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  1. Eseell

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA (Qualcomm / Pacific Heights Blvd., 12 V2 stalls)

    I charged there yesterday along with at least five other Teslas (and a sixth was pulling away when I was arriving.) If you were there and saw a blue 85D from AZ it was mine. My girlfriend and I walked to Chili's; the walk wasn't bad and overall it took us about as much time to walk and eat as it...
  2. Eseell

    Best way to listen to audio books and/or podcasts in MS?

    I use Bluetooth to my iPod or Nexus 6 to play podcasts. I use the PocketCasts app because it syncs podcast history and state between those two devices and my PC besides.
  3. Eseell

    I got a "NO LICENSE PLATE / REGISTRATION" ticket today.

    Tesla isn't a dealer in Texas and can't register cars for their owners.
  4. Eseell

    Automobile Magazine.... big wheels and it's affect on ride quality

    As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "Beauty is pain."
  5. Eseell

    Can't Access Private Websites on WiFi?

    Not really, that's a pretty standard security policy. I wonder if it allows connections to RFC 6598 space.
  6. Eseell

    We are everywhere

    I think my record for Teslas spotted in the Phoenix area in one day is two.
  7. Eseell

    D owners: When does current limiting occur?

    Yesterday was the first time I had my 85D down to 40% SOC, but I didn't see the dashed line indicating limited power.
  8. Eseell

    85 vs. 85D

    I got the AWD because I thought the efficiency gains may be worth it, and even though our weather here in the Valley of the Sun is very calm 350 or more days a year, it's very easy to drive from Phoenix to Prescott or Flagstaff or any number of other places where they have real weather.
  9. Eseell

    License Plate Bulb replacement

    Installed the Abstract Ocean LEDs in my new Model S yesterday. Only took a couple of minutes, super easy and they look great!
  10. Eseell

    DCU is only giving me 50% of the loan I asked for since I never borrowed this much

    I had a good experience applying with Alliant, they approved me for 100% financing in a matter of hours. I ended up going with one of my current banks, though; USAA was a pain to get approved by - they asked for a lot more documentation than any other banks or credit unions I looked at - but...
  11. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I took delivery of my car this afternoon! And then promptly drove it approx. 1.5mi to the detailer for clear bra and opti-coat, ha. Can't wait to put it through its paces when I get it back.
  12. Eseell

    Arizona HB-2216 Would Allow Direct Sales In Arizona

    Looks like this bill is dead for the year. It wasn't heard in the transportation committee before the deadline.
  13. Eseell

    License Plate Bulb replacement

    Any hardware store should carry rubber washers.
  14. Eseell

    Trouble adding a profile picture.

    In Settings, you need to set an avatar with "Edit Avatar", not a profile picture.
  15. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    My 85D just went into production! Late February is starting to look plausible!
  16. Eseell

    Elon's demand "secret weapon" ...what is it?

    Advertising? He said that a bigger/better battery for the Model S was some ways off.
  17. Eseell

    Green Car Reports has article today on Migrating from Gen 1 Model S to P85D

    That hyperlink doesn't go to what it says it does. You might want to fix it.
  18. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if my future children get used Model 3s as first cars. Model S might be pushing it :P On topic, my Tesla dashboard has said "Late February" for several weeks now, but my DS is saying early March. Here's hoping things skew in the dashboard's direction. Car hasn't...
  19. Eseell

    Tesla one step closer to direct sales in Arizona - Feb 4, 2015

    It'll go to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and then the Rules Committee. You can always follow the progress of a bill on azleg.gov. Edited to add: Committees don't have to hear every bill that they're assigned. If you want to see this happen, write to the members of the T&I...
  20. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Phew, mine still just says "March."
  21. Eseell

    New Version of EVTripPlanner

    I think the browser-based mobile app is the best compromise. A well done browser app is nearly as good as a dedicated mobile app. But if you make a "real" app, then I vote Android.
  22. Eseell

    Will I make it?

    Check out evtripplanner.com.
  23. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    No, your reservation number and your VIN are unrelated.
  24. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    The only time Tesla has contacted me out of the Scottsdale SC was when they mistakenly thought I had ordered a P85D and my delivery date was in December - so about a month before what they thought would be my delivery date. I don't expect to hear from them again until February at this point.
  25. Eseell

    Struggling ... need some help

    There's a Model S test drive event coming to Overland Park next week. There's no need to jump in sight unseen :) Experience Model S in Overland Park
  26. Eseell

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    The Subzero package was mentioned in the comments on that thread.
  27. Eseell

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    According to /r/teslamotors, the subzero package description wasn't updated with the heated steering wheel.
  28. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I'm being positive. That's one more month without a car payment and for Tesla to do their continuing improvement thing.
  29. Eseell

