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  1. Trev Page

    What comes with the Founders Edition that isn’t available in the standard production version?

    I'm with you on that one, would much prefer the back seat rather than the SpaceX option
  2. Trev Page

    Software Update 2018.14

    I had my SC in Toronto push .14 to me after a quick visit this morning. Got it within 1 hour. Nothing new, no new nav yet
  3. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Hamilton ON

    Crickets are still chirping in steeltown I see....
  4. Trev Page

    3rd Party HEPA Filter

    Nice however we pay more for everything because... Canada
  5. Trev Page

    Wiper fluid not coming out

    I just took my X in for some minor service and Tesla Canada has a solution to improve wiper fluid flow. Coupler on the left replaces the older white check valve. Larger bore offers 20% more flow & recent firmware update also starts flow earlier in the stroke. Technician did the swap for me...
  6. Trev Page

    3rd Party HEPA Filter

    You’re welcome ;) I contacted Tesla and they want $266 CAD + tax so $300 all in
  7. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Etobicoke ON

    It’s live now. My buddy texted me from there while charging
  8. Trev Page

    3rd Party HEPA Filter

    I’ll ask them at my service visit this week if I can buy it directly. I don’t mind installing it myself, gives me an excuse for some video content ;)
  9. Trev Page

    3rd Party HEPA Filter

    I looked at filterbuy but they look like furnace filters and not the proper one with good seals
  10. Trev Page

    3rd Party HEPA Filter

    Any other sources for the HEPA filter? eBayer doesn't seem to have anything listed
  11. Trev Page

    Calculating the Model 3 Canadian prices?

    I have a pretty good feeling the NAFTA savings is already factored into the Model 3 base cost of $35K. NAFTA requires a minimum of 62% North American content (Model S is only 55%) while Model 3 is 75%
  12. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Hamilton ON

    Any sign of the transformer installed yet? Without that it’s going to work ;)
  13. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Cambridge, ON

    Still no transformer installed though. Gonna a bit longer
  14. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Concord ON

    That would explain why I wasn’t able to charge at that stall! Grrrr
  15. Trev Page

    Supercharger - Concord ON

    I was there on Monday after picking up my X. Signage went up on Sunday and it seems to have solved the ICEing problem as not a single car was parked there. I went a few days before the signs went up and every spot was ICEd. Btw, still not activated yet
  16. Trev Page

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Speaking of rebates, PC party has officially announced their intention to scrap the Climate Change Action Plan and by extension EV rebates if elected. Had a feeling they were going to do this Not good if the intention is to help adoption along Recommended Policy Resolutions
  17. Trev Page

    Canada: Potential Paint Protection Wrap Group Buy (Xpel)

    I'm considering an X but don't want a full wrap. Any ideas on cost to just do the hood and front fascia? The current seat backs in the X are textured now and not glossy so does one still need to protect those?
  18. Trev Page

    Looks like another year before we get the first Model 3's

    I'm pretty sure the late 2018 delivery estimate is just a placeholder until they have a handle on production. I conducted a survey for Canadians and this estimate is universal for everyone regardless if you're a current owner or reserved sight unseen on March 31 I did a video segment on Model 3...
  19. Trev Page

    Calculating the Model 3 Canadian prices?

    I'm not one to subscribe that Ontario EV rebates will disappear the second a new government comes into power but given that my long-awaited Model 3 is looking like a late 2018 delivery I'm starting to wonder if I should just jump into a new Model S in the spring... My downpayment savings are...
  20. Trev Page

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    That's the cap for the tow bar receptacle. Model S and have it as well but hidden in the lower black fascia
  21. Trev Page

    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    I was told RWD and bigger batteries were first. Can't see how the batteries really matter though as they're not any more complicated than a lower capacity battery.
  22. Trev Page

    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    Yep, my source was correct on that count
  23. Trev Page

    BMW i3

    Can you please give me links to these i3 you see online for $20K? Very interested at those prices. Thanks
  24. Trev Page

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Man, this is starting to sound a lot like the old Model X sighting thread... Soon everyone will be claiming they're driving around cars with fake body panels etc... Patience folks, we'll see them soon enough.
  25. Trev Page

    Reuters: Tesla to start pilot production of 3 on feb 20th

    First chassis appears to have been made: Tesla Model 3: First pictures of chassis and inside the ‘alien dreadnought’? I can confirm that it is indeed a Model 3 chassis based on very careful scrutiny of the pressed parts compared to the reveal video.
  26. Trev Page

    Model 3 Ludicrous 2.0 seconds flat?!!

    I want to chime in and make it clear that the source is indeed closer to Tesla than most of us but made it clear that the performance seen was not destined for Model 3. We were both in agreement that the drive train being tested is the "maximum plaid" for a new Roadster
  27. Trev Page

    Reuters: Tesla to start pilot production of 3 on feb 20th

    "Pilot production" strikes me as a few cars to test out the line before beta cars (production validation) roll off the line. Quality and production steps need to be refined before they start actual real production. This will take several months of refining, meanwhile they produce beta cars that...
  28. Trev Page

    How patient are you when it comes to the next reveal?

    *shakes 8 ball* "All signs point to March 31" Tesla has a habit of doing reveals close to the end of quarters which lines up pretty well with what Elon said in "early spring".
  29. Trev Page

    100D cdn pricing error?

