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    VCFront _552 error and no power steering

    Just got my Model 3 back from Pensacola SC. They replaced the VC_Front module and also found a fault code in the 5-way reservoir assembly (Superbottle). I gave permission to replace both and the 1.5 hour drive home was uneventful, situation fixed it seems. however I am wondering if a failure of...
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    VCFront _552 error and no power steering

    2018 Model 3 LR 56k miles. previous work in Pensacola Fl Tesla SC was for front control arms in 2020, 12v battery in 2021, all under warranty the rest has been great. Yesterday got error VCFront _552 and soon after the power steering is now dead. The car drives but takes some real muscle...
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    Creaking... not upper arm control

    O’m also thinking outer CV joint.
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    Upcoming Control Arms appointment question

    My 2018 Model 3 has the control arm replacement scheduled next week but my confirmation email from Tesla says they only ordered one control arm. FR UPR CTRL ARM ASSY, RH Part #: 1044326-00-H my question is should they have ordered arms for both sides? The squeaking noise appears to me to be...
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    Model 3 Rear Corner Window removal/install

    Anyone have a step by step plan for remove/replace the driver’s rear corner window? It looks like the upper chrome trim needs to come off for sure first thing... any help would be appreciated.