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    I tested FSD for a month. Why would I pay Tesla to train their AI?

    I purchased it nearly 6 years ago when it was only $3k and that included a FSD computer upgrade (my car had the HW 2.5 at the time). I use FSDb all the time now. You quickly learn where it's good and where it needs work and use it accordingly. When it works well, it's really rather relaxing. I...
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    FSD - Stop & Go Traffic

    I've been using AP/FSDb for 7 years now. Everything from AP1, AP2.5, AP3 and even AP4. With AP1, I wouldn't trust it to stop if I was going over 35MPH and approaching stopped traffic due to its limited range of visibility. AP2.5-4 I've only let it stop when going 45MPH or under when approaching...
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    FS: HPWC Gen 1 (80A) Wall Connector/Charger with 14-50 plug added

    I have a HPWC Gen 1 that I no longer use. If you have an older S/X with dual chargers that can support 80amp continuous charging, then this is for you! It's also great if you charge at a slower rate with any current S/X/3/Y but just want to have an overbuilt charging cable that should last...
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    Cost of removing and reinstalling solar panels during roof replacement

    I'm going through a similar situation. I've had my panels for nearly 10 years and needed a new roof. The original installer has since gone out of business and I was only able to get two companies to reply back to me with a quote. Both said it would be $4-6k for my 14 panels and depends if they...
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    100 score but only drove 36 miles. Think I should stop driving today/tomorrow and lock the score in? Or do I need more miles?

    I had 93 miles, so I didn't get it! I understand the reasoning for a minimum miles requirement, I just wish they would have disclosed it. Hopefully they do another round of new testers soon, so I can finally get it (I've already gone well over 100 miles now to make sure I meet that requirement).
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    The point of the Pi setup is that you just don't have to worry about it. I've been using this for over two years now and only once when I needed to urgently see the video on my PC did I remove it to manually transfer. The rest of the time the videos get archived to my NAS and left alone. Speed...
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    Autopilot drive experience - relaxing or scary?

    I first started using autopilot on a AP1 system. With that, you don't want to be approaching stopped traffic at more then 35MPH. If you are going faster, it's best to manually lower the set speed to 35MPH or less so the car starts slowing down before it sees the stopped cars. On radar based...
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    Cleaning the AC evaporator in 2016 post-refresh S

    Our 2016 Model S that is post refresh (after the first refresh that is) has developed an issue where the AC smells of vinegar when first starting. Looking online, this appears to be caused by a dirty evaporator. The problem is, I have no idea how to access it. Googling this returns countless...
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    Supercharger - Cle Elum, WA (LIVE Dec 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    We stopped by this location on Sunday and it's now my wife's favorite Supercharger stop! The café was a real hit once we got the Avocado toast. Very tasty and well priced. She really liked the feel of the place and the Elon quote as well. During our trip to Leavenworth this past weekend, we...
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    Major FSD camera suite oversight

    I still don't understand the concern here regarding the lack of perimeter cameras. Tesla's goal isn't to make a self driving car with super human abilities. It doesn't need to travel at 100+ MPH at night in the rain or fly through intersections without stopping. It just needs to function as good...
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    Supercharger - Helena, MT

    Fantastic! I'm going to Cascade next week and was hoping to use it! My original plan was to go there directly from Missoula, but that's a 155 mile stretch with no good pit stop in there (we are taking a 6 month old with us). Plus my wife hates twisty roads, so even though going through Helena is...
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I just had mine done today (VIN 53XX). The tech said they have been doing a lot of sub 6XXX VINs recently. He did mention the wiring harness of the earlier cars is slightly different. He had to cut a wire and connect it to a different connector before the new computer was hooked up. So there was...
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Last week, Tesla Mobile Service in Portland, OR called me to schedule an upgrade for my VIN 53XX that was purchased in Feb 2018. They will be here tomorrow to install HW3! They said I might get an firmware upgrade notice before then but to not install it. Good WiFi was also needed per them.
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    Difference between most recent AP2 vs AP1?

    I drive both an AP1 Model S and AP2.5 Model 3. When it comes to lane changes, you must check the blind spots and confirm it's safe before activating with AP1. It's very limited in what it can see. AP1 also does not do well on twisty freeways (can drift out of the lane) and hills. It freaks out...
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    AP Camera Quality

    The AP system gets the full raw video stream to process. What you get has been run through a MPEG encoder to scale the data down for saving to a USB drive. It's not very good and leaves a lot of compression artifacts. If you go to YouTube and search for "greentheonly" you'll find a bunch of AP...
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    COVID-19 and Racism against China

    Remember, the term used here was "Chinese Virus". Chinese is not a location but a race ("China Virus" was not used). Singling out a group of people in a negative manor based on a way they were born (and therefore have no control over) is the core of racism. There was no reason to do this other...
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    Wiper blade options for Model S

    I tried them a few years ago. They worked well enough with no real issues in performance. However, it wasn't until after I started using them in heavy rain that I started hearing a clicking sound (wipers were running full speed). Turned out the passenger side was poorly built and the arm mount...
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    Is the DashCam feature normally this low-quality?

