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    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    I haven't even seen the car, but I believe these doors will be a great asset for Tesla. They are made from questioning status quo instead of deriving stuff from staus quo. And there is great power in originality. These are just the 1st version of these doors. They will get faster, accurate and...
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    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    @vandacca Congrats!!
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    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    How is it obvious that most people don't want them? Reviewers who spent most of their limited time in front seats? Or people hating them just because it challenges status quo of cars? I have read a lot of reviews from owners, sure some people don't see their value but there are significant...
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    New Second Row Seats Adjustment from Touchscreen and other features

    I can't tell from the video, is the middle 2nd row seat going all the forward now?
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    Car & Driver review of Model X P90DL

    I disagree with this review. This is just the 1st iteration of FWD and it's brilliant. It's only going to improve with time. This article only shows lack of vision and lack of understanding of how things happen. Disappointing.
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    Damaged by FWD on the first day...

    @indy360 This is very sad to hear. You are really calm about this incident which will ensure not to add any further misery. Mistakes happen, no need to take it too hard. I hope Tesla repairs your car ASAP so that you can leave this event behind. To Tesla, please do something about this type of...
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    Q2 MX Delivery Estimates

    My guess for Q2 delivery numbers is 5000 (Model X).
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    Uploading negative videos to YT

    I don't need a car now. I don't drive one. I will like to buy a Tesla when I need one. Also, you are a NRI. You surely might understand that Model 3 will cost much more than $35000 here and what that kind of money means here.
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    Uploading negative videos to YT

    I also agree that people who think that all these videos and negative articles are forcing Tesla to do something they won't originally do are wrong. Tesla would have solved these issues regardless of angry owners or bad media. They are a company with a goal and don't need a person to tell them...
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    Well, the Problem Threads are Slowing Down Considerably

    Its a new feature and will take some time to mature. In my opinion, it will be widely used and loved by owners. Just give it some time.
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    Well, the Problem Threads are Slowing Down Considerably

    No. I won't be doing that.
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    An Owner Documented His Issues

    There is not much in this video that isn't already a known issue. White seats are known to tear and Tesla has acknowledged it and promised an improvement. Doors are having problems and people have criticised Tesla more than enough for that. It will be resolved in this quarter in my opinion. Now...
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    Well, the Problem Threads are Slowing Down Considerably

    I keep hearing this excuse of "Hey, I am helping Tesla by continuosly criticising Model X unique features because average person won't tolerate such issues with Model 3". This is questionable assumption that economic capability of a person defines their tolerance towards growing pain of...
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    Well, the Problem Threads are Slowing Down Considerably

    People dismissing falcon wing doors are terribly wrong. And its not my opinion, its just that they are wrong. But I guess it's a fault in basic human nature. Whats ironic is that they are criticising and shooting down innovation in a forum thats about Tesla, a company which has constantly shown...
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    Crunch! Falcon Wing Doors fail to sense obstacle

    I have been reading X forums for a long time now. If you would ask me, a lot of people here don't like the idea of a new type of doors. And I would say the average public will be far more scared of messing around the image of car that they have hold onto for so long. Also, every new technology...
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    Terrible Tesla customer service

    OP has locked his order and has been provided price protection. It's unfair to expect to be shielded from price rises on one hand and on other hand asking for refund in case of price fall. Wait time of months was already communicated by Tesla in the beginning.
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    Crunch! Falcon Wing Doors fail to sense obstacle

    Whenever something new is being done, majority of people fail to understand what's happening. People don't like change and also resist people who are causing change. Nothing can be done about it. This is just a small data point that won't matter in comparison to the accolades that Model X will...
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    "Consumer Reports" reports Bugs

    Tesla is a company that ignited the electric car revolution. It made its 1st car in 2008. Model S was launched and delivered in around 2012. Hence, counting time from its inception on paper won't do us any good. It isn't a normal company in a normal field. It's a pioneer in car industry that...
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    "Consumer Reports" reports Bugs

    Consumer reports have been acting suspiciously. I recall that it made overreaching comments while it withdrew P85D recommendation. It's a car reviewer but made comments like stock analyst questioning Tesla's capability to deliver Model 3. They have repeated that again. It seems like they are...
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Okay. If you say so.
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    It's not an ordinary car. So normal expectations won't work here. The problems with doors begin occurring during the delivery rush of March. They couldn't have solved it then. Now, I believe they are working on the problems as they have paused the deliveries. Also, I have read in another thread...
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    Any Signature Model X owners NOT receive their car yet?

    Wow! Now I didn't expected that. This is bad stuff from Tesla. May I ask whether you confirmed immediately or waited till a later date? If you confirmed without delaying, this is a disappointment from Tesla.
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    Crunch! Falcon Wing Doors fail to sense obstacle

    FWD are a new innovation. Just like with everything new, they will have growing pains. The discussion whether these doors were needed or not won't matter because Tesla is an extraordinary company. When it chooses to do something, it eliminates the "choice" that a person can make. I mean to say...
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    Tesla Confirms 325.000 reservations by now !

