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  1. vcor

    New Owner—A/C Only Works While Moving. Is This Normal?

    It could be, but seems more likely (and cheaper to fix): - Radiator fans have failed - Radiator fan relay has failed - Refrigerant is low If the compressor has failed, I wouldn't expect any cooling. If you're getting normal cooling while driving, it doesn't seem like the compressor is at fault.
  2. vcor

    Battery fuse changed with HV battery? Warning mag

    I think you are confused, The pyro fuse with the internal tiny battery started around 2015. So a 2016 S will have the time-limited pyro fuse. I'd say the warning message has nothing to do with a replaced pack (or lack of one) in your 2016 S. The original poster had a 2013 S, which had an...
  3. vcor

    Bubbling instrument cluster - need to replace glass?

    You likely have a Gen2 IC. These are no longer manufactured, and Tesla would install a Gen 3 IC if you have them do the work. Here's a lot more on the different generations of the IC and part numbers: Instrument Cluster – TeslaTap
  4. vcor

    Batteries catch fire on piercing?

    My understanding is the foam ads structure and also helps reduce thermal runaway probagation. This means if one cell fails, the adjacent cells do not go into thermal runaway. All bets are off in an accident where hundreds of cells are damaged at the same time. Watch Wam Bam Teslacam, and...
  5. vcor

    Ability to turn off passenger vent for refresh Model S?

    I was fairly sure the 2021-2024 S/X does not have a way to turn off one side or the other. I confirmed there is no off-vent option on my 2022 S a few minutes ago. Interesting that the new Highland Model 3 offers that feature. Perhaps it will be added to future S/X, but I doubt it can be done...
  6. vcor

    Any "hidden" upgrades of MS/X in between 2022 - 2024 ?

    Yep, I love the LED charging ring - not so excited about the change to the tiny LED but I expect they are trying to be consistent across the line. It's also part of the cost reductions that allow the 2024 S to cost less than the 2022!
  7. vcor

    No Auto-shift beta or Parking Assist after 2024.14.9

    In controls -> Autopilot, we have the auto park option on both our 2022 S and 2022 Y (both have USS, HW3). I have it set to Vison on the S, which disables the USS. On the Y, we have it set to standard, which has left the USS operating (i.e. you get inches displayed to objects). Both cars have...
  8. vcor

    Any "hidden" upgrades of MS/X in between 2022 - 2024 ?

    All Tesla vehicles made today (S/X/3/Y) use a 16v Lithium-ion battery. The Cybertruck uses a 48v LV battery. Tesla started to use the 16v with the Pladiaum 2021 Model S.
  9. vcor

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    While not common like the 3 and Y, I often see a few daily (Bay Area too). It seems about 70% are wrapped. Most wraps look great, although a few color choices seem odd!
  10. vcor

    Lucid Air vs. MS?

    I'm not a fan of Lucid (mainly due to styling), but I'm not that worried about Lucid going out of business. The Saudis seem to be willing to put unlimited funds to keep it going. So if you like the Lucid, you might pay $150K but you are getting a car that costs $400K or so to make. So it...
  11. vcor

    Newbie member - looking for advice for sourcing a few interior replacement parts

    The app is the way to go, but I've also stopped into service multiple times and bought parts "off the self". Sometimes they are not in stock and they have always got the parts I needed within a week (often quicker). That said, I'm only 20 miles from the Fremont factory and we are in the densest...
  12. vcor

    Any "hidden" upgrades of MS/X in between 2022 - 2024 ?

    Other changes from 2021/2022 to now beyond those listed in the first post: - The light in the center bin was changed from lighting up when closed, to lighting up when open. A design error, but you're looking for trivial changes! - The steering wheel now has a "camera display" button in the...
  13. vcor

    Cybertruck Autp-Pilot

    As FSD steers, the steering wheel turns as FSD controls steering (in the S/X/3/Y). They are mechanically linked. Steer-by-wire should work the same. A motor spins the steering wheel in relation to the steering rack, even though they are not mechanically connected.
  14. vcor

    Any way to turn off the radio?

    Sorry, I misread what you wanted. I'm not aware of a way to completely make the audio screen disappear. You can make it very small by swiping down from the top of the audio box (at least on the 2021+ Model S). It's been 8 years since I sold by 2013 S, so I don't remember if there is a similar...
  15. vcor

    Any way to turn off the radio?

    Dial the volume down to 0 or use the voice commander "Mute Media". A little more complicated - on a USB drive, save a single mp3 audio file that is blank (i.e. no sound). Attach the USB drive to either of the two front console ports or the glovebox port if equipped (newer Model S). Then to...
  16. vcor

    2022 Model S Base versus 2024 Model 3 LR

    I'd go with the S - so many more features. Here's one comparison guide that allows you to compare the S against the 3 (although it uses the 2024 S, there is not a lot of difference between that and 2022). https://teslatap.com/vehicle-comparison-selector/
  17. vcor

    So few Teslas for sale on TMC?

