model X. I remember I had this problem a long time ago on my 2019 Model X. At least this bug causes the audio and station to come back. On the 2019 Model X, the hardware would get stuck And require a reboot.
  15. araxara

    How to confirm if this 2016 MX includes FSD?

    You say this is a 2016 Model X? That was the first year they were made (I had one). They came with some basic autopilot software/hardware from MobileEye. They did have auto steering capability, but did not have the side and repeater cameras — just the front cameras and radar.
  16. araxara

    New Construction Solar Roof?

    I'm building a custom home with a pitched roof, and I initially wanted to use Tesla Roof Tiles. I paid the $100 deposit and got an estimate, but my project wasn't advanced enough to provide building drawings at that time. About six months later, Tesla told me that they no longer offered Roof...
  17. araxara

    USS on X gone as well?

    Yes, USS is "gone" on Model X and Model S. Here is a thread where it talks about the lack of USS affecting full auto opening of the Model X doors: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-x-door-no-longer-open-fully-automatically-without-uss-ultra-sonic-sensors.298062/
  18. araxara

    Model X door no longer open fully automatically without USS (ultra-sonic sensors)?

    If they are so concerned about this, why haven’t they disabled the full door opening on older models? I had a 2019 Model X that I traded in March for a 2023 Model X. The 2019 model had no problems opening the doors fully. The lack of USS sensors on the newer models is also an excuse. The newer...
  19. araxara

    When will I get FSD for Model X Plaid

    See https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/hw4-fsd-beta-update-here.310382/
  20. araxara

    Spectra Photosync Installers

    Check out: https://www.prestige-films.com/dealer-locator/ But this is what I come up with: TLC Auto Detail 106 Oakgrove Rd., Ste. L, Dulles, VA 20166 Phone: (703) 517-8944 Email: [email protected]
  21. araxara

    3-month FSD 'free' on new HW4 cars is useless

    I guess that's better than me, who bought a HW4 Model X in March, and paid for FSD and is still waiting for it to be enabled...
  22. araxara

    Germany bans Cybertruck

    The Article is from December 19, 2019. I think the structure of the Cybertruck has changed since then, but in any case, I would think they need to see a finished sample, before making such a determination.
  23. araxara

    Arizona AFV License Plate

    Yes, but you can only drive in the HOV lane with 1 person using the “ugly” AFV plate. If you don’t care about that, you can go online and order from a selection of dozens of different plates. The AFV plate is bearable if you customize it: See if you can get a 2 character plate. You can use...
  24. araxara

    Getting my M3 to Big Island?

    I asked Bard for you and this is what it said (sorry for the canned response): Hi Nick, I hope this email finds you well. I'm writing to you in response to your query about transporting a Tesla from Honolulu to the Big Island. I've done some research and here are a few options that you might...
  25. araxara

    Model X door no longer open fully automatically without USS (ultra-sonic sensors)?

    At least you can close them when they are fully open, either from inside the vehicle or from outside. It’s some conciliation, although I really miss walking up to the doors, having the doors fully open and being able to just sit down. It seems Tesla is silent on the matter as to if they will put...
  26. araxara

    Bought a model Y that I thought had clean title and found out it was salvage

    Your car's title should reflect if the car is salvaged. You may be able to look up the title online at the DMV website, if you haven't received a physical one. Aside from you looking up the VIN number, you should also be clear as to what the dealer had stated in regards to the salvage status...
  27. araxara

    Tesla solar in Tuscon AZ

    Yes, batteries complicated the issue. I'm building a new house in Saguaro Ranch, which is covered by Trico, they don't really have a Net metering plan any more but a Distributed Generation plan, which doesn't let you "bank" any solar in the current month, but carries it to the next month, where...
  28. araxara

    Tesla solar in Tuscon AZ

    They give me 2.6¢ per kWh as a bill credit.
  29. araxara

    Tesla solar in Tuscon AZ

    Yes. It seems our rates are quite different. You are getting more excess generation credit. Mine have been broken down On/Off peak rates, which are only 2.6¢ vs yours of 8.7¢. But my power supply charges seem too low to believe at 0.81¢. This was my bill from last October, where you can see the...
  30. araxara

    Tesla solar in Tuscon AZ

    They give you "cash back" as a credit to your bill. I think they only pay back about 4¢ per kWh. In my case the cash back last season paid for my base $18/mo charge and I still have about $60 left (which means I "paid" them nothing for electricity). One thing to note about the Net Metering...
  31. araxara

    My Tesla was hit very hard on the front and the side yesterday. What is the best body shop in Tucson that does Tesla work?

