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  1. DirtyT3sla

    Advice on gaps accepting or rejecting delivery.

    I'll give you my opinion but I'm not the one paying for the car so don't take it too seriously. The gaps thing is basically a meme at this point. Sure, if something is way off and super wide on one side and touching on the other, that's not acceptable. This is not an important aspect of the...
  2. DirtyT3sla

    5 yr-old Model 3 smoother than brand new Model X

    Most likely wheel balance. Either dirt is in the wheels or the wheel weights are not on correctly. Get the tires balanced.
  3. DirtyT3sla

    Autopilot was about to kill me

    This is my HW3 Model Y with aftermarket yoke. We also own a HW4 Model Y that exhibits the same behavior.
  4. DirtyT3sla

    Autopilot was about to kill me

    The speed limit in my example is also 55mph, but yes, myself and other traffic regularly go 60mph+. I was just curious. Sometimes the car will blinker over to that open lane, sometimes it won't. It's an extremely frustrating and repeatable behavior.
  5. DirtyT3sla

    Autopilot was about to kill me

    This is something I've been complaining about on X () for many months now. I call it "lane drift" but it's essentially what you experienced. This was not a problem until the 11.4.x beta update in April. The car will hit the brakes hard near the end of the lane and either move back over or go for...
  6. DirtyT3sla

    S3XY Buttons Talk

    1. Auto Pilot Hands On - when using the button it seems to prompt me constantly...like every 10 seconds. Has anyone experienced this? This is because the car prefers you to actually put torque on the wheel. Sure, you can use the button (which mimics the scroll wheel) but it doesn't satisfy the...
  7. DirtyT3sla

    Tesla to add the ability to Charge EV with excess solar

    You car also needs to be on software update 2023.26
  8. DirtyT3sla

    Moving from X to Y

    We have a 2022 X and 2021 Y. We are going to trade our X for a new Y soon mostly due to savings. If money wasn't an object, we'd 100% keep the X. But Y is 90% of the car for 50% of the price.
  9. DirtyT3sla

    2023 Model X steering wheel wire indentation - service says it's normal??

    It's normal. It's where it breaks if the airbag is deployed.
  10. DirtyT3sla

    Question about buying used from Tesla in Michigan

    I bought my first 2 Teslas out of state (in Michigan) when it was still illegal for them to sell here. It is super simple and they will do it all for you. You won't get charged double on tax or anything. They've done it a million times at this point :)
  11. DirtyT3sla

    2023 MS Yoke / weird curved line behind "TESLA"

    It's normal. Supposedly it's related to a breakaway point for the airbag to come through.
  12. DirtyT3sla

    Update v. 2022.45.12 Following Distance Adjustment Gone

    It has been replaced with the chill, average, and assertive setting. There are descriptions of these settings in the autopilot menu, but following distance is one of the differences in these settings.
  13. DirtyT3sla

    Model Y 3rd row vs. Model X 3rd row

    The X third row is bigger, especially if you're talking about the 6 seat X. With that config, one rear seat person can put their legs kinda in the middle giving much more leg room. For the 7 seat Y, I barely fit in it sitting up straight at 5'9" and the leg room was much smaller. Don't get me...
  14. DirtyT3sla

    Is FSD Beta going out to cars with 2023.2.0.5 ?

    No. There is no indication it'll be coming any time soon. For myself, I'd get the refund and wait until the beta version is past the version you are on.
  15. DirtyT3sla

    Have a MX Raven, ordered a MY LR, but.... Who has both?

    We had both 2020 X and 2021 Y for a bit. But we're a 2 car household, baby seats stay in the X, I use the Y to commute, etc. If you don't have a lot of experience with the 3/Y layout, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how nice it functions compared to the X, especially with the Ryzen...
  16. DirtyT3sla

    fast food in a model 3

    I eat in my car all the time. Food I bring with me or buy. It's a tool to make your life better and more enjoyable, not an ancient relic to be preserved :)
  17. DirtyT3sla

    Does anyone know if this car has FSD?

    It actually says right there "Autopilot included package" so it doesn't have FSD, it has Autopilot only at this time.
  18. DirtyT3sla

    Is $14,000 an acceptable price for a single powerwall and installation?

    Thanks! We kept our normal panel. We had got solar a year earlier from Solar King. If the power goes out, the only big items I really control are the cars (easy from app), stove and dryer (obviously need to turn them on) and then the water heater, which I just run down and flip the breaker for...
  19. DirtyT3sla

    Is $14,000 an acceptable price for a single powerwall and installation?

    It's about the going rate, and in Michigan (where I am as well) TGP is the only place that works with Tesla to install them. I can share that they did a great job, and 1.5 years later I'm so happy to have both PW after multiple power outages. I actually wish I got 3 haha. If you want to talk any...
  20. DirtyT3sla

    How many windshields have you replaced on your Tesla?

    What the heck?! I have replaced 0 so I cannot vote. 50k miles on my Model 3 (now sold) 24k miles on my Model Y, and 6k miles on my Model X. The Ford Focus I had before, doing the same commute as the 3 and Y, had 1 windshield replaced in ~80k miles.
  21. DirtyT3sla

    Michigan MYP deliveries?

    They've been coming with all seasons for a while so unless they changed back you should be good
  22. DirtyT3sla

    FSD Beta 10.69

    The only reason I didn't comment about it is as i said, the intro was way too long so I cut it down. In the raw footage I did mention it got too close. I can post that later if people want. Nothing too exciting I said something along the lines of "jeeze do you see this pole" lol At the same...
  23. DirtyT3sla

    Torn between two used S

    You just need to decide if you like and want to use FSD. But the wheels alone I would not want the 21s. Worse range, comfort, noise, more prone to damage.
  24. DirtyT3sla

    Would FSD Beta Solve This Problem?

