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    App issues since Samsung update

    I wonder if this only affects S22 ultra phones. Does anyone here have S24 Ultra and does it affect those phones?
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    App issues since Samsung update

    I wonder if it is one of those display/graphic settings which will cure it.
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    App issues since Samsung update

    Yeah. I am using Samsung S22 ultra too.
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    App issues since Samsung update

    Any update on this? I tried most settings on the One UI 6 but no luck. Reinstalled and reboot the phone a few times but image still corrupted. Luckily all controls still works.
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    UK Supercharger network to all electric vehicle

    Nooooooo. Does this mean we have to wait in queues behind cars charging at max 50kWh? https://electrek.co/2022/03/30/tesla-open-supercharger-network-all-ev-owners-uk/
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Best try install out first on someone else's car
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Crazy. I am collecting next week and am not sure if i would accept the car in that state. What about you guys? Would you accept a new car scratched or reject the car.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Why is it poor? I thought tesla uses the RAC as well.
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    MYP UK Waiting Room

    Knowing Tesla, MYP probably arrived the last week of august. A week before the change in registration plate.
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    LV insurance states tracker required ?

    As all trackers rely on GPS, the accuracy is dependant on the reception whether they are Tesla OEM or aftermarket trackers.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Anyone have dates for collection from Birmingham? The wait for my MYP is painful 😂
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Anyone got dates for the performance MY yet?
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Anyone got any recommendations for a good insurance company to cover the Y. My current insurer dont even know MY exists.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Too late for you now but for others, you are better off firing off an email. Its in writing and its better than being on hold. As for customer service once you get the car, its generally quite good. All the warranty work is done without quibble. The car gets "better" with OTA. You dont get the...
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Thats the last straw. Its going to be a 2hr drive home. If it has just got off the ship, it would be empty having lost most of its charge due to phantom drain. Dont even want to think about range anxiety on the way home on a new LR ev. Going to cancel and get myself a ID4
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    All speculation 😅
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Thats too harsh. They are simply giving you the option to collect earlier if you are willing to travel. No other car companies offer you the chance of picking your car up at a special launch "sooner" than the rest. If you dont want to take up the offer, you will still get the car, but just a bit...
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Just confirmed same time and date as you. See you there. What have you ordered?
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    I wonder if standard range RWD will be offered here in UK soon. Its available in Hong Kong (RHD) in Q1 2022 where as there are no dates for the others, Maybe all the RHD LR and P are shipped to the UK in Q1 2022 🤞
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Finally made the move and ordered the model Y. Is there are tracker to find out where we stand and when the cars will be shipped to the UK? My order number is RN1158565## and wonder where I stand with the rest of the community that ordered one. :)
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Will it have waypoints on the sat nav?
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    Passenger side window crack - any experiences?

    Are these M3 made in China or Freemont?
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    Starlink UK

    Moderator comment - merged with "Starlink" but kept new name for UK specific use I know it is not strictly cars but has anyone been using the Elon's Starlink broadband in the UK? There is report about people getting 400Mb speeds which is really awesome. But not cheap at £89/mth.
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    Maps - how to update?

    Real world problems
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    Anyone comparing the e-tron GT to the Model S

    My vote goes to the eTron GT for looks. Plus the Taycan just has too many pricy optional extras which should be standard.
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    Who would prefer Waze Navigation?

    What about addition abetterrouteplanner? That allows multiple destinations and other charging stations.
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    Very noisy when my car is warming up?

    I would be worried about parking it inside a garage incase it lights up. :p
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    Stopped by the Cops

    Sometimes, it could be too much information. ;)
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    Stopped by the Cops

    I am surprised people follow tesla closely because everytime i let off the accelerator, the brake like lights up. Highly infuriating for those behind and one of the reason i have the regen set to low on high speed journeys.
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    Was going to order, now in 2 minds

    No steering wheel must be some cost saving by Tesla.
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    Tell me what's great about your car

    No need to go to the petrol station and excellent acceleration and regen
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    Cybertruck reservations.

    I dont understand why they dont get rid of VED and tax the fuel instead. That way, less admin, overseas cars pay, high mileage vehicles which uses the road more pay more and less chance of escaping payment.
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    Cybertruck reservations.

    If it is big and heavy enough, its considered a truck which is then exempt. I think.
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    Non-Tesla recommendations for 2nd cheaper EV

    Not sure about everyone else, but I prefer to buy a car that is the MRRP without haggling (Tesla) rather than one at market price but way below the fake MRRP. You have haggle to see how much you can get below the MRRP but then pay BIK, road tax and everything else based on full MRRP.
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    Views on Jaguar IPace

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    Anyone for the Ioniq 5?

    But 45k for a Hyundai? What will be the depreciation like in 2 years time?
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    Model Y - UK estimated dates and pricing.

    The ipace is £70-88k new so what chance do they have to compete with the MY if the cheapest MY is £50? The EQC is also £77k onwards.
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    Tesla model 3 slides on sloppy roads in parked position in London snow?

    Since the contact speed will be slow, maybe stick some polystyrene bumper blocks to the car? :rolleyes:
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    Tesla model 3 slides on sloppy roads in parked position in London snow?

    I wonder if winter tyres will makes any difference to sliding when parked. The car / tyre will simply slide when the grip/friction goes at the point of contact. The grove design with winter tyres which helps disperse snow does not get to act because the wheel is not turning. FWD cars are...
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    Dash cam storage

    I have been using 124Gb microSD card and it seems stop recording occasionally or saying USB error. Worked again when i re format it in the car. It is the sandisk endurance type recommended here by others. This is the second one i tried so wondering if going for SSD would be better. Last thing...
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    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    Downloaded the latest and got it working. Thanks and keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next OTA update. ;)
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    Preheating Model 3

    Sorry if its mentioned in other preheating threads but i wonder with the latest update, what will happen if you dont actually use the car if you set it to preheat "every weekday"? I have never used this function as i work from home but recently i am needing to set off early in the morning 3 days...
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    Part Exchange Payment Not Paid

    They really need to pull their finger out regarding customer service if they want to produce and deliver 2m cars a year.
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    Tesla Recall [MS & MX MCU 1 failures]

    Tesla recalls MS & MX for MCU failures. Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars over safety concerns
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    Did you buy FSD (Full Self-Driving)?

    Nope. With all the frequent phantom braking, i think FSD is somewhere off.
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    Quick supercharger question

    But if you smell burning, open door and run asap
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    Model x blocking in Model 3 at Supercharger

    Dont seem to be any bollards protecting the chargers. Cant be safe and will be bashed in no time by SUVs
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    Has Anyone Successfully Signed in to YouTube?

    Alternatively, register a new dummy google account and log in using that account.
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    Tyre slip over wet white lines

    Or switch lane keep assist from "on" to "warning"
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    Tesla offers 1 year free supercharging if you buy before Dec 31st 2020

    Are they offering it here in the UK too?