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  1. FlyinLow

    WTB used Model 3 - value priced, high mileage RWD, no options

    Greetings folks! I bought my 2014 Model S a few years ago using TMC from a private party seller and had a very positive experience. After sifting through the pages of "For Sale" Teslas I'm not seeing what I'm looking for there. I want to replace a Honda Civic that was unfortunately rear...
  2. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    I'm not sure about the foam, check the Tire Rack website for details...they are quieter than the Michelins I had originally and about the same as the Bridgestone Turanzos I had before these Pirellis.
  3. FlyinLow

    On display at Petersen Auto Museum - more pics

    I can't see the hub caps being just like that on the truck in production, but then you never know. They are "aero." Take them off and I bet there's a nice wheel under there...but I haven't seen them off yet. No matter. The specs are why I'm buying it. Sold my F-350 dually a few years...
  4. FlyinLow

    Model X Road Trips

    Excellent. Taking a Tesla road trip is what it takes to truly understand the benefit of stopping every 2.5 hours. Kids love it, dogs love it, we really enjoy our road trips in the 14MS85. We bring a frisbee and baseball gloves. Stretching the legs and family time has been the best result of...
  5. FlyinLow

    EVWheels Direct 20” EVR Roadster Replica Wheels for S

    Big difference in cost though. My stock wheels were damaged from pot holes and 178,000 miles of road abuse. They started to allow my tires to loose air occasionally when I was parked. I had already had one wheel welded because it was cracked by a pothole. Once I had them removed the dented...
  6. FlyinLow

    EVWheels Direct 20” EVR Roadster Replica Wheels for S

    That’s why I shared my Wh/mi on a fairly long distance real world trip. Weight makes a difference and there are lighter wheels out there, some from Unplugged Performance, with different looks.
  7. FlyinLow

    On display at Petersen Auto Museum - more pics

    Can’t have too many pictures of the Cybertruck. Seeing it in person is highly recommended.
  8. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    Depending on the door handle generation there may be details not covered in this thread.
  9. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    After shopping around I ended up simply looking into all the tires on the test chart, then ended up going with the Perellis in the newest version. Test results: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/chartDisplay.jsp?ttid=220
  10. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    From the Pirelli description on Tire Rack: “The Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II is Pirelli's Grand Touring All-Season tire designed for the drivers of touring and luxury touring cars looking for tires offering predictable handling, everyday comfort and all-season traction, plus enhanced...
  11. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    Freeway driving over grooves seems stable. I’ve driven 4,500 miles on these tires so far. Columbia, SC to New Orleans, LA and back, then SC down to the Space Coast (Titusville) in FL and back in the mix. Heavy rain and dry roads at 70-80 mph, very stable and a comfortable ride.
  12. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    Find a place that compares these tires and gives them ratings based on specific criterion. Energy consumption, low rolling resistance, and tire wear rating, are numbers that can be found. Tire Rack is just one place that categorizes tires and lists ratings. “Eco” for low rolling resistance...
  13. FlyinLow

    EVWheels Direct 20” EVR Roadster Replica Wheels for S

    Enjoying these wheels. Just had to go to New Orleans from Columbia, SC and flights were not convenient. Took my daughter and we had a good time. Average 323 Wh/mi for a round trip of about 1400 miles driving 70-80 mph on I-20 across SC to LA and back.
  14. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    Road trip to/from New Orleans from Columbia, SC complete. New Pirelli tires performed wonderfully. We saw heavy rain for a few hours and lots of sun West of Alabama. My 14S85 and AP1 worked well. TACC alone is worth a lot. Averaged actual 323 Wh/mi traveling “highway speeds” of 70-80 mph. No...
  15. FlyinLow

    advice before picking up Model 3 standard range plus

    Use one of the delivery checklists out there. Get everything they promise to fix in writing. Bring a Tesla veteran with you if possible. They look. You talk. Have financing and insurance ready. I use my frunk as my primary place to put stuff, definitely get a mat for it. Be ready for “Tesla...
  16. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    Since wh/mi varies so greatly depending on my specific driving decisions like drafting, speeding or taking it easy, etc the average consumption over 60k miles says nothing about the tires and only describes my driving style and environment (driving in hills). At 75 mph on the flat freeway and...
  17. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    My first back door failed to present. I bought two repair kits in anticipation of the other door needing attention eventually. The back is about the same difficulty as the front to remove, repair, then replace. Here’s some pictures.
  18. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    If you keep the same handle and only replace internal parts it should not need to be recalibrated.
  19. FlyinLow