    6.1% NAFTA duty on "foreign content" aka: Panasonic 18650 cells made in Japan. Gigafactory cells should eliminate this duty but haven't been able to get firm confirmation on this from Tesla.
  30. Trev Page

    Where are the (300?) M3 Beta Prototypes?

    I very much doubt they would be testing Model 3s under a Model S skin. People were saying all sorts of crazy things about "fake" body panels on the Model X when they were testing them on the Bay Area streets in 2015. Lots were under the impression that the final Model X would look very...
  31. Trev Page

    How many model 3 reservations will cancel out of 400,000?

    If there's something I've had to overcome in life it's impatience. I could buy a used Model S right now but I know Model 3 will be worth the wait. Stay on target!
  32. Trev Page

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Back in 2015 they were driving around pre-production Model X's all over the Bay Area with heavyly tinted windows with minimal vinyl wrap covering the fake nose cone , rear spoiler and upper part of the "big sky" windshield. Those were the key things they wanted to keep on the down-low. Final...
  33. Trev Page

    How many model 3 reservations will cancel out of 400,000?

    There are a number of factors that could affect reservation cancellations: Final pricing is unknown. Options $ could turn some people off. (Unrealistic to charge $1500 for metallic paint on a $35K car) Wait times. Some people are impatient and will go elsewhere if ramp is slow. Final design...
  34. Trev Page

    Panasonic Debuts Next-Gen Head-Up Display

    Exactly my thinking too. You can't put a HUD into the Model S before your final reveal of the Model 3. Doing so tips your hat. Show the final Model 3 then put the HUD into the S. Just like they did with the facelift. They did the Model X reveal with the new nose and people thought it was a...
  35. Trev Page

    Pencil down vs hire from Volvo

    First, they can't be changing anything about the Model 3 design at this stage as it would adversely affect the timeline. They purposefully tied up all the design work for the initial version of the car last July so they could get part designs out to suppliers and start the factory production...
  36. Trev Page

    No free supercharging for CPO purchases after 12/31/2016?

    Strange. I asked the CPO specialist in Toronto who said "CPOs purchased after the 31st will be charged for super charging".
  37. Trev Page

    Faraday Future Live Event

    I won't say much (outside the presentation which was a very poor attempt at being Apple-like) other than there's no way they are going to get this into production by 2018. These guys have never built a car factory before let alone a production line. Look how much trouble Tesla had in the...
  38. Trev Page

    Chevy Bolt First Impressions

    Even the BMW i3, regardless of trim level, has manual seats and it costs way more than a Bolt does ;) I expect Model 3 will have power seats (at least the prototypes had power seats) but it's not a guarantee.
  39. Trev Page

    Just ordered my CPO. Happy New Year to me. 2015 differences?

    A Tesla CPO specialist indeed confirmed for me that free lifetime Supercharging on CPOs is no longer. You might still be ok given the extension but I would check with your SA to be sure.
  40. Trev Page

    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    The target market is indeed the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 etc... If Tesla was targeting the Camry they would have said "The Model 3 is about the same size as a Toyota Camry or a Mazda 6", but they didn't, they've always said the size is about the same as the aforementioned. That's the indicator for...
  41. Trev Page

    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    All possible, *if* Tesla does indeed seek the same profit margins on options as the Model S on a "mass market" car. I seriously doubt they will do that because they need to price options in such a way as to incentivize customers to have an uptake rate. If you want profit margins you need...
  42. Trev Page

    Canadian Price Increase Imminent

    Tesla should find a way to hedge exchange rates like the other car makers do instead of a straight USD to whatever exchange rate. It's not good for business no matter how good the car is.
  43. Trev Page

    New Model 3 pics from staff thank you party.

    Elon said it himself: everything will make sense at the final reveal. The "spaceship controls" will come into play.
  44. Trev Page

    New Model 3 pics from staff thank you party.

    Expect Model 3 to have AP2 cameras in the same places as Model S. The similarities between the cars is not coincidence.
  45. Trev Page

    Tesla Glass in Model 3

    Why would you say that? Look at Model S : metal roof is standard, all glass = $, pano roof = $$ Model 3 wouldn't be any different. Keep in mind here we're only talking about the middle section on the Model 3 as the back single piece of glass is standard on all the cars.
  46. Trev Page

    Tesla Glass in Model 3

    I love how Tesla is doing incredible advances in many aspects for their cars. Truly purpose-built technologies to suit their needs and stand out.
  47. Trev Page

    MTO Discussion Paper on Electric Vehicle Incentive Initiatives under the Climate Change Action Plan

    This just popped up. Ken and I were discussion it during our show recording today but Ontarians should consult this and send in their feedback ASAP before it expires November 14 2016!!! Let's keep the rebates going and keep them fair...
  48. Trev Page


    Thanks for the stats Paul! Elon is right about ASP
  49. Trev Page

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    One trip to the Lawrence street service location is enough to see that Tesla is not going to be able to handle all the service requirements for all the new cars not to mention Model 3. Oakville will help but they would need at least one or two more to handle the GTA alone (yes, I know about...
  50. Trev Page

    Do the headlights ruin the styling?

    Exterior design of the Model 3 just "seems right" so far. The interior however is kind of so-so but I expect changes there like the Model S and Model X prototypes have shown. It may end up being the "real" interior wasn't finished in time for the reveal so we only got to see a placeholder. Given...