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  1. cottylowry

    My biggest improvement with road noise

    I"m not sure if this is a Model 3 area in the forum, I kinda got here by accident. Nonetheless, where do you get the specs for the front and rear alignment? I would need specs for a Model S, but suspect the source would be the same.
  2. cottylowry

    2013 Model S 85 Pearl White Metallic for sale

    Asking Price: $49,500 Mileage: 47,100 Carefully driven and maintained by Tesla Club enthusiast. I purchased my Tesla 2 years ago from a gentleman who has become a good friend, and am ONLY selling because I've found a Model D. This lovely car is loaded with options and extras including a...
  3. cottylowry

    The Worst 3 weeks of my life

    Did you say somewhere in the post, the type of camera setup you are using?
  4. cottylowry

    Navigation is a lying liar

    If you really want to know what's happening and what to expect with the wind, download Windfinder - wind, wave & weather reports, forecasts & statistics worldwide and save it as a favorite on your MS's browser. I learned of this app last year at Tesla Connect and we used it to our advantage...
  5. cottylowry

    Expensive license plates in Minnesota

    Yikes, I just got my license tab notice from the State of MN. They have valued my 2013, SN4531 car -- an oldie -- at $88,000 with a bill of $720.00 for the tabs. I paid $66,000 a year ago, being the very first used Tesla to be registered in MN. It was not in the state database as a make or...
  6. cottylowry

    Web Browser

    I upgraded to lte or 4G or whatever the upgrade is about 2 months ago. A lot of the time I have more bars, but I'm not really certain the upgraded increased browser speed/loads. I"m not sure it's worth the $500.00
  7. cottylowry

    I work from home with zero commute, am I allowed to buy a Model S?

    thgchris: Your idea of buying a used, moderate mileage car is a very good idea. I did this with a FordGT a few years ago -- it had been driven 12,000 miles by the time I purchased it, which was rather high for a FordGT in those days. However I knew lots of owners tend to drive the GT a lot...
  8. cottylowry

    Auto Deploying Side Mirrors in V 7.0

    Firewired: I assume you have a 2013 per your TMC Join Date. I have a 2013 SN# 04531 is your car older than mine? I have always assumed I didn't get folding mirrors. I bought the car used from a friend -- 1st used MS in Minnesota.
  9. cottylowry

    Do we have heated mirrors?

    I have an early car, SN 04531 and I"ll check -- plenty of opportunity here in Minnesota. I see that there is be a band about 1/4 inch wide around the outside edge of both side view mirrors, slightly different color than that of the center of the mirrors. Is this for the mirror heating system...
  10. cottylowry

    Do I need 400 amp service?

    We charge our Tesla - single charger car - and Volt at the same time. WE have a 200 amp main panel in the house and only a 60amp sub panel in our detached garage -- had to string a separate overhead line with new mast on the garage. We seem to have NO problem simultaneously charging the Tesla...
  11. cottylowry

    Dangly weight tied to steering wheel to fool autopilot that you're paying attention?

    That's the funniest thing I've read in a very long time.
  12. cottylowry

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Should early 2013 Model S do the 7.0 Upgrade? My SN, 04531, being a very early car has no sensors at all. Is there any point in doing the upgrade? I keep reading about all the features that are lost on the dashboard. Do we lose anything by not updating the OS?
  13. cottylowry

    P90D Ludicrous 0-100 mph x 3 runs

    If coefficient of drag is a major consideration, then shouldn't your time at 6,000 ft be better than what one could achieve at sea level?
  14. cottylowry

    Transferring car to new owner

    I bought the first used Tesla in Minnesota -- the State had never heard of the car when I tried to pay the sales tax. The transfer process was extremely simple and fast. I called the prior owner's service center in California and they expedited it for me, but I think the SC here in...
  15. cottylowry

    Tesla finally meets it match in Australia, or does it?

    You are so right about them using a race car incorrectly as a dragster. Probably not the best use of that car. I don't think I want to see a 5000 pound Tesla in a four wheel drift on a gymkhana or autocross track any time soon. Nor do I want to see the remains of the set of tires. I'm...
  16. cottylowry

    Tesla finally meets it match in Australia, or does it?

    I was really surprised when the Tesla easily beat the race car. You'd think they would have their traction issues figured out. In the video I think he only switches the Tesla to Insane Mode, right?, so this is not even the most recent update. I really figured the MS was toast. Wow what a...
  17. cottylowry

    Tesla finally meets it match in Australia, or does it?

