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  1. felixtb

    400v Controller upgrade - GS Technology

    thanks for the heads up will call on them to explore the possibilities.
  2. felixtb

    400v Controller upgrade - GS Technology

    Their website is a little weak….. who did you speak to and do you know if they speak only german or french and english as well….? will want to do the same and as i live in switzerland it should be a little quicker i guess. :)
  3. felixtb

    Made a carbon fiber hard top

    wow that looks amazing i would be up for one if you make a production run.
  4. felixtb

    Roadster 3.0

    Sorry beat you to it. Mine was installed a few weeks ago. Have not tested it yet though since the car is being shipped to Sweden for re registration there as I will use it more as a summer car..... :)
  5. felixtb

    Roadster 2023

    Good choice for a car to hold over in. In Europe the roadster is earliest 2023…… we always have to wait at least 6month more than you guys….. :-( The Porsche TTS is making that wait fun though. :-)
  6. felixtb

    Roadster 2023

    You know I did give them that loan because I too invested some money back when TSLA was trading at $27 a share and that money has subsequently given me a completely different life. SO I figured I would give them back some of the confidence that they have indirectly given me.
  7. felixtb

    Roadster 2023

    i think they already knew then that the new cels could give them the range and power release necessary to get the specs in but then they underestimated the time to actually get them production ready…….. but now they are so I suspect they will begin production next year, otherwise there will be...
  8. felixtb

    Roadster 2023

    For the US I suspect mid to en next year and the rest of the world 6 to 12 months after that………
  9. felixtb

    See Roadster in real life

    YES!!! but when…………………..
  10. felixtb

    Lightweight Roadster Variant?

    Why would Tesla make a cheaper halo car……? The whole idea with a halo car is that it is the best of the best that the company can do to show off its tech prowess. In this scenario they will try to make it as light as possible still keeping the specs they have announced, or better, but this will...
  11. felixtb

    See Roadster in real life

  12. felixtb

    Blog Harley-Davidson Launching LiveWire EV Brand

    It will have level 3fast charging like the LiveWire already does........ and level 2 and 1 for normal home charging...... So there is plenty of charging infrastructure available already...... not as plentiful as the supercharger network but still good.
  13. felixtb

    18% off Roadster

    on this forum i would hope its a roadster..... :-)
  14. felixtb

    Blog NHTSA Wants to Talk to Tesla About Half-Circle Steering Wheel

    And anyway, this type of steering wheel is in most race cars albite they have a much shorter lock to lock than a standard steering system. but with modern tech I'm sure they can make a variable lock steering rack depending on speed and type of manoeuvre input to make a yoke style wheel work...
  15. felixtb

    European CyberTruck?

    Considering that Elon has stated that the current iteration of the Cuber Truck will only be sold in the US. I wonder if there will be a smaller international version in the near future...... I know that many here in Europe have placed reservations for the original Cyber Truck and now feel a...
  16. felixtb

    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    the premise of this thread is absurd. It’s the same thing as saying who needs an Audi R8 when there is already the Audi RS6.... or who needs a Mercedes AMG GTR when there is already the AMG E63....... Because simply they are completely different driving experiences and visual experiences. Either...
  17. felixtb

    How to prevent chips on windshield

    wow interesting...... you did that on your Roadster 2020+......!?
  18. felixtb

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    You are such a dud but that's ok go on ranting I certainly will no longer try to even have a normal discussion with you. Utterly pointless! Please go back to the Model 3 forums where I am sure you are appreciated .... or maybe not....... PS after looking even closer to the edge of the...
  19. felixtb

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    I think the basic problem here is that there seems to be such a strong sentiment of Tesla can do no wrong and anybody else are no good at what they do on this forum..... same thing in reverse on the Porsche forum...... it’s really quite boring! you do not see why anyone would pay three more...
  20. felixtb

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    The M3P is a lovely little machine and with the new more track oriented track mode it’s even more fun to drive but there is just no comparison to what Porsche has managed to create with a LOT of whistles and bells to make it happen. To me it is like comparing apples to oranges they are of...
  21. felixtb

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    i also had this opportunity and i must say that the handling and general road feel of the Porsche is in a league of its own compared to any of the current offering from Tesla...... Yes range is one thing and infrastructure for long distance travel is another and they are hughly important but...
  22. felixtb

    Tips When Ordering a Roadster?

    A bit tiring ....... Every week there seems to be someone not bothering to look at the site properly. On the US site, the Roadster is "hidden" in the pulldown menu because there are more current, and therefore more important, things to show on the front page; and in Europe it is still on the...
  23. felixtb

    If you're first, you're last.

