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    Unofficial windows phone app

    FYI Tesla Connect is no longer in the Windows store for phones or Windows 8/10 tablets/desktops If you already have it, it should stay on your device and keep working Tesla is apparently now taking down apps that use the name 'Tesla' or use logos that look like their T logo (I think drew mine...
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    Model S REST API

    There is "trim_badging": "70d", on the vehicle_config json, that will tell you the actual model. you can find it with /data_request/vehicle_config, or just /data returns everything
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    Mirror not folding out completely

    I had a problem like this, for me it was some felt material under the mirror between the fixed piece and the moving top that was loose and getting in the way (actually an inch or so of the clothy material was sticking out so it was obvious what it was). I think the service center just cut off...
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    Sound Deadening - Early Cars vs. Current

    For me wind noise from the modelS having frameless doors is by far the most distracting noise at higher speeds, though it probably varies wildly by car since its dependent on how good the seals and your window aligns with the body when closed. I was hoping for more improvement between my 2013 S...
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    Vegan option?

    With the Model S, and I assume the X (and hopefully the 3), the 'vegan' option is no additional cost but you do have to ask for it as a special item that requires talking to a person since its not in the online order form. On the S, requesting the vegan option gets you a non-leather wrapped...
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    Model S REST API

    yeah but the point is a much smaller download size for the app
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    Model S REST API

    not a resT API question, but if anyone has played with recoloring Tesla's PNGs could you PM me? The latest Tesla apps don't have separate PNGs for each color of the ModelS/X anymore, instead they're repainting them on the fly - which I'm trying to do and add model X graphics to my app, but...
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    USB-C connector for premium front console - no plans to release

    Note that those cables (and most all usb-c's on amazon right now) don't follow the usb-C spec when plugged into a usb2 or usb3 port. They tell the device they are plugged into a usb-c on the other end which makes your phone think they can pull more power than older usb ports are rated for. On...
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    Model S REST API

    with 7.0, is_front_defroster_on has a value of 3 whenever the climate control is on. (and a value of 1 if front defrost is actually on). Any ideas what the 3 is supposed to mean?
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    I miss that the climate control doesn't show you the current Fan speed or what vents its using anymore (unless you open the menu). I used to use that to tell if the heat was on or not and adjust the temp (since I don't want the heat on chewing up the battery, I end up having to adjust things...
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    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    Saw this note on facebook about getting autopark to work: Hey guys, I'm a product specialist. We just got an email today explaining that the self park requires calibration, which in this case is simply driving the car around for several hours so the sensors can calibrate with curbs and what...
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    Anyone use autopilot in heavy traffic yet?

    In traffic TACC v7 seems improved over 6.2, I never went into Hold mode (maybe its gone?) even waiting through a whole traffic light. the old tacc would often brake and accelerate harder than I would in traffic, haven't used it enough to tell if that's improved much or not, maybe a little...
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    Very big problem with Autopilot so far

    I experienced the same complaint today of it trying to exit on every offramp I went by... (seattle area, 520west) even with the Nav destination set to be going straight ahead (maybe it could take that into account). Hopefully it learns fast from the # of people that will be jerking the wheel to...
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    Looking for pics of the vegan steering wheel

    The leather one is super smooth in look, the vegan one has a fake leather pattern imprinted on it
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    Looking for pics of the vegan steering wheel

    I have the vegan steering wheel also (delivered end of May), the feel is a little less soft to the touch but otherwise pretty similar. Unclear if its still the newness, but the leather one (on previous model S and loaners i've had) built up a hand grease layer pretty quick, haven't noticed...
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    LTE fails after car sleeps and wakes up

    I don't think this is LTE specific but common on 'newer' cars, my car was built just a couple weeks before the LTE switch so I've got 3G and it usually fails to reconnect after sleep (or takes like 5 minutes). Using the always stay connected setting helps a bit but not completely. This wasn't...
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    Lloyd All-weather vs Tesla All-weather

    The tesla all weather mats from 2013 mostly fit still 2015, I moved mine, the most visible thing is that the passenger front seat now has these big circle velcro spots for the standard mats to attach to. The all weather mat doesn't go up high enough to cover that spot. (but you can put the all...
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    How's your AC?

