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    2022.20.18 a step back?

    Have had similar experiences ! Also sees flashing yellow light and stops. On Auto ( recent full ) nave on interstate does not get off at exist !
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    Will car stop at red light stop if overridden?

    Have had similar issues. Cruse control city driving very annoying. Cross walks painted white stops, flashing yellow traffic lights stops
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    Scratched rim, is this bad?

    I have the same. Was told if not deep ??? O kto continue to drive.
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    auto pilotet

    When engaged ..rout turn off inter state, use turn signal, does not turn off What I doing wrong ? \
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    Autopilot steering wheel grip

    Have to hold steering while quite tight. Have a while need to change hands causes discomfort. Pressure hand grip needed is uncomfortable Has any one had similar experience .. can hand pressure be adjusted ( probably not ) bumm
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    FSD steering wheel nag sensitivity

    Have has similar issue. Also grip on steering wheel has to be very tight or waring goes off !