    "Increasing our Model 3 production plans". Hmm, shouldn't it be "planning to increase Model 3 production"?
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    Eye-Catching Matte Black Tesla Model 3 Goes Out In The Wild

    The front looks beautiful to me in the new pictures. The upward slant is less evident there.
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    The car looks beautiful in the new matte black pictures. The upward slant is less evident here. Maybe because of the angles. We need more photos.
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    Tesla X last straw - Open Letter

    The Q1 has ended. Tesla has gone back to solving the problems discovered recently. They won't deliver another car with door latch issue or bad seals now. They will solve the issue and then only resume deliveries. I expected this is going to happen. People with low VIN and P90D getting stuck. The...
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    "Hubris"...how true

    Model X is a great car. Tesla just needs to be humble till it sorts out the problems with the new features. I believe, the true nature of the accomplishment by Tesla will be visible then. I don't think nonfolding seats are going to be any issue then. This car has added much more in exchange...
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    No grills or painting the front face please. The seamless face looks beautiful. Tweak it a little if people want, but no black nose like Model S.
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    Motor Trend's Model X P90D(L) Review

    It looks fine. It's a 7 seater electric car. It needs to keep its drag coefficient low. Also, Model X is one of the very few attempts to redefine how a car can be. There will be a lot of people who will think FWD, windshield and monopost seats are gimmicks. If average person was able to realize...
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    I like the futuristic seam less front. No grills/strips please. Some modifications can be done to make it more attractive though.
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    Chevy Bolt team must be really pulling their hair out after a today's tweets from Elon!

    Model 3 is an affordable product from a premium car maker. It won't have features that make the flagships unique. IMHO. Model S sales will fall if a less costlier car can go faster than it. Size of car won't stop people from buying 3 instead of S or selling S to buy 3. It will be bad for Tesla.
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    Chevy Bolt team must be really pulling their hair out after a today's tweets from Elon!

    Tesla has started allowing people to reserve it's cars. It doesn't mean it is selling them. As of now, Tesla doesn't sell cars in India.
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    Chevy Bolt team must be really pulling their hair out after a today's tweets from Elon!

    Because it will hurt sales of Model S. People pay $150000 to get that performance. It's the selling point for premium priced versions of S. If the sales of Model S gets hurt, it will hurt the brand image of Tesla. Brand image played a big role in 275000 reservations for Model 3 in my opinion. I...
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    Chevy Bolt team must be really pulling their hair out after a today's tweets from Elon!

    No. Tesla is a business. They can't go on handing features for no price. In my opinion, Elon was just saying that Model 3 will have air suspension that can change ground clearance. No one will be getting any more than what they paid for. Also, I don't think P version of Model 3 will have sub 3...
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    Let's Not Make Paying for Software Features a Precedent As Tesla Sets the Standard for the Future

    Tesla offers regular updates to its cars making the features better with time. You won't get an update for something you didn't buy. Ludicrous mode is also a software update. The hardware is there on P90D cars improving the drive train. But, you won't get the improved acceleration if you don't...
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    Does focus on M3 make X feel like day old bread?

    X is an extraordinary car. It's full capabilities are yet to come out in front of general public. It's not getting old for a very long time in my opinion.
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    How does the trunk work on the Model 3

    No. Pay $40000 for an electric hatchback car with similar range and seating comfort, but better cargo capabilities. Elon already said that glass was there to allow good headroom. Electric cars need to focus on drag coefficient. And in case of Model 3 it's even more important because of less...
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    I believe this is the best possible way to make an electric car at this price point as of now. Some compromises are definitely there. But as of now, this decision has a benefit for Tesla that it will discourage people to go from Model S to Model 3.
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    How does the trunk work on the Model 3

    Tesla already offers a hatchback- Model S. Why would they offer a car that does everything as Model S but is half the price?
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    Glass roof

    I think that huge glass roof will be standard. It is important for headroom and is a reason for trunk vs hatch issue. Also, it's a bad move to offer options of the defining parameters of a product. Company needs to stand behind the feature even if it means losing few customers. I hope people...
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    Hatch or Notch?

    Tesla won't be offering a Model S at cost of Model 3. They have achieved that price point by doing things like going for trunk instead of hatch IMHO. People who want a hatchback should go for a Model S. If they are going to give all features of Model S in Model 3, sales of Model S will go down...
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    I like the look of the car. Its beautiful. And I applaud Tesla for going with a new front look once again. This is a great company.
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    Model 3 is beautiful!

    Wow!! The car is so beautiful. They went with 3 different designs with 3 different cars in span of few years while companies have been using the same front end for decades. Speaks a lot about the innovation of this company. Love the interior, again breakthrough work.
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    Am I crazy to pass on a reservation?

    Yes. Reserve it, you will have a lot of time to think whether you need it or not.
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    Elon at it again on Twitter

    They will like the evolution of nose cone, auto doors, panoramic windshield, mono post seats etc which made the car much better than prototype.
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    And does i3 have automatic doors? Or does it have FWD? Model S will be a better comparison for i3 because its also a conservative car. There is no car that can be compared with Model X as of now IMHO. Hence, applying same standards here will only yield questionable results.
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    Random Model X sightings

    I am always amazed when I see these carriers. So oddly shaped. Seems they stuffed the cars in whatever place they could. Nothing against Tesla, just an observation on the odd shape of these trucks.
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Okay. But are these problems permanent? You can disable auto doors. You can prevent taking it out on a long trip for few days till you are sure doors problems are solved. Initial Tesla Model S owners had 12 volt battery failures. Any car can breakdown suddenly. You might have read Tesla is...
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Tesla has continuously increasing sales numbers, so they are always going to very busy at the end of quarter. It's a very fast moving company. I guess that they didn't expected that Model 3 will generate this level of interest from public. Once they got around knowing that, they might have...