    Comparing my old telsa (vin 37xx) to the new one (85xxx), the AC runs much weaker, I don't know how much of that is it being a different system, different tuning for newer cars to use less power, or the temp sensor location thing changing. Looking at what temps the car thinks it is at - via...
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    Manual liftgate operation - Volt vs Tesla

    my new car without power liftgate is similarly hard to close, I can't actually close it using the inside handle, i have to slam it closed from the outside/pressing on the top of the trunk when closed, and even then often the car says its not fully closed... the power liftgate on my old car with...
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    New tesla 70D owner!

    Picked up my new 70d this afternoon, really annoying that Seattle area deliveries are all downtown now, spent 2.5 hours in traffic getting there/back. not a great picture, but new Tesla with soon to be sold Tesla. (totally would have got Brown again if it was still an option)
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    Your help needed: "FOR" Votes for 2015 TSLA Prop 3 and 4

    I'd be interested in an experiment if Tesla offered a premium non-leather and sold it as better than leather, and upgrade on top of leather, etc -- would it get significant share on sales from the people that are buying every option on their p85d? using more natural/renewable materials was one...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    my new 70D (VIN 85495) is supposed to arrive in Seattle today. They are apparently backed up in delivery appointments and I can't actually pick it up til next Thursday. just like with my current S60, Tesla manages to deliver a couple days before I'll be out of town and unable to enjoy the new...
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    Hypermiling techniques?

    What recommendations are there for best mileage when going up/down steep hills/mountains? (where its not possible to stay under 30kW, maybe there is a max speed target that isn't going to have too much wind adding on)
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    Steering Wheel: Alcantara wrapped for Model S

    Tesla offers a non leather steering wheel option, you just have to ask for it...
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    2013 Tesla S60 - SOLD

    I'll be listing my 60 soon, last Tesla quote I had was around 48k, a couple months ago.. will be shopping it around to do better 2013 60, Brown ext, Textile interior, Tech, Pano roof, air, supercharger 20k miles
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    Unofficial windows phone app

    It's not currently, i've been meaning to add a place to list more of the data --
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    SAE J1772 DC (Combo) Connector Adapter for Model S

    I'm presuming R&D on CCS should be a lot less than chademo given statements from a long time ago that the the tesla connector and sae DC are very close, just like the tesla connector and sae AC is possible with a small cheap adapter. We'll see, if CCS takes off and a market exists we'll...
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    SAE J1772 DC (Combo) Connector Adapter for Model S

    I had looked and saw that WA didn't have any, but OR & CA have a fair amount now. The appeal would be if >> chademo locations become combo with CCS, >> the CCS tesla adapter is much cheaper/smaller than the chademo (the current adapter is huge, and expensive, a CCS adapter if mechanical...
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    SAE J1772 DC (Combo) Connector Adapter for Model S

    Now that we've got chademo adapters, can we start the CCS adapter wait frustration thread?
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    Dear Tesla: Please add Power Liftgate as a separate option

    I went and compared the standard liftgate to powered... not worth the premium package for me -- but not a deal breaker on the car -- opening is still fairly automatic, just losing the close button.
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    Dear Tesla: Please add Power Liftgate as a separate option

    With the price reduction at 3k instead of 5k for a liftgate its now only 2x what it should be, so now price is not my main problem with the Premium Package (though I still don't actually want the headliner upgrade which seems a big part of the price) -- but that you have to get the leather...
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    Unofficial windows phone app

    It's both, on Windows you open settings, then choose options. On phone though yeah its just Settings :)
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    Unofficial windows phone app

    Tesla Connect for Windows & Windows Phone were both recently updated (Windows last week, Phone today) For Windows & Windows Phone Support for multiple cars on a single account (switch via Options) For Windows: Moved to new owner-api servers
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    Tesla Companion App

