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    "Elon’s tweet does not match engineering reality per CJ." - CJ Moore, Tesla's Director of Autopilot Software

    Document https://www.plainsite.org/documents/28jcs0/california-dmv-tesla-robotaxi--fsd-notes/ Keyword: "Elon’s tweet does not match engineering reality per CJ."
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    GM Supercruise's 0 incident in 5.7 Million miles Vs Tesla Autopilot's 1 accident every 3.45 million miles (Safety Record Comparison)

    https://www.foxnews.com/auto/cadillac-hands-free-super-cruise-system-driving-record GM Supercruise All Time Cadillac President Steve Carlisle told Fox News Autos at the new Escalade unveiling in Hollywood that the automaker isn’t aware of any accidents that have occurred while it was in use...
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    BMW Lane Change

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    First time riding in a Waymo Driverless van

    This should be a stark reminder that there is only one company in the world that can do this.
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    Andrej Karpathy - AI for Full-Self Driving (2020)

    Good talk, the only thing i disliked is him equating HD map to knowing the distance of the leaves on a tree. Basically that the Map has to be geometric for it to be HD. That's not true and he knows that. The map that they have which is increasing in fidelity IS a HD Map. Having stop signs...
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    Waymo's Fifth Generation Lidars, Radars and Cameras

    Waypoint - The official Waymo blog: Introducing the 5th-generation Waymo Driver: Informed by experience, designed for scale, engineered to tackle more environments "With each generation of our custom hardware we’ve been able to bring down the cost of our sensors while delivering even more...
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    NHTSA Probing Fatal Crash of Tesla and Fire Truck in Indiana

    US safety agency opens probe into fatal Tesla Model 3 crash in Indiana Looks like the stopping for Car/Truck issue is still happening.
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    Unedited Mobileye’s Autonomous Vehicle & other CES 2020 Self Driving ride videos

    Unedited Ride in Mobileye’s Camera-Driven Autonomous Vehicle Yandex autonomous car ride
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    Tesla may have been on Autopilot in California crash which killed two

    Tesla may have been on Autopilot in California crash which killed two "Authorities assign investigation team that specializes in Autopilot system incidents to inspect Tesla Model S that hit Honda Civic. The black Tesla had left a freeway and was moving at a high rate of speed when it ran a red...
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    Another potential AP accident into Fire truck

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    Nissan launches hands-off ProPilot 2.0 On-Ramp to Off-Ramp (Rivals Navigate on Autopilot)

    Nissan to launch hands-off ProPilot 2.0 driver-assistance in Japan - Roadshow So much for Tesla being 3+ years ahead.
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    Here's How Tesla will launch the 'Tesla Network' as L2 ADAS!

    So Elon might pull off another hat trick. I have always considered the initial launch of AP1 to be dangerous only because Tesla allowed up to 30 mins of no nags and put absolutely no restrictions on it. Now they are learning but the 4 deaths that have happened with AP could have been avoided...
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    Update on BMW's INEXT Level 3 Highway System in 2021 (not happening)

    UPDATE: A few updates are on in order. Looks like Mobileye is no longer joint with BMW on driving policy although they have given BMW the blueprints to move forward. This change most likely came from the new Mercedes/BMW autonomous deal in FEB 2019. Not only that, as a result of this Amnon no...
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    On the road to full Autonomy with Elon Musk (Podcast Ark-Invest)

    On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk — FYI Podcast Wow they worshiped him more than ppl worship Jesus on a Sunday morning. Interesting podcast. Everyone should listen to it. What do you guys think?
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    Tesla 2018 disengagement report

    https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/wcm/connect/96c89ec9-aca6-4910-802b-c596f2625a7f/TeslaMotors.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CVID= We know without a doubt they are testing things using the employee program in CA and there's no way you can develop a system without your engineers actually testing it on public...
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    Airbag Deployment Increased 59% after AP deployment (Fact Checking NHTSA)

    Wow. Its crazy how the NHTSA tried to withhold info from the public all this time. http://www.safetyresearch.net/Library/NHTSA_Autosteer_Safety_Claim.pdf New Analysis Challenges Bold Tesla Claims | Safety Research & Strategies, Inc. "Remarkably, NHTSA’s announcement was not accompanied by...
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    Anthony Levandowski beats Tesla's Elon Musk to first Auto Cross country (3k Miles, 0 disengagement)

    Here is elon musk prediction in comparison: Elon Musk Confirms Cross-Country Autonomous Tesla Road Trips | Inverse Looks like Delphi/Aptiv did 99% in 2015 and now Anthony Levandowski with his new company Pronto.AI has done 100% in 2018 using just cameras and regular navigation maps (no...
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    Elon Musk: EAP solved, on track for FSD completion in 2019 (No one else is close!)

    Elon Musk: The Recode interview " don’t think anyone is close to Tesla in terms of achieving a general solution for working on. You can definitely make things work like in one particular city or something like that by special-casing it, but in order to work, you know, all around the world in...
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    Mobileye will launch a self-driving taxi service in Israel in 2019

    Volkswagen, Intel, and Mobileye will launch a self-driving taxi service in Israel in 2019 They are about to shock the world! Everything I have said in this forum have culminated to this very moment. What they are doing with driving policy and reinforcement learning using a model based alpha...
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    Elon Musk - Singularity, AGI, Killer Robots, SkyNet will be here in 2019!

