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  1. SlyWombat

    What was Tesla's estimated price of Cybertruck March 2020?

    I would just want EAP working when towing.
  2. SlyWombat

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Yeah, and I think the stress that will put on the socket will be too much, almost needs legs to rest on the car. But for $1000 CDN (discounted price), not gonna happen.
  3. SlyWombat

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I would not worry, there were periods that I fell behind, and then it flat lined for 8000 miles while the fleet average kept going down.....
  4. SlyWombat

    Melted adapter and outlet

    The key reason is if you plug/unplug the mobile adapter that puts the wear and tear on the plug. My mobile was plugged in almost all the time except the the RV was in the driveway, but I had the switch (code here) that is above the outlet melt and fuse together. Forgot to take a picture of the...
  5. SlyWombat

    Summon drives me crazy

    So mobile service updated things and all good. It was the day after the Tesla network outage which left them in a mess. But yes, these type of updates must be done with hardwire, it used to be able to be done remotely, but for obvious security footprint, over the air is no longer an option.
  6. SlyWombat

    When is the brake applied during regen deceleration

    Yes, you can. I used to use this back when I had range anxiety with hilly back country roads, coast down the hill and once you are up the other side re-engage. Also note that pressing the accelerator slightly so you balance the regen down to zero is pretty much the same effect. Now there are...
  7. SlyWombat

    Summon drives me crazy

    Service set for next Friday. Odd they cannot do it remote.
  8. SlyWombat

    Summon drives me crazy

    I am getting same issue, keyless driving will not work as well, key not detected message (duh), then press brake message. Summon does not work, same error on message center, key not detected. I have the latest software of 2020.32.3
  9. SlyWombat

    Maps - how to update?

    Not google anymore, the logo disappeared that was on the display. People have been updating OpenStreetMap to map parking lots so summon works better, so that is being used in part.
  10. SlyWombat

    CHADEMO adapter

    CHAdeMO adapter, brand new in box
  11. SlyWombat

    The Best Tesla (car) Accessory for $11? Yes, I think so!

    I suppose you don't believe in seat belts either? Might as well pick up some of these... https://www.amazon.com/END-Ding-Seat-Belt-Silencer-Tongue/dp/B0878DWR8T/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=seat+belt+buckle+alarm+stopper&qid=1597507272&sr=8-8
  12. SlyWombat

    Will Cybertruck be able to boost ICEs?

    Nobody should be doing vehicle to vehicle boosts, AAA and others now just carry a portable booster. We have one of these for our RV and keep it around to help others...
  13. SlyWombat

    Can cabin overheat protection/sentry mode leave you stranded?

    It is not hard if you have a C-class RV and run the generator (both source from the same tank), it will only stop when the "light" comes on, which is around 25 miles left on mine at best. So you can be easily stranded if you do not carry extra jerry cans and you are parked out in BLM land, 50...
  14. SlyWombat

    53 countries adopt strict FSD regulations

    Why? My mirrored sunglasses don't allow you to track my eyes, but I am allowed to drive with sunglasses on. I do have to "see" the "wiggle steering wheel" prompt every couple of minutes, so I have to be paying attention. All model 3/y's have the camera that can look at the driver if they want.
  15. SlyWombat

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Still on 2020.20.1, no updates available.
  16. SlyWombat

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Except in Canada, we dont seem to have any redlight/stop sign recognition turned on. The only feature that I got with the HW3 upgrade is dashcam support now, that is it.
  17. SlyWombat

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    My HW3 was completed yesterday, only took about 20km to calibrate, and the UI is good, the steering wheel icon is a progress wheel, and on the autopilot page it gives the actual percentages, interesting that the summon section required more calibration that the NOA.
  18. SlyWombat

    FSD around the world

    Is it in Canada yet?
  19. SlyWombat

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    They had to move the upgrade to the shop instead of mobile service. They have had a lot of issues with MCU1 vehicles requiring patches and downloads that are taking 6-7 hours in the field, so they rebooked me for next week now.
  20. SlyWombat

    It's official! Tesla website says HW2.0 cars "scheduling now" for MCU2 upgrade!

    Cool, will also confirm on Wednesday when mine is upgraded. Contrary to Tesla's posting, but will take it anyway.
  21. SlyWombat

    It's official! Tesla website says HW2.0 cars "scheduling now" for MCU2 upgrade!

    That is the autopilot hardware upgraded for free from 2->3, not the Media Computer (MCU). The MCU is is a $2,500 option that will improve the performance of the main screen with trip planning, overall interactions and provide additional display visualizations for autopilot.
  22. SlyWombat

    It's official! Tesla website says HW2.0 cars "scheduling now" for MCU2 upgrade!