    Keep in mind what we get recorded is not the raw camera footage. The AP system has a chip dedicated for MPG encoding (lacking in AP 2.0 which is why they don't have the dashcam feature). This chip greatly reduces the quality and adds a lot of compression artifacts in order to make the file sizes...
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I was using this setup for a while but like many, started getting the bandwidth error almost consistently (lucky to get 1 hour of use before the error). This was with a Samsung Endurance SD card and Buster on a Zero W. However, a few weeks ago I followed the recommendation of performing a...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    I used to get it frequently, but I think it's been over 6 months since it last happened to me. The only time it slows down on me now is when I'm using NoA and a lane merges, so it slows down to let a car merge in. But it's not a sudden braking event either but rather a gentle slowdown...
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    Major FSD camera suite oversight

    This is a case of a poorly designed and therefore unsafe intersection. If it's not safe for human drivers, it probably won't be safe for the FSD system. As noted above, the FSD will probably just have to sit and wait until there is no traffic in the other turn lane before confirming if it can...
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    AP can't recognize semis?

    If you look at the YouTube videos that show what the AP system actually sees (they decode the processed NN data and overlay on the camera video), you'll quickly notice the AP system sees way more then what the car's display indicates. You should definitely not judge the AP system by what the car...
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    Teslacam - dash cam with a usb drive that has wifi capabilities

    I can't recommend a specific one, but there are a ton of free FAT32 format tools out there. Just Google for one and you should be able to download one at no cost. As for partitioning, Windows does that just fine. You can use a guide like this: How To Partition USB Drives In Windows 10 Using Disk...
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    Teslacam - dash cam with a usb drive that has wifi capabilities

    Since my Raspberry Pi does many other tasks, I have it auto mount my NAS by leveraging the file /etc/fstab Keep in mind this is a device on my home network that's hard wired in and runs 24/7. However if you have a Pi W and want to make it the USB drive in the car, then you can't leverage that...
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    Teslacam - dash cam with a usb drive that has wifi capabilities

    For those that have a Verbatim and a Raspberry Pi (or other Linux box), I created a script to automatically pull the files. Basically the script pings for the Verbatim IP address every 5 minutes (which I've configured as a static IP). If it pings back, it starts the process. The Sentry videos...
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    Recommendations for Ceramic Coating in Portland

    I got it done in March of last year (I was their first or second Model 3 they worked on). To clean the car, I just do as before. I either use standard car wash soap with the two bucket method, or use Optimum No Rinse. After that, the car shines pretty much like it was just waxed. Water beads and...
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    Recommendations for Ceramic Coating in Portland

    I had Opticoat applied by Fresh Start Detail in Beaverton: Fresh Start Detail | Professional Auto Detailing in Beaverton Portland Oregon They make sure the car is fully paint corrected before applying, so they will have to inspect the car in person before providing a quote. He did a great job...
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    HPWC Gen 2 restarts charging after pressing release button

    You actually need to press and hold the button. This keeps the charging from restarting and locking the cable. Once the cable is clear of the car, you can release the button. Otherwise, as you noticed the car will quickly relock the cable and resume charging once the button is released. It's...
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    Extension cord for charging at 110V?

    You could probably get away with a 14 AWG cord as that would match what's in the wall. However, an extension cord is constantly flexed, bent and stepped on. You want that thicker wire to insure it can pass that constant 12 amps without any risk of spots of high resistance, particular with long runs.
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    Extension cord for charging at 110V?

    Home Depot should carry them. Ignore things like color or "heavy duty". That doesn't mean anything. Make sure it has 12/3 or 12 AWG printed on the box. Expect to pay between $1-$.50 per foot at a place like HD.
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    Extension cord for charging at 110V?

    I only use a 12 AWG extension cord. In my case, I picked one up at Costco for a reasonable price (they had a pack of 2x 50' cords with nice quality connectors). Neither the cord or the connectors get warm after charging for 24+ straight hours. Harbor Fright also sells a 12 AWG cord at a...
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    [Updated] Model 3 CCS / CHAdeMO adapter

    I've pointed this out in another thread, but CHAdeMO is very different then the Supercharger when it comes to controlling the actual charging session. There has to be a lot of testing done by Tesla to insure that the CHAdeMO stations work properly with the 3 battery pack and that the conversion...
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    Anyone tested S/X CHAdeMO Adapter on Model 3

    I remember when Tesla first announced a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S. It was then a good year or so before they finally released it. All that time pics would pop up of MSs with manufacture plates showing them connected to CHAdeMO stations. The belief was that due to the very fundamental...
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    Wheel curb rash repair Portland