    EVWheels Direct 20” EVR Roadster Replica Wheels for S

    After some research and a little procrastination (missed the 25% off Christmas sale) I decided to pull the trigger on a set of EVWheels Direct “Roadster” replica wheels. I’m keeping my “old” 2014 S85, it still drives like new and I’m still loving it. Link: EVR "Roadster Style" Wheel for Tesla...
  20. FlyinLow

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    After researching Eco tires in the 20” wheel size, I’ve settled on a set of Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II tires. Tire Rack: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=Cinturato+P7+All+Season+Plus+II&partnum=44VR0CP7ASP2XL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes...
  21. FlyinLow

    The used market is confusing

    I second the private party option. I had a great experience buying my 14MS85 from a TMC member. It had 105,000 miles on it when I bought it. The car was well maintained. I had access to all maintenance records shared by the seller. I was able to test drive the car before committing to the...
  22. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    A year later and tons of use by my family (me, my wife and three kids) the two door handles I updated/repaired using EVTuning parts are still working flawlessly. I intend to repair the back door handles myself The same way if they ever quit working.
  23. FlyinLow

    WTB: Right Side Mirror Assembly - Gray Cover

    Hello, I’m looking for a used right side mirror assembly with a gray cover. I had an unfortunate encounter with a construction bollard that tore off my right side mirror. I have a 14MS85. It appears as though 2012-2019 Model S mirrors are compatible. Please message me if you have a mirror...
  24. FlyinLow

    Is it still called ICEing when it’s a Tesla?

    Simply knock on the window, ask how things are going. If they are disabled kindly ask them to put it in tow mode so you and others can push the disabled car out of the way. If it isn't disabled, simply ask them to move since there are people waiting to charge. What is up with the hesitation...
  25. FlyinLow

    Tri Motor versus Quad Motor design

    Proven and tested technology with many miles on it by then. Raven MS will prove out the issues, I bet it is a similar set up in the CyberTruck. I'm sure Rivian is doing testing, but they don't have a bunch of production vehicles in the hands of consumers living with it day to day yet. I hope...
  26. FlyinLow

    Where are orders coming from #4?

    South Carolina. Yes, its true we don't have a service center so I'll be taking delivery in Charlotte, NC. In the meantime our 14MS85 is the daily driver, 167k miles and counting!
  27. FlyinLow

    Who has ordered?

    Put down my $100 for a tri-motor. Excellent specs. I love my MS85 and have 166k miles on it now. I'll be ready for that truck when it arrives with that Raven drive-train. It will be a fun and capable vehicle that's less than the cost of my last truck, with many times the fun factor. The 2.9...
  28. FlyinLow

    S60 battery range

    The only way an S60 would work well in the winter if you have any length of commute at all is if there’s L2 charging at work. I’d probably plug it in to L1 plug (110V) at least in the coldest part of the winter. ABC...always be charging. The nice part of the S60 is that they are so...
  29. FlyinLow

    Percentage or Miles/Kilometers : which do you use and why?

    1. I see people that are using “miles” occasionally telling stories about how they were seeing only a couple miles remaining before charging. 1a. This is how a person can be stranded. Windshield wipers, HVAC and everything else uses “miles” too. People report going from 10 miles to 3 miles...
  30. FlyinLow

    How ridiculous is NOT installing a 240v service?

    ABC...always be charging. I was limited to 120V/15A for a year because I was moving in a year. Our 200A panel was already full of the thin breakers and the panel was as far away from the garage as possible on the other side of the basement. Cold winters near Pittsburgh, PA, not many electric...
  31. FlyinLow

    New Model S Owner, Warranty Ends soon, what to do?

