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  1. Frisco-Dad

    Supercharger - Frisco, TX - Preston Road

    I heard a rumor that it was going to be at the new HEB getting built at Main and Legacy. But then again, that could be it. Just a rumor……….
  2. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    For anyone interested in my route with all the charging stops, here's a link to the Epic Road Trip in EV Trip Planner.
  3. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    @X.l.r.8 thanks for the correction. There was a 3rd chain that I had to hook to my Y. I assumed that the trailer brakes were only emergency brakes that would get triggered if the trailer became unhooked and pulled on the 3rd chain. Good to know. Thanks again. And you're right. It is a chore...
  4. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    It's difficult to come up with something I dislike about the MYLR. If there was one thing, it was driving at night and the annoying red trailer mode icon that showed up on the screen. During the day the icon would be blue, but any time I turn on the lights, the icon would go red. Everything...
  5. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    It was transported on a truck. I have OVMS installed so I could check the GPS and see that the truck had several drop offs and/or pickups in Houston. After driving cross country for a few days, then the truck had some drop offs and/or pickups in Oregon and Washington before the roadster was...
  6. Frisco-Dad

    OVMS Plot 12v history

    Is the 12v battery history only available in the OVMS Android app? I've got the apple app, and I've never seen the 12v history.
  7. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    The Uhaul trailer did not have brakes, only lights. I didn't measure tongue weight. The weight of the loaded trailer only compressed the suspension on the Y about as much as me standing on the ball hitch (I weigh in the neigborhood of 200 lbs). Visually, everything looked nice and level, most of...
  8. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    I didn't talk to the VW owner. I didn't even realize it was an ID4 until I looked at the pictures later. The ID4 was parked in a non-charging spot, and I assumed it was just another ICE car. The superchargers were in the parking lot for the city hall, and there were some regular and handicapped...
  9. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    DEFINITELY! I had a lot of fun on this trip. I'm always up for a good road trip. Our 2021 Model Y already has over 30k miles on it. We've been to Connecticut and back twice. I have dreams of road trips with the Cybertruck. I did a lot of daydreaming on this epic road trip. :) :)
  10. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    I've got a Ford F-150 that takes regular gas. I only get about 14 MPG when driving around town. I've pulled a lot of trailers with that thing, but I don't have the courage to calculate my mileage when pulling trailers. See no evil, hear no evil.........
  11. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    How long ago was that? It seems recently the cost of shipping has gone up. About a year ago, I shipped the roadster to Seattle, and it was about $1800. Now its $2300. TX <-> Seattle.
  12. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    I got a quote for $2300 to move the roadster from Seattle to Frisco TX in a covered transport. I've been thinking about an epic roadtrip for years now. I had a lot of fun driving cross country. It wasn't about the cost savings to me. When you add up the cost of renting the trailer $850, hotels...
  13. Frisco-Dad

    Pics of people taking pics of Roadsters

    On my epic road trip.
  14. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    Day 9 Photos Pecos TX Midland TX Sweetwater TX Arlington TX
  15. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    Day 8 Photos Wilcox AZ. Seems like most of the stops in AZ require me to unhook the trailer. El Paso TX Van Horn TX
  16. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    Day 7 Photos Kingman AZ Wickenburg AZ. I had to unhook the trailer. Wickenburg AZ. The trailer was parked a short distance away in a cul de sac at the end of the parking lot. Phoenix AZ. I had to drop the trailer again. There were lots of slots, but the cars were all spread out that I...
  17. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    Day 6 Photos It was cold in the morning in Susanville. Some frost on the roadster. Reno NV. I had to unhook the trailer. The charging stations were in a gated parking lot that was only accessible via the casino parking garage. I had to park the trailer about a block away in an empty surface...
  18. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    Day 5 Photos Woodburn OR Salem OR Springfield OR Myrtle Creek OR Medford OR Klamath Falls OR Alturas CA. This was the best pull-through charging stop on the entire trip. Susanville CA
  19. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    DAY 2 and 3 Photos. Poncha Springs CO Going over Monarch Pass on US HWY 50 in Colorado Montrose CO Price UT Burley ID DAY 3 Twin Falls ID
  20. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    DAY1 Photos Henrietta TX Childress TX Amarillo TX Clayton NM
  21. Frisco-Dad

    Epic Road Trip

    I went on an epic road trip with my model Y to pick up my Roadster that was in Seattle at Carl Medlock’s shop. 4774 total miles, 49 supercharger stops for at total of 2344kWh of energy at a cost of $741 for the charging at the superchargers. Here are the highlights of the trip. Click the links...
  22. Frisco-Dad

    Error 1118

    This happened to me over a year ago. I had ID:963 errors and my Roadster wouldn't charge. This thread helped me to DIY the repair. Powertrain Problem ID: 963
  23. Frisco-Dad

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I admit that Very Orange is Very Desirable. (Note my avatar #241) ;) The Roadster Orphan #379 in my post above is Thunder Grey.
  24. Frisco-Dad

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    2008 Tesla Roadster #379 is still for sale in California. 500+ days on the market. $42k and 53,712 mileage. Has anyone seen it in person? I'm curious why it hasn't sold. It can't be just because of the high mileage and less desirable color? Maybe its my own rationalization at work, but there...
  25. Frisco-Dad

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    @rudholm, I have notifications enabled. I see error messages as notifications.
  26. Frisco-Dad

    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    Based on my limited observation, the CAC does drop after a road trip. My theory is that when I'm driving close to home, the SOC rarely ever dips below 50% SOC. But on a road trip, I sometimes stretch down to 10% SOC to get to my destination or charger. When the SOC goes lower, the car now has...
  27. Frisco-Dad

    GPS: No data fault

    I guess its my turn. ID:53 GPS: No data fault Roadster #241 reported this error today after sitting in my garage parked for the past 4 days. I suspect that the GPS unit has gone bad and not a cable wear or connector problem. The car was just sitting in my garage not moving or anything when I...
  28. Frisco-Dad

    Roadster visible on Tesla website owner page?

