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    PodPoint install problems

    To who did you send the email? The installers or Podpoint?
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    PodPoint install problems

    Who did you pay to fit it? What is direct to the installer or was it podpoint themselves? You need to speak to whoever you had the contract with for the job. It's up to them to fix it, not give you a half arsed fix.
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    Fess up

    That's a horrendous amount of damage for a 20mph zone....
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    Now it doesn`t like my 3 phase charger

    As above - you need to "elimiate" each piece of the puzzle first..... Try a different cable if you can Try another 3 phased charger if you can Get someone else to use the work place charger and see if they have issues. Without all the information - Tesla will just say it's a faulty charger. I...
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    Car door dented, caught on Sentry - help!

    Any claim, regardless or fault or otherwise WILL affect your future insurance costs. You will be asked have you made a claim at your renewal time - you say yes, then select "no fault" etc - It's still noted as a claim. You might not pay your excess or affect your NCB but it will 100% affect...
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    Battery degradation already?

    100% do this - switch to %, charge when you need to, end of. Don't over think it.
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    Low Range In New M3LR

    Change the miles readout to % and forget about it. Just drive the car. Charge when you need to. No one ever questioned petrol/diesel MPG realworld versus what the brochure said.
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    Free premium Connectivity ending

    Complimentary Period Ending on 18 May 2020 on my account for my SR+
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    Removing number plate holder

    that's where mine came from - all good - put them on last weekend. Not driven the car in about 10 days mind you!
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    Stick on vinyl number plates

    seemed to stick ok - will keep an eye on it.
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    Stick on vinyl number plates

    Another day of finding things to do in lockdown! Looks much better without the ugly plate holders
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    Tesla charger installation question

    Unless your paying by the hour per man - who cares how long it took? If it works and your happy with the cost before the install, then move on. Mine took 2 visits, 2 men, about 5 hours total but it was a fixed price so it could have been 20 hours and 10 men, doesn't make a difference to me.
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    Sharing my no driveway/on street parking setup

    I think you've got a claim waiting to happen there. I commend the effort you've put in, but that is a claim waiting to happen in today's culture. 100%. No way someone isn't going to trip over that, ride their bike over it and scrap the car when they wobble etc.
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    Anyone NOT had any issues with their Model 3?

    6 months in. Zero issues on pick up, however developed a fault where it would only charge on DC and not AC. Went back to Tesla for 2 weeks, they changed the "penthouse unit" (as they call it) - Had a loaner Model S. Picked up and all good. You'll always here more from people who have issues...
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    Destination Charging Edinburgh

    Dundee?!?! That's 65 miles and 90 minutes away from Edinburgh Best option would be superchargers at Eurocentral (dakota hotel) - then you can jump back on the M74 pretty easy
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    Paint - Is it thin?

    Wrap your own centre console - it's pretty easy to do. Save yourself some money. As for the paint work - I guess that's your call. I know i've not bothered with wraps/PPF etc
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    Console wraps

    wrapped my middle console at the weekend - pretty happy with the results. Good quality 3M wrap from Abstract Ocean. Next on the list when the weather is nicer is to switch out the horrible registration plates/holders for stick on ones.
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    Show me your centre consoles

    wrapped my middle console at the weekend - pretty happy with the results. Good quality 3M wrap from Abstract Ocean. Next on the list when the weather is nicer is to switch out the horrible registration plates/holders for stick on ones.
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    M3 SR+ Public Charging Times

    50kw chargers - I would suggest working on a realistic 30-35kw max speed. Never seen one over 40kw yet. 3 pin is really an overnight job - adds at best 8-10 miles an hour.
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    One pedal driving

    Sold my brake pedal on ebay about 2 months ago.......
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    How reliable is the 3 key app?

    I've never taken the keycard out my house. 5 months, 4k miles. Think it's in my drawers somewhere. Zero issues.
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    Rolec Smart Charger losing connectivity

    My understanding is that is not wifi at all - it's got a sim card in it which is used for the data/app etc. I may be completely wrong - but worth checking before paying for a "signal booster" I may be wrong - I don't use the smart options at all on my Rolec - I use it as dumb charger.
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    Which home wall charger - for a pain free charge?

    Real world SR+ at this time of the year on Scotland - I get about 170 miles on a "full" charge - efficiency is around 70%
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    Rolec smart charger quote, is it reasonable?

    That's a rather sweeping statement - Many many people have Rolec chargers and have zero issues with them. They have also upgraded the internals from the initial batch a few years ago that had issues. The newer ones have had very few problems. Mine has been fine for 5 months. Zero issues.
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    Rolec smart charger quote, is it reasonable?