    If your warranty is active but ending soon pay for a “four year service” and let Tesla fix all the things that you have on your list and any they find. Tell them about the AC pump before your appointment. I’ve been out of warranty. 145,000 miles on my 14S85. No desire to buy a warranty. New...
  32. FlyinLow

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Full charge to 100% yields 254 miles vs 265 miles when new. I typically charge to 80% and set my charge timer to start resulting in reaching 80% just prior to departing. I enjoy the tinkering aspect of the car and plan to keep it long term. AP1 is great for me since we have to be alert will...
  33. FlyinLow

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Loving my 14 S85 with 145k miles. Still charges at a cool 118kW on a Supercharger as long as the pack is in the 20% or below state when I arrive. I usually drive 1200 miles round trip about once a month lately up and down the East Coast, through the very mountainous Virginia, West Virginia and...
  34. FlyinLow

    2014 Model S 85 CPO - Excellent Condition - Second Owner - Loaded - Free Super Charging

    A note of reason...from a person who bought a private party S85 from someone here on TMC: 1. Being able to go look at the car in person and possibly even test drive it is worth something. 2. Likely there’s negotiating room in person. 3. Those images on the CPO site are not pictures of the...
  35. FlyinLow

    2014 Model S 85 - Dolphin Gray - One Owner - 60K Miles - $32,000

    Excellent! I am genuinely surprised this car hasn’t sold immediately! Your ad is great. Recommend posting a picture of the Monroney “sticker.” GLWS. You’ll be sorting through potential buyers soon.
  36. FlyinLow

    Range Question I know there are a few...

    As recommended other places, drive your car down to 10% remaining, then charge back up to 90% at night. Bump it up to 100% charge limit right before driving a longer distance. Depending on your home charging speed, set your car to finish just before leaving. The battery management system...
  37. FlyinLow

    Used Model S vs New Model 3?

    If size isn’t an issue and you plan on keeping the car for more than 3 years get a Model 3.
  38. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    Install complete. My front passenger door is back up and running. I should just do the two back doors now, but I’m lazy. LOL.
  39. FlyinLow

    Model Y Performance vs Jaguar iPace

    We need all the brands with emerging EV designs to participate. It’s going to take all these promised examples coming in 2020 to fill the demand. Once the “public gets it” we will see them eat up the VW ID series and Hyundai Kona etc. If Electrify America actuallly builds out its...
  40. FlyinLow

    Buying used - what max mileage would you buy?

    Why sell? Likely it’s worth a lot more to you. I’m cruising past 145k miles with my S and looking to drive it for the foreseeable future. I have always kept cars for 10 years or more though. Mine still drives like it’s new and with updates it is better, and much different than when I bought...
  41. FlyinLow

    Mileage question on used Model S

    My 2014 MS 85 drives like new with 145,000 miles on it. I would not be at all concerned about mileage.
  42. FlyinLow

    Checking Interest in 2013 Model S 85 Fully Loaded for $30k

    Dang, sweet deal! Buying directly from the current owner is the best experience. GLWS!
  43. FlyinLow

    FS: 2014 Model S 85, Black/Black, Autopilot, 38K mi, $38K

    Dang. This car looks fantastic, is low mileage and priced right! It will sell quickly, I’m sure. I like the painted lower valence. GLWS
  44. FlyinLow

    OEM Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

    Still available?
  45. FlyinLow

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    Passenger door rebuild kit ordered today. Thanks EVTuning for fantastic products. Looking to drive my MS85 for many years.
  46. FlyinLow

    Buy/Driving a Tesla with no home charger?

    You’ll love the AP in traffic. Tesla works with business owners to provide the equipment and help with the install of HPWCs. Charging Partners | Tesla Your employer or one nearby may be intersted in the benefits of bringing in new customers because they can get an opportunity charge while...
  47. FlyinLow

    2014 Model S 85kWh - Low Mileage (18k)

    Excellent price, knowledgeable seller. Thank you OP. I bought my S85 from a private seller here on TMC. It was a great experience. Low miles, well cared for and warranty...ready to be driven. GLWS!
  48. FlyinLow

    For Sale 04/2013 P85 - Beautiful Metallic Blue with Gray Interior $42k

    Dang. Private party sales are the best way to get a clean car with service history right now! Great price. GLWS.