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  1. BLKMS18

    For Sale Tesla Model X 22'' Black Turbine Rims

    I have a set of Black 22 inch Turbine Rims for model X. Brand New. Minor scuffs from being in my garage for sometime but nothing serious. Located in the Bay Area. Asking 2700.
  2. BLKMS18

    OEM Model X 22" Black Onyx Wheels

    i have a set of 22" Tesla Model X Staggered Wheels with TPMS for sale Wheels and tires are in new condition just some minor blemishes No cracks bends or structural issues Tires are Pirelli Scorpion Zero 265/35/22 fronts 285/35/22 rears Pictures upon request. Local pickup in bay area. Great...
  3. BLKMS18

    WTB Tesla Powerwall or Powerwalls

    Looking for 1 or 2 powerwalls and would prefer it to be local in the bay area
  4. BLKMS18

    21” Grey Turbines with almost new continentals $1850

    come to the bay area and i will buy them
  5. BLKMS18

    WTB:Tesla Model S for Kids

    Looking for one. Does anyone have a new one they want to sell?
  6. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    loaded all 4 in my S with no issues
  7. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    2 x 245/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (Front) 2 x 265/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire (Rear) Tpms is working fine. These rims and tires have never been used
  8. BLKMS18

    WTB: Set of Arachnids - Serious Buyer 2.5k

    all brand new. TPMS2 zero miles on the tires.
  9. BLKMS18

    WTB: Set of Arachnids - Serious Buyer 2.5k

    i have a brand new set but i am located in the bay area
  10. BLKMS18

    Vendor Win a Tesla

    cool story
  11. BLKMS18

    Vendor Win a Tesla

    you won this raffle before?
  12. BLKMS18

    HDMI Interface Box

    no worries. i purchased from him also. just trying to sell mines since its already here in the USA
  13. BLKMS18

    HDMI Interface Box

    yes. its all brand new with all the cables that came with it for install. i have a AP2 MS
  14. BLKMS18

    21" silver wheels

    come to the bay area i got a set of the arachnids brand new
  15. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    2600 and you can come pick them up
  16. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    sliver. PM me and i can send pictures
  17. BLKMS18

    128 SanDisk

    i think loco was asking a legitimate question. i am confused also.
  18. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    not trying to ship at that price but thanks for the offer
  19. BLKMS18

    Arachnid Wheels for sale

    referral rims, just got them today. Make me an decent offer. located in the bay area. zero miles on them. just threw them in the trunk.
  20. BLKMS18

    Unplugged Performance Model S Lowering Kit

    Let me know if that falls through im in fremont
  21. BLKMS18

    2012 Model S Signature Red Part Out

    How much for the rims?
  22. BLKMS18

    Model S - Body Kit

    i also haven't been able to find a clean looking body kit
  23. BLKMS18

    WTB Model S 70D w/ rear facing seats Seattle-Bay Area

    i got the rear facing facing seats for sale.
  24. BLKMS18

    WTB: Rear Facing Seats - 2013 Model S

    i have a set. Color is black but im located in the bay area
  25. BLKMS18

    HDMI Interface Box

    I have this not used,laying around and decided not to install it. If you want more info there is a thread about it and how to install it. [Reservation] HDMI Interface Box for Model S / X - 30 Dec/18 shipment im asking 480 which is what i paid for it.
  26. BLKMS18

    Rear Facing Seats and Tesla Wall Charger

    Intended to install the rear facing seats for my model s but decided not to as i plan on getting a MX in the near future. Black rear facing seats witht hardware. Missing crossmember for the bumper and upper and lower Brezel that is on the rear seat. its like 2 dollars each if you order from the...
  27. BLKMS18

    Bay Area Chrome Delete and Wraps - NL Wraps

    @hopedope just ask for a full refund and dont let him touch your car anymore. Send him the pics via text and tell him this is not what you paid for.
  28. BLKMS18

    WTB: 21 turbines and Rear Facing seats

    i got some arachnids coming from the referrals but right now it is just a waiting game on when they will arrive.. I already got my hands on some 21 turbines so most likely will post the arachnids once i have them on hand
  29. BLKMS18

    Ordering parts

    i went to the one in fremont off page
  30. BLKMS18

    Body shop recommendation in South Bay (NOT CHILTON, they are horrible)

    i just had my hood redone at the tesla body shop and i have to go back as they left swirls and ripples on the paint
  31. BLKMS18

    Bay Area - Chrome Delete - Alpha Graphics

    did he do inside the door handle?
  32. BLKMS18

    Car washes in Fremont

    As what MichaelS states. make sure you press the touchless option. it will run you about 10 dollars or so.
  33. BLKMS18

    Ordering parts

    Just curious, have anyone ordered parts from the SC or how do one go about ordering parts? i recently had my car serviced and asked them if i could order the plastic pieces for my 3rd row for my model s and the rep looked at me as if i was speaking a foreign language.
  34. BLKMS18

    Model s 3rd row seat parts

    HI all Looking for some of these parts for sale? 1022449-00-A - torx bolt for barrel nut 1013633-00-A - upper bezel for 2nd row 1014277-00-A - lower bezel for 2nd row
  35. BLKMS18

    powder coating bay area

    where did you get your chrome delete done?
  36. BLKMS18

    powder coating bay area

    wow those look amazing. Do they also unmount the rim from the tire? i currently have a set of turbines and i want to basically go to a 1 stop shop