  24. felixtb

    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    the Lotus green is beautiful but probably not in EM color vocabulary. :)
  25. felixtb

    Tesla Roadster 2 die cast 1:18 model

    I am so jealous! I tried to buy from Europe and no go and then I got a hold of my contacts at TESLA Europe and not go for them either... :-(
  26. felixtb

    Tesla Roadster 2 die cast 1:18 model

    NICE!! hope it will be available in Europe soon!!
  27. felixtb

    No electric roof?

    Koenigsegg is quite a supercar and has no electric roof...…….. and is just a tad more expensive...… just saying.
  28. felixtb

    Anyone buying the new 2020 Corvette C8 before the Roadster 2020?

    Getting the Taycan as a stop gap. :-)
  29. felixtb

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

  30. felixtb

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

    I still have mine: EU 502 2.5 roadster sport its a thunder grey with brown interior and carbon parts. It was sitting and still is at TESLA in Bern to get a new battery.... its been there for over two years and still nothing so its in very good condition as a rolling chassis but the battery is...
  31. felixtb

    Spec Ad for Roadster 2020

  32. felixtb

    What comes with the Founders Edition that isn’t available in the standard production version?

    The US and EU have different electical tech in the real world and in EVs so there is no good way to direct import an EV from the US...... sorry you won’t have any takers to your proposal. :-)
  33. felixtb

    0 to 60 time now 2.1 seconds

    Stop wondering and get on with your lives. Only Elon knows when it will come out. But rest assured it will! :-)
  34. felixtb

    Next Roadster Battery - "due by end-of-year 2019"

    This would be great news! My car has been sitting in Bern for a 3.0 battery upgrade from before the cancelation. Now when I had decided to take to Sweden to have it re-registered there it turns out that TESLA Bern has bricked my car!? bizarre turn of events. so now it’s stuck there until they...
  35. felixtb

    0 to 60 time now 2.1 seconds

    probably 1.9 is with a role out, which is not used for acceleration tests outside the US...........
  36. felixtb

    Selling my Founders Roadster Referral Reservation with 10% discount

    Can you no longer reserve the founders edition in the US?? in Europe it is still there to reserve...….. I would check again on the US site because the hassel of having to let the present reservation holder first own the car and then register it over to you is a pain and it also hurts the resale...
  37. felixtb

    under 10,000 per year

    Love the Radical. Also a niche market. I think there is a large enough crowd that will be intrigued and wanting to go the Roadster way. Probably not the track crowed straightaway or at lest until it’s proven or disproven itself on and off the track. Seems the Model 3 is proving itself quite...
  38. felixtb

    Should Tesla Enter Formula E ?

    I think yes. Tesla has not needed to advertise, and arguably still do not need to do it. However, real competition is now only around the corner and they will loose a portion of sales outside of the US and somewhat less in the US..... already next year we have Porsche, Audi and VW arriving with...
  39. felixtb

    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    if we go by the S and X and 3 reveal to production and then we kind of split the difdernces this would put us about september of 2021....... and that i think is still possible. then another 6 months for Europe so for me spring of 2022...... that will give me 2.5 years to play around with my...
  40. felixtb

    2020 Roadster @ Supercharger V3 or Model Y Launch

    yes on both counts. it’s a lovely design that will transcend time. and i think we all desperately want to be shown a small sign of advancement in good faith from tesla..........
  41. felixtb

    Very Confused Homelink - anyone else having problems

    so you are saying that the same remote cannot be used for another car? that sounds odd.....
  42. felixtb

    problems in the European delivery hell

    That’s nice to know........ hoping to have mine pretty soon.......... initially they said this week but that was dismissed just minutes afterwards by the local people in Meyrin. So maybe with this development i’ll see mine sometime next week...
  43. felixtb

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Model 3 Lowering Springs

    How is it going with your lowering springs for the M3P+.....?
  44. felixtb

    Founders Reservations

    There has been so much turmoil around TESLA so that maybe they do not yet have 1000 people who are believers enough to dare putting down US250'000.......... for a car that will become available sometime in the not too distant future.... if at all..... :-)
  45. felixtb

    Free supercharging?

    If we go back like this I would contend that you are certainly right with Roadster 2.0 but now we are talking about roadster 2020....... just saying.
  46. felixtb

    European pricing and configurator now live

    Just placed my order for a performance, metallic grey. :-)
  47. felixtb

    Uk Roadster pricing

    I think they were probably not in the know. This has happened with the S and the X signature vehicles as compared to a loaded regular S/X but that is not the same as in this case. The base version would be a basic S100D compared to a fully loaded and then some SP100D so there will always be a...
  48. felixtb

    Model 3 arrives in Lausanne

    Understand from some people in the know that PROBABLY the first invites to configure in Europe will be early December. Which would still match with a late Feb March delivery window. I’ll keep you posted. And I will go back to get some nicer picks when I have time this w-e. But yes it’s finaly...
  49. felixtb

    Model 3 arrives in Lausanne

    Only a very short visit so had no possibility to take any photos wil return another day....... :-(