    I was £1100 minus £500 OLEV minus £300 Energy Trust Grant (in Scotland) - paid out my pocket £200 for a Smart Rolec. That included about 15m external cabling and earth rod under the floorboards.
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    Which home charger are you using?

    Rolec via OLEV grant but you can buy them yourself direct from various places. It's a "smart" charger but I just use it as a dumb one - never used the smart functions at all OcUK's Russinating i presume?!?
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    Edinburgh SC - Ratings/Reviews/Payment

    Pickup was fine - no rush, plenty of time for people to review cars. No issues with my car on pickup. Warranty issues - I had some charging issues on AC chargers - car went back to them, had loaner for 2 weeks, good communication during the process - no issues and all sorted. Bank transfer - did...
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    Ordering in Company Name forcing VAT. My Limited company does not have VAT number

    Just stick 123456789 in - that's what I did
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    Tesla Model 3, another charger recommendations

    My Rolec has been fine - used both grants (£500 & £300) so overall cost to me was £220. Despite it's "smart" options, I use it as a dumb charger - plug in when needed etc. Never used smart options via app or anything. https://www.grantfundedchargingpoints.co.uk/ Used above website and a local...
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    Buying advice from a company car to Tesla

    agreed - my understanding, after discussion with my accountant, is that the 4p a mile I claim from my company, is the full amount I can claim for business miles. I can't then claim the difference between that and the old 45p a mile from previous ICE car days.
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    Home Charger Installers

    I used Everwarm (livingston based i think) - total cost to me after grants was £200. (job was £1000 - £500 OLEV plus £300 EST grant back to me) Rolec installed - good job, 20m outside cabling and revisited me after they turned up with an un-tethered unit the first time. Returned 2 weeks later...
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    Tempted, very tempted

    I never said anything about topping up each and every day...... Think you need to re-read what I posted.... Of course in a perfect world every one would be driving Performance/LR - however, that's not always the case And personal attacks/insults on whether I "cheaped out" can be kept to...
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    Tempted, very tempted

    Opposite for me - SR+ was more than enough, not paying £8/9k for the range and a couple of other bits on the LR. I do 15k a year for client meetings/personal use etc etc - I travel twice a year to PReston from Ayrshire, and 1 or 2 times a year to Manchester airport and back for holidays. For...
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    Tesla customer purchase hell on a new car, i need advice please!!

    As above - the 19 plate would be a concern
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    Cannot charge above 16amp 50 miles per hour on public rapid and fast chargers UK

    very much the case - despite reporting 3 50kw CCS public chargers in the last 3 months - none of them have been fixed or maintained.
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    My ongoing Model 3 troubles since day one!

    You description above of the issues seems very much at odds with your description on the eNiro video- since your still hawking your referral link for super charger miles on your Niro video
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    Full Charge Range on SR+

    This time of year - aim for around 65/70% efficiency - heaters/heated seats/wind/rain/cold etc etc all affect the range. Trust me when I say - switch to % instead of miles - then just enjoy driving the car and charge when you need to. it's simple. No one ever moan/complained/talked about not...
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    Charging Woes.....

    Simply put - ignore the app all together. Rolec works fine as a "dumb" charger - I simply don't use the eve.energy app at all. I simply plug it in when I need charger and leave it at all other times. Does the car charge fine on UMC/public chargers etc? If you suspect the Rolec is the issue...
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    Charging from standard mains

    Find some local public chargers - stick it on charge, go for a walk, shopping, coffee etc to keep it topped up.
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    Premium Connectivity

    Connectivity Interesting options for premium connectivity going forward.
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    Range issues

    Go with this thought: Ignore the numbers for a second - have you got to where you were going on each drive? Have you found yourself needing to charge in any sub 10% battery situations on a drive? Have you taken any longer time to get to where your going that you did before? Have you enjoyed...
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    ev.energy Outage Yesterday

    100% agree - Used my rolec as a dumb charger since day 1. I don't have cheap electric through the night so just charge it when I need and go.
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    2019.36.2.4 now!

    Got it last night - 2019.36.2.4
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Zero change for Eurocentral - was at the Dakota hotel today - nothing has changed from the last picture. Exactly the same.
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    Rolec Tethered Charger ... help needed please

    takes 2 seconds to do it yourself if the installer didn't do it. I did mine myself as the installer told me he would do it monday morning - It was Friday afternoon. It only needs the serial number
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    My first Supercharger experience

    at 70% charge already - you'll get a very slow top up
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    Rolec Tethered Charger ... help needed please

    Rolec - has it been initiated by the installer? Does the car charge on public chargers ok? Have you tried UMC (3 pin charger) I use it as a dumb charger since the app can be flaky at the best of times
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    Aero Wheels

    Agreed - mine are staying on. I like them
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    My netflix still working in SR+ , youtube hasn't worked for a couple of weeks