    Mine shows up on the website. But I have a 1.5, and the website shows a 2.5 with the 2.5 forged wheels. I do have the body color hard top.
  29. Frisco-Dad

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Hi Mark. I enabled early access updates on my OVMS. Thanks for all the work you do on this hobbyist project. I hope others also enable EAP as you suggest so we can also contribute to the project. BTW. I also see the TMPS error on my rear tires.
  30. Frisco-Dad

    Parting Out Roadster Sport 945

    Hi @MoeT Do you have the cabin dim knob available? If so I need a replacement. I've been driving without one since I bought my Roadster 2+ years ago. :(
  31. Frisco-Dad

    Zero Motorcycles

    Bringing this old thread back to life again. I just test drove a 2020 Zero S earlier today, and I can't get that thing off my mind. I've been away from riding motorcycles for about 15 years. I'm going through all kinds of rationalization exercises to convince myself that I need to get an...
  32. Frisco-Dad

    The Wrecked Roadster Registry

    Ebay now lists #153 as sold.
  33. Frisco-Dad

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Spotted while walking in downtown San Francisco earlier today.
  34. Frisco-Dad

    New Roadster owner

    Congratulations. Welcome to the club.
  35. Frisco-Dad

    Federal 2019 Tax Credit for Model 3

    I also bought a Model 3 in 2019. So I’m interested to see what the automated software like TurboTax have to say on the issue. With that being said...... I always structure my deduction so I owe the IRS at the end of the year. Then I can read the forums to see if I missed anything before I file...
  36. Frisco-Dad

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    LOL. I use the cup holder to hold my route 44 Diet Coke from sonic. I haven’t had any issues yet, but I do put a reassuring hand on the drink when I do some “high G” turns. LOL. If you’re not familiar with sonic route 44, just google it.
  37. Frisco-Dad

    Blog Tesla to Raise $2 Billion in Stock Offering

    Along with what others mentioned. Based on current price at $800 per share, it doesn’t really matter to institutional buyers who buy a million dollars of shares. But for the individual investor who wants to invest $1000, they can buy one share at $800. But after a 10:1 split they can buy 12...
  38. Frisco-Dad

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    It should go in all the way and not normally visible. Try flexing and wiggling the manual until it goes all the way in. Edit: Also note that I keep my insurance and registration in the manual folder, so I have to take it out and replace it every six months to update my papers. It never goes...
  39. Frisco-Dad

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Dibs on the Taylor Mesh Top. PM Sent.
  40. Frisco-Dad

    Central Texas Roadster meetup and Drive - Sept/Oct 2019?

    I am thinking of attending Fully Charged over the weekend of Feb 1,2. If we do another Roadster drive and meetup over that weekend, it would be nice to have our meetup so that it didn't conflict with the scheduled times for Fully Charged. For example we could do an early morning drive on...
  41. Frisco-Dad

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    Here's an update to my post above. The behavior of the load sharing protocol on the TWC has been changing lately. In the past I saw the power divided to each car based on SOC. The car with a higher SOC got less power, and the car with lower SOC got more power. Recently I observed that the TWC...
  42. Frisco-Dad

    2 Tesla wall connector load sharing

    I observe the same thing as Rocky above. In the past, the two wall connectors seem to communicate to the car to determine the SOC and the amps were divided so that the car that had the lower SOC got more amps. It seemed like the power was divided so that both cars would finish charging at...
  43. Frisco-Dad

    No Vent Mode? AP2 MCU1 EAP...v2019.32.11.1

    You can vent the model S if you have the panoramic sunroof. Although there have been some really hot days when I wish I could also remotely roll down all the windows in the model S.
  44. Frisco-Dad

    OVMS Module and Cooldown

    Thanks @m1k3 and @slcasner. I made the Cooldown settings via the command line, but it’s only partially working for me. I set current to 16A, templimit to 25C, and timelimit to 60. But when I list parameters it still shows blank (default) values. The weird thing is that when I start a...
  45. Frisco-Dad

    OVMS Module and Cooldown

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread. I’ve been trying to set the Cooldown parameters, but I get the error listed here: Parameter key not supported. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  46. Frisco-Dad

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Curious as to why you didn't purchase after the test drive? Anything wrong with the car?
  47. Frisco-Dad

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    I just want to confirm how to check if my Roadster is affected by this issue. Based on what I read in this thread, I think the following statements are true. Can someone please confirm? 1. If your VDS has not been powered off since the week rollover issue started, you won't see the symptoms. 2...
  48. Frisco-Dad

    DFW Airport Charging Rant!

    I’m not sure if all the J1772 charging spots at DFW are on the 1-2 hour parking level at the parking garage, but the ones I saw and used were definitely in the area where all the ICE parking spaces arround were the short term (1-2) hour parking spaces. Since they’re in the short term parking...
  49. Frisco-Dad

    Supercharging old timers

    I have a 2015 model S 11/15 build with 85k miles on the odometer. About a week ago I supercharged at a relatively low SOC about 13%. I saw 123kW after plugging in. I’m on software 2019.24.4. I’m the original owner. This is the first time I saw 123kW. The typical max is 115 or 116.
  50. Frisco-Dad

    Logging into the Tesla App on my phone

    ^^^^^ This. I have a Model S and a Roadster. The Model S is the only vehicle that shows up when I use the app. The Roadster is not supported by the app. The last time I made a service appointment for the Roadster, I used the app. I even put in the comments that the service appointment was for...