    Nope, see above on scottf200 posts.
  23. SlyWombat

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Scheduled for hw2.0 to hw3.0 upgrade in Canada on Wednesday.
  24. SlyWombat

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Scheduled for upgrade in Canada from hw2.0 to hw3.0 on Wednesday.
  25. SlyWombat

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Actually the agreement is whatever hardware is required to make it work, so if there is an AP4 that is required, then there will be a free retrofit for installation of that.
  26. SlyWombat

    Starlink IPO

    Antenna's are too big right now, they are pizza box size, plus not for use in urban areas.
  27. SlyWombat

    Summon Oddity

    Have not been having much success with smart summon. 90% of the time it has not worked. In addition, even if you run out to the car and stop the summon, it behaves odd once you start driving. I have had a chime once you get 100m and the doors present and the interior lights come on (while...
  28. SlyWombat

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Or they put dual charge ports, in the nose and the rear. There are many stations that stall #1 is staggered where the curb runs longer (like an L), you could "front" into those. Heck if battery packs are double size, you might want to jack into two superchargers at the same time :-)
  29. SlyWombat

    2019.40.2 Canadian Release Notes

    † May be written in English or the national language
  30. SlyWombat

    What will happen within the next 6 1/2 weeks?

    "None - on Jan 1 'later this year' will simply become end of 2020!" Seriously trick question on the survey, this is more than a year for for Tesla to release new features, unless this should be end of 2019 :-)
  31. SlyWombat

    Supercharger - London, ON

    Agree, the only wave is the fact that they might have one team that drives along the TCH doing final QA, and they would be not be able to be in all places at the same time.
  32. SlyWombat

    LTE Issues

    They dont do it "temporarily", Canadian cars had USA sim cards from ATT which roamed to Rogers and worked fairly well, unless you were in remote areas.
  33. SlyWombat

    LTE Issues

    Note for those in Canada and have general bad reception, you can ask for a different sim card, and they will swap in a Telus sim if you have connectivity issues with Rogers.
  34. SlyWombat

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Chatted with mobile service when car was being worked on, asked about when the path to Thunder Bay from Toronto will be turned on since it looks like everything is in place in a number of the locations. He pulled up a spreadsheet that he just got and asked when I was headed up, I said Dec 12th...
  35. SlyWombat


    Sadly with a uni-body Cybertruck, you cannot just cut the triangles on the side of the bed as they are part of the frame, you will have to wait until "earthroamer" or any other bed RV manufacturer makes one specific for the Cybertruck. No reason they couldn't.
  36. SlyWombat

    Will Cybertruck be the first car to use Starlink for connectivity?

    Heck, on major highways in Toronto area I have no coverage, so yeah, it would be a welcome secondary network, no reason both could not be available (actually tri-band, wifi, cell, sat)
  37. SlyWombat

    My two biggest problems with the cybertruck

    6.5", same as a F150
  38. SlyWombat

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    The dimensions of the cybertruck are the same as F150 which fits in the parking spot no issue, and as pointed out most charging stations have the one staggered charger if you are towing (Model X for example).
  39. SlyWombat

    Supercharger - Brockville, ON

    BTW, if you are a member of the Southern Ontario Tesla Owners Club you can rent a Chademo adapter for a trip... Tesla Owners Club – Ontario
  40. SlyWombat

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Submitted service request in Canada (late Oct), rejected with sorry, we don't have info on that yet. I do have MCU 1.0 however.
  41. SlyWombat

    Scheduled for upgrade.

    Usually the service center will follow up with a human after the computer generated one, and say, sorry, we don't have the details on how to do that yet. It might take a day for them to reply. I have tried as well :-)
  42. SlyWombat

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    I did get the 2019.32.12.2 release, and yup, did the smart summon in a busy Loblaws parking lot. Thought it got stuck, but it backed up and moved around a stopped car. So far so good.
  43. SlyWombat

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    Gave it 10 minutes :-)
  44. SlyWombat

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    2019.32.11 bac8c51 installed, but sadly very few features, same as @steilkurve I have Spotify and Joe mode, but little else. Odd that we dont even get vent windows, homelink is there, but that was always on the summon page anyway. Oh, and the web browser is completely broken now, that means no...
  45. SlyWombat

    Spotify & email

    Slacker is what is provided in car in North America (sadly instead of Spotify which is available in Europe), you can still use Bluetooth from your phone. I did get Outlook to work with the web browser :-) for email, but still better experience on your phone.
  46. SlyWombat

    Auto lane change on AP v 2019.16.2

    I found that it wants to change lanes crossing double solid of HOV (this is new with 2019.16.2 73d3f3c) ...
  47. SlyWombat

    Three reproducible problems with AutoPilot 16.2

    Regression issue with 16.2..... It used to know about HOV lanes, and now it wants to cross them.
  48. SlyWombat

    Ontario Insurance Discussion

    Looks like I am going to switch as well. CIBC/Certas is $247 a month.
  49. SlyWombat

    "Fleet Speed" (mis-)feature in 2019.8.6+

    I think instead of hitting the brakes, the car should lean on the horn automatically instead :-)
  50. SlyWombat

    2019.8.3 Release Notes

    There is no expected range increase, they are just allowing 5% more power to the motor. So your range will actually decrease more when you step on it :-)