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    Blog Musk Says He Wants the Roadster to Hover

    Just spend some time and money to fix your awful customer service.
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    Maryland Anti-ICEing Law Proposed - 2017

    Message I received back from Seamus McNamara, Legislative Director We have added an amendment so that the pavement markings can be in a different form on roadways and lots that must adhere to federal regulations under the MUTCD, but the pavement markings are required more broadly in order for...
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    Hilton Ocean City

    3200 Baltimore Ave is the hotel. Turn on 32nd and the lot is before you reach Baltimore Ave on the right.
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    Maryland License Plate

    I had DC temp tags, but the MD tags came in at least a week before they expired.
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    Hilton Ocean City

    Just finished a stay there and found they have two Tesla charging stations. They don't show up when searching for charging in the car and I did a quick search of this site and didn't find them mentioned. The are located in the satellite parking lot right on Coastal Highway. One does need an...
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    Obama Admin to fund EV Infrastructure

    Que the next wave of Koch Brothers generated articles
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    Canceling order due to autopilot death news?

    I use autopilot all the time and am still not comfortable with it. I tend to think I am more attentive with it on than off. I'm very comfortable with it off as I have 40+ years of driving a non-autopilot car and know what it could do. If you keep reminding yourself this is BETA software and...
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    Trade in tax deduction in MD...

    This is well known by both the dealers others you might trade your car into (CarMax, Nico buys cars, etc). It takes some time, but I've always found getting quotes from separate "buy my car" places will give you a pretty good idea of the best price you can get. Then take that amount to the...
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    GM and Tesla Share A Dirty Little Electric Vehicle Secret

    Article in investor intel by John Peterson. Is this another false equivalency comparison? GM and Tesla Share A Dirty Little Electric Vehicle Secret | InvestorIntel
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    Is it ugly? (Poll)

    I'd rather wait until I see the final product, which wasn't on display at the unveil.
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    Bolt has FWD and Model 3 does not.

    Yea sure. It had nothing to do with keeping an eye on the horses while keeping an eye on the road at the same time. Geez
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    Will there be a 3D?

    Base model will be rear wheel drive and bare boned. Lots of options including battery size, dual motors, etc.
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    Tesla's Software To-Do List

    I took the recommendation of suggestions from this site and created an exit profile that moves the drivers seat back and raises the steering wheel for easier exit. Seems to me that programming 101 would suggest that these two actions should happen in parallel. Today the seat moves back then...
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    Any Recommendations for Touchless Car Wash in Bethesda, MD Area?

    How does one go about getting that discount? It's substantial off the web site pricing.
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    Bittersweet goodbye

    Will clean pool for Tesla :smile:
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    I think my wife has been leaving me hints......

    You know she is on this forum! Yet you ask that question? :smile:
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    Rehoboth - Anyone know if the chargers are working?

    Used 2 of the ones at the outlets in Rehoboth this past weekend. Free to use.
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    Which M3 shape would you buy when it is released?

    2+2 Cabriolet. Think Audi S5 Cab. Yes I expect that version to cost more than $35K fully loaded
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    Exxon knew man's carbon impact on the environment in the '70s

    the "profit penalty" http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/environment/investigation-finds-exxon-ignored-its-own-early-climate-change-warnings/
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    Model 3 will have less features than the S. Which one would not make it?

    Software can most definitely turn off or charge a fee for supercharging for those that abuse. While the letter sent already didn't use very good logic to determine distribution, big brother knows every time you charge. Rather than just not allow or charge for access based on class, it's much...
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    California dealers file complaint about the Tesla referral program

    It is birddogging according to Virginia law. If other states have similarly written law, Tesla will have to stop it. The fact that the law is pretty stupid doesn't matter.
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    Plug-In Vehicle Charging Pilot Open to qualified Pepco residential Maryland customers

    So they just gave you a discounted rate for evenings (after 8:00)? Does it include weekends? Did they bump up the daytime rate?
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    Plug-In Vehicle Charging Pilot Open to qualified Pepco residential Maryland customers

    Is there anybody on here that is still in this program? Have the rates changed considerably since you joined? I'm looking into understanding this enough to be able to make an informed decision about joining. The Pepco site is awful and provides no real insight into the rate I would be charged...
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    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    Was going to name her Princess of Argos but decided on "Hold that Tiger". Hope this one works out better.
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    Pepco EV Pilot program

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    How long to expect before I'm contacted by the DS?

