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  1. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    The chademo (left) is daisy chained to the Tesla connection (middle, red)
  2. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    EVGo is using a legacy chademo adapter, hence the 50kw limit. This is not a nacs implementation
  3. Tress

    v11.4.7 (2023.7.30) auto-wipers seem drastically worse

    I am on FSD Beta and I really hope this issue gets resolved soon.
  4. Tress

    Actual in Hand Owners… Post up

    One of the owners is from Florida. He flew out for the Austin event. Instead of driving it all the way back to Florida, he drove it from Austin to Houston (Hempstead SC) to get a feel for the car. It was awaiting a transport truck to Florida when I was at the service center. Apparently the...
  5. Tress

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    2019 Model S Performance with 31,000 miles. Rear motor failed with random red PRND issues, going into park without notice. Never saw an error message, but Tesla Support pulled the logs and said I need a new motor. Estimate says: ASSEMBLY - REMAN - SPORT REAR DRIVE UNIT - LDU(1025598-00-T)
  6. Tress

    Roadside Assistance no longer supports non-OEM tires

    Please be aware sometime in the last month or so Tesla Roadside Assistance changed their policy and will NO Longer provide a loaner wheel/tire if you have a flat with non OEM tires. See the attached chat. I have OEM wheels with new pirelli tires and they would not come and help. So...
  7. Tress

    Supercharger - Barstow, CA - East Main Street (PERMANENTLY CLOSED 7 Nov 2023, 4 urban stalls)

    Apparently, this was the very last Urban Supercharger ever deployed (5/27/2022). I am glad we are moving on from the 72kw charging era.
  8. Tress

    Supercharging an M3 from Hertz

    Be very careful with Hertz. I am a long time Tesla owner and thought it would be fun to rent a Tesla for a weekend trip to Chicago. Many of the rentals are missing the J1772 adapter and charging cable, this would not be an issue but they hit you with fees if they are "missing" from the...
  9. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    Sorry, no I do not have it.
  10. Tress

    Supercharger - Iowa, LA

    Curious if any one has been by to see if Tesla has removed the charging equipment yet. It was sitting there a while.
  11. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    Just completed a side by side at a Chargepoint station. My Chademo adapter pulled 48 kw and the CCS adapter pulled 55 kw. The station is rated for 62.5 kw. https://www.plugshare.com/location/331396 It is wonderful to have options. Yay Tesla!
  12. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    Woohoo, I now have CCS. Appointment took a bit longer than expected since I was the technician's first retro install. He said they had a dozen or so scheduled for the week.
  13. Tress

    Availability of CCS 1 adapter refit for legacy Model X vehicles?

    No. Considering it requires a mobile visit, it is very reasonable. The chademo adapter I bought was $450 in 2018. I love the flexibility of being the only EV on the road that can charge from all US standards.
  14. Tress

    Availability of CCS 1 adapter refit for legacy Model X vehicles?

    I have a mobile service appointment for Monday 3/6. Excited
  15. Tress

    WTB 19" Model X Cyclone Wheels (Houston)

    WTB 19" Model X Cyclone Wheels (19 x 8.5) near Houston or shipped. Thanks!
  16. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    March is still early, there is still time 😒
  17. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    Agreed. I was hopeful the service centers were now performing the work. But sounds like we still need to wait...
  18. Tress

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    You should have a PDF estimate available to download from your service appointment in the Tesla app. What does the estimate say for the $189?
  19. Tress

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven - HV battery replacement

    What app is the second screenshot from? (The bell curve)
  20. Tress

    Supercharger - Vernon, TX

    Here are the plugshare details Angel Fire Country Club | PlugShare
  21. Tress

    Supercharger - Vernon, TX

    There is a 50 kw chademo showing on plugshare in Angel Fire. I am going to check it out in a few weeks
  22. Tress

    Total stranger saved my day at Mt. Wilson Observatory

    What a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing.
  23. Tress

    CCS Adapter for North America

    I seriously doubt it will be offered in the US until the government mandates CCS as a national standard. Once that happens, Tesla will offer retrofits. (I hope I am wrong, but that is basically what happened in Europe)
  24. Tress

    Non-Tesla / non-EVgo station with built in Tesla CCS adapter

    I bet they used epoxy or plastic cement to permanently fix the adapter. If so, it is not coming off.
  25. Tress

    Abandoned Model S at Huebner Oaks San Antonio, TX Supercharger

    This doesn't pass the sniff test...Tesla can remotely unlock and disengage the charger port lock. There is no reason Tesla would cut the cable like that. I am guessing it was someone else that cut the cable...
  26. Tress

    Can I report a phantom braking event?

