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    How to install other Apps to Tesla? Is there something like the App store and Google store?

    I spent more time than I'd like looking into why there's no Tesla app store. First of all, searching it gets you a lot of results for the app on your phone, which isn't relevant. For the screen in the car, the core problem is a flaw in the design of car internet access. The car has only one...
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    Robotaxi : The business of competing with human drivers

    I think you should honestly spend some time learning Economics. (moderator note: the is no shortage of economists that oppose the view you are about to put forth. No need to speak down to members here). In short, destroying lives is not something that holds back an economy. It will grind people...
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    Robotaxi : The business of competing with human drivers

    Uber drivers aren't making $100k/yr. Uber is taking 70% of fares so a $12 ride won't even pay $5. The remaining paltry income has to cover car, gas/charge, maintenance, and your wages. Often the drivers are actually losing money. Robotaxi is up against dragging human drivers into poverty. With...
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    Thoughts after a 2300 mile journey

    I was annoyed by the 5 over limit too. You can disable that for higher speed roads by setting the % over in the Settings to some really high number then using the right scroll wheel to set the actual speed you want as speed limit signs pass by.
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    Hypermiling for the next generation.

    We hypermiled our 2006 Prius and have been working on it with the Tesla. I wish I could find a community interested in it. You don't need to drive 25mph to do it. It's about experimenting with the car when there's room to do it and then repeating your successes when they fit. If we're not on...
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    Thoughts after a 2300 mile journey

    I don't think the speed limit is just a database anymore, it sure seems to be reading road signs now. A construction site that just went up dropped me to 15mph on a road that is otherwise 35mph - it read that sign correctly. A random sign that happened to say 15 dropped me to 15 in a 40, that...
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    Tesla Model Y - have I made a huge mistake

    I'm just here to dispute the lights and lane keep, they're pretty great. Autosteer is a bit of a fool when a passing an onramp but otherwise it does a pretty good job. What do you dislike about the lights?
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    1 Year Used Tesla Model 3 Review

    You need PlugShare, the app is simple and you'll be able to find a slow charger that takes its time while you sleep. I agree on the newer Teslas. I don't want a yoke and I like my USS. My 2021 Model Y LR is better for me than the refresh they're releasing.
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    Walmart now has a Tesla Semi

    Pepsi is one of the early trials, but they're restricted to CA where the temporary charging infrastructure is in place: https://www.ccjdigital.com/alternative-power/article/15635242/pepsico-on-tesla-semis-realworld-hauling-performance Kodiak is way ahead on autonomous driving, but their...
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    Bogus "Gas Savings"

    That might make sense for your state's laws but not for mine (Florida). In my area a corrupt coal company, Duke Energy, has frequent outages. We got this large solar/powerwall arrangement to skip those outages, so we need to overproduce in order to be mostly off grid. So, we have this setup no...
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    Front passenger seat back fell off

    You commented months ago but maybe you still have this problem. I kept learning you can't remove that irritating head rest until I found a YouTube video showing how to do it. It works great until you discover the head rest is, nonsensically, the primary way the seat back is attached to the...
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    Bogus "Gas Savings"

    I wish you could set the MPG of the comparison car, and have 2 Home prices: Price on solar Price on grid We got a large solar and Powerwall arrangement here in Florida because we don't like losing power, which for Duke Energy is a guarantee. In just 2 years of having these the grid has gone...
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    Is Tesla's "estimated 3-year gas savings" claim misleading?

    I think the gas savings has to be a one size fits all in the initial screen, so I understand it being wildly off. But it's not even mentioning the fact you no longer need to do Oil Changes, and that easily gets you to that savings number. I know that technically it's not "reducing your...
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    Solo Roadtrip from San Diego to Vancouver (Canada) in a 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    My previous car was a Prius and I lived in LA. It took me way too many drives to realize that San Diego is a low-lying city, so I'd get personal best mpg driving to San Diego, and could never get a good mpg returning. I5 goes through "The Valley," and it's easy to not notice that's elevation...
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    Towed boat from RI to FL & Back

    39 hours without sleep! You are far more committed to your road trips than I'd ever be. I think this journey would be 3 hotel stays (with chargers, of course) for me. I drove 18hrs 3x and only made the last one on the promise to myself I'd never do it again😅 I don't know what level Autopilot...
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    windshield wipers come on when I go into Cruise Control.

    Same issue here, just bought a Tesla Model Y, love the car but the auto wipers when I turn on cruise control is ridiculous. The wipers don't reach where the camera is anyway so that excuse is just silly. They should fix this - it's a bug. Even if it's by design, bad design is still a bug. My...