    1. It would still read that as the speed limit and try to lower to that speed, but with beta, you can set the speed as high as you want on any road vs the +5 limit on undivided roads. 2. You can turn off beta in the settings via a toggle and turn it back on whenever you want.
  25. DirtyT3sla

    3 point turns in/out of garage with automatic gear selection

    It only auto selects when you are leaving park. So it'll guess if you want to enter into drive or reverse. It gets it right maybe 85% of the time in my experience. For doing a 3 point turn, you'd just change gears on screen. Works great.
  26. DirtyT3sla

    Why does Tesla's website recommend charging to 100% every night?

    The RWD Model 3 has an LFP battery pack, and due to its different chemistry, it is healthier to regularly charge that battery to 100%
  27. DirtyT3sla

    Does AP/EAP "see" brake lights?

    This is only enabled if you have FSD Beta enabled on the vehicle, even though beta is not used on the highway.
  28. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Thanks! It has been great!! It is so nice for the family, quiet, fast, smooth etc. The issues pointed out in my delivery video ( for anyone that cares) were fixed in a single appointment aside from the passenger seat because they did not have the part, and then once they got it in, I kept...
  29. DirtyT3sla

    Is it worth to try to ask Tesla to sort rattles as warranty!?

    How many miles? The "rattle" warranty is something like 10k miles? I forget, as it's not well documented. In my experience, it'd be easier to just sort it yourself. But, it's your expensive vehicle, nothing wrong with expecting Tesla to make it right.
  30. DirtyT3sla

    How often can I max charge?

    The worst thing about a max charge is the battery being stored at those percentages. So if you're going to charge to 100%, just make it so the charging is finished around the time you will leave (say, within an hour if you can). That'll limit the damage done.
  31. DirtyT3sla

    What to expect in Canadian Cold?

    Hey there. I'm in southern Michigan so not quite as cold, but still experience range loss. In the worst case scenario, heat cranked, going 80mph on the highway, I would expect 50% range loss (but it's usually not that bad). Most of the time, it's closer to 20%-30% range loss with highway...
  32. DirtyT3sla

    FSD Beta 10.12 and freeway exits

    Apologies I don't have an answer for you, but I'll say you're not the first I've heard say this. But personally, I haven't experienced this problem.
  33. DirtyT3sla

    FSD Beta 10.12 and freeway exits

    Are these spots that worked pre-beta or new areas? I haven't noticed this happening to me on beta, but I'm sure it's different in different geographic locations.
  34. DirtyT3sla

    Traffic lights and stop signs

    That's it! Just shows some of the visuals. Before the current capabilities (stop signs and traffic light response, etc) were available, this was first released and people could choose to turn it on.
  35. DirtyT3sla

    Traffic lights and stop signs

    You need to enable them in the autopilot settings. It's called "full self-driving visualization preview"
  36. DirtyT3sla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    I want to add a wind turbine to my system sooooo bad. It would make a massive difference in the winter which is high in wind and low in light. But it's hard to know exactly what would work well with the system and I think the cost would be too much.
  37. DirtyT3sla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Not even close. Not only is there less light sun time and more clouds, but the vehicles use more energy in the winter to heat and drive.
  38. DirtyT3sla

    Traffic Visualization suddenly not working

    Do you have sentry mode enabled? Try to let the car sleep (meaning no sentry mode for a few hours) and it may fix it. If not, contact service.
  39. DirtyT3sla

    Dumb question: should I order the wall connector together with the vehicle order?

    imo, just keep it and get it installed. There is a small chance it has some type of update, but it was recently updated, and its core function of charging the car isn't going to change meaningfully. The same can happen for your car. Depending on trim and other factors, you could hear from...
  40. DirtyT3sla

    Cabin Overheat Protection doesn't work, never has.

    Try turning off overheat protection and see how hot the car gets. I think it would get quite a bit hotter than 120 depending on the amount of sun.
  41. DirtyT3sla

    FSD Expanded Visualization???

    Just pull the graphic out from the side. There is a little "grab bar" on the right of the graphic. You don't need beta.
  42. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Well, exactly 420 days after ordering, we have finally taken delivery of our 2022 LR Model X! This vehicle is such an insane jump in quality, interior layout, and overall quality from a 2020 X and our Model Y that I was surprised. Loving the car so far after putting ~70 miles on it. Excited to...
  43. DirtyT3sla

    Buying used Tesla Y or X.

    I have a 2021 Y and 2020 X. I would highly recommend the Y. It will be such a better vehicle in almost every way. And do you really want to own a Model X out of warranty with all the crazy doors and automatic stuff? It could get expensive fast. Even our 2020 X the road noise is WAY louder than...
  44. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    lmao yes I did, but i was not able to eat much of anything all weekend. I was able to drink water after about 14 hours tho so that was some relief.
  45. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I see someone posted my tweet (thank you @EV3_ ). I was on a road trip at the time so I can update now (what is up with Tesla scheduling delivery when people are out of town? haha). Ordered Feb 2021, 7 seat, white/white/20"/no FSD/LR. Got the October 6 seat call and accepted hoping for delivery...
  46. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Are any white exterior being delivered? I'm now seeing multiple people who have ordered their LR after me that are getting delivered before me, but it doesn't seem any are white.
  47. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    1/9/21 order x_x so February orders may actually be July haha
  48. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Maybe they're going to refresh the X again with an interior trim delete
  49. DirtyT3sla

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I have a full time job so I do not rely on youtube revenue. My last video was about my heat pump experience (which has been nothing but positive, which I explained) but I still lost subscribers and got some negative comments because I started the video sharing the heat pump problems Tesla had...