    Care to place a bet on Tesla vs a couple of Australia's fastest cars? Check this nutty video out. Tesla Model S races against gas-powered supercar in Australia - MarketWatch
  18. cottylowry

    Minnesota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Another great Minnesota future Supercharger spot is Rochester and the Mayo Clinic -- folks from all over the country drive there.
  19. cottylowry

    Tremonton supercharger to Boise supercharger (271 miles)

    MMH: Thanks for this! It brings back lots of memories from our trip between Minneapolis - Spokane and back. If I'd had you nerve, I would not have stopped to charge in Gillette Wyoming at the Crazy Woman RV Park. Can you tell me how you generated the graph of speed and elevation change at...
  20. cottylowry

    Another Texan Drives a Tesla

    Get the 30A adapter from EVSEadapters.com: Electric vehicle adapter cables NEMA 14-50R to TT-30P RV Plug Adapter and take a hiking pole or some other device to support it when plugged into the 30A RV station -- the combination of the adapter and the Tesla plug may make the leverage greater...
  21. cottylowry

    Poll: What do you use to charge away from home (Canada/US)?

    Thanks for doing this poll. I was surprised at how many different methods we have used to charge on the road. Now I wonder if I needed to spend the $450 for the Chademo adapter. Certainly glad we got the NEMA 14-50R to TT-30P RV Plug Adapter to use at RV park 30 amp plug ins.
  22. cottylowry

    Owner story: Why I Will Never Buy a Gas Car Again

    We recently dropped a bunch of high schoolers at Madeline Island with our 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, about a 4 or so hour trip from Minneapolis. This is a very very good car, in fact a great car. However as we finished the trip I noticed a little steam coming from the front grill. It...
  23. cottylowry

    Model S Outdoor Car Cover (used once indoors) - No Longer Available

    Is this some type of fabric or an enhanced paper product? Do you think this is the same as the one that was on the forum last week for $200, or a different material? You can find it in the sold section I suspect.
  24. cottylowry

    rolling back and forth on small hill

    NO, never, I didn't want to burn up the clutch.
  25. cottylowry

    Model S Outdoor Car Cover - SOLD

    What is Tesla's price?
  26. cottylowry

    Many Lessons Learned on our First Cross Country Trip

    Jerry, the last part of our trip was tough. Driving rain, we had to stop 3 times in S Dakota and once in Minnesota -- could not even see the freeway pavement in front of us. At dinner this evening we were talking about the trip, just a week ago, and really do miss it already. It was a blast...
  27. cottylowry

    Many Lessons Learned on our First Cross Country Trip

    Thanks EdA. 3,500 miles was a long trip, especially with a somewhat unwilling high schooler in the back seat. Luckily he's a good driver and helped a lot. My wife is a hard core Volt driver for the last 3.5 years so she's all for the Tesla. I must say though that by the end of the trip we...
  28. cottylowry

    Many Lessons Learned on our First Cross Country Trip

    Long trip, jerry. We were amazed at how much charge we added going west from Superior, MT and down the 4th of July pass to Coeur d'Alene -- but it's tough going the other direction. You were really lucky to end up with your green line above the grey. It was just the opposite for us, but he...
  29. cottylowry

    Many Lessons Learned on our First Cross Country Trip

    Ok, thanks. I'll definitely buy more adapters. Some of the welding shop outlets had a silver metal cone sticking out right in the center of the female receptacle. Here's a photo of one of the others. I"ll send the photo to the guys at evseadapters.com They have been really responsive in...
  30. cottylowry

    Many Lessons Learned on our First Cross Country Trip

    We just completed a 3,500.2 mile, 10 day mostly Supercharged trip from Minneapolis to Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, on to Coeur d’Alene and back. We used alternative charging for side trips once in Rosalia Washington south of Spokane at a relative's farm, once in the tiny logging town St Maries...
  31. cottylowry

    Tesla Convertible conversion

    Yeah, the Benz they converted looks like a refrigerator that tipped over.
  32. cottylowry

    Tesla Convertible conversion

    Looks good with the top up, but not so hot in the open air mode. As the report says, it folds down like a VW in the open air mode. I think I'll stay with the pano roof version. Maybe the folded down mode becomes a huge spoiler?? Tesla Model S convertible first drive | Autoweek
  33. cottylowry

