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    Who uses an alternative to Rennstand jack stands for rotating tires and other work on their Tesla?

    To rotate tires (one side at a time), I copy what the Mobile Service person does, slide a jack under the rear mount point and jack up the side, rotate the tires and repeat for the other side. Same method for swapping to snow tires
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    To rotate or not?

    rotating your tires will extend thelife for the tires as a set. the rears will wear faster than the fronts according to the mobile service that did the brake service on MY. At 10k miles, you may not see much difference but another 10k you will definitely see the rears go
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    Best tires for 2024

    I drive with snows for the winter, but for rain, no issues
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    Best tires for 2024

    I ordered the Hankook Ion Evo All Seasons tires from Amazon, drop shipped to the local tire place and had them installed. So much quieter than the Contis and after driving them to 6000 miles, the efficiency is also better have been in the 215 to 225 Wh/mi range for the last two months of mix...
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    Mobile Service being shutdown?

    Requested service and had requested mobile service. Got a message back from Tesla "At this time due to staffing at Tesla, we have shut down mobile until futher notice. We have transferred all appointments " Hope this service comes back, saves me at least 1.5 hr drive to the SC. Anyone else...
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    Servicing front brake callipers

    I had this done by mobile service, there is an option to request in the app. Takes about an hour for all 4 calipers
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    Road Trip Going Through Major Cities - Trunk or Frunk for Security?

    If you park with sentry mode on, you will get an alert on your phone if someone breaks the window, not sure if you can set your horn to turn on if there is an issue.
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    Road Trip Going Through Major Cities - Trunk or Frunk for Security?

    jcanoe, good advice. If you have to move things around into the rear bin, do this before stopping and parking so people do not see what is being stored in the car. Make sure nothing is left in the rear seats, floor and in the open trunk space. this is good practice for parking in any large city
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    Brake Service

    $107.00, tire rotation is free since both front and back in the air at one time
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    Brake Service

    I had the Tesla mobile service do the brake service, they just cleaned and lube the bolt and re-assembled. done in less than an hour in the driveway.
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    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    The last set of refills were good, more than a year. It got ripped during a freezing spell, turned on the wipers and the center section tore from the base. Simple enough to get a new set on. Still have 8 more pairs left.
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    Small scratch

    From the last photo where you rubbed the damage, does not seem to bad. its not in an area that will be notice. I have used Quixx on this type of scratch and usually does a good job. may need some touch up paint to finish the job. Unless you have some damage to sensors, this may be enough...
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    Mobile Service for Windshield Replacement?

    this would be the same process that Safelite uses to replace windshields, one technician and some jigs to position and replace the windshield, I have had this done in the parking lot at work (not the tesla), as long as Tesla stands behind the work, should be OK
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    Trunk Rattle fix PSA

    Good use of mayonnaise !! for spacers, you can also use the things for cabinet corners, or even felt pads, all from HD or Lowes
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    First freezing cold snow driving observations

    All due to battery behavior in the cold, lower air pressure in tires from cold temps, using the heater while driving. Also while parked, system will use the heat pump to keep to keep the battery warm. I lost 10 miles just over night in 5 degF temps. Overall during winter the car will be off...
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    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    Yes, have done it twice already, cheap enough to do this yearly
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    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    Here is a set of instructions that I made up to make your own refills, https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/7039474/ You can use these refills to start: (less than $4.00 for a pair of refills) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B4S7VF3H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
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    what will happend when standard internet connection expire on tesla y 2023?

    The premium connection provides: - real time traffic in maps - watch streaming while charging should not loose navigation or charging ability. in US it is $100 per year if you pay it by the year or $10 per month if you go monthly. I am not sure about the comments of 8 years. I have a 2021 and...
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    New LR Model Y (Dec ‘23) - losing tire pressure every couple days

    If they have a 'padded' lift, it should be OK. When the mobile service came to do the brake service, he had a sheet of silicone rubber glued to the top of a floor jack, probably 5mm thick and worked fine. As long as there is no metal to metal contact from the jack to car at the right positions...
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    Model Y lift gate sticky issue

    I had the same problem with intermittent sticking, looked at the same things like struts, alignment etc. Finally looked at the seals, went and put a thin film of silicone grease that I had from many years ago, used it on door seals on my other vehicles. Had not had a sticking incident for more...
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    New LR Model Y (Dec ‘23) - losing tire pressure every couple days

    l see your concern of mechanics just lifting cars without pucks, I keep a set of pucks (from amazon) in the storage bin and give to the tires guys to use when neede. Most of larger places like Discount Tires know this and have them on hand.
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    New LR Model Y (Dec ‘23) - losing tire pressure every couple days

    I would agree that if it is a valve issue, then Tesla would be "responsible" but if the SC is far away, not worth the effort, a tire place can replace the valve in a couple of minute and maybe charge you 5 bucks. I have seen stories about the white steam issue, it comes from your heat pump...
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    New LR Model Y (Dec ‘23) - losing tire pressure every couple days

    treat this as any other tire issue and bring it to a mechanic / tire place and have it looked at. if you are putting air in every other day, there is a leak
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    Vacation - Leave Plugged In Or Not ?

    left my MY for 2 weeks, ambient temp was between 35-45. Turned off sentry mode, did not use Tesla app on phone for the 2 weeks and lost about 10 percent, if it had gotten colder (closer to 20 deg) it would have lost more.
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    Looking to buy a used Y.. what year is best? 2021 or 2022? Any differences in them?

    major differences between 2021 and 2022, 2021 does not have heated steering wheels, also there were major upgrades in 2022 mid year which adds HEPA filter and Biodefence mode and updated center console. 2022 removed front radar. I'm sure there are more.
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    Spotify not connecting

    I have also had this happen, just spins. go to another source and wait for spotify to connect
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    How do I match touchup paint for model Y hatchback?

