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    west los angeles body shop SELF-PAID

    unfortunately, my hitech car decided not to alert me to a low concrete barrier as I backed out and thus ended up hitting my front and front-side badly (also the light). probably $3k to $5k in damage. I don't understand why a hi-tech car with 359 cameras on it could neither alert me nor stop...
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    Lease Warning on Tires

    we just returned our model S from our lease. we were very happy with the car. however, everyone, please be aware of the following: the tires have a life expectancy of about 30k miles. this is according to tesla employees. if you have a lease for 30k miles, it follows that the normal wear...
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    Paint repair kits

    The Tesla kit is about $60 (pbcw white for me). Aftermarket kits seem to be about half this much. My repair needs are somewhat modest, too. Is the Tesla kit worth it? Or are the aftermarket ones as good? Any experiences?
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    The Best Tesla 3 Accessories

    Are there good-fit seat pockets on the front seats (i.e., facing the rear seats) ?? (on my older model S, I find the interior access space lacking.)
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    Rear Roof Glass Cracked - Tesla not covering aftermarket tint & coating

    I think I need to tint our glass, too...southern california has a lot of sunshine. is ceramic tint the way to go? how does one make the decision on where to get what?
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    Blog NTSB “Unhappy” With Tesla’s Comment on Fatal Model X Crash

    the ntsb usually investigates airplane accidents, where long delays between accident and report are common. they do excellent investigations, and their reports are trustworthy and objective. a lot to be said for this. however, as the dawn of autonomous vehicle approaches, they need to realize...
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    audio system forgets where it was, both previous source/track source and location within it. really bad for listening to long podcasts, switching briefly to the news, and then switching back.
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    So, when is APv2 going to be noticeably better than APv1? Or is it already?

    I am not happy with AP2, either. I purchased my S [and ordered a 3] because I care about AP. With better hardware and software upgrades, I have hope. I only wish (1) the AP could hold the lane on Sunset drive reliably [which, given how many Teslas are driving within lane on sunset every day...
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    tesla specific suggestion email?

    does tesla engineering have a suggestion box? for example, I want to suggest adding a "record and learn my daily route" feature, where my car would record my commute. after I have driven it a few times, presumably the autopilot would learn where the street lane dividers, etc., are., by...
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    New Model S Buyer, 2-Week Experience Review

    These are my experiences and review of a Model S. I hope they will help other potential Tesla buyers. Background: My previous regular car was a hi-end Volvo S60 with the tech package. I have also driven a new Audi A6 regularly (with its braindamaged user interfaces). On occasion, I have...
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    New Car Without New Software?

    from my telsa rep: Unfortunately, for this specific update for Auto Pilot our individual service centers are unable to push this software out to you. The rollout of major updates can typically take a few weeks as the updates are released in batches to ensure complete and timely downloads to each...
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    New Car Without New Software?

    I just received my Tesla Model S. To my surprise, it is running v 8.0, 2.50.180, which has no autosteering etc. (or else something else is broken). Is this normal? I tried to ask my delivery person to tell me when I would/could get the latest software update, but she said she didn't know...