    Perhaps one way to fix the spam/crap comments is to allow the seller to validate comments before they appear. The seller could delete spam/hate comments in their sale listing before they appear in public.
  18. vcor

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    So how many Tesla vehicles have you owned to form your extreme hate about Tesla? I suspect none. So to make all that imaginary money, short TSLA. Be aware many have lost billions doing this.
  19. vcor

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    I suspect some (most?) haters are paid bad actors. There is lots of money to be made from oil interests, stock shorters, competitors, Russia, and more.
  20. vcor

    Solar Powered Tonneau Back Bed Cover

    I suspect the added option cost will be in the $5-10K range. In all-day direct sun, you might get an average of 2-3 miles of additional range per day. If 80% of the days offer sun, and 80% of the time you park outside all day, oriented towards the sun, that means each year you get 3 * 365 * .8...
  21. vcor

    Anyone else having a hard time getting a refund?

    I could be wrong but I thought the credit card companies required refunds (for any company) to go back to the original credit card. It is interesting that those with expired cards still get the refund - which makes me suspect that is still the case. I wonder if the few owners with problems...
  22. vcor

    Legacy S Camera Upgrade - (Lost Features) (FSD)

    Good to know! Thanks.
  23. vcor

    Is the glass distortion still a problem for ‘24 model

    Ok, a few minunderstandings. If the Pryo fuse blows, the 16v battery is still connected and powers the doors and windows. So the low voltage electricity is not cut off, only the HV. All four doors have interior mechanical door releases, should all power be lost. You might want to consult the...
  24. vcor

    Legacy S Camera Upgrade - (Lost Features) (FSD)

    My understanding is you need full FSD to get the free camera upgrade. I got the free camera upgrade in my 2016 S, but I had bought FSD too.
  25. vcor

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    It is amazing that a small group of haters spend so much time dissing the Cybertruck. It makes me wonder who is paying them!
  26. vcor

    Tesla MCU Index - ARM Tegra, Intel Atom, AMD Ryzen

    Any thoughts as to the reasons for the two forks? I'm on the 2024.3.x fork (2022 - FSD, MCUZ, HW3). One guess is 2024.14.x is for HW4?
  27. vcor

    Is the glass distortion still a problem for ‘24 model

    I've never seen the distortion myself on my cars, friends, or loaners and I think I'm fairly observant. Ok, one idea, could it be a side effect of owners using polarized glasses or glasses with special coatings? I do wear glasses, but not polarized. Polarized lenses seem to magnify slight...
  28. vcor

    Legacy S Camera Upgrade - (Lost Features) (FSD)

    While it may have changed, FSD in the past has used far less camera resolution for the neural network - perhaps in the order of 1/8 what you see in the captured video, as higher resolution wasn't needed (and the hardware couldn't handle it). In the past, it also uses software controlled areas...
  29. vcor

    Tesla MCU Index - ARM Tegra, Intel Atom, AMD Ryzen

    Many MCU2 cars (all?) don't have the cabin camera either. My guess is those without the cabin camera will always have to use the steering nag. Looks like FSD 12.6 will get rid of the nag, if you have the cabin camera.
  30. vcor

    Tesla MCU Index - ARM Tegra, Intel Atom, AMD Ryzen

    No. At least not unless the owner pays for the MCU2 upgrade. It's not needed, but MCU2 does provide a better FSD presentation. Otherwise functionally, FSD works with MCU1.
  31. vcor

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    I'll get some heat from the haters, but it is a cool design. I'm not sure why a few people require a truck that looks like every other truck. I gather some people just can't accept anything new or exciting. They will continue to buy boring generic antique-styled vehicles. Luckily for them, a...
  32. vcor

    Peeling yoke replacement

    Strange, my old yoke thumb wheels were never hot, not even with steering wheel heat on. Same as the new. Not sure what could cause that.
  33. vcor

    Rear climate control?