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    Tire Cost > Electricity Cost

    I was also surprised, I have used Tirerack in the past and they were not close in price. Had these tires shipped to a local tire shop, they mounted and balanced. simple. So far, they are quieter than the Continentals, have not noticed any decrease in battery consumption.
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    Tire Cost > Electricity Cost

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BSDRR4PS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ordered these as the first set of replacement for MYLR. 46k miles but also run with snow tires. Will be installed next Monday. there is a $80 rebate on a set of 4
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    Winter tires -- should I buy the Tesla full tire set? (I'm in VT)

    I have the Tesla snows/wheels package, the mobile service installation is part of the cost of the package
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    Wipers do not recess

    I think your situation is rare, it is more common to have the wiper arm hit on the underside of the hood, taking paint off and scoring the hood. I had mine adjusted once by mobile service and the SC, it will come back.
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    Self inflicted damage [what is this going to cost to fix?]

    Just watched this video on PDR repairs and your case would be perfect, paint is still in place and "simple" crease. The PDR repair should not void the warranty since no panels are removed or replaced. https://insideevs.com/news/690540/rivian-r1t-fender-bender-41k-quote-repaired-fraction/
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    First time in NYC

    It is much better than a year ago, more places are familiar with Teslas and how to deal with them. Most places will just keep your key in the car and the windows down, if you walk away the door locks and the window closes, it is not moving. I did park at one place an they kept the keys in a...
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    First time in NYC

    The other thing to remember is to turn off walk away lock if you are using valet parking, even with the card key inside, the vehicle will lock and if they cannot move your car, they will add a fee to your parking if they have to use dollys to move your car around. Most garages in NYC know about...
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    Model Y back seat rattle: SC claims it's by design. Any fix?

    I found that if the rear seats are pushed to full recline, the rattling will be greatly reduced
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    Stuck in traffic questions

    The motors use >95% of the battery compared to climate or infotainment. There was an article right after some big snowstorms where many ICE vehicles ran out of gas and compared to EV that can survive a day or so stuck in the snow. guess you would have to turn the heat down some to make sure but...
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    Is Owning a Tesla Y Manageable in a State Without a Service Center?

    My closest SC is 2.5 hours away. I had to get the computer replace within the first 2 months, no screen etc. Called tesla roadside and they towed the car away, they gave me a rental and once done drove the rental to the SC and pickup my car. Have had many remote service for snow tires, brake...
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    Flat Tire Q's - What's the latest?

    Yes, carrying a spare is a good idea, but on a long trip with people and luggage, does not leave much room. Also to change the spare, you will need a jack, jack pads, a 21mm socket and a torque wrench to get to the 129 ft-lbs for the nuts. I carry a Ryobi compressor for small leaks which should...
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    Flat Tire Q's - What's the latest?

    If you are on a road trip, best bet is to get it towed to the nearest SC to get the tire replaced, I had hit something on the road and broke one rim and damage the other tire as well. tried to call local tire places and they do not carry tires rated for Tesla. Got a flatbed from Tesla roadside...
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    Upper control arm bushings , tesla wont replace

    Just had the SC replace both upper control arms under warranty for the same noise. Took a video while turning the steering wheel and you can hear the noise. I can see why they want you to re-install the factory parts first before looking at your vehicle. they want to make sure the problem is the...
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    Vibration/noise from right side of backseat of ModelY

    I had this noise and brought it up to the mobile service tech, he said to make sure the seats are reclined as much as possible, it does help
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    My wife backed into a tree!!!

    Seeing that you will be replacing the hatch, may as well try going the PDR route, found this site that would "estimate" the repair, cant hurt https://dentreaper.com/blogs/pdr-price-calculator/pdr-price
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    Vacation - Leave Plugged In Or Not ?

    For this time of year, leaving the car inside, you dont have to plug in. I left my Y outside for 2 weeks and lost about 35 miles due to the cabin overheat protection, sentry mode was turned off
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    Have I Messed up my ceramic coating?

    The photos do show the damage well, I would say try some Quixx scratch remover, it is not a harsh as polishing or rubbing compound. Use a little on one of the spots, start with #1 (repair) and use rub in using small circles, then use #2 to finish. Apply some wax over to finish or get some store...
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    Consumption chart issues?

    2023.12.1.1 also fixed the consumption graph on MY as well.
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    Current Delivery Problem at Mount Kisco, NY

    It is the dealership lobby that are fighting direct sales. Texas customers have to go out of state to buy a tesla even though they make the cars there, also Mass does not allow pickups and people have to go to Mt Kisco to get their cars.
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    Current Delivery Problem at Mount Kisco, NY

    Not sure if this may be better, but I picked up my Y from Brooklyn, just checked flights from Rochester to NYC, from $99 to $150 one way. Uber from airport to Redhook Brooklyn to the service centerd
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    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023 / April 2023 / Oct 2023 and All other Pricing Speculation going forward

    another $2k price drop for Model Y https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-s3xy-lineup-fresh-price-cuts/
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    Rear quarter panel damage on a Model Y, looking for advice

    Looking at the photos, I think the bumper cover needs to be re-clipped, does not look like metal damage
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    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    Meross will work fine, it is just not 'integrate', this means that you have to use your meross app to open the door.