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Mine said February earlier today, now March. Can't say I didn't expect it given the way Tesla has run deliveries in other quarters.
  30. Eseell

    Supercharger - Benson, AZ

    Benson or Willcox would definitely make my life easier, as I do business in southern Arizona and have to drive south and east of Tucson on day trips a couple of times a year. There are charging options in the area, but a supercharger would be ideal. Has anyone contacted...
  31. Eseell

    EVSE Tax Credit Good Through 31 Dec. 2014

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd point out that if you have installed an EVSE this year (or will) in the US then you might be eligible for this tax credit that was just extended last week. Green Car Reports: Tax Breaks Back For Electric-Car Charging Stations, Natural-Gas...
  32. Eseell

    Tesla HPWC On EBay from Canada

    I wonder if theirs is specified for the constant throughput rather than momentary maximum (breaker rating in US). Though that would mean they only have analogues for 40, 50, 80, and 100A circuits and the rest of the settings are much lower than the US counterparts.
  33. Eseell

    Transponder. Cool idea or silly?

    So you're saying there should be StreetPassing for Teslas? I'm in.
  34. Eseell

    Can no longer buy metal pedals for non-perf cars?

    Yeah, before there was no difference in seat comfort, only in styling (according to the salesperson), but we could get seats with piping. I didn't order them before because I thought it was too much to pay for red piping. Now there's a difference in comfort and we can't get them without going to...
  35. Eseell

    Tesla on South Park... again.

    Perfect! I already have a cannon that will fit in the frunk.
  36. Eseell

    Can no longer buy metal pedals for non-perf cars?

    You can't get the performance seats on the S60/85 anymore.
  37. Eseell

    9 Books That Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read

    Asimov always presumes that AI develops under circumstances where safeguards are in place to prevent it from taking action to harm humans, or where it can be contained when it goes awry. I think it's at least as likely for it to develop without such precautions; it wouldn't surprise me at all...
  38. Eseell

    Autopilot and Speeding

    The threads got merged.
  39. Eseell

    HPWC now $800! Huge price drop!

    Hopefully the store changes to match, then. I'll buy one if it's not too much more expensive than a second UMC.
  40. Eseell

    9 Books That Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read

    I'm somewhat surprised to see Ignition! on the list. It's highly regarded, but it's also long out of print.
  41. Eseell

    Limits of Model S charging ?

    Even if the engineering problems were solved, Tesla has said before that they're concentrating on expanding the network as fast as possible. I'm sure they'd rather spend their money putting in more SCs at an adequate charging rate than fewer sites at maximum charging rate.
  42. Eseell

    Destination Charging at Hotels

    Larry, since you've had contact with hotels pre-installation, have you followed up with any of them post-install to see if they've noticed people using their charging stations? A few weeks or months post-install, I am curious if they are happy to have gone to the trouble.
  43. Eseell

    Ex-Tesla and NASA Engineers Make a Light Bulb That’s Smarter Than You

    I love it when someone comes in and disrupts a market. There's no reason GE or Phillips couldn't have seen this problem and solved it during the incandescent-to-LED market transition, but they didn't. And now Stack is going to eat their lunch.
  44. Eseell

    Speed Assist and Lane Departure Warning

    Have you tested the features? Do they work?
  45. Eseell

    No 110 volt AC outlet

    Last year some friends and I were road tripping to the renaissance festival in a neighboring state, and two of them were in the back seat finishing costumes with their sewing machines plugged into the 110VAC outlet in the van.
  46. Eseell

    Charging in Jacob Lake, Page, or Kanab

    I drive that route for work a couple of times a year and I would love to be able to essentially take US89 instead of going through Las Vegas. In fact, I was in rural Utah last week and I was just checking the maps to see if it's doable in a Model S. I don't have my Model S yet but I do have my...
  47. Eseell

    Deliveries are now pushed back? Q4 already had a very optimistic delivery projection.

    I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about everyone else who ordered in August/September and had their orders pushed from October/November to December. I only mentioned my order because what the design tool told me is the same thing it told them.
  48. Eseell

    Deliveries are now pushed back? Q4 already had a very optimistic delivery projection.

    Except that the expectations that they're setting in the design tool do not align with end-of-quarter in the US. When I initially designed my Model S the design studio said to expect delivery in "Late October." I decided to push it out myself to Q1 2015 for financial reasons, but Tesla should...
  49. Eseell

    Chicago service center reception

    I test drove a Model S at that SC while I was on vacation in Chicago over Labor Day. Nice folks in there, and super low pressure. Of course the cars sell themselves. I have a deposit in now. :) And yeah, they showed me how to use the superchargers in their parking lot, so they're there.