    My 2022 S has a separate temperature control for the rear and mine is set at different temperature than the front. I suspect all Teslas with a rear screen have it. When you tap on the front screen temp up or down, there is a "Split" option (to lock left/right). It didn't appear to lock the...
  34. vcor

    Bugs and Issues Share

    Isn't this normal? My S rear screen goes off when the car is off. Do you mean it stays on when the car is off and locked? Is this when the slots are empty? If so, that sounds wrong. If it is when your phone is charging, it might be your phone that is getting hot and transferring heat to the...
  35. vcor

    Peeling yoke replacement

    I looked at my new yoke, and I also have a tiny amount of light leakage when looking from a very narrow angle at the side in the dark. I never noticed it until you pointed it out. It's not visible from any seating position, so I expect this is normal. A replacement is not likely to fix it. I...
  36. vcor

    Repair/Replace Reverse Light

    Yep, generally they last > 50K operating hours (in a car, that should be longer than the car's lifetime). Backup LEDs are also used so little they really should last forever. Ok, two things kill LEDs. Overheat and electrical connection breaks. Typically LEDs can handle 185°F (85°C), but...
  37. vcor

    How to Turn off 4G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Connections

    Most of the antennas in the car are for reception and do not generate radiation. I've made an extensive list of antennas and locations here: Antenna Expose – TeslaTap (for the 2022 models) For the current Model S, there are about 46 antennas. I suppose you can go through and disconnect the...
  38. vcor

    Is HW 4.0 camera good enough for dashcam function or better use other dashcam?

    Yep - used the glove box. That said, it's possible the hub was the problem. The same hub works fine for a 512 GB music SD Card and a 128 GB TeslaCam SD Card. When I replaced the 128 GB TeslaCam SD Card with a 512 GB, the car would not see TeslaCam. There was nothing special that I could...
  39. vcor

    You can Jump a Cybertruck with 12v or 48v

    Sounds like a more serious issue than the 48v battery running down (or failing). Perhaps the DC-DC inverter has failed. It should still be in warranty - why not have Tesla fix it?
  40. vcor

    Confirmed 8,000+ Cybertrucks produced so far (VINs seen in person on 4/21/24)

    On VIN sequences, a manufacturer can do almost anything they want. They can skip VINs, or assign different sequences to different model variants. In the past Tesla as far as I can tell, has gone with a linear serial sequence starting at 1, and using the same sequence for all model variants...
  41. vcor

    Playing USB Music

    How do you know it's downmixed? I suspect it is, but how do you test it or confirm it is? There are no digital audio outputs to monitor.
  42. vcor

    Is HW 4.0 camera good enough for dashcam function or better use other dashcam?

    I bought a 512 GB Samsung High Endurance SD Card last week. I formatted for exFAT and had the TeslaCam folder, but it didn't see it (not even to format it within the car). I'm not sure why it didn't work, as I know others have used > 2TB SSD drives, so the size was not an issue. My prior 128...
  43. vcor

    Playing USB Music

    The USB resume on entry was broken for a long time, before Sentry mode existed. I think it broke around version 7 or 8 software (I've had quite a few Teslas over the years, since 2013). Most are unaware it used to work great back in the day! This only relates to USB music and the car is...
  44. vcor

    Is HW 4.0 camera good enough for dashcam function or better use other dashcam?

    One thing few people know about is the temperature range of SSDs and USB stick drives are quite limited, and never designed for automotive temperatures. That said, for the most part, they seem to work, but SD cards are a better choice. Almost all SD Cards are rated for automotive temperatures...
  45. vcor

    Playing USB Music

    When you leave the car and sentry mode is on, the USB music will resume when you return where it left off. If Sentry mode is off, USB music does not resume automatically (a bug for many years now). The trick to resume is using the Voice command "Switch to USB" and it will resume where it left off.
  46. vcor

    2019/20 Raven Long Range Differences?

    Not sure if you're trying to compare the Raven 2020 and the Pladium? Here's my extensive comparison of the prior major version and what we have today: https://teslatap.com/model-s-comparison-for-2021/
  47. vcor

    Salvage Tesla

    If either car had FSD, it might be included, but unlikely. Normally when a car goes through Tesla (i.e. trade-in, etc.) they strip FSD from the car, and it allows them to sell it for a bit less. Once you have the Tesla app, you can see if buying FSD is an option. At least now it's quite a bit...
  48. vcor

    CT got that sweet early Model 3 orange glass…

    It's caused by the thermal rejection layer used between the laminated glass. I don't think it has anything to do with cost. Here's a model 3 roof that shows it well
  49. vcor

    USB Music Playback

    Another option is to use a USB hub, so you connect two drives. One for the dashcam with the folder "TeslaCam" and the other for your music. Because of the continuous video writing, the dashcam drive may only last 1-2 years depending on the drive quality and write frequency. The music drive...
  50. vcor

    Do we now have OTA updates?

    You'll get updates sooner and more frequently if you're connected via WiFi. Still, there is a randomness to updates that some arrive earlier than others or may even skip an update. It usually takes about 4 weeks for everyone (that are connected via WiFi) to get a specific update. Don't worry...