    Tesla Connect for Phone was updated awhile ago to use the new owner-api servers, the only login errors I've had people report are temporary outages impacting the official apps too. I've compared the network traffic between my app and the official ones, doing the exact same requests Have you...
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    Tesla Companion App

    Tesla Connect is still in the Windows Phone store, doesn't have all the functionality Companion had, but that there are no app options at all isn't true.
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    Online Configurator Disabled 1800EST 11-05-14

    Looks like the options for black roof, and some exterior colors were removed too (no brown, etc)
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    If you do not mind, Please post your trade in offer from Tesla so we can compare note

    Feb 2013 Model S60 with 15k miles, (60kWh, Brown, Tech package, pano, air, supercharger) - original total price 76k (78k - 2k credit for supercharger access) Trade in offer: 48600, offer good for 10 days so 76k-7500-48600 = 19900 depreciation to me, and if I were to upgrade to an 85D it will...
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    If you do not mind, Please post your trade in offer from Tesla so we can compare note

    Haven't gotten my quote back yet, but one item noted was that the remaining years on the service plan are not transferable...
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    Dual chargers required in NW - Seattle area?

    in NW area chademo seems easy to find and is much faster than dual chargers, I didn't bother with dual chargers. maybe by the time you take delivery the chademo adapter will finally exist
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    Is the Supercharger option worth $2,000?

    I was thinking today about trade-in value to Tesla though, if you're trading in TO Tesla, supercharging makes no difference, since they can activate it themselves for no cost when reselling it for more. A good question will be for a 60 being traded in to tesla, will tesla give any value to...
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    Tesla Companion App

    Tesla should be able to figure this out pretty easily if they want, just check the useragent strings on login to tell the difference between android, ios, visibletesla, the 2 winphone apps.
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    Unofficial windows phone app

    An update to Tesla Connect for Windows Phone was published this morning with some updates: * Show car name instead of VIN * Remote Start (keyless start) * Calendar integration (--> in progress, doesn't automatically sync in the background, and requires the first time for you to enter in your...
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    Calendar api doesn't require bluetooth to sync, but it does need to specify the bluetooth name or id of the device that needs to be present in the car to show the calendar data. (works for me in my winphone app, I'm assuming when connecting with bluetooth a notification is sent to device to ask...
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    Model S REST API

    Did anyone find a way around this? I have most things working, but was hoping to use fiddler to see some examples of the format of the 'upcoming_calendar_entries' command... but wasn't able to get the official apps to connect (iOS or Android)
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    Any 60 or 85's on the eastside?

    I've been able to compare 60 to 85 (not p85) side by side with a coworker, 85 does have an advantage. If you have good control of the accelerator, you can kind of compare a 60 to an 85 by the max power the 60 can do (speedo's are different between the 60 & 85, don't know about p85)
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    Hum coming from rear of car

    re-reading again my symptom is different. The hum i'm getting is just based on speed, not power/regen, its more like a vibrating noise where I thought something might be loose that only makes noise at high speed, hard to pinpoint where its coming from. I have always had a high pitched...
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    Hum coming from rear of car

    I've got a similar sounding thing I'm having checked out next week at the SC. Though for me I only really hear it above 67mph. How many miles do you have? I'm at 14k also saw another thread the other day of someone reporting what seemed like a really loud version of this that resulted in a...
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    Model X Tally

    Sequence #13003, reserved 9/6.
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    Yet another reason why the Dual Chargers option is worth having...

    One thing I would add under Not is if you believe that chademo or sae j1772 combo/dc charging will become prevalent and supported by Tesla and that becomes the answer for day charging. I'm still hoping for the combo adapter, which should be a lot less expensive than the chademo, and within a...
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    Firmware 5.9

    Updated to 5.9 today while in for service. I was surprised that my car had creep enabled when I left, did something reset the default in 5.9, or maybe someone in the service center did it...