    When I put in a service request here in Tucson last November for my Model Y, the closest place that was available was in Tempe, AZ. The wait time was 3 months to take the car in after I took pictures using the app. I decided that was too long to wait for just a small bumper repair. I was able...
  32. araxara

    Tesla solar in Tuscon AZ

    The only TEP program I know of is Net Metering, which I'm sure you already participate in. I have a 32kW system installed by Solar City (now Tesla) and find Net Metering provides the benefits of a battery backup, without the added cost – of course it's no good in a power failure scenario, but...
  33. araxara

    My Tesla was hit very hard on the front and the side yesterday. What is the best body shop in Tucson that does Tesla work?

    Although I've used Formula 1 in the past for my non-tesla cars, Dan's Paint and Body has been the "official" Tesla repair facility in Tucson since day 1. They are a Tesla approved body shop and before Tesla had a service center in Tucson, they where the place where Tesla would send cars to for...
  34. araxara

    Hubble network (Bluetooth!?)

  35. araxara

    FSD beta not hands-free?

    They also use their knee.
  36. araxara

    Where are the light sensors on the Matrix headlights?

    It uses the cameras in the windshield camera cluster and uses the FSD computer to determine what to do.
  37. araxara

    Arizona AFV License Plate

    If you can get a sticker, you would be OK. But I haven’t seen an AF sticker in over 10 years. I would not know how to ask for one. Some time ago (about 16+ years) they issued an AFV sticker along with your license plate. The sticker looked like it was homemade and was to be affixed on the...
  38. araxara

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    On my 2016 Model X I had the rear tires inside wear until the radial belts showed and a tire blew out. On my 2019 Model X, both the front and rear tire insides wore out first. Now I have a 2023 Model X and just waiting to see what the problem is going to be. In both the previous cases, the tire...
  39. araxara

    How Can I update my iPhone Tesla APP?

    Just to clarify: After searching for the Tesla app, you may see the Tesla app with the word OPEN, but after clicking to view the APP information, it should say UPDATE.
  40. araxara

    Rock Is My Co-Pilot [Using a rock as a steering wheel weight]

    I thought that after the latest few updates the software wouldn’t let you use a weight. I think it wants torque in both directions.
  41. araxara

    Model X door no longer open fully automatically without USS (ultra-sonic sensors)?

    Yes, I noticed this with my newly picked up Model X. It’s funny, but the falcon wing door sensors are there, because it displays obstacles next to the doors. I thought that it was enough with just the falcon wing sensors to fully open the doors. Of course, there were are no sensors in the driver...
  42. araxara

    recs for floor mats

    These mats are also listed under the 2023 Model X 7 Seat: https://www.weathertech.com/tesla/2023/model-x/floorliner-digitalfit/model-x-seating-palladium/7-passenger/ So I would assume they fit
  43. araxara

    recs for floor mats

    I just traded in my 2019 Model X 7-Seat today for a 2023 Model X 7-Seat. I kept the 2019 Tesla all weather mats thinking I could reuse them, but they don’t fit – I took them back to Tesla so they could put them back on the trade-in. I had just gotten some KAGU ALL-WEATHER custom fit floor...
  44. araxara

    Best J1772 adaptor to use with a Tesla Wall Charger

    I have 3 Tesla Wall connectors (at 80A) to charge the various Tesla I have/had. I also own a Lucid Air Dream Edition and a BMW Plug in Hybrid which use J1772. I started with a Lectron connector for the BMW, because the BMW can only charge at 16A, so I didn’t need a higher amperage one. When I...
  45. araxara

    Spontaneous disassembly of the roof?

    There is (was) a sensor there that detects things like a ceiling to prevent the falcon doors from opening too high.
  46. araxara

    Nosecone alternative?

    When I had my 2012 Model S, I painted the nose cone the same as the body color (Metallic brown). I think that’s the best option and much easier and cheaper to do.
  47. araxara

    I removed a seat stain from my black seats with a magic eraser, now it’s slightly lighter than the rest. How do I fix this?

    Or only do that section of the seat. The seam lines will make it look like it belongs.
  48. araxara

    Experiences w/ Spectra Photosync on Pano Roof

    I don’t own or wear polarized glasses, so I don’t know. But if the sun hits the windshield at such an angle as to be parallel to the windshield, there is a little hazing.
  49. araxara

    Experiences w/ Spectra Photosync on Pano Roof

    Although I put PhotoSync all around on all my Teslas, I’ve never put it on top. I didn’t find a need and my latest Model Y seems cool without it (I live in AZ). I have put it on my Lucid Air top glass and have not had any cracking, but the glass formulation could be different than Tesla’s...
  50. araxara

    Will Tesla remove FSD from a used car they are selling in their inventory? [no]

    Whenever a Used Tesla Car crosses the path of the refurbishment/used-arm of Tesla, FSD is removed (or at least it will at some point). This means if you are purchasing directly from the 1st owner, you will be safe in that Tesla will not touch FSD. Used car sold by Tesla will come the way they...