    2014 Archives Its absolutely hilarious looking back at this guy's past statements/predictions and comparing it to his FSD statements.
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    Cadillac SuperCruise Tops Tesla in Consumer Reports' Test

    Cadillac Tops Tesla in Consumer Reports' First Ranking of Automated Driving Systems This makes the 7th(?) report of supercruise beating AP. You won't see this on electrek.co
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    Mobileye's Self Driving Car is unbelievably good

    Overwhelmingly impressive. Shows you how ahead they are of the competition. Article How Intel and Mobileye are taking a simpler path to autonomy - Roadshow (Extra Clips) Handling difficult Lane Changes and Merges Start at 33:00 mins
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    Tesla Autopilot Vs. GM SuperCruise, Head-to-Head (Spoiler: Supercruise almost runs table)

    The Battle for Best Semi-Autonomous System: Tesla Autopilot Vs. GM SuperCruise, Head-to-Head GM Supercruise completely dominates Autopilot just like I expected.
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    Junli Gu Tesla's Lead Machine Learning Manager/Engineer Quits!

    Here's Electrek's (WARNING this is a Tesla shill....ahem fansite) article when she was hired. Tesla hires machine learning expert from AMD to lead the Autopilot’s self-learning tech Here's her linkined page https://www.linkedin.com/in/gujunli Looks like the rats are jumping ships quicker...
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    Model 3 vs. Volvo S60 (Tesla deception at it yet again. Sad!)

    NHTSA NVS | Vehicle Crash Test Database - Test Detail Information Not only are the poles different but... "The Volvo sticker shows test number that can be found on NHTSA DB (https://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/database/VSR/veh/TestDetail.aspx?LJC=9498 …) indicates 38.28mph. Tesla sticker shows...
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    Elon, Where is the FSD features you promised?

    Tomorrow officially makes it 6 months. We see no FSD features nor even EAP features, we only see the struggle to match AP1 parity. If FSD or even EAP were on the horizon and coming in the next update, you would see alot of hype coming from Elon like he always has. But we have crickets. What in...
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    Another Company (Torc) completes Self Driving cross country trip

    That adds them to the piling list of those who have done a cross country trip, which includes delphi...Missing in that list ofcourse is Tesla. Self-driving car arrives in Seattle after 2,500-mile autonomous cross-country trip They are also doing a return trip next week. This shows you how...
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    First L3 Self Driving Car - Audi A8 world premieres in Barcelona

    Event starts in 2 hours. Audi MediaTV - Videos - Live and On Demand | Audi MediaCenter
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    Predict When will Tesla release Fully Self Driving to cars? 2018/2019/2020...

    I ran into this today and i thought about how many times bird poop has fallen on the side pillars of my BMW 3 series constantly and how a tesla at a stop light would handle it. Turns out to be a big problem on the google cars. So my question to you is this, with meeting AP1 parity taking up to...
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    Four Upcoming Self Driving Level 3 Cars by 2019

    New Audi A8 due by end of 2017. Complete autonomous driving for a single lane on the highway while under 35mph. It is based on their jack prototype and uses mobileye eyeq3 chip on a board called zFAS. Its latest sensors include 12 Ultrasonics, 8 Radars, 4 Top View Camera, 1 Wide View Front...
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    List of Elon Musk Autopilot Predictions

    June 2014: "I am confident that in less than a year you will be able to go from highway on ramp to highway exists without touching any controls." - Tesla’s 2014 Shareholder meeting [video] December 2015: "We're going to end up with complete autonomy, and I think we will have complete autonomy...
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    Tesla begins HD map development (collecting short camera videos) as i predicted

    This is exactly as I predicted. To the point that it needs its own thread. Its funny how I have been right about everything I have said concerning the tesla's autopilot yet I have received unprecedented backlash. EAP HW2 - my experience thus far... [DJ Harry] (only one camera active) Enhanced...
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    GM's cruise automation transcendent 90 mins self driving demo

    Looks like It's Cruise, Google and then everyone else. No one is even close right now.
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    Is Tesla Autopilot program a breeding ground for Myths?

    I have heard so many things in this forum, outside it, in the media and by others about Tesla and autopilot that are simply dumbfounding. Once and for all, i want to know what you think and settle this. Statements like the ones in this video. "Tesla [HW2.0] is fully capable of going point A to...
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    Frustrated with FSD timeline

    So on 23rd Jan 2017 Elon promised that FSD feature will be here. Its 9 days from 3 months mark and we are not even at full parity with AP1. Let alone EAP specific features such as autosteer+ on non-divided local roads, on ramp / off ramp, self lane changing, smart summon and self parking...
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    Enhanced Autopilot 2 may never happen before Full Self Driving is ready!

    Looking closer at the promised features and the available camera hardware assigned to those features i discovered that based on the current configuration reaching EAP complete is essentially IMPOSSIBLE. Here me out, lets take a took. 1) Automatic Lane Changes People forget that the current...

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