    This is what I use and highly recommend it, particularly if you feel you are at risk of curbing the car again in the near future. Depending on how bad it is, it can do a surprisingly good job. Won't cover it when looking closely, but 10 feet or more away and it can be good fix. Here's a pic I...
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    Model 3 Autopilot works pretty well in Heavy Rain at Night

    I've driven in some very heavy rain storms and was impressed by how well it keeps track of everything. However, in those heavy storms, I still drive manually. It's not for fear of the AP system losing track of anything, it's the risk of hydroplaning. Being dead center in a lane isn't always the...
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    Dashcam Install Help

    If you read the post of the person I quoted, you'll see he just wanted the basics with no need for 24/7 recording and to be easy to install. That's why I mentioned it and specified the limitations. If you need a quick/dirty dashcam, you can't beat the Tesla one. And at the cost of usually being...
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    Dashcam Install Help

    Honestly, the easiest solution is to just install a USB thumb drive with the TeslaCam folder and use the integrated one. The jury is still out if the latest firmware fixes the corrupt drive issue. If so, it's quick and does the job as needed. You don't get fancy features like speed, GPS location...
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    USB port management if the Dashcam update in Rev 9 takes 1 port

    Back in July I made a how-to guide on adding some power USB ports as well. Similar to the first video in this thread, but with dedicated USB ports instead of a 12v power outlet. If you don't want to drill such a large hole into the car, then this may be a good alternative: How-to add USB ports...
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    Firmware Version 9

    I don't think we'll ever see CarPlay or AndroidAuto ever for one single reason: loss of revenue for Tesla. Remember, Tesla will now start charging for data connectivity. If you had either of those, would you pay the $100 per year for traffic aware GPS or music streaming? I wouldn't and I'm sure...
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    Supercharger - The Dalles, OR (LIVE Aug 2014, 5 V2 stalls)

    Interesting, I was there Friday and Sunday and only noticed the post it on Sunday. "Fortunately" the 2B stall was ICE'd when I was there Friday! LOL I've been lucky so far when I use it a few times a year with no wait, but I do agree that 5 stalls are not enough for I-84 going forward. Hopefully...
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    Tesla Model 3 First Drive Reviews

    Here's a review done by Transport Evolved using my Model 3. While I don't fully agree with her on everything, the review is mostly positive, well done and beautifully shot.
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    Tesla needs to give us more music options like Spotify

    I think it's highly unlikely you'll see CarPlay or Android Auto in a Tesla. Now that Tesla has a data plan that will soon be in place, having them add these features means time/money spent that would only serve to reduce a revenue stream. It's in Tesla's best financial interests for you to use...
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    Recharging the 12v battery

    I would be very concerned about connecting any type of trickle charger to the 12v battery. As discovered in the dashcam thread, the battery is monitored very closely by the car. Running a 2-3 watt continuous load from a dashcam will trigger an alert on the car because it thinks the battery is...
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    USB Hub for Model 3's front ports?

    I actually just posted a how-to on doing this. I added two more USB ports to the front using the 12v accessory port wiring. This method keeps the 12v port itself free for other uses and results in an even cleaner look. The new ports are only 1 amp because going higher adds some complexity...
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    How-to add USB ports for more power

    I had an issue where I never seemed to have enough USB ports in the car. One was always used by a thumb drive with my music. I would then have to swap between an iPhone and micro-USB cable to keep different phones charged or my wireless earbuds. What's worse, I soon planned to add the Jeda...
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    Dashcam Install Help

    You would need a very large battery pack to power the camera for several days between recharges. The Model 3 is effectively no different then any other gas powered car (those with an S/X got spoiled in how its management system worked and allowed them easy access to 24/7 continuous power). You...
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    Indiana not EV friendly

    Oregon is rolling out a similar $110 per year fee for EVs as well. I'm actually OK with it. While they don't damage the road on a per mile basis, there's still the fixed costs (lighting, signals, signage and so forth). So I have no problem paying for my fair share. Now what I would really like...
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    YAUAT yet another usb audio thread

    Hmm, sounds like I need to update my version of MP3Tag. The one I had was an all or nothing with the tag removal which added many more steps to get the information back in. Still, glad you got it working again. I sent an E-mail to the service center on this, but I'm sure it wont' get anywhere...
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    YAUAT yet another usb audio thread

    I had this problem too and found a solution: USB MP3 Playback issues
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    Flat tires? Fix-a-flat?

    Honestly, out of all the flats I've had in the last 20 years, all but one just needed a compressor. Simply pump the tire back up and drive to the shop. Most punctures leak so slowly, there's no need for the fix-a-flat. It wasn't until last week when I got a screw that caused a fast leak...