    I hit the camera/ report button every time I experience phantom braking. It might not help at all, but I feel better hitting the button. I have a stretch of road that is tree lines , heavily shadowed and AP thinks the shadows are objects....go figure.
  27. Tress

    Info from Tesla - 277v feed to Wall Connector (HPWC) - Which Cars Support It

    A large OBC makes sense in areas without L3 chargers and you don't want to spend all afternoon. Look up Fredericksburg Texas, Barons vineyard has a 80 amp charger. It was perfect ... 1 bottle of wine = 160 miles. It was the one option I missed moving from my MS 2014 to a 2019 model. 🥺
  28. Tress

    Supercharger - Centerville, TX

    Construction around the Centerville supercharger spotted today. Perhaps further expansion? See photos
  29. Tress

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    I imagine it would be overwritten at the next software update.
  30. Tress

    Model S eMMC Recall

    No idea what that fault is. Try opening a new ticket in the Tesla Phone App. If you have the latest app, it should pull down the exact error code into the ticket. Then the remote team will investigate it prior to the service center. That should get you moving in the right direction.
  31. Tress

    Cross Country Road Trip - Car in Service

    I have used Top-Rated Auto Transport Company | Montway Auto Transport many times. Last time I used them was to move my model x from California to Texas in 2018.
  32. Tress

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I have been reading up on CCS and I don't understand why there are so many issues with the chargers. For example, https://www.chevybolt.org/threads/ea-makes-a-video-on-how-to-prop-up-the-cable.36757/ I have never propped up a supercharger cable with a sleeping bag to make it work... Are...
  33. Tress

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Trying to follow along, lurking...does this mean there is not a DIY option quite yet?
  34. Tress

    HOW TO: Replace Headlights in Refresh (2016+) Model S

    Replaced headlights today... latest revision is "G" Parts Replaced or Added Part Quantity HD/LP ASY, SAE UP- LEVEL, RH(1053571-00- G) 1.00 Correction: Headlight - LH (Remove & Replace) Parts Replaced or Added Part Quantity HD/LP ASY, SAE UP- LEVEL, LH(1053570-00- G) 1.00 Correction: Headlight -...
  35. Tress

    DRL Yellowing Issue - Blown LED or FW?

    I am experiencing the same issue with my 2019 MS. Must not be limited to just earlier years.
  36. Tress

    Recent Updates to Model X - Range Mode? Daytime Running Lights / DRL?

    Tesla just sent the "thank you for the feedback" response. But using the new(ish) camping mode, I am able to go to the drive in without issues. We are able to tune-in the radio and keep the exterior lights off. This has been a lifesaver through COVID.
  37. Tress

    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    All 8 stalls are back open. The pavement has been fixed on 5 stalls.
  38. Tress

    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    Three stalls are roped off at Clayton with caution tape. I was able to get a charge off one of them parking parallel... Not sure if Tesla did this or if it's some kind of prank....
  39. Tress

    Supercharger - Centerville, TX

    I thought my nav was broken when it directed me to Centerville. Pleasantly surprised by this new development 😀
  40. Tress

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    Example of the EA station near me...
  41. Tress

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    It seems EA does not maintain their ChaDeMo connectors very well as many will sit broken for months. Be sure to look up the station on PlugShare and see what other users are reporting
  42. Tress

    Supercharger - Beaumont, TX - Walden Road

    After years of waiting, the planned Beaumont Supercharger has been removed from Tesla's Supercharger map as of the 2021 update. So sad to see this location canceled
  43. Tress

    What vin comes with 3G vs 4g LTE?

    When my '14 MCU died the "refurbished" MCU Tesla installed had LTE. Nice upgrade...not exactly free though.
  44. Tress

    PSA - New Model X 2016 Roof "Cosmetic Applique" Recall

    Text from the recall-- Recall Date Nov 18, 2020 Refresh Date Nov 21, 2020 Recall Number TBD Description The Model X is equipped with a cosmetic applique at the front of the roof just behind the windshield, known as the front applique, as well as an applique at the center of the roof in between...