    I received a hand off email from the sales consultant I was working with, introducing my DS on the day of confirmation. I received an introductory email from my DS with a bunch of questions on the same day. Handled as well as I could have expected.
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    Info on delivery of my car from the factory to the Service Center

    Mine was trained to Chicago, then trained to New Jersey and trucked to Rockville MD. I suspect yours will take a similar route, minus the truck south.
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    Ocean City MD getting HPWC's

    Outstanding work by a great community. Thank you.
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    DS offered two leather holders which I had already purchased from Abstract Ocean. Went to the mall store and got a jacket for the wife. Works for me.
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    5 Hours After Delivery

    Were you playing "let's learn how to charge" on my car? :) Adam at Rockville is very thorough and asked 100 times, do you have any questions. This forum provided 99.994% of the answers ahead of time. The paperwork was wrong on mine as well (missing 2nd n in last name) but we went ahead and...
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    No emails except when your delivery specialist emails you much closer to delivery.
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    Shareholder message: Raise $500M?

    http://evnewsreport.com/tesla-announces-500-million-common-stock-offering/34518/ Being reported
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    Current Owners - What are the must have options and options you could live without?

    Some things may be dependent on color choices (i.e. you can't get black headliner without premium interior) I believe there is a bit more headroom with the pano - won't matter if your 5' nothing might if your 6' plus. Have you sat in a non-pano to see if it matters? I did get autopilot but I'm...
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    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    I think they used the logic of Trip Planner to determine who gets these letters.
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    Anything new in the 2014 Model S?

    From Decoding VIN thread above Digit 10, Model Year: C = 2012 D = 2013 E = 2014 F = 2015
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    To P or not to P, that is the question...

    For us old guys, it's not really a choice.
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    Tesla shows prototype of metal charging cable snake

    Waste of time and money at this juncture.
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    Tesla 4 year service plan - do we need it? Is it worth it?

    Much tougher choice if you lease with Tesla's 3 year lease. Divided by 4 makes much more sense than by 3.
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Still waiting for mine, but as I understand, it takes a few days to prep the car for delivery.
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    Tesla Trade in to Carmax Quotes

    You most certainly can take a car back to CarMax after the 7 days are up. They will just reappraise and maybe give you a different number. I traded in a MB E350 a few years ago and got the same price a month after the initial appraisal.
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    When I custom ordered my wife's Audi, I was able to track the ship it was on across the Atlantic, into port in Rhode Island (IIRC) down the coast line, up the Deleware, cross the canal into Baltimore Harbor.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    You see our DS is out of country till 7/31!!!!!!
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    Vampire drain a considerable cost on the long run

    How do you know they don't? You don't have anywhere near as granular a measuring device on an ICE.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Emailed Adam today. He still claims last week of August for delivery. Also stated mine is complete but not in transit yet
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Update 7/21/15 - Your Model S is in transit from the factory. Estimate for delivery is still Late August. Slow train from China is guess. At least it will allow the paint to cure.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    For those of us old enough to remember, the term "company store" hasn't always been a positive.
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    Has Tesla lost it's focus on balanced performance?

    Tesla isn't planning fielding a NASCAR team.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Suspect, at a minimum our cars will get to know each other on a cross country trip.
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    Recent Timelines - Confirmed to In Queue to In Production to...

    The Tesla Factory is building your Model S. 7/15/15 Ordered: 6/30/15 Confirmed: 7/7/15
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ordered: 6/30/15 Confirmed 7/7/15 Vin: 096535 on 7/8/15 Updated google spreadsheet 70D with pano, black next gen seats, autopilot, upgraded sound, black alcantara liner The Tesla Factory is building your Model S. - 7/15/15 - 5 days ahead of schedule.