    10 EV chargers installed in Zions National Park (UTAH)

    We just finished a 3,500 mile trip, Minneapolis to Spokane and back. ON the return, we stopped in Yellowstone for 2 nights and 3 days. Due to lack of chargers in Yellowstone, we stayed at a very nice West Yellowstone RV park, leaving the car there to charge 120v, 30A and took a one day bus...
  34. cottylowry

    19" OEM TIRES/RIMS/TPM/LUGS (only 100 miles)

    I have an early car SN04531 and think I read that the pressure sensors were changed along the way. What is the SN of the car from which they came? Do you know if they work for early cars? What is the brand of tire?
  35. cottylowry

    A wants list for the Model S

    I love the auto close idea for the sunroof and windows. I came out to my car after a meeting the other day to find about 2 inches of water in both front seats -- I had forgotten and left the sunroof ajar about 3 inches. Ugh. It only had to happen once, but I'll never forget abusing my...
  36. cottylowry

    Supercharger - Sheridan, WY

    We are driving from Minneapolis to Missoula/Lolo Hot Springs next week so to be absolutely certain of our options in Gillette, I called the Campbell County Hospital's Security service -- phone number is in PlugShare. They said they'd be happy to meet me there if I call a little bit in advance...
  37. cottylowry

    Brake pedal play / rattle when lifting off pedal...

    My early 2013 (sn: 04531) makes the same sound/ rattle/ clunk when releasing the brake quickly. I think my SC told me it was normal. I was thinking I'd just try to glue a little piece of rubber insulation material onto the stop. I need to get down there and take a close look to see if that's...
  38. cottylowry

    One Direction concert Saturday night

    I think I'll just stay put on Saturday night.
  39. cottylowry

    GM taking pot shots at aluminum vehicles.

    I wonder if Boeing ever considered making their 747s out of stainless steel, no corrosion issues and think of the lives that would be saved in a crash, with the added benefit of less costly and speedier repairs -- according to GM.
  40. cottylowry

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    I believe I did the first private party used Tesla sale in Minnesota. When I registered it for plates and tax, the State of MN had never heard of Tesla -- this was in March 2015. The car came from S California. Naturally the sale occurred because of an upgrade to the 85D. It's fully loaded...
  41. cottylowry

    2016 Model X P90D, FULLY LOADED, ALL OPTIONS, Obsidian Black Metallic, Black Leather, Ludicrous

    I agree with AnOutsider. MSMX2014 should be able to do that if he wants to. A few years ago, during the recession I bought a FordGT for 145K (fair market price) from a guy who had paid $262,000 to get one of the first ones -- he paid retail plus 100K plus $22K in California sales tax. The...
  42. cottylowry

    Heber Springs, AR

    Flyeyes, here's a great resource for you, if you every need to for RV hookups again -- get the smart phone app "AllStays, Camp and RV" it's $9.95 from the app store and has everything you could imagine for RV use. There are filters to parse 30amp and or 50amp campgrounds, plus dozens of...
  43. cottylowry

    Supercharger - Duluth, MN

    Huh! I cannot find it on Plugshare. I wonder why.
  44. cottylowry

    Supercharger - Sheridan, WY

    What is an NDA violation?
  45. cottylowry

    Warm Silver Pictures (aka Titanium)

    I think the color is sable.
  46. cottylowry

    Crowd Funding an HPWC in Sheridan, WY — Casper and Gillette to Possibly Follow

    We are taking a trip from Minneapolis to Missoula, Lolo Pass then Yellowstone in August. Somewhere I read a more detailed article about the Yellowstone and Teton chargers, but I recall them saying the chargers were for govt vehicles only. NO public use. Since there are no chargers we can find...
  47. cottylowry

    So, my car was hit by lightning at the Grove City, OH supercharger...

    This happened to our Volt year -- it was parked in our home garage, charging late at night. Lightening struck a tree or power pole near the garage. The surge blew out the fuses in our Voltec Level 2 charger -- amazingly the fuses are hard wired, not replaceable. The inverter in the Volt was...
  48. cottylowry

    Charge level

    So then on a long trip, say cross country, can one always charge to 100% and hit the road as soon as possible, if you think you may need the max range?
  49. cottylowry

    List of bluetooth features lacking (my vw jetta handles bluetooth better)

    This is slightly off subject, but phone related. The Tesla phone screen closely mimics the iPhone with the dial pad, recent calls, but no tab for favorites. My most frequently called numbers are starred as favorites in my phone. Is there